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LEGOLAND Malaysia Media Family Preview Day

1st September 2012, Saturday

Thanks to ECL, we were invited to LEGOLAND Preview Day!  I was invited to the groundbreaking ceremony and so on...  But I couldn't make it as they were all done on weekdays.  When I received the email regarding this Preview Day, we knew that we have to go!  Coz my boys are BIG fans of LEGO! Thank you LEGOLAND & ECL!  Not only did we have complimentary tickets, we received 30% discount on food & beverage and 10% discount on retail items! Woohooo!

We have a choice to drive in or to take their transport.  So thoughtful isn't it?  They had transport provided for guests from Singapore. LZdaddy decided to drive in!  Yippeee!  Coz this is the FIRST time he drove us to Malaysia!  It was easy to drive in and directions were quite clear. Just look out for the LEGOLAND sign.  Oh and we took the 2nd link!
This event was opened to Media (celebrities etc) & we feel so privileged to be able to attend.  Well we didn't get to see any celebrities but we did see some securities around & some TV crews.  Probably becos we were too busy & engrossed!
Our admission tickets.  
First place we went to was Lego City, my kids' favourite.   They have a different 'school' for the younger kids. For my older kids, they have to go for 'lesson' before they can proceed to the track.
Boating School.  My kiddos were very excited about this coz they got to control the boat on their own!
As Beanie is less than 4 yr old, he is required to wear a life vest.
Taking a slow walk around Lego city....
Their next fun stop was at Rescue Academy.  A place where Beanie has his 'dream' fulfilled!

They raced with other guests to 'fight' the fire!  Look how happy my little one was! He rode on a LEGO fire truck!
After Lego City, we proceed to Land of Adventure... Little one was in a very good mood to take lots of pics, unlike my older ones, they were more interested in the rides.
Beetle Bounce, one of the rides in Land Of Adventure.
Imagination!  Think we spent quite some time here.  My kiddos went wild looking at them.  
It was a dream come true for my kiddos, especially my boys.  I doubt he ever imagine that he will be spending so much time with so many LEGO bricks!
Weather was getting hot...  We were very glad there's a canopy playground, DUPLO Playtown, and there's a DUPLO Express (train ride) right in it!
Build & Test Centre.  Plenty of bricks for the kids to build their creations.  We spent a long time here coz my boy want to try out if his car works.  See the pic above (bottom right)?  There's a track for them to try out.  L built a church, Z built a car & Beanie, a spaceship.   The staff was very helpful, when Z asked for certain parts, he helped him to find it.

After that, we had our lunch at Pizza Mania.  I must say that the service was very good.  We ordered family set meal that consist of pizza, drinks & soup but they ran out of soup.   We were offered salad and desserts but we preferred to have fruits (salad was running & cakes were too big piece that my kids won't be able to finish). The staffs were kind enough to let us change.
We actually took quite a few pics with the mascots when we enter the park but I was very disappointed it didn't turn out well.  We were so happy to see the mascots again!  The mascots seemed to be everywhere!
Kids Power Tower.  Another place that my kiddos had lots of fun!  Come to think of it, my kids enjoyed all the rides!  Haha...
LEGO Kingdom. There were various game stalls and it was free to play for guests but of coz there's no prize on that day.  The staffs were so sweet to teach my kiddos the tricks to winning the games.
Royal Joust.  I lost count the number of times Beanie rode on this.  He simply loves this ride!   The staffs was very kind to let him ride on it for many rounds without getting off (unless there's a queue).
King's Market.   This is the place to purchase role play costumes, swords etc.  See, they can even have fun over here!
Behind Beanie is the Dragon Apprentice ride.  He will have to wait for a few more years before he can ride on that.
Taking a break at the catapult....
The Dragon.  LZ rode on this many times!  Beanie was very upset and cried when I told him he was not allowed on the ride (too young).  Brought him back to Royal Joust & Merlin's Challenge while his siblings had fun. Phew!
 At least I managed to pacify him with other rides.
Can you spot them?
When you are at the park, take a close look around...  These were some that I spotted.
We missed the earlier show so went back to Imagination to catch it, A Clutch Power.   Remember to check out the timing if you plan to watch it.
Miniland. Awesome displays! We spent a long time here even though it was very hot.
Some of the creations.  Amazing isn't it?
The last ride we took was the Legoland  Express, to rest our tired legs.  Z was so tired that he fell asleep on the ride.  Before heading out, we stopped by Rescue Academy again so that Beanie can take pics with his favourite.  He can't get enough of it!  Haha...

Last but not least, we shopped at Adventure's Depot.  I recently ordered a few sets of LEGO for my boys but daddy could not resist getting more for them.  Faint...  L was more interested in those cute little keychains & I bought another LEGO bento box for her!

If you are planning to go, remember to bring sunblock, caps/hats, sunglasses & plenty of water.   It was very HOT!  How I wish they have more trees in the park. Alternatively, you can just hop into the shops or do what we did,  hop into restaurants for a ice creams/drinks.  They do have pram rental if you need one but it was not available that day.

I'm sure you will have a blast like us!  If you need more info on LEGOLAND Malaysia, please visit their website for more details.

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