Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hello to my babies' world

Hi everyone,
Welcome to my babies world! My girl is born in 12 Dec 2001 and my boy is 12 Dec 2003. Yes there they are born on the same day!


Fonia said...

Sis Jane, great to see u got a blog!!! What a wonderful blog where I can get/check updates of the little ones... *Muak muak*

Ah Ping (Shannen) said...

Hi hi Aunt Jane,
Took some time off my busy schedule to have a look at my dear cousins' webpage. I must say its really very well done. I get to see them in "action"..miss them sooo much!!! unfortunately i dun have time to go catch up with you and uncle.. So meanwhile Do upload more pics!! I love to watch them grow..

P.S. U make me feel like getting married.. haha.. :P

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