Monday, October 31, 2011

My Birthday 2011

A small celebration for daddy & I on my birthday at Conrad, our favourite buffet restaurant.   Since every year daddy's birthday falls on exam period, we decided to celebrate it together.  Love the food & the company...  My 3 babies enjoyed buffet the most, taking yummy food on their own, that includes little Beanie.
An angry bird birthday cake for me, not that I'm a fan but more for my kids.  They are the fans!  My special birthday present, a t-shirt with lots of drawings from my little ones!  I feel so loved!! Thank you my babies! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Birthday Book

I have forgotten to post about this little booklet that my gal did for her daddy's birthday.   I was impressed and touched by what she did for him.  My man, obviously was very touched....

 This is one of the pages she wrote, love the way she expressed her love for her daddy...
Besides that, she also helped her bros to make card for their daddy too.  Isn't she lovely? 

Chess - Simul Session

A simul Session with a ex UK junior squad player, Duncan Wood.  Kids had fun and learned from him too.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beanie @ 32 Months

@ 32 Months

Little one loves to 'read'.   We have storybooks in my car, for him and his siblings.  Sometimes I have to bring up those that they read many times and next thing I knew, there's books in my car again.  They don't read when I'm driving, only when the car is stationary.  For Beanie, we spend lots of time in the car coz we often have to wait for LZ (which I mentioned many times).

A pic of him walking with his favourite book for now.
Remember his bucket full of cars?  Well, that's because he has been reading few of Harry's stories.  This is one of them.
He loves bedtime stories. Nowadays, I no longer need to take the book for him, he chooses what he wants for the night.  During daytime, I would often suggest other books for him.  We have plenty of Mickey Mouse series books (which was hand down to us from my sweet SILs & BILs) and I will try to introduce those to him, but more often, he will go back to books that he really likes.

Daddy reading to him tonight.
Not only does he likes Fireman Sam, he likes being one too!  This is what he has been up at home.  Holding Thomas tracks and pretend that is a hose.  Haha...  It was such a funny sight to see him pretending there's a fire and using the 'hose' spraying at the corners.
Hmmm...  I think my this little boy will grow up to be a fireman or policeman.  Hehe...   Look at him, having the policeman's stuffs in his diaper.

LZdaddy's Birthday 2011

Every year, LZdaddy's birthday falls on exam period. He decided not to celebrate as usual, he rather spend the time coaching his little ones. You are a great dad, my love!

My birthday man favourite food, lasksa, cooked by me.
His birthday cake, Bomber bird (angry bird)
Birthday man with his 3 lovely babies!  Happy Birthday my dear! We love you always & forever!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Chocolate Swirl Bread

My first loaf of chocolate swirl bread that I baked last night.  My babies like these too!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


While the siblings are busied preparing for exams, little one played with his toys.  Enjoy as much as you can son, till it's your turn...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Green Tea Bread

2nd loaf of green tea swirl bread in 2 days.  Kids loves this!

Sleep #9

Beanie on medication and took a long afternoon nap...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sensitive Nose

Z has sensitive nose for a long time...  It doesn't affect him so we didn't think of bringing him to the doc till these few days.  Beanie was down with fever & runny nose so I brought both my boys to the doc.

Z was prescribed with a nose spray & medication to be taken every morning.  Doc said these should help him.

*updated on Nov 2011 - Relieved to know that Z's sensitive nose is cleared! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Piano Mock Exam

Though it's only mock exam, Z was nervous about it.  Well, let's hope he will not be as nervous when comes to the real thing!

Rewarded him with his favourite lunch at Yoshinoya.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bento #291 - Books

In the boxes:  Corn, Japanese stew pork, rice & golden kiwi

It's the beginning of exam period and L has to stay back in school, so decided to try making one bento related to it for her.  Using egg sheets egg sheets to make the book covers & seaweed for the words & lines.  Glad that my girl loves it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Waterplay Is Back!

Little one is sooo happy that waterplay is back in school!

Monday, October 10, 2011


A place that my parents called home for the past 30+ years...  Emotional for me as I've lived there for many many years.  This is the view I love from my parents' home...

Friday, October 07, 2011

Children's Day 2011

Made these sammies for Beanie's school class party.

A quiet celebration for the kiddos at one of their favourite Japanese restaurant as they have other classes that day.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Bento #289 (L's Lunch) & #290 (Beanie's snack)

 In the box: Beef & potato croquette, beef cream pasta, apple & homemade cake pop. 

In the box: Peanut butter sammies, grapes & some choco cookies. 

After making some croquette.I still have leftover beef so added it into the pasta for my gal.

The snack bento was for Beanie, this is one of the bento that I prepared for him (sometimes).  But I won't be preparing for him anymore coz I try to let him have early lunch instead of waiting till after 2 to feed him.   Sometimes he falls asleep after picking LZ and skips his lunch.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

"Celebration - Children" Chess Challenge 2011

This is the FIRST competition for L & 2nd for Z. I'm actually more concerned for L...  She started chess late for her age so kids at this level most likely are more 'expert' than she is.   I'm afraid she will feel demoralize  if she didn't get any points.  Days before the competition, I talked to her and reminded her the main reason why she picked up chess, not to compete but to help her to stay more focus, develops critical thinking skill and so on...  Going for competition is basically more like for fun and have a chance to play with other kids.

Chatting with her best friend, Rachel before the first round. 
My boy looked like he was still in dreamland before the first game.
For first round, L played against a rated player!  Needless to say, she lost...  But I must say that my girl did well, not in term of her skill, she tried her best and was able to slow down and think carefully before each step.
Recording during the game..
For Z, first round he played against his friend, Ilian, not a easy player to beat and he lost too.  I managed to get him to do recordings and that helped him to slow down and think carefully.

L managed to draw 3 games & won the 2nd last round.   For her first competition, I think she did quite well.  Not forgetting she was facing all the experts out there.
The round that he was he board 1.  The girl looked so much younger right?  She is same age as Z, in fact, older by month and she's already in junior squad. 
Z, on the other hand, was nerve wrecking to me. Hehe..   This was the first time he got to play in board 1!  He played against the Champion,  Gillian. He lost and the following round, he played against a rated player. He told me he was extremely nervous when he was in board 1 and knowing how good Gillian was.  They played chess together sometimes at the chess club.

L's result:

1st rd (board 11) - Lew Zhi Yang (1115) *rating - lost
2nd rd (board 17) - Jordan Chng - lost
3rd rd (board 19) - Endaya David Clark - draw
4th rd (board 19) - Rachel Poh - draw
5th rd (board 17) - Brendan Goh - draw
6th rd (board 18) - Jacob Huang - won
7th rd (board 14) - Bansal Prakhar - lost

Z's result:

1st rd (board 12) - Ilian - lost
2nd rd (board 17) - Nathanael Goh - won
3rd rd (board 13) - Da Rama Cong Gregory - won
4th rd (board 8) - Janice (Gillian's sister) - won
5th rd (board 5) - Diana Yasmin - won
6th rd (board 1) - Gillian (1156) - lost
7th rd (board 6) - I-Shiang (1042) - lost

A the end of the 7 rounds, all the kids were very excited about the trophies & medals.   L was very lucky to get her FIRST trophy (merit) for girls and her standing was 8th among 10 girls participants.   Z got a merit medal and his standing was 13th place out of 39 U8 players(boys & girls).  Not too bad huh?
L received her first trophy
Z received his first medal.  He wanted to get a trophy so much but it was tough for boys.  
L with her best friends, Rachel & Charmaine.
Before I end the post, more pics of my kiddos with their trophy & medal!  Mommy is excited even though it's not the top 3, coz it's their very FIRST! Hehe...  My rascal, it's ok not winning a trophy ok?  As long as you know you have put in your best effort.  Mommy is still very proud of you!
Well done my babies!  Mommy is very proud of both of you!

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