Friday, August 31, 2007

School Holiday

Z is recovering from flu and L has not been feeling well since beginning of the week and we gave her medicine that we still have at home... Yesterday her cough was quite bad so we brought her to the Doctor. Our family doctor has not seen her since April and said she has grown so much.

Glad that their school holiday started so she can have rest well. I didn't plan any activity for them for this 1 week break, but LZ has sought of plan their own :) They want to bake, play their new PC games, watch DVD which their eldest uncle bought for them and L said she has to get her white dress by this holiday.

This afternoon, I baked chocolate chips cupcakes for them coz they were asking where is their home baked snack... I'm so glad that they have the appetite to eat..


L made this pretty mirror

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Teacher's Day

Last night it was a busy evening... LZ and me were busy making the cards and after LZ went to bed I bake cupcakes till wee hours... This morning I woke very early to put the icing for the cupcakes.

I planned to buy gifts for the teachers (then I can relax. Hehehe...) and I even went around looking for it but LZ wanted so much to make cards for their teachers and they remembered they did the cards last year. How can I say no to my babies?

*Cards made by Z*

*Cards made by L*

This year we did it differently, I decided not to give them any ideas (ok... I gave 1 or 2 ideas), I placed the craft box in front of them and let them decide. L did the cards all by herself and I helped Z a little (80% by him). From choosing the colours, what to draw, how to decorate.... They had fun and they gave each other ideas what to be on the cards.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Can She Do it?

Yesterday when I went to pick L from school, her Principal asked to speak to me. I thought perhaps L did something wrong (how can I be so negative?)....

Probably seeing my worried look, Ms B smiled and told me she needed L to do something. She would like L and another of her classmate (separately) to make a speech for the Graduation concert. Wow! My girl make a speech during the concert? "Are you sure she can do it?", that was the first thing I said to Ms B. She said she has confident that L will do a good job. After hearing that, I feel so proud of my girl :) Out of 22 students in her class, her teacher selected her! She gave me the script and I was shocked! It was a long speech and I am worried that she may not be able to memorize the whole thing....

When I told L, she was excited but worried too.... "Mommy, I'm not sure if I can do it.... " I encouraged her and assured her that I will help her with it. If she still think that she can't do it few days later, we will inform her principal so that she can find another child to do it.

The next day, Ms B spoke to me again.... She decided to change the script. Instead of her alone giving the speech, she will be doing it with another girl. Both will be like talking to each other and welcoming the guests as well. When I see the script, Phew! This is so much better and it will be more lively. When I told her she will be doing it with Charlene, she was very happy :) I also read out the script to her and she is confident she can do it.

I am looking forward to THE day!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday - Family Day

LZ's cousins had a performance at Victoria Hall. 2nd BIL's family and Ah Mah decided to bring L along. So off she went to spend time bonding with them, especially Ah Mah :)

We decided to stay home and spend time playing with Z. In the evening, we picked L up and we went for another round of family gathering - my auntie's family. We planned to have steamboat @ mushroom pot and we even made reservation but my uncle thought it would be better that we all stayed at home. We agreed :)

My cousin-in-law will be leaving on Wednesday, back to Italy alone. Knowing that he would miss durian, we bought it for him... Do they sell durian there? No, but other part of Europe and those are from Thailand which taste different from what we have here. My aunties prepared a wide spread of food for all of us (15 of us), of coz more for my CIL lah. Kekeke... Don't think I can be station overseas for so long.... I will die of missing local food.. Haha! CIL has been overseas for many years and he is used to it. As for my cousin, she has been there with him for 3 yrs now so she is used to it too.

LZ had so much fun my 2 cousins (kaofu *Cantonese*), one is a father-to be in October who is in his early thirties and the other is a big kid (22 yr old). As usual, we were busy talking to others. After dinner, we had another round of eating session. Yup! The whole night we were eating & eating & eating.... We had different kind of fruits and desserts...

At 9+pm, it was time for us to to go home as LZ have to go to school the next day. They fell asleep on the way home...

Mr Cool

Few days ago, Z put on his sunglass and I can't resist posting it here :)

My handsome boy! You have grown so much :) Sometimes when we talk to you, your replies amaze us... You sound so grown up! We love it especially when you say "Awesome!", "cool man!"

Saturday, August 25, 2007

School Open House - L

Last week it was Z's and today is the kindergarten having their open house. We looked forward to today. We hardly have a chance to see what she did in the class... L told me since last week what they have been doing to prepare for today and her teachers told her to show us around.

We went there at 3+ pm as daddy has to work in the morning... First, she showed us her works that were displayed, then we went through different sections of the place and she briefly tell us what they do at the sections. We also went upstairs, L showed us where she has her computer lesson and this was the 1st time we saw her computer teacher. Z had fun playing in the room that he refused to leave. After the 'tour', she even offered us drinks! Hahaha.... My girl sure knows what to do! After that, we went to her chinese classroom which was the last part of the 'tour'. I had a chance to speak to her Chinese teacher. She told me L is a very helpful girl and very chatty. That's what her English teachers said abt her too. They also said she always offer to help other classmates and help her teachers whenever she can. They see a great improvement in her work which DH and me agree :)

Next year, Z will be over at the kindergarten side. This was a good opportunity for me to show him the place. Halfway through the 'tour', Z was restless. L was very sweet.... She showed him around and offered him a drink, that cheered him up :)

L @ Work
Her composition
L paintingTurkey artworkShe drew the crocodile and painted itHenHer little duckL helped with horse craftOink Oink!Topic: EggPic of L @workL's English activity workbookHer Chinese worksheet on displayAnother of her work sheet

Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm Sorry

I had a very bad gastric pain this afternoon.... Thinking that I would not be able to sleep and I will be picking LZ in 30 mins time, I rested on my bed....

Next thing I knew was that my house phone and my handphone were ringing non-stop! I looked at the time! Gosh! It was 4pm! I double checked the time and I knew I was in deep trouble! I missed the time to pick LZ from school and I rushed like a madwoman and I was still having the pain.... On the way, I called DH and you should know what I got from him....

I arrived at the L's school first, telling the taxi to wait so after that I can rush over to Z's side. How glad I was to see Z's teacher, she told me she brought Z over to be with his jiejie. I apologised to the teachers (4 of them) and explained.... Instead of being angry with me, they showed concern and said they prayed that nothing happen to me. They know that I was never late picking LZ and was worried abt me. They know that if I am going to be late, I would call and inform them.

I saw LZ were helping their teachers with the preparation for the next day (open house). L asked if she can stay longer to help her teachers *FAINT* ..

I'm soooo sorry Teachers, for what happened... It will never happen again.... DH said in future he will give me a call when it is time to pick them up. To LZ, sorry babies.... Mommy will make sure this will never happen again. It is a promise....

Bear - Z

Z said this is Pooh bear :)

Zoo - L

Right pic - Top left corner pic was drawn by her teacher. The others are by L :) L is very proud of this painting and I am too!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Don't Disturb Me

Z finished his homework from school and asked me for extra ones....

While he was doing it, I tickled him

Z : Mommy! Don't disturb me!

Me : OK...

Then I tickled him again
Z : Mommy! Let me finish me work!

Me : But you did many pages... If you don't stop, I can't do my things
Then I tickled him as I was talking and laughing

Z : Mommy! Stop it! You want me to finish or not?

L : Mommy! Don't disturb him.

Me : OK OK... Babies, this will be the last page. Mommy needs to cook.

L : OK! smile

Z : Let me do 2 more!

Well, I stopped :) Otherwise we will be having supper instead of dinner and we will be late for their lessons....

Both of them love doing extra homework, especially Z. "I want to do extra homework!" Sometimes I worry he do too much.... I see a satisfaction look on his face whenever he finishes the extra ones. Then they will count how many pages they did. They will also go thru what they have learned from it. Z currently doing addition and he loves using his fingers to count :) L is currently doing P1 English.

Pasta Everyday?

I was chatting with L while we were walking home. I told her she needs to eat faster as we often rush to school. Sometimes she takes more than 45 mins to finish her food and I usually cook simple meal in the morning before school.

L : You cook my favourite food then I will eat faster.

Me : So what do you want me to cook?

L : Mommy cook pasta with tomato sauce every meal then I will eat very fast.

Cook that for every meal? She is 'hooked' on bolognaise sauce! She used to hate it, anything with tomato sauce she will spit out but now whenever we go for western food or when we don't know where to have our meal or I don't know what to cook, she will ask for that. Now, she eat anything with tomato sauce :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I have to go through the registration again.... I was balloted out of Phase 2C and yes the feeling was terrible... Good thing was that we have a 2nd choice and in the evening, DH called up the school to find out if we have to go through the balloting again. Thank goodness we don't have to :)

Finally we have secured a place for our sweetie in another school of our choice. Now we only need to wait for Thursday to receive the letter to confirm it.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


My dear Cousin and her family is back! Yes, finally we get to see Justin for the 1st time :) I told my cousin many times I would pinch his cheek when I see him but I can't bear to do that :p LZ has been looking forward to seeing Justin too, especially L. She loves babies and when she knew that we would be seeing Justin, she was jumping up & down "Hurray! We will see Justin today!"

We meet them @ my cousin Sam's house after church. Sam & daddy entertained LZ while I had a good time catching with Fonia & family :) Justin is soooo adorable! I had fun playing with him and feeding him dinner. It sure did bring back memories on me feeding LZ when they were babies. L as usual like a big jiejie, making sure that Justin doesn't hurt himself. Z took a while before he warmed up to Justin. They both had fun playing with him too :)

So what did Sam did with them? He played memory cards with them, watch TV and let them have massage! At the end of it, both asked if we can buy the leg massager and the icare! *-* L asked what is the icare for? Sam told her it will make her eyes looks pretty and she believe it! After using it, she looked at the mirror, "Wow! My eyes so pretty now!". Then she asked Yiyi to try it too and she said the same thing to her. Hahaha.... She even asked yiyi to look at the mirror! L remembered yiyi very well, probably she used to see her every other weekends before she left. Z, on the other hand, only remembered yiyi went to the zoo with us.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


We have arranged to meet Boon & family for dinner at Marina Square before heading out to see fireworks. LZ didn't know what was our plan as I don't want them to ask me that throughout. They found out only after dinner :)

We waited for an hour before we see it! LZ were grouchy (it was passed their bedtime, 8+pm), I had to coax them and gave them snacks. Hundreds of people gathered around and I have to say that the atmosphere was great watching it so close, with people around you cheering and that include us :D

Thinking that people will be rushing off and the carpark will be jammed, we decided to have coffee before heading home. I think everyone seemed to have the same thought as us coz the carpark was still jammed when we leave :(

Finally LZ saw fireworks 'LIVE' today! I think they find the wait worthwhile ;) Both were very tired and dozed off on the way home.

School Open House - Z

We have been looking forward to today! Our little boy's works were displayed on the wall. It gave us an opportunity to talk to his teachers too. He happily went around looking for his works, pointed them out for us and also explained to us what did he draw.

Z is doing very well in school. He gets along with his friends and he follow instructions. Whenever I pick him up from school, he has lots of things to tell me, who is sick, what books they are reading, what he has learnt for the day, and even who is not his friends anymore! Hahaha.... And of coz a lot more! :)

My Duck
This is ME!
I can writeMy farm with all the little pigs :)This is a houseDoes it looks like an octopus?My colourful sheepBird on the nestThis is a chickMy National Day pic with fireworksMy Chinese writingCan you see my horse?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Pelican?

Z insisted that what he painted was a pelican and he corrected the teacher, "this is not a big bird! It is a pelican!". If my son says this is a pelican then this is a pelican ;)

What would You Do With A Box?

Z's animals having fun in the water and L has a mini zoo :)

LZ always surprise me with the things that they 'create'. The gift box was from the birthday party that they attended. Now these are displayed on their bedhead.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I will Teach You More

This is what we saw :)

Jiejie going thru the chinese flashcards with Z. Jiejie loves to teach didi, remember she taught him how to spell? It didn't stop there! Now she is teaching him more than that! She is also teaching him addition when she found out the school is doing that, she teaches him chinese when she sees that I have prepared the flashcards(from chinese enrichment).

Z enjoys doing all these with L. I think he listen to jiejie more than me. Hehehe... She teaches him while we are on our way home, in the car, having our meal, in the shower, before bedtime etc.... She has the initiative to teach didi and she is doing a fantastic job! Z has improved a lot under jiejie's coaching. 2 days ago, L told didi to brush his teeth when they wakes up, "come didi, let's go brush our teeth!" while I was still lazing in bed :p

Besides teaching him the good stuffs, L sometimes is the leader to their mischiefs. They moved all their things from their bed to the living room. What they do with it? L suggested they set up a tent! Using their 2 little chairs with their blankets over it, they set up the tent. They have pillows, soft toys, other stuffs in it. The living room was in a mess! And not forgetting the 'tattoo'!

My girl has definitely lightened my load :) But not when she teaches him the naughty stuffs ;) I love you both, Babies!

So Fast?

Since last month, L has been telling me their preparation for their graduation. What? It was only July then and they have started preparing it? L told me that they will be singing and dancing :) She also said that her teacher will be selecting 2 boys & 2 girls for the skipping rope segment.

During last weekend, I asked her how was the preparation. She told me she was selected for the skipping rope and they yet to decide on the other 3. Wow! My girl will be skipping! Honestly, I didn't expect her to be selected and I told her before that it is ok if she is not chosen coz they will be performing a few items and perhaps she will be chosen for others.

That reminds me of what one mommy said to me. She was upset that her child was ill and had to stay at home for a week. Her girl (I think she too) wanted so much to be selected for the segment. Now that she will be missing school for the whole week, her mommy seemed more worried that her girl not being selected than her health.

Then I also found that all the girls was hoping to be selected for it except my girl. She said she is not a good skipper and some of them were better. Hmmm... I think my girl lack confident.... I assured her that if she carry on practicing, she will be a pro :) and it is ok if she doesn't do well on that day, as long as she enjoys.

Personally, I think it is ok if my girl is not chosen for that coz all the K2s will be the stars for the day :) Sometimes I wonder if parents are focusing on the wrong thing.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What A Scare!

Last Thursday, L's classmate mommy called to tell me that her boy (both our boys share the same classroom) was down with HFMD and on Saturday (11/8), she called again to tell me that her girl (who is L's classmate) got it too.

Since Thursday (9/8), I have been checking on LZ and keeping my finger crossed that they wouldn't get it. Yesterday (13/8) after Z removed his uniform, DH told me there was some spots on Z's leg. I checked his hands and mouth and there wasn't any. I also checked on L..... DH asked if we should wait for awhile to confirm but being a kiasu mommy, I brought him down to the clinic immediately. I wondered why the school never noticed it.....

What a relieved when Doctor told me that it was a viral infection, probably due to his mild cough and runny nose. I think the Doctor was 'irritated' with me :p I asked him many times "Doctor, so you are sure that he is not having HFMD right?" and I asked him to write a letter to say that he is not having HFMD. Kiasu right? Z has been advised to stay at home till it subside and the spots 'disappeared' today! Anyway, I let him stayed at home so that he can rest well.

So today I had to take care of 2 patients (LZdaddy & Z), chauffeured L to/from school, send her for swimming lesson and cooked lunch/dinner. I'm soooo tired....

Monday, August 13, 2007


What do they do when they get tired of their toys? They drew on their hands & legs! It happened yesterday

L: Mommy Mommy! Come see our tattoo!

Z: Ya! Mommy come see. Nice?
They are very proud to show off their 'tattoo' to me

Z : Is it nice? Kekeke....

L: Mommy see this? (pointing to Z's right leg) . Didi doesn't know how to draw flower so I help him. Kekeke....

Z : I draw this side! (pointing to the other leg)
They were very happy & proud with what they did!

Me: Gosh! We are going out soon and now with the colours on your body, didi has to wear long pants. Both of you go to the toilet and try to wash it off!

L : Uh-oh! Mommy is very angry! Come let's go! Gagaga...

Z: Gagaga.....
And they happily went to the toilet

L managed to wash off her 'tattoo' but not Z. Today I still can't wash it off (if I continue washing, his leg will be sored) so he went to school with his 'tattoo' *_ * and his uniform is shorts!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

She Takes Good Care of Didi

Today, we were invited to one of my classmates son's birthday party. LZdaddy was having fever so he did not join us. When I was at the party, I was happy to meet another 2 of my friends (not my classmates) and L met 2 of her friends too. Singapore is indeed very small huh...

It was another great party that we attended. There was toys, magic show, sculpture balloons & candyfloss. Balloon sculpting was a hit with the kids, everyone was patiently waiting for their turns. L had fun with her friends and Z, though he didn't know anyone, had fun playing with the boys and the magic show :)

I have to mention something that L did that touches me ^_^ L was queuing up for the balloon and she waited for quite awhile before she got hold of a sword balloon. Z was queuing up for the candyfloss. I was wondering why she asked for a sword balloon. She happily went to Z and said "Z, this is for you." Z took the sword balloon from Jiejie and said "thank you". She went off and queue again for another one as the balloonist said each of them can only take one at a time.

She was pretty upset why the balloonist ignored her when it was her turn (she waited for at least 15 mins). She keep telling him "may I have a flower pls?" I told her to tell him that she gave it to the brother but she was shy, so I went up to the balloonist and told him. She waiting for another 10 mins before she got one for herself. She is so sweet right?

My Classmates

I haven't seen most of secondary classmates for many years.... Once awhile, I will 'bump' into 2 or 3 of them at the mall.

I used to attend their gatherings many years back, then slowly I lost touch with them (except 2 of them). Not that I don't want to meet up with them, but whenever they arranged to meet, I was always not in town. I think they gave up asking me to join them. I missed catching with them.....

Then when I got married in yr2000, I thought I should invite them to my wedding and I was expecting most of them to say no. To my surprised, they said yes! Of coz not all but it was great to have a table full of my classmates and I was very touched.... Ever since then, I kept in touch with 3 of them (one of them is my primary school classmates) and our kids are abt the same age :) At times, I try to find out how the rest of my classmates are doing and seems like most of them are married and doing very well :)

My everyday life has kept me busy and it is difficult for me to arrange to meet them and they are busy too. This does not means I will give up our many years friendship :) I'm sure a call every now & then will be great! :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Animal Resort

It has been 2 yrs since we went to the Animal Resort. The last time we were there was to celebrate LZ's birthday.

We didn't tell them where we were going. We only told them that we will be feeding animals and they thought that we were going to the zoo or the goat farm :) L remembered as soon as we entered the place. As for Z, he remembered feeding the animals. It brought back great memories how they celebrated their birthdays. We were surprised that the Auntie remembered my babies' birthday party and asked why we have not been there for so long.

They had fun feeding the animals, crown cranes, goats, guinea pigs and rabbits. L was scared of the crown cranes but after some time, she enjoyed it. Z was not scared at all, he went around chasing them :) I was hoping that we could see the dogs training or grooming but we didn't... Anyway, LZ were too busy with the animals around us :)

MamaTang: check out the website :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Daddy Is Back!

Yup! He is back! I planned to bring my babies to the airport to pick him up but he arrived at 0530hr and I can't bear to wake them up so early.

When LZ woke up at 7+, they asked how come we never go to the airport. I had to explained to them that it was too early. What was daddy doing then? He was hiding under the comforter but I accidentally flipped it and Z caught sight of him. They both jumped onto him! Hahaha....

It was great to see daddy again!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Easy Breakfast

A easy breakfast that I prepared for LZ. I called it All-IN-ONE :) I got the recipe from a TV programme...

Z doesn't like egg yolk, so I used a fork to mix it after cracking the egg onto the bread (bread on the right).

Ingredients (for 1 person):
- 1 slice bread
- Mayonnaise
- 1 egg
- bacon, diced or shredded (I used back bacon)
- parsley flakes

- preheat oven
- squeeze mayo around the top of the bread (to create a 'wall')
- crack egg within the mayo 'wall', egg will not flow out.
- put some parsley flakes
- put bacon
- bake in oven for 20 mins (depend on your oven)

~ Do make sure that the egg is fully cooked before serving.
~ Do not let the egg overflow
~ You can use ham instead of bacon

When it is ready, you will have a toasted bread with egg and bacon.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Celebration In School

LZ went to school for the celebration today..... They have been practicing the songs in school, at home, while showering, walking etc... Finally today they can sing it out loud :) I especially love to hear them sing our National Anthem or the pledge. They were so proud! It may not be perfect but they showed how much they love Singapore and are proud to be a Singaporean :)

After the gathering at the hall, the children had their snacks and each of them were given a bag of snacks and a Singapore flag.

Here are the videos of LZ :

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


While I am writing now, I am waiting for the next round of my cupcakes. I have been busy baking since 8pm.... I thought of putting icing for the cupcakes but I am tired. Tomorrow, the school is having a National Day Party and we were asked to contribute finger food. I asked LZ what they would like to bring to school and they said "CUPCAKES"!". As I have 2 of them in the school, I need to bake 2 set of it, one for L's class and the other for Z's.

LZ wanted to help me with the sprinklers but it was their bedtime and they need to wake up early tomorrow. How I wish they can help me..... They were disappointed but they need their 'beauty' rest. I think one of these days I have to let them play with the icing....

They are looking forward to the party and the long weekends! And me too! Daddy will be coming back on Friday and we are sooooo HAPPY =) Thank you Ladies for all the kind words and I am so glad that I started blogging and know many wonderful mommies :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Our Weekend

I quite satisfied with what I did this time except that I'm lousy at decorating it.

As you know, LZdaddy is not in town so on Saturday, they went over to my parent's place. She takes good care of them but at the the same time, spoilt them. She brought them to the mall and bought them more toys! My Mum said L was very sweet, she chose a toy that was not very expensive for herself and help Z chose one too. I appreciate my parents for helping out so that I can rest :) Thank you Mum!

Before they left, they asked me to bake cupcakes w icing for them. Nowadays, they are so used to have home baked snacks :) And they prefer cupcakes than cakes. I'm happy baking it for them =)
LZ in their National Day Celebration outfits

On Sunday morning, I put the icing for the cupcakes that I baked last night. I gave half of it to L's good friend, Rachel & family. LZ had the cupcakes as dessert and snacks. Thereafter, we went for the church National Day party. They had so much fun! Playing games and having pizzas... I'm glad they had a wonderful weekends!
Noticed how they eat the cupcakes? They will always finish the icing first =)

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