Thursday, June 30, 2011

School Public Performance 2011

A day that my girl looked forward to...  Her very FIRST public performance!  Every year, the school has a public performance and L was honored to be able to be part of it this year.  She has been diligently going for all the practices and made effort to practice the songs at home.

Together with my 2 boys, we went for the concert.  Honestly, I thought it will be quite boring.  On the contrary , it was very entertaining!  Even my 2 little ones enjoyed it very much!  The performance by the different performing art groups was superb! No wonder they have been getting golds for the Singapore Youth Festival.

When L's choir came on stage, my little ones frantically searched for their 姐姐.  They were happy & excited when they saw their sister on stage.  I had to stop them from 'shouting' for her. Haha...

Can you spot my girl?

Here a short video of the choir singing "Somewhere over the rainbow" ... Shhhh....  I'm not supposed to record it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just Us

A date with hubs... Seldom have a chance to go on a date with him, when we have no one to help us look after the kids now... It will get better soon coz my sweet BIL offers to help us on weekends if we want to go for a date.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bento #264 - L's Lunch

In the container: Fishball & meatball soup, broccoli, egg, corn & golden kiwi.

First bento after school holiday.... Still in holiday mood so just a simple bento for my gal.  Tried out the egg mould that I bought, using microwave to get the egg done.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

He Cried...

Forgot to note down something that Z said on the last day of school holiday...

He was crying when I was tucking him in bed

Asked him why...

He said school holiday is over and he can't spend more time with me... 

Awww....  Love him so much...

Sibling Love...

This pics are not well taken but it's priceless to me...  Love to see how my little ones spend times together..

Beanie doesn't know how to play chess, but Z is happy to pretend having a game with him. ♥
L & Beanie love to sit close to each other. ♥
L loves to carry Beanie, see how happy he is! ♥

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Beanie @ 28 Months

My little Beanie has been such a wonderful baby.  He has been helping me setting up the table during meal time.  When he hears me taking out the cutlery, he comes to the kitchen to help me, even if it's his favourite TV programme is on.  He's setting such a good example to his older siblings!  Haha.... He knows where to place whose spoons/chopsticks etc... So sweet isn't he?

@ 28 Months

♥ he likes to go to this supermarket, coz it has the mini trolley for him to help me with marketing.
♥ little expressive boy he is!

♥ he loves my bakes! *thick skin mommy*, often ask me to bake whenever he wants it.

♥ lately, he likes to say "OK" when I ask him to do something.

♥ he loves to say "Love mama!" he often comes to me and say that. 

♥ loved to be tickled! And shout for "Help!" whenever we tickle him.

♥ his favourite place to relax in the house in my room, looking out of the window/ play with hp.

♥ he likes song with actions, eg: if you happy... 

♥ he current favourite book is this Chuggington book.

♥ He has this habit of placing things in line or in order. Like this photo frames, it's his 'toys' now till I use it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Date With My 老二

I have always hope to be able to cycle with my kids.  Part of wish came true today, Z and I went for cycling date! It was a great feeling, to cycle along with him and not me running after the bicycle (teaching him how to cycle)!  Haha... 

Next on my list would be to convince L to learn cycling & teach Beanie too.

Chinese Cultural Camp

20th June 2011

LZ left for  Chinese Cultural Camp, it was an optional activity offered by the school.  It's a one day camp for Z and overnight camp for L.

Her sleeping bag & haversack.

L looked forward to her FIRST overnight camping... She excitedly packed her bag, getting things ready things on her own.  She was so happy when she was bunking in with her buddies.
I was hoping to get a glimpse of my girl when I picked Z up yesterday evening but I didn't get to see her.   Z told me he saw jiejie washing dishes with her friends after lunch and that was the only time he saw her.

I waited the whole day for her to call, she didn't call me till before bedtime...  I was a little disappointed, I missed her the whole day... Well, I guessed it's time for me to let go a little but I can't help missing her and wondering what she was doing...

LZ had a wonderful time and a great learning experience.  They learned more about Chinese culture and my princess also learned to be independent. If there are more such activities, I would definitely sign them  up for it. They had a small complaint though, the food was horrible!  Haha...  

Things that they did during the camp:
- 剪纸, 中国结, 书画, 脸谱 , 数来宝, 儿童诗,学做拉面
- 用鸡蛋壳 和豆子做画
- 语文游戏, 等等
- 小品比赛

Monday, June 20, 2011

Stitches - Last Checkup

This is the last checkup for the cut on his eyebrow.  Doc recommended this cream to apply on the scar and it's expensive.
The scar is still very visible at the moment.. Hopefully it will be better soon...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

Our Babies with their Daddy.
Lovely cards from LZ and drawing from L.  Love this pic she drew! ♥ 
Had a sumptuous dim sum, LZdaddy's favourite.
Followed by little ones favourite, ice cream.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Macdonald's Kitchen Tour

Beanie's FIRST field trip - Macdonald Kitchen Tour.  Since it's school holiday, LZ came along.  My babies were excited about it, visiting their favourite fast food restaurant.

Sadly, we were not allowed to take pics of the kitchen....  Nevertheless, kids enjoyed the tour, have a feel of the huge freezer, fascinated by how they cook and prepare the burgers etc..

Thursday, June 16, 2011

On 2 Wheels

One of things I hope to do this June holiday is to teach my boy how to cycle on 2 wheels... L wasn't keen to learn, she's happy blading around.  But I hope to convince her one of these days...

After sending L for her choir practice, we headed down to East Coast.  A beautiful day to learn cycling.

We did it!  A few falls & words of encouragement and nags, Z did it!  We were elated!!!!

It's such a joy to see my boy cycles.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Movie - Kungfu Panda 2

We went for a movie today, Kungfu panda 2. It was a gd movie, better than the first one.  LZ enjoyed it.

Think it has bn a long time since Beanie went for a movie... He was fine for first half of the show, laugh & get excited when he saw fire. Then he started to get restless. Probably due to no nap in the afternoon... He insisted on sitting on my lap n later, insisted that I stand and carry him! I'm so glad that we booked the 2nd last row seats. I was able to sneak to the back with him. Finally I managed to pacify him and continued to enjoyed the show.

It was about 9pm when the show ended... I thought my kids may not be able to eat much for dinner, after having so much popcorns. They almost finished the whole plate of their food! and I initially wanted to order a plate for them to share!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

LZ @ Terminal 3

My Babies had fun @ T3 and also the first time Beanie took the skytrain.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Chess - Elementary Level

LZ completed their Chess course - Elementary level.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

红花会 Gathering

In the pics: KN, Damien, Darius (little botak) and my babies.  Not in pic: WN

3 bloggers, known each other for few years, finally meet up this June holiday.

I have met Eileen once when I was preggy with Beanie.  It was not her that I recognised first, it was her 2 handsome boys, especially Damien's smile.

Grace, on the hand, I met her many times, our kids used to attend the same enrichment class.  One day, we were talking about blogging and I realised she was the author of Sunshine sunflower blog!  I was like a fan going crazy!  Haha....

Both women, whom I admire, are now my best friends in the blogging world.  We even gave a name to our little chat group, 红花会!  Haha... Yeah, we contact each other often, despite our busy SAHM's schedule. I love our chat sessions.

When we meet, there was no awkwardness at all.  We chatted and the kids get along so well.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Stitches Removed

Finally all stitches removed! But it was another horrible experience for Beanie....  He was wide awake when the nurses removed the stitches.  One of the nurse alone couldn't hold him down and I had to help...  Again, it was heartache to do this...  So sorry my little baby....

 A small reward for our brave little boy, Thomas balloon.

We are so glad it's over....  Only thing is, to avoid outdoor for 3 months...

Friday, June 03, 2011

Basic Chess - Crash Course

I was extremely happy when I find out there's a new Chess Academy opened near my area.... Z has been asking for chess lesson ever since he completed the basic lesson.  We didn't continue with the school as he finds that they are not dedicated in teaching them.  Z was elated when I told him and he can't wait to start chess lessons.

Honestly, I'm not that kind of 'hardworking' parents who make effort to send their kids to center, be it enrichment or whatever, that is too far away, no matter how good they are.  I am handling everything on my own, cooking, chores, chauffeuring the kids etc...

L was influenced by Z... She learned how to play a little of it from him (when he was taking basic) and when she finds out the benefits of chess, she told me she wants to learn too.

I signed L up for a basic crash course on CHESS so that she can join Z for the next level during this school holiday.  It was very nice of them to allow Z to join in, to refresh his memory.

While waiting for them, Beanie and I had ice cream and little fella played hide & seek with me at the cafe.  Time passes so fast with him entertaining me.

Will he be interested in chess like his siblings?

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