Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bento #30

Bento #30
Roast beef sandwiches, strawberries & container with mayo for the sandwiches.

We still have some leftover roast beef in the fridge so I made sandwiches for L today. I wanted to put the mayo into the sandwich but was worried that it may turn bad after a few hours, so left it in the container for her. I also placed some cold packs in the bento box so that the sandwich will still be fresh when she goes for her recess.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

WEll Done Sweetie!

I'm soooo happy! L told me she scored 2nd highest in class for her Maths practice paper! She told me teacher called out the top 3 person names and everyone in class clapped hands for them... Ohhhhh! Wished I was there :p

I do hope she will do as well for her exams in all subjects. This mommy very greedy hor? Hehehe....

An Early Mother's Day Surprise

Yesterday when I pick Z up from school

Z : Mommy, I have a suprise for you. Can you take out my computer file please?
Me : Wow! You have a suprise for me! Can we see it later?
Z : Ok

Minutes later....
Z : Can we take it out now?

Again, minutes later

Z : How about now?
When we were at the mall, I gave up :) I knew he couldn't wait till we get home. He excitedly took this out and show it to me. Of coz it came with a hug & a kiss =)

Bento #29

Bento #29
A simple bento: Spaghetti with heart-shaped ham, carrot, onion & tomato sauce, cucumber (as a divider) and nuggets. The other container with strawberries.

We love the strawberries from Korea. It is very sweet :)

Cookie Recipe

I had tried a number of recipes and finally found one that I like and I made a slight change to it :) I can't remember where/how I got this recipe though.. I remembered some of you were asking for it, so here it is!


  • 100g butter, softened
  • 80g icing sugar
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 180g cake flour, sifted
  • 20g corn flour, sifted

  • Method
  • Mix sifted flour together. Line baking tray. Preheat oven at 175C.
  • Cream butter and add sugar in 2 or 3 additions till mixture turns pale & fluffy.
  • Add in egg yolk and mix well
  • Add sifted flour in 2 or 3 additions, stir with spatula to form a dough
  • Place dough in platic bag and flatten it
  • Refrigerate for abt 1/2 hour
  • Remove dough from fridge and roll out on slightly floured work surface. Cut out shapes with cutters.
  • Bake for 15 to 20 mins
  • Let cool and store in airtight container.

  • Have fun baking!

    Monday, April 28, 2008

    Ouch Again!

    Less than 2 weeks and Z hurt himself again this afternoon.... The last time he hurt his face, this time he hurt his hand. He was in the room and was trying to switch on the fan. The standing fan fell, he tried to hold it and I think that's how he hurt himself. The fan's blade broke into pieces...

    My poor boy.... It must have been very painful coz he was crying very loudly. At that time, jiejie was doing her homework and I was in the toilet. We rushed to him and found him sitting on the floor crying. While crying (before we came in), he actually put back the fan in the standing postion. He was worried that I would scold him for spoiling the fan but I was more concern of his hand.

    Haiz... Let's hope he will be accident-free for a long period of time...

    One of Those Moments That We Love

    They asked me to take pic of them making funny faces

    Just now, we went to their room to check on them and we saw L went over to Z's bed and sleep with him. This isn't the first time :) There were a few times times we saw that... Sometimes, Z sleeps in jiejie's bed with her too. Jiejie quite careful when didi is with her. She would moves to a corner so that didi has more space =)

    After enjoying this treasured moments, LZdaddy carried L back to her bed. We don't want any of them to fall off the bed :)

    Saturday, April 26, 2008

    Peanut Butter Cookies

    Peanut Butter Cookies

    Our weekend baking - Peanut butter cookies. Thank you Fannie, for sharing this recipe with me :) LZ had so much fun making this. I did the mixing and they mould it. L told me I should add more peanut butter the next time.

    Red Versus Black

    I was looking for a new handbag and Z was with me. He decided that I need help :) So he went around showing me bags that he thought was nice. Then he showed me a red bag and I thought this bag would be great if it was in black. It is just nice for me to put all my 'rubbish' =)

    I asked the sales girl to show me the black one. Z didn't like it and he insisted that I should buy the red one. Errrr... Me carry a red bag? I explained to him and tried to convince him that I should take the black one. but my boy refused to accept it. He kept saying the red one is very nice, the black one too shiny blah blah blah....

    So did I get the red bag? Yes I did *.* I really need a bigger bag to put my stuffs and we were running late. My boy happily told LZdaddy & jiejie that he chose the bag for me. LZdaddy think it's nice and my girl's first reaction was "Yeeeeee! So red!". After my girl said that, I realised it is indeed very red! I agreed with my girl and my boy was upset again... He said "That means you don't like what I choose for you! " No, baby.... I like it. But mommy just need a little more time to use to the color ok? :)

    So next time if you see someone carrying this bag, that might be me =)

    Friday, April 25, 2008

    Lion - Z

    Z drew and painted the lion for his last art lesson

    My Plant - L

    L did this bonzai plant for her last art lesson.

    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    Goodbye Teachers

    LZ attended their last art lessons... They were a little sad.. So was I. There are so many things that they want to learn and we don't have enough time. It is tiring for me to ferry them for classes everyday. They know and they understand. So they chose to give up art lessons. That doesn't mean that they will stop doing craft or drawing. I told them we could do art & craft at home, like we used to before I send them for lessons. I will probably have to start surfing the net for craft ideas. If not, they could draw & paint whatever they want.

    The teachers knew it was their last lessons... They said they will definitely miss them and so will LZ. They each gave LZ a very BIG hug. I don't know why L was so shy today.... She doesn't want to take pic alone with Teacher Fiqah, Z happily took the pic with them. And she was the one who reminded me to take pics for them. Z, on the other hand, enjoyed taking pics today. He asked the teachers if he could take pics with them. When comes to Teacher May, he was sooo shy! Hahaha...

    Teacher Fiqah taught L since the first lesson. When L moved on to the next level, she taught her too. Z was taught by Teacher Tricia in the beginning and then followed by Teacher May (most of the time) when he moved on to the next level. His favourite teacher is Teacher May. He said he likes Teacher May because she has long hair :) I am so glad that all the teachers has been very nice to LZ. They always give them a very warm welcome when they see them :) Whenever they finished their lessons, the teachers gave them stickers or candies.

    Thank you Teachers, for teaching LZ and making the lessons so fun for them :) They will definitely miss you all! If time permits, I will send them for lessons or pay you guys a visit :)

    Bento #28

    I was planning to prepare something else but in the end, I made maki today coz Z asked me to make it for lunch today and L said she would like to have it for her bento.

    Bento #28

    I am disappointed with the bento today... I didn't put enough effort into making the maki and I was rushing (as usual). It doesn't look that good! But.... My girl cheer me up! Hehehe...

    I was in the midst of preparing it

    Me : Aiya... Today your bento doesn't look that good!
    L : No Mommy,they look yummy!
    Me: No... You see this part, this..... (pointing at it)
    L : Let me try
    She took one of it
    L : Still very yummy and look ok. *smile*

    My girl is good at making me a very HAPPY mommy :) In the afternoon, at least I have more time to make nice looking maki/sushi and more selection for them :)

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008


    Thank you all for showing your concern to L, appreciate it :) As you can see from the previous post, L went to school eventually... She is feeling much better :) I asked teacher how was L in class (after school) and she said she was ok... The teacher didn't even know that L was having bronchitis and on medication.

    L told me she felt a little drowsy during school hour.. When she told me that, I thought she may not have paid attention in class but I was wrong! She told me what teachers asked them to go through for exams and what she did in class etc. She did her mock up oral today and I'm not sure how she fare... They also did last year papers, seems like the school are preparing them well for the exams.

    She was very disappointed that she couldn't for swimming lesson this week. She sat quietly in front of the pool and looked at her brother having lesson. I told her to take good care of herself and take her medicine on time then she will be able to join her brother next week.

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    Bento #27

    Bento #27
    Top tier: Cucumber, baby carrots, quail eggs & diced apples. Bottom tier: Angel hair pasta & salmon.

    went to school today.... Poor girl... She was so sleepy when I woke her up. The medicine is making her so drowsy.. I told her if anytime she doesn't feel good, she will tell the teacher and I will fetch her early.

    I made this for upon her request :) She said she felt like eating salmon for today's bento. I'm glad she still has appetite and that also means she is better :)

    I Queue & Pay

    That day at the bookstore, He volunteered again :)

    Ever since Z saw jiejie queue and pay for things, he likes to volunteer to do it too. Buying bubble drinks, waffles etc... Soon, my boy doesn't need me *Sob Sob*.... A lot of things he doesn't want me to help. For example, when he eats his food, I try to help him 'push' all the food together. He said "mommy, I can do it." or "mommy, let me do it myself." Sometimes, he asks if he can shower on his own like jiejie, brushes his teeth on his own etc...

    Of coz there are times he act like a baby :) At times in the morning, he said he is a baby, coz he wants me to help him to wear his uniform. I think that's because he is lazy :) Also, he likes me to cuddle him like when he was a baby and sing to him :) I think only jiejie and him enjoy my singing! Hahaha...

    Monday, April 21, 2008

    Cough Cough!

    L went to the Doctor just now with LZdaddy... Doctor said she is having bronchitis and she was given antibiotic and other related medicines. I reminded daddy to ask for an MC, to exempt her from PE and another one, just in case she can't go to school tomorrow. Haiz...

    She said she has to go to school tomorrow, the teacher will be doing a mock up oral examination with them. This Friday, she will having her oral exam. I'm not sure if she missed it tomorrow, will the teacher do it with her on 1 to 1.

    I hope she will recover fast... Exams is just round the corner... How is she going to talk when she is coughing so frequently? My heartache whenever I hear her cough... I told her to talk less for now but she is a chatty girl... How to stop?

    Bento #26

    Bento #26
    From left:Baked ham, tomato & cheese on bread, jellies (again), grapes and cookies.

    She placed order again :) LZ made the ham & tomato bread at church yesterday. They love it and L asked if she can have it for her bento. Z requested that for lunch! Well, I obliged :) Besides having that for lunch, I also prepared cream soup and other stuffs. I don't think I will have this for a long time.... :)

    Last night, after we came home, I realised I forgot to buy the french loaf! The main ingredient! Arrggghhhhh! LZdaddy asked me not to, he said don't 'spoilt' them. When L heard that, she said "it's ok mommy... It is late and you look tired. Tomorrow you just pack the cookies for me." Awwww.... Again, she melt my heart :) So did I go get the bread? YES! I did :)

    Sunday, April 20, 2008


    After passing some cookies to my friend, we meet up our friends for dinner. We also bought Z's new school shoes :) He reminded me umpteen times that he needed a white pair of shoes for his class photo-taking session this Thursday.

    L started coughing this morning... I have run out of medicine at home for her and I got to get one at the pharmacy. Tomorrow we'll have to bring her to our family doctor...

    When the kids saw the merry-go-round, they can't resist it :)

    Cookies Anyone?

    I baked this last night for LZ's breakfast. They were so impatient this morning while waiting for me to put the chocolate :)

    Relax & Enjoy

    That's how the siblings relax and watch TV :) Didi saw jiejie putting her leg up on the chair and it seemed so shiok. He went to get the stool from the room and follow suit :)

    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    A Present For You

    After school, we went into the school bookshop to buy the headsets (for school computer use). Z was thrilled! "Mommy, we are inside jiejie's school!" :)

    They ran out of stocks for the headsets.... L asked if she can buy the lead for her mechanical pencil. I was happy that she asked :) She remembered what I told her, if she wants to buy anything, she will have to ask. When Z heard that, he said he wanted to buy something too. I told him there isn't anything that he needs from the bookshop and he was upset. He walked away angrily... As my friend was waiting for us, I gave in.

    We went back to the bookshop and he said he wanted a mechanical pencil too. I didn't have any small change with me, so I asked L if she would like to buy it for her brother. She said yes and we both helped her brother to choose one. I can't stop smiling when I saw this and when she took out her wallet, paid 40cents pay for it :)

    From the pic, you can see how happy Z was! :)

    Friday, April 18, 2008

    Bento #25

    Bento #25
    Flower shaped rice, chicken drumlet, omelette with fine beans, hello kitty jellies & grapes

    My girl loves what I prepared today :) And that's made my day! She finished everything again :) She asked for more of the jellies when she got home. She told me her classmates asked if they can have that too. But I gave her 2 only.... She also told me that whenever she brought bento to school, her classmates will crowd around her to find out what's inside :) How I wish I know how to make fanciful bento but I can't. I am always in the rush to prepare for her...

    I realised some of the bentos I used to prepare are too much for her, the bell rang before she finished her food. Thinking of what to prepare is a headache for me at times... I have to think of what she likes and that she will be able to eat fast. When I choose fruits for the bento, I have to make sure it doesn't stain her uniforms. If I am lazy to think, I just have to ask her :)

    Link Love

    Everyday Healy invited me to join a link love chain. Thanks for the tag :) I can't remember when was the last time I did a Tag!

    This is another of those Linky Love game where you only have to tagged 10 person in one post but still there is no actual limit (you can tag more if you want!). Once tagged, you have to copy paste the link in this post, and make them grow!

    Mum & Kids In Wonderland
    Everyday health and beauty

    Do not delete any of the links and be honest to yourself! =p

    I would like to past some love to the little ones instead:

    Rachel, Charmaine, Nicholas - L's best friend and her siblings (Blessed Mum, this will be your very 1st TAG :) )
    Jaimie - Princess of Clement & Angie
    Anthea & Anders - The lovely siblings of Astee
    Ethyl & Braydon (who will be born soon) - Lovely daughter & son of Fannie
    Zac & Amos - The handsome brothers, children of the pretty mommy, Janice
    Tim & Joyce - Adorable kids of Pauline
    5 Js (Z's friend)- Children of the Energetic mummy
    Grace & her little brother (saying hello to the world in August) - children of the hardworking Mum who homeschool her little ones
    Alycia, Sherilyn & Their Baby sister C - Princesses of Health Freak Mommy
    Iden & Ilis - Adorable children of Idy

    Thursday, April 17, 2008

    Bento #24

    Top: Grapes. Bottom: Rice with seaweed, pork with fish paste & spring onion, quail egg with broccoli.

    Today L said the portion is just right for her. She finished everything!

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Creative Writing

    L has been attending creative writing class since beginning of the year. Teacher told me once (after L attended a few lessons) that L liked to 'cut' her story short. She needs to improve on that.... When I told L about it, she said she didn't want her stories to be too long and teacher said it is not necessary to use all the helping words. Since then I have been reminding to use the helping words.

    Whenever we are at the center, we see compositions done by the students displayed on the wall along the corridor. I used to think that it was common for the kids' work up there, to recognise their efforts and they take turns to display the children works and so I told L that. She told me that she hope one day, her work will be display on the wall too, just like her best friend. She did that! Teacher Lynn told me that she was very pleased with L's progress and she has shown great improvement. She also told me that the center is very impressed with her 2nd piece of work and decided to use it as a model composition and distribute to other children. Wow! Model composition? I can't believe it! I was very happy! In fact, I am more than happy! L was wondering why I was so happy, she thought it was because her work was displayed. It was more than that. I am happy because she learned from mistakes and she has shown improvement.

    L's composition

    She was supposed to have her first piece of work displayed at the start of Term 2 but the center lost her first piece of work :( She was very disappointed every week when she didn't see her work on the wall.... Teacher Lynn apologised and asked me to print out another copy of it.

    I guess reading has helped :) Since end of last year, I have been encouraging her to bring a book along whenever we are out. So nowadays, she seldom plays with her gameboy. Even at home, she reads more than she used to. Sweetie, I am so proud of you :) Keep up the good work and be consistent ok? :)

    The next thing I should do is to get her to read more Chinese books :)

    Here is her 2nd composition ( She wrote this with helping words given by the teacher):
    One Sunday morning, Mark was alone in the house. Mark's parents went
    to the supermarket in the neighbourhood to buy eggs and corn. Mark was
    sitting on the sofa reading a book about plants.

    Out of the blue, the door bell rang. Mark peeped through the door
    viewer and saw a man in his thirties. He was smartly dressed in a
    suit. Mark asked him curiously, "Who are you looking for?" The man
    replied, "I am looking for your father. I am his friend from England."

    As quiet as a mouse, Mark called his father on his mobile phone and told
    him about the stranger at the door. "He said he is your friend from
    England," Mark said. "I have no friends from England. Please tell
    him to go away," Mark's father instructed.

    Mark went to the front door and said, "Sorry, you've got the wrong house."
    The stranger eventually walked away and and Mark made sure his front door was

    What do you think of it? Honestly, if she was to write this on he own without any helping words, I don't think it will be use as a model composition.. But I am happy that she is able to 'connect' the words and make it into a compostion.

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    My Sweet Little Girl

    Before bedtime, I asked L if she would like me to prepare bento tomorrow.

    L : No thanks mommy. I will buy from the canteen.
    To be honest, I was disappointed when I heard that

    Me : Why, sweetie?

    L : Mommy, you are tired, you rest ok.. You don't have to wake up early to cook for me tomorrow. I will buy noodles, no chicken rice or prata. *smile*
    She knew why I prepare bento for her. One of the reasons is that most of the time she eats chicken rice or prata.

    Me : Are you sure? I don't mind at all. You know I will cook for you...

    L : Yes mommy *smile* I am sure. Tomorrow you can wake up later.
    She forgot for that minute I have to be in her school :)

    Awww.... She is sooooo sweet! I hug her tightly for a long time till Z demanded it was his turn :)

    I love you very much Sweetie.... You have always been very thoughtful towards me :) Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter! You know, mommy always enjoys cooking for both of you, so don't worry about me not getting enough sleep. I can sleep earlier instead of spending time in front of the computer.

    If you don't see any bento post, that's because my girl wants me to rest on that day or she has home baked stuffs which I am lazy to blog at times :)

    Bento #23

    Top tier: Pork fingers, broccoli & honeydew. Bottom tier: rice & steamed Japanese pumpkin

    Today, L didn't finished her food except fruit. She said the bell rang before she could finished... That's because she lost her water bottle and she had to queue to get a drink. L is a slow eater, that's one of the reason why I pack food for her, so that she doesn't have to spend time queuing up.


    LZ like to rush to hide whenever they know daddy is opening to door. They like it when daddy comes home looking for them. But tonight, they made a mistake... It wasn't daddy that was opening the door, it was our neighbour. Z hurt himself while rushing to hide... He knocked against the corner of the coffee table.


    As I was cleaning it and applying zambak

    Z : Sorry mommy that I hurt myself.

    I asked him : Why you apologise to me?

    Z : Because I know you will feel sad... Please don't tell daddy, later he will scold me.

    So sweet right? Obviously I can't keep this from daddy. I didn't scold him, he didn't mean to let it happen. I told him to be more careful and assured him that daddy will not scold him.

    Daddy didn't see it till this morning. He immediately apologised to daddy..... Daddy feels heartache. He already has a scar above his eyebrow.... Now we hope this will not leave any scar on his face.

    ps: Pic may take some time to load...

    Monday, April 14, 2008

    Smart Or Lazy?

    I usually 'play' mental sum/spelling with L & Z. They love it! They always say "Mommy, test us! Test us!" That day (Saturday) in the car, I asked Z to spell numbers, when comes to 11....

    Me : Spell for me ten.

    Z : T E N!

    Me : How about 11?

    Z : 1 (&) 1!


    This morning at the lift

    LZdaddy: Hurry up! 电梯来了!

    Z : Daddy, no need 快点 , you press the door open button. Then I don''t have to 快点.

    My Stress Level Going UP!?

    Today after school, L told me that she has to complete a passage on 我的家人. She has already completed half and quess what? It is written all in Han Yu Pin Yin! *Faint* I asked her why? She said it is easier and faster to complete. Haiz.... I hope she will try to write in Chinese character for the next time.

    L told me they need the passage for oral examination and it doesn't have to be long. They are to write and then memorise it. They will be tested on it. ORAL EXAMINATION! She sounded so cool and I am the one that is stress! I don't remember that we have to write a passage and memorise it when I was in P1. When I read through what she wrote, I thought of making some amendment, but decided against it. She wrote the passage herself so it will be easier for her to remember and if I do any changes, she may not remember what I have written. I want to pass the exam with her own effort and not with my help. Then she will learn...

    Here is what she has written (in hanyupinyin & without my help at all):

    wo xi huan wo de ma ma yin wei ta ye xi huan wo. Wo he di di yi qi wan you xi hai you zhuo gong ke, wo xi huan ta . Wo xi huan wo de ba ba yin wei ta mai wan ju gei wo he di di. Wo xi huan wo de jia ren.

    Now I put it in Chinese words:

    To me, I think this is a great achievement for my girl. We don't speak mandarin often to her but we have been trying lately. She knows she is weak in Chinese and she is putting in effort too. I think it was good that she write it short and sweet, if she wrote it too long, she will have a longer list to remember :)

    Ahhhhhhh! Her exams are coming up! How to get her ready for exams? I think if she has been doing her work regularly, she should be ok... One thing I have to do is to remind her to : CHECK & CHECK her work after she completed it. I'm not sure it is her only or it happens to other children too, she makes careless mistakes. I know coz when I sit with her and ask her to do the sum again, she can do it.

    Last week, she told me the class monitor and a few boys got a badge each as a reward for outstanding performance in class for the previous term. She was disappointed that she didn't get it and she told me none of the girls got it! Before I could console her, she told me that she will work harder for this term to get one. That's my girl :) With a positive attitude and determination :) She is a tough girl that doesn't give up easily!

    加油! 宝贝! 我知道你行的! Even if you don't get it, it ok :) You are always the best in mommy''s heart! Oops! One of the two. Hehe.... Cannot leave out your brother right?

    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Fun Day!

    It must be the hormones.... This is the first time that LZ's godma asked if we want to go to the pool! She has never suggest going anywhere that require her to be under the Sun. Sometimes she obliged when we suggest going to the zoo, beach or farm but she has never been the one to suggest. I think we must thank her unborn baby girl :)

    Weather was great when we were at the pool :) The daddies rather chat than to dip into the pool and it was alright with us. LZ without fail, had lots of fun whenever we are out with our friends. There isn't any pictures from the pool :( I forgot all about it! I was busy playing with LZ and chatting with my friends.

    After dinner, we went to Kallang Airport hawker centre for dinner. It has been ages since I went there. I forgot which hawker served the best food, lucky we had Shirley with us. She walked around with me to hunt for yummy food :) Most of the dishes that we ordered, LZdaddy can''t have it. Yes, he is still suffering from Gout. The stubborn man thinks that the pain will go away on its own. I ordered crocodile meat for him, my friend said it is supposed to be good for him. Call me a suaku.... This was the first time I tried it. The auntie was very nice to give us a complimentary soup.

    We ordered lots of food! Z had mutton soup (his favourite), L ordered yong tou fu and I had fried hokkien mee. We had other dishes too, chicken rice, oyster omelette, lots of satays, otah, 啦啦,etc... I think both my kids have a huge appetite tonight :) Besides finishing what they have ordered, they also ate satays and otahs. Especially Z, he ate more than jiejie!

    I am soooo tired now... I don't think I will be preparing bento tomorrow... I will probably pack some mini chocolate chip muffin that I baked last night and some fruits. That's what I do, when I am too tired or lazy, I will pack some homemade stuffs for her.

    Saturday, April 12, 2008

    Robots Artwork

    Their artwork for this week.

    L's robotsL 'designed' her robots.

    Z's robotZ drew and painted it with teacher's guidance

    Friday, April 11, 2008

    Bento #22

    Bento #22
    octopus & crab sausages, vehicle pasta, star crackers and grapes

    I was trying to make octopus and crab shapes sausages and I think the sausage looked ok. I ran out of time to do more on the crab :( I was thinking of using shell pasta, to go with the theme. But I remembered I still have some of the vehicle pasta left, so I used that. Otherwise, LZdaddy would be complaining I have so many opened packets in my cabinet :p

    This morning, I 'paused' for a while in the kitchen. I forgot what I was supposed to cook! I opened the fridge and can't remember what did I want to take out and the plate of stuffs were right in front of my eyes! I think I must be feeling tired both physically and mentally... Or sign of old age? Thank God that didn't last long :) Once I started, I know what I was supposed to do :)

    L was very excited with the bento today :) Phew! I made some extra for Z's breakfast. He was quite groused :) As he was eating, he told me he bite off the head, eat the eyes, etc....

    Z @ Salon

    Z usually cut his hair at a kids salon... But this time, it was the same auntie who cut her before and it didn't turned out nice. So I had to bring him to a salon for grownup... His teacher advised him to have his haircut :(

    He didn't want to initially... I managed to coerced him and the receptionist lured him with sweets too. Once he was seated, the lady was very sweet to give him more sweets and biscuits and 'sweet-talked' to him. He was very stiff and didn't moved much except to turn to my side to looked at me :) Once a while, I caught him looking into the mirror, smiling to himself and observing the gorgor cutting his hair. After the haircut, I was $100+ poorer coz I signed up a package with them. It was cheaper to cut in an adult salon compared to a kids salon. Of coz before I signed the package, I asked him whether he wants to go back there again. If he was not comfortable there, I would not have take up the package.

    LZdaddy & L didn't noticed that he had his haircut... LZdaddy was wondering why the hair at the side is still covering the ears. That's because I was planning to keep his hair long, like those cute & young Japanese boy. When he goes to primary school, he can't have this kind of hairstyle anymore so I might as well let him try it out. I would love to cut his hair but I really do not know how to... So I leave it to the professional :)

    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    Bento #21

    Can you believe it? I woke up at 0445hr! Blur me! I thought it was 0545hr! I started cooking the rice and and looked at the time again, then I realised I could have sleep a little longer... This just one of those rare morning that I don't have to rush to cook :)

    Bento #21Top tier: strawberries, edamame, fried wanton. Bottom tier: tamago (my style), onigiri with pork floss.

    L 'complained' that I prepared too much for her today and I thought so too. I saw the bento looked so miserable when I put lesser food, so I fill it up. I think this bento suit me better :) This is too much for her recess. She has lunch everyday after school... I don't want my girl to be fat fat and next time she blame me for that :)

    Today is a wanton day for us except LZdaddy. He can't have seafood at the moment, so I prepared something else for him... Instead of having fried wanton again for dinner, we had wanton soup. LZ and I never like the wanton from outside (except the ones at Swensen), you can taste the skin more than the meat. Z alone ate at least 10 for dinner today! He have it for snack too!

    L and I did something 'naughty' just now :) LZdaddy was not back from work and we were about to finish dinner, we took pic of the last wanton and showed it to him! How evil right? Hehehe... L was happily telling him how much they enjoyed the dinner tonight. He asked why we never keep some for him. He can't have it cos there's prawns in it. Next time ok? When you recovered, I will prepared lots of it for you :)

    Where's my Present?

    Yesterday, Z's teacher told me that Z praised her, he said she is pretty. She said she was very happy and she will get a present for him (she said it in his presence). Later, I found out from him that he and 2 other classmates said that to her too.

    Today when I picked Z up

    Z : Mommy, Ms B did not buy me any present. I thought she said she is going give me one.
    I have to think fast how to answer him
    Me : It 's ok not get a present. When you compliment someone, you don't expect anything in return ok?
    Z : But she said that.
    Me : I know... Maybe she forget? Never mind, baby... If every kid says that to her and she has to buy for everyone, then Ms B will have no more money right?
    At this point, I tried to divert to conversation to something else. Otherwise, what else can I say?

    I don't understand why the teacher said that. She should know kids remember what they have said. I just hope he will forget about it tomorrow.

    Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    Together We Swim

    L ended her lesson with the previous coach quite abruptly. It so happened that the last lesson was the 4th lesson for the month and we didn't want to wait for another month to start the lesson with the new coach.

    LZ new that they will be having lesson together and they were excited. I was worried L would be upset... I explained to her why we stopped her lesson and I think it is important that I do that. She understood what I have told her and in fact, she is very happy that she can swim together with her brother.

    Z, he was sooooo excited! Finally he is taking swimming lesson :) I promised to look for a coach for him since end of last year.... I told him whatever I knew about the coach. He looked like he wasn't paying attention but I was wrong... When jiejie came home, he told her everything that I said!

    Before the lesson, my sis already told me that the coach will be spending some time correcting L's strokes (The current coach knew who was her ex-coach). This was not the first time I heard negative comments about this coach. Haiz... What is done cannot be undone... At least for the past 1 year+, L enjoyed her time with her friends.


    For the first lesson, he was correcting her hands & legs movements and when to pop her head up to breath (can you imagine after 1 year she still doesn't do it right?). For Z, he taught him to submerge his head fully into the water and hold his breath. He also taught Z a little of the leg movement.

    So far, I like the new coach, at least he is IN the pool with them and most important is that LZ like him. They listened to him and followed his instructions. I'm sure this time round, LZ will be swimming with the RIGHT strokes. The coach is a survival and competitive swim instructor. I am glad we made the decision then. Let's hope they will continue to enjoy the lessons and pick up swimming soon. When we got home, they excitedly told daddy, "daddy, our coach fat fat one, very cute! We like him!" :)

    Why I....

    Since LZ were in Childcare (before I changed their school), I have tried preparing snacks (bento look alike) for them to bring to school. I decided then that when they go to primary school, I will prepare bento for them. Knowing bento will appeal more to them, they love Japanese food, home cooked food is better and of coz, my cooking ;)

    I have talked to L and asked her opinion. She loves the idea! I know my girl supports me, whatever I suggest :) As for Z, I'm not sure if he likes that when he goes to P1, for now, he likes it whenever he has bento(prepared by me). I don't see boys bringing bento to school. When time comes, I will ask him.

    Maybe when L goes to P2/3, she may not want me to pack it for her. I don't know.... As children grow older, they may feel 'embarrass' about bringing food to school or they want to be independant. Meantime, I enjoy preparing food for them :) I am new in preparing bento and hope I can do it better for them.

    Some of you were asking me about the egg mould and asked if I could show the pics. Sorry it took so long....

    Monday, April 07, 2008

    Bento #20 & Tired Mommy

    I had to cooked 3 times today! Once for L, her bento for school, then I need to cook again for Z (and lunch) to have it while I was having meeting and last but not least, for dinner. I could have cooked Z's meal together with L's but I wanted it to be fresh when I bring it to school. Errr.... Come to think of it, I actually cook 3 times in a day quite often.

    LZdaddy is still having gout, which I mentioned in my previous post. In the morning, usually he will be the one that send LZ to school but today, I had to...

    - I woke up early to prepare L's bento and her breakfast
    - Send L to school
    - Came home and prepare Z for school
    - Came home and cook lunch & prepare Z's bento
    - Going for the meeting (which I will talk about it in a short while)
    - Came home shower for Z
    - Pick L up from school
    - Dish out her lunch and do washing up
    - Get them ready for swimming (I will write a post on their new swimming lesson)
    - When we came home from swimming, prepared dinner

    By the time everything is over, I am now half dead... Thank goodness I did my marketing yesterday, if not I will have extra things to do today. I hope LZdaddy will feel better by tomorrow, otherwise I will be the raising my white flag! ;)

    Bento #20
    This is similar to Bento #19 as both were prepared on the same day. From top left: Chicken rolled with fine beans and babycorn, pig shaped steamed egg, grapes, rice and steamed carrot. The blue container: ketchup. I packed another container (not in the pic) with mandarin orange so that Z can share it with Joash.

    Back to the meeting... I am honoured to be invited by the Principal of Z's school to join the newly formed PSG (Parent Support Group). So far, I have never heard of any kindergarten or childcare having one. There were 6 of us (mommies and 2 of them can't make it), an Educator and the Principal who attended the meeting. We get to know each other, how we felt about kindergarten having PSG, etc...

    Z and his friend, Joash (her mommy is a blogger and is in the PSG too) who is his classmate too had their lunch in the meeting room. I told Z yesterday that he would be having lunch with Joash and he was so happy and looked forward to it. I think he treasures the friendship he has with Joash as he doesn't have many friends, unlike his jiejie. He always talks about Joash and what they did in class. I saw them chatting happily while having their lunch and it is a distraction for me :) I can't help looking at them during the meeting :p

    LZdaddy is worried that I will tired myself out... Having so many things to handle and now I joined another PSG. For those of you who doesn't know me, I don't have a maid, so I have to do household chores as well. I think time management is very important.... I hope I will be able to handle everything. No matter what, I will not compromise on the time spent with my babies and hubby.

    OK.... That's all for now.... My eyes is already half closed and I will heading to my dreamland. To sleep at 10pm is a rare thing for me :)

    Bento #19

    My princess's bento for today :)

    Left: Thai mandarin orange. Right: steamed carrot, chicken rolled with fine beans & babycorn, rice topped with carrot.

    I am extremely tired.... LZdaddy is having gout again and I have to do everything on my own. If I have known it earlier, I wouldn't have prepared bentos or do any cooking...

    Sunday, April 06, 2008

    Our Weekends


    In the morning, we went to pray to my late Father-in-law(FIL).... It was LZ first time going there to pray to him. My Mother-in-law (MIL)'s initial plan was to let L goes and leave Z at my Mum's place. Knowing Z, he wouldn't want it. I managed to convince my MIL and both came along.

    Before we go, I explained to them what are we going to do when we are there. Both were well-behaved, they probably knew that it was not a place for them to play or joke and I also warned them beforehand. They were curious why we need to hold joss-sticks to pray as this was not the usual way they pray. Nevertheless, they followed.... We went to the niche, prayed and they did that too...

    They have never seen their grandfather but they have heard so much about him. I was pregnant with L when my FIL passed away and she remembered that. LZdaddy told them what kind of person he is and his favourite food. Whenever we drink coffee, LZ would remember that was Ah Gong's favourite. We also showed them his picture every now and then...

    After the praying session, we went to Plaza Singapura... Haven't been there for some time.... We did some shopping, had dinner and went home early to watch Liverpool-Arsenal match :)

    Having dinner at Ajitei Restaurant

    Having the dessert here reminded me of the dessert store in Hong Kong

    Z was angry with me when I asked him to share the dessert with jiejie. I thought he would preferred the mixed fruit instead of the mango ice that I was having. He told me he only want to share it with me :) Jiejie was fine with it, she got to eat more fruits :)


    In the evening, we bought a cake to celebrate godpa's birthday.. L drew a picture on behalf of her brother and herself and gave it to godpa. Next year, he would have a little one celebrating for him :) It was great to see my friend will her little protruding tummy and I couldn't resist touching it :)
    We saw this insect on top of our car and I wonder what this is...

    Friday, April 04, 2008

    Z's Trial TKD Video

    Here's the video of Z when he went for his trial TKD lesson. This will be his last lesson :( He has been very fickle minded, one minute he said he wanted to go for the next lesson and the next, he said he didn't want. Finally, he had made up his mind..... He said tough work (we told him he will have to practice the commands and the moves) and he doesn't want to go for it. Hmmm..... Hopefully he will think of learning it at a later stage.

    Baby, I hope you will not be so fickle minded in other things ok? :)

    Her First Mass Walk

    L's school organised a a Mass walk for the lower primary students and it was her 1st Mass walk. I think it was good that the school did that :) They have mass PE on Friday and this is something different from what they usually do. We, PSG members were asked to station at different points to ensure safety.

    She told me she enjoyed it :) Because she can chats with her friend and she was very happy to see me there. But me blur blur... I didn't even see her! She said she was waving at me(she didn't want to shout for me). I saw her class walked past me and I missed her!

    After the walk, I had a drink with the rest of the PSG members. When I was about to leave, I saw my girl having a PE lesson (with her class). I saw her enjoying the lesson with her classmates, throwing balls and laughing :) She ran towards me when she saw me. She complained that I wasn't looking at her during the Mass Walk :p I explained to her that when I saw her class walked past, I tried looking for her. She told me she was actually walking in front of her teacher. No wonder I don't see her...

    Las week, when I was asked by the PSG if I am free to hep out with the mass walk. I told them I will think about it... I was feeling lazy and there are lots of things to do at home so I thought of saying no.

    Few days ago, L mentioned it

    L : Mommy, you know we are going for a Mass Walk on Friday?
    Me : I know...
    L : How come you know? *pause* Ohh.... The mommies are going to help right? So you are going to be there?
    Me : Sweetie, I don't plan to go...
    Immediately I saw a disappointed face
    Me : You want me to go?
    L : Yes pleaseeeeee...
    Me : But if I go, I will not have time to prepare your bento. Is that ok with you?
    L : Yes!

    See? My presence is more important than the bento :)

    Thursday, April 03, 2008

    Bento #18

    Bento #18
    Left: Quail egg & sausage flower (again), Mickey & Minnie jam sandwich. Right: Thai mandarin orange

    This was prepared according to her request :) She can't wait for me to bake the cookies, so she asked me to use it for her bread instead. The Thai orange is very sweet, if you are interested, you can get it at Cold Storage. I find that the bento looked very plain :p Anyway, it doesn't really matter to her :) She finished everything!

    I have been spending too much time watching late night shows (TV programmes) and sitting in front of the computer. LZdaddy is concern that I am not getting enough sleep and I have to wake up early to prepare food for L. I don't mind, so long she enjoys it and finishes everything. It is better than she eats prata or chicken rice in school everyday.

    Tuesday, April 01, 2008

    Bento #17

    Bento #17
    Left: papaya. Right: Chicken with asparagus & baby corn (in the container), rice with quail egg & sausage flower on top.

    L commmented that she likes today's bento :) Especially the 'flower'. She asked me to prepare that for her next bento again.

    Z @ Work

    Z @ work
    Look how serious he was!

    Remember the last time I talked about cleaning their school shoes? Well, Z saw me cleaning their shoes yesterday evening and offered to help (I usually clean their shoes after they go to bed). After reading all of you your comments, I decided to let him try :) How did he fare? He did well for the first attempt :)

    Thank you all for your comments back then :) I think I should let them try cleaning their shoes from now on ;)

    Here Comes The Pirate!

    Z got the pirate set from his classmate who celebrated his birthday in school yesterday. It was a good idea to get this for the boys. He likes it so much that he has dressed up countless of times and I can't remembered how many times have I helped him to clip on the earring :) He told me he wants to dress up as a pirate on his birthday! Hahaha...

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