Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Teacher's Day Gift - Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate Crinkles

This year Teacher's Day gifts done by me as LZ have been busied with school works & mini tests, but they made cards for all their teachers.  This is also the first year Beanie gave goodies to his teachers!

(2/9) - It was nice to see L's teacher's status in FB saying that she enjoyed the crinkles.

Bento #282 - Elmo

In the boxes:  Rice wrapped with nori, minced pork & fish paste patties, prawn tempura, broccoli, grapes & orange.

Today's bento didn't take up too much time except when I was trying to get the right size for the elmo's features.  For the elmo, I used carbsticks, carrot, fishcake & seaweed.

Few days ago, my older babies were talking about having another baby!  Can't believe they are still talking about it when I have made it clear that mommy is too old to have another one.  Kids!!  I should have recorded it, even though their wish will not come true, they sounded so cute and serious.  They even gave an example of one of our friends who gave birth at that age! Haha... 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My New 'Toy'

Thanks to LZdaddy, I got a new 'toy'!  I'm very happy!  From now on, my little ones will have homemade bread!  Yippee!

Our first loaf of bread!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beanie @ 30 Months

He's wearing his favourite character singlet, Fireman Sam.  

Don't they just love sitting on the floor at this age?  And also insist on doing things the way he wants it? Yeah, terrible 2 or 3 stage... He is as stubborn as an ox, his horoscope says it all.   Regardless, he is so adorable that he often gets away with it.  With his siblings & daddy of coz!  Hehe... He is very persistent baby. If we have told what was our plan, he will insist we do it. For instance, I told him I will read a particular book with him and I will have to do it.

He loves watching Fireman Sam & Postman Pat. It's easy for us to get DVDs for Pat but not Sam, I'm still trying to get more for him. Meantime, he watches it on youtube.  He also like to watch 'Mr Bean' (cartoon).

♥ he loves to 'draw'.  Once (13/8), when he was trying to drawing something,  he said "bebe try" when I wanted to hold his hand to draw.

♥ He can count 1 to 20 in English but often misses out on the number 13.

♥ (7/8) Taught him to count 1 to 10 in Cantonese.

♥ (8/8) When I'm talking to 外婆 on the phone, little one asks her "po po, buy cake for me ok?"

♥ After every gym lesson, he gets a sticker. So he likes to say "go gym, got sticker!"

♥ (28/7) Sitting on the floor, insist on fixing back the cover for the bucket before he's willing to go.
♥ (29/7) Having fun at the exercise area

♥ When he couldn't catch me while playing catching, that's how he behaves (30/7).  And this is mild...
At times, this is the kind of behavior I get when he doesn't get things done his way (4/8).  He insisted on going down car when it was raining, to pick his siblings up. Yeah, as stubborn as an ox!
OK, another video of him insisting going to the playground but it was too hot (16/8).  Actually, his temper is not that bad, he behaves like this when he is extremely tired and wants to nap.  Most times, he falls asleep after crying for that few minutes.  Normal days, if I explain to him, he's fine or I will distract him with other stuffs.
♥ When he sees that I am angry with him, little one apologise...  Love the way he says "Sorry sorry mommy!" 

♥ My little 'samurai' with his 'sword' tucked nicely behind his diaper.  Yeah, he uses the train tracks for that.
♥ He likes the storybooks, "Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs".  So at times, he walks around with his bucket too, mostly filled with his cars & ball.

♥ When the weather gets too hot, he request for waterplay.  He loves it!

Pic of LZ - August 2011

♥ My happy baby with their angry birds lanterns! ♥

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bento #281 (3 sets) - Anpanman

In the boxes:  Foccasia bread pizza, corn, chicken sticks, grapes, raisin & chocolate bar.

3 bentos for all my kiddos today!  Think I will stick to 2 bentos the next time, it's not easy for Beanie to hold on to it when I'm driving.

Few days ago, my kids were discussing about having another baby!  It wasn't the first time though...  The older ones asked Beanie if he wants a younger sibling!  It was a funny sight to see them discussing about it.  Haha...  Sorry babies, mommy will have to disappoint you...  No more baby in the house!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bento #280 (2 sets) - Bear In Spa

In the boxes: Rice, Japanese chicken curry, cucumber, longan & cherries.

Little bears went for a 'mud spa'. Ahhhh.... I wanna go too!  Haven't been to one for a long time but that has to wait coz I don't have time at all.  So the bears for LZ went for 'spa' before they were eaten. Hehe... 

Z was happy today to receive a little note of encouragement from his math teacher.  It says "You did well in the math perform task.  Keep up the good work you have been doing.  Always try to be careful with your calculation.  concentrate on the task at hand."  It was very sweet of the teacher to do that, thank you teacher.  You have brightened his day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bento #279 - Monkey?

In the boxes: Rice, peas, carrots, watermelon & prawn paste chicken wings. 

It was supposed to be a monkey but somehow it didn't look like one.. When I told Z it was a monkey, he said it did look like it.  I know he was kind to say that.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bento #278 - P4 Maths & Science Wireless Trail

In the box: Quail eggs, cherries, peanut bread & rainbow cupcakes

An interesting field trip for L today, the trail was done at City Square Mall.  L was excited mainly because every group of pupils used an iphone to solve interesting maths and science questions at different stations.

"It is a special programme designed to improve pupils' understanding of Mathematical & Science concepts and to help them develop creative and critical thinking skills.  Eco theme would also be incorporated in the Trail.

The Trail aims to value add to your child learning by providing an environment for team building, relating of  knowledge to reality, personal and building of her social skills.

Rainbow Cupcake

Saw the videos by chance on how to make rainbow cupcakes.. Beanie loves watching cake making videos and stumbled on this while I was watching it with him.  He said "rainbow cake!"  So made some for my kiddos.

Monday, August 08, 2011

National Day Outfits & Farewell Gathering

My kiddos in their National Day outfits for school celebrations.  It is also Beanie's FIRST time celebrating in school.
My cheeky babes want me to take these shots of them

Farewell Party 

BY & SM will be leaving for UK & US for their further studies soon... This evening, their cousins organized a farewell BBQ for them. Simply love the bond these nephews & nieces have.  L will definitely miss having SM around, she's often chat with L.  Z too, will miss BY...  He's one of them that inspired him to join Chinese Orchestra and Z said he hope to be like BY, on scholarship and made his parents proud.  Don't get me wrong, they love the rest of their cousins too.  Beanie is well loved by them too and because of BY, he got to play with 二胡 for the first time.

Here's a group pics of most of them.   Noticed the trolley?  They 'saboh' the 2 of them!  They were 'forced' to push the trolley hands in hands, pushing the trolley back to the supermarket.  With many of us making so much noise in the public!  Haha... I shall not post the video here, don't wanna embarrass them  here.
All the best BY & SM!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Bento #277 (2 sets) - Doggies & Church Excursion

In the boxes: Nutella & peanut butter wholemeal bread rolls, grapes, sausages, quail eggs & cherry tomato. 

My older babies went for the church's National Day outing this morning - Central Fire Station and was told to pack snacks for them.  I wasn't sure where they going to eat it and assumed they eating in the bus so pack something that are easy for them to handle and not messy.

 They enjoyed the trip and was excited to try out the firefighter costumes.  Below are some of the pictures L snapped.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Bento #276 - L's Lunch

In the box: Kiwi, garlic bread, cherries, lettuce cucumber salad, minced chicken pasta.

My 'ang moh' girl requested for her 'ang moh' bento again...

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bento #275 - Angry Birds

In the boxes:  Homemade nuggets, peas & corn salad, babybel chesse, apples, sausages & snacks. 

My kids have been asking for angry birds bento for a long time and I finally get down to doing it.  So here's my humble Angry Birds bentos for my kiddos. Noticed something missing?  Well, it's the eyebrows for the green birds!  It was all cut out but I was in a hurry that I forgot to put it!

My kiddos were happy even though their mommy forgot about the eyebrow.  Hehe...  That's what matters most isn't it?

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Bento #274 - Boy & Good News

In the boxes:  Cherry tomato, watermelon, tamago, ham rolled with beans & carrot and pork with onion. 
Since I prepared a girl bento for my gal, decided to do a boy bento for my 老二.

We received some good news last month about Z! Firstly, his teacher told us (22/7) to register Z for the coming piano exam! We didn't expect this coz his teacher told us earlier that he was not ready yet.

Then 2 days ago (31/7) his chess coach told us he was selected to join the school chess team for the coming competition! He went for the selection even though he didn't learn chess from school. Wow!  We are elated and looking forward to it too!

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