Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Lunch Date & A Movie

Once a week, LZdaddy and I would have breakfast together, he send me to L's school for my duties. Breakfast at hawker center or coffee shop. I'm not complaining and we appreciate the time spent together :)

It has been some time since we went for a nice lunch together. This afternoon, we managed to have a nice lunch at Aston's Specialties. We always see long queue outside the restaurant and we never like to queue for it. Today we passed the place again and we saw there wasn't any queue at all! LZdaddy knew I have been wanting to try the food there so off we went into the restaurant :) I knew he would like to go there to as the name Aston reminded him of his years in UK :)

I ordered Ribeye Xtra Cut and LZdaddy had the Hickory BBQ Chicken, which the server recommended us. Each main course comes with 2 side orders that you can choose from their selection. It was delicious! And the price is very reasonable too. My steak coast only $15.90 and the chicken at only $5.90. Now we know why there's always a long queue :) We will definitely go there with LZ the next time :)

119/121 East Coast Road
S'pore 428806
Tel: 62477857, 63462131
Opening hours: 11.30AM to 11PM
Closed on 1st Monday of every month

After lunch, we picked LZ up from their enrichment classes (they usually have the class on weekday but we missed it coz of the trip). We wanted to go somewhere else but it was going to rain so we decided to watch a movie instead. LZdaddy bought the tickets for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. which I wasn't that keen on. I was worried that LZ, especially Z might not sit quietly throughout movie or they will feel bored. I was wrong! They love it and so do I! Ok ok.... From now on, I must trust my man to make decision like this :)

*Pic from the official website*

Friday, May 30, 2008

Look At Her!

I was sooo proud when I saw the way L swim this week! :) Daddy said her strokes was so much better than before and I agree! Coach told me that when school reopens, she should be able to go for the bronze test.

This was the first time she was 'scolded' by the coach. As I mentioned before, she is playful at times when comes to swimming... Coach told her that she must know when is the time to play and to be serious.

Farewell Princey

28TH May

Today was another day that I will never forget.... A day that I wished will never come... LZ & I went to picked my cousin, Fonia from her home and we went to Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital.

When we arrived, we asked Uncle Osman to bring Princey out... My heart ache when I saw his body... Uncle Osman put him on a table with a white cloth... I started crying.... So did my cousin.. LZ were very quiet... We say goodbye to Princey for the last time... L drew a family drawing for him... I asked L if it was ok to burn the drawing with Princey... She said yes... She said she drew this so Princey can have it with him forever.. My sweet little girl.. I think we spent about half hour or more with him... We were all crying except Z.. He was so strong... He didn't cry, he was holding a piece of tissue and cleaning my face and consoling me. He behaved like a grown up.... L was hugging my cousin... LZdaddy couldn't make it, he bid farewell to Princey through the phone...

The moment came when I have tell Uncle Osman it is ready for Princey to go... Once again, Princey was wrapped with his favourite towel and L's drawing with him. Gently, uncle Osman wrapped him with the white cloth and he was carried to the 'oven' .......

It was raining heavily when we left the place... Goodbye Zhuzhu.... WE LOVE YOU! You will always be in my heart...

29TH May

Today we collected Princey's ashes... I knew I couldn't drive to the place... Yesterday I drove and I was in dazed.... It was dangerous.. It was very sweet of Michelle to drive us there and kept us company... I needed company, I don't think I could handle it alone with LZ. Thank you Michelle. She looked after LZ while I have some quiet moments with Princey....

I brought his favourite cheese & jerky snacks, bone, a little piggy and a ball to keep him company.

Princey, you will always be in my heart...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Princey is a very obedient and good boy... People that knows him always compliment him. He follows everywhere I go... He listens to LZdaddy, LZ and especially me. He is also very manja, I think all Maltese are like that... He loves kids, he has never 'attack' LZ, they were the ones that 'bully' him. Whenever LZ have their meal, he would be waiting for them to 'drop' any food. Sometimes, LZ pretend they drop the food and I would nag at them.... Sometimes, they try to sneak food into the kitchen for him. He loves it when I bake, coz I will give him some too... LZ loved to 'teased' him... They loved to 'scare' him and he ran...

His favourite place would be his cage. I remembered when I wash his cage, he felt lost and keep going to the toilet, as if to check whether the cage is dry or not. So I would give him another towel for him to rest. He has stopped playing with 'toys'... With only a few teeth left he was unable to chew on it anymore.... He used to like to play throw & fetch too.... He used to 'jump' up & down whenever we come home but not anymore as time passed.... I should have known....

Zhuzhu was a very smart dog. If his water holder is empty and I forget to refill it, he would bark at me and when I look at him, he bark at the water holder and then at the tap/sink. So clever right? Once awhile, I will cook chicken for him... He knows... He would be waiting near the stove area... When I start cutting the meat, he would bark at me, as if to hurry me...

Thank you Zhuzhu, for bringing so much joy to us... I will never forget those times when I was so lonely (before I got married) or sad, you were there to listen to me, hear me cry.... You listen and never walk away from me. You slept closed to me and 'kissed' me. You were such a sweet little boy...

I told Zhuzhu last week that he will be going to my parents' house on Friday night for few days as we will be going for a short holiday..... That morning, we were awake at 6am... L was awake 15 mins after us and it was unusual for Z to wake up so early too... I like to tell Zhuzhu our schedules, I don't know why... Probably it was a habit of mine... I also told him L would be getting the results on Thursday and Friday I will be busy with their classes and packing for the trip. Princey, forever so sweet, 'chose' that day to leave us... I think he knew he couldn't wait till we come back...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We Are Back

We are back after being away since Saturday morning... I will blog about our trip at a later time or when I have the mood to. I think LZ had fun but it can't compare to our Christmas holiday.

Thank you all for leaving comments in the blog, facebook and sending smses.... Besides saying 'Thank You', I really don't know what else to say to all of you... If I tell you that I am feeling better, I am lying. I thought of Princey throughout the trip. My cousin & Michelle told me Princey will be with me throughout the trip and I thought so too. I look up to the sky and wonder if he see us... I miss him dearly...

Tomorrow will be the day that I will cremate Princey. I yet to pack the things I want to put it with him. I will go get a pack of his favourite food as well to put it with him. I'm not sure what to expect tomorrow.... I'm not sure if I should bring LZ along.... Will I be able to take care of them during the process? LZdaddy is not so keen that I bring LZ along.... But I really wish that they could be there to bid farewell to Princey...

If you are interested to see more of Princey, you can see his album in my facebook profile.

Would You Say This?

Few weeks ago, I was shopping with LZ.... While I was at the children shoes department, I overheard this:

The mom: Come here lah! Look at the mirror!

The son: Orh! He was trying to face the mirror and struggling to see how well the shoes fit him

The mom: Aiyo! When I say you are DUMB, you are really DUMB! Why you like this huh?

I was shocked! How could a mother say this to her child? How could anyone say that to a child? They were not alone, I think they had some friends or relatives with them, in a BIG group. The boy was very quiet after hearing what the mother said.

I walked away.... I didn't want to hear anymore what the mother said to the child... I pity that boy....

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Bento #37

Bento #37
In the bento, left container: Rice with seaweed flakes, HK shaped steamed Japanese pumpkin and radish. Right container: mandarin orange, chicken & veggie gyoza and a blue container with soya suace.

This was last Friday(23rd May) bento and it is also last day of school for LZ. I remembered I told LZ I didn't want to step into the kitchen but after some thought, I decided to cook for them. Yes, it still hurt when I step into the kitchen but I should be fair to LZ. I shouldn't do that to them. They have been so thoughtful and cheer me up whenever they see that I was about to cry. Thank you babies...

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Proud To Be A Singaporean

He simply loves singing the National Anthem & saying the pledge. Recorded on 7th May 2008

No natter how upset I am, I still have to update on LZ. It is not fair to them, having so many draft posts and not completing it...

This was in my draft for some time and I didn't have time to post it. I remembered once I recorded LZ singing the National Anthem and I think this time round, Z is so much better :) Sometimes, he sings very loudly in public that I feel so paiseh... I can't stop him coz he is so proud to be a Singaporean :)

After singing this song, he insisted that I record another video of him :)

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Change In Her

This is one of the few posts in my draft.... There are too many things to write. No matter how upset I am, I have to continue updating about my kids. It would be so unfair if I stop updating about them. Afterall, this is their blog...

Of late, my girl behaves differently, for the better of coz :) She doesn't run around like she used to (not that often) when we have dinner outside, doesn't play game boy as much as she used to (when we are out), instead I see her reading her books or chat with us/others.

She told me few days ago that she hopes to be selected as a prefect when she is in P3. She said as a prefect, she must set a good example to others, takes care of the younger ones, hand in her work on time and be good in her studies. But I think she is 'well-known' in class for being talkative... :p I hope I see a change in that :)

At home, she is still as bubbly as ever :) Plays like crazy with her brother! Hahaha... Sometimes they do go overboard. She stops when I ask her to (ok... most of the times lah). She helps out whenever I ask her to or she takes the initiative. Probably without a maid, it helps... She knows that if she doesn't help me, I will be very tired :) Come to think of it, she 'spoilt' me. Hehehe... I don't have to clear table coz she would help me, on the light for didi, she keeps didi company (to do homework) when I am busy cooking etc... ^-^

Usually after L's enrichment class, Michelle and me would have to remind our girls to keep their voice down or stop running around. This week they were so different! They both sat down reading books! Michelle and I was so impressed! We'll see for the next lesson :)

Whether she is selected or not (by then), I am proud and glad to see the gradual change in her. In the beginning, I was worried... I thought she was troubled or what. I talked to her and realised that my girl is hoping to achieve her dream (to be a prefect) and she said she is longer a small girl, so must behave like a girl :) At times, I do miss the way she was... But I guessed that part of growing up, she can't be forever behaving like a toddler. Sweetie, mommy doesn't mind you being your old self at times you know :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Dental Checkup - Z

It has been 6 months since Z's last checkup... Time passes so fast... We went to the dental clinic after school yesterday. The last checkup, he was such a brave boy and he was also very relax then. Today, he was different, a little tense. I think he was very glad when it was over...

The nurse and Dentist were very nice to him. When he complained the light very glaring, the nurse immediately took out a sunglasses for him and when he tensed up, the Dentist promised him a balloon after the cleaning. He got his balloon :) A fish! The Dentist used a rubber glove to make a fat fish for him and he drew the fins and eyes on it too! :)

Parents - Teacher Session & Report Card - L

On Thursday (22nd May) morning we went to L's school for the parents -teacher session and to collect her report book. I am excited but sad at the same time.... I tried so hard not to show it to L but I think I failed... It should be a joyous occasion, L collecting her report book for the first time. I'm so sorry Sweetie.... I was very glad that LZdaddy was there with us. I can't imagine what it would be like without him around.

We waited for about 15 mins before we get to see her form teacher, Ms Liang. She told us she was very impressed with L's English results, including her oral and listening comprehension and she was expecting L to do better for her Maths. She did better for her trial test paper. It's ok.... She was already feeling slightly sick on that day... She is one of the top scorers in class for English paper :)

Comments written by the teacher:
L is a hardworking and helpful pupil. She displays great enthusiasm in her work and has a positive attitude in her studies. She is consistent and prompt in her work. L also participates actively in class discussion and converses well in English. She gets along well with her peers.

Besides that, teacher commented that L could have done better for her Maths if she is not so careless. This is something that we have been nagging her... Teacher also commented that L is very vocal and sometimes she is surprised that L was able to give answers to tough questions during group discussions. Of coz there were negative comment too, like she tends to swayed away from main topics when having group discussion. This is something that we have noticed too and we have been trying to tell her that.

Next, we went to see her Chinese teacher... Sad to say, the Chinese teacher said the same thing about her. I wonder why she has so much to talk! *-* She said L needs to speak more Mandarin, she lost marks on the conversation. Teacher said she is good with writing and reading but when comes to conversation, she tends to mix it with English. Oops! I should have known! Other than that, the teacher is very happy with L :) She also told me that L scored the highest in her class for her Chinese paper! Wow! I'm surprised again! She was so sick that day and I never expect her to do so well.... I think she may have scored full marks if not for the fever!(thick-skinned mommy) Hehehe....

Side track a little ya.. L heard about the Sichuan earthquake and she was very sad... She and her classmates were talking about it. I am glad that the kids do talk about stuffs like this.... During this period, she was very worried for her teacher, Ms Liang, she was in Nanjing. She asked whether Nanjing is close to Sichuan and prayed for her teacher's safety... We told her teacher about this and she was very touched...

Overall, L did great for this SA1 :) We are very happy with her results! I hope she will do better for SA2 ;) For the next few months, I will be reminding her many times to talk less and check more :)

After the session, we went for Mcdonald breakfast :) We were happy to spend time alone with her, something that we have not done for a long time :)

Chinese Enrichment End Of Term Report - Z

Z's progress report for the term:

听的能力(Listening Ability):
听力测验 - A
听力理解 - A

说的能力(Speaking Ability):
朗读 - B
看图说话 - A

读的能力(Reading Ability) :
1. 认读字卡 - A

写的能力(Writing Ability) :
1. 字迹工整 - B

行为表现 (Behavior) :
1. 尊敬师长 - A
2. 遵守纪律 - A
3. 及时完成作业 - A
4. 认真听讲 - A

评语 (Comment) :

Seems like Z is doing very well for the class. Phew! Every week, he looks forward to the lesson and always ask me to send him to class early so he can have fun before the lesson begin.

Chinese Enrichment End Of Term Report - L

The following was L's Progress Report :

听的能力(Listening Ability):
听力测验 - A
听力理解 - A

说的能力(Speaking Ability):
朗读 - B
看图说话 - A

读的能力(Reading Ability) :
1. 认读字卡 - A
2. 朗读文章 - B

写的能力(Writing Ability) :
1. 字迹工整 - B
2. 作业完成情况
(a) 准确性 - B
(b) 独立性 - B
3. 写作能力
(a)内容/结构 - B
(b)表达能力 - B

行为表现 (Behavior) :
1. 尊敬师长 - A
2. 遵守纪律 - B
3. 及时完成作业 - B
4. 认真听讲 - B

评语 (Comment) :
XX 够聪明,如果能再努力和认真些,成绩会更好。

The following is her result for the oral and written test that she did in the Chinese Enrichment class :

Reading & Writing Ability(60%) ---> A-
Listening & Oral Ability (20%) ---> ?
- 听力,听话选图,聆听理解: 8
- 看图说话: 7
- 会话: 9
- 朗读短文: 7
Composition (20%) ---> B+

Overall Score: A-

Seems like my girl is not doing as good as before. She likes to play too much and not serious when she goes for the class. Teacher commented that if she is more serious & focus, her result would be much better. Hmmmm.... I need to have a chat with her on this. Wonder if she doesn't enjoy the class like she used to?

And I can't believe in P1, they are already doing composition! It is getting tough!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Morning That I Will Never forget...

On that morning, LZdaddy woke earlier than usual, he didn't finished washing what he was supposed to wash last night....

While he was washing, he saw Princey(aka zhuzhu) ate 2 mouthful of his meal and went to the toilet and peed (he was trained to pee & poo in the toilet & newspaper). While he was walking towards his cage (that was his cosy corner), he fell.... LZdaddy helped him up and he tried again to go into the cage but he was too weak to even lift up his leg to go in. LZdaddy immediately called me to the kitchen and at the same time told me to prepare for the worst. It was 0645hr....

I saw him lying down there, next to his cage, gasping for air. I controlled my tears..... LZdaddy carried him to the toilet to clean him up. I told LZdaddy that I would like clean him up before he goes.... We talked to him.... At that moment, I know he will be going.... Within minutes, he was motionless... I think I cried very loudly....

While I was crying, I still have to do my part as a mommy, get L ready for school.... Z was awake then. LZ knew what happen by then but they leave me alone, I think they didn't dare to ask me any questions. They have never seen me crying like that. I tried so hard to control my emotion, I didn't want to scare LZ... LZdaddy sent them to school and I was in the toilet, with Princey.... talking to him and covered his body with his favourite towel.

After some time, I called my cousin to ask her what should I do... My cousin cried... Yes, I know... He will sooner or later... He was old, in August, he would be 14 yrs old. He wasn't suffering from any illness, it was old age. I thought he would live till 16 or perhaps 20 yrs old.... Thus I wasn't prepared for his death... I should have seen it coming... He has not been active since beginning of this year, but I refused to face it. I thought I was over sensitive... I hate myself for that!

LZdaddy was very sweet... He said Princey has never sit in the new car before. We would send him off in the new car. From our house to Mount Pleasant Hospital, we cried... We talked to him, telling we were we heading, telling him not to worry about us and we would see him in heaven and lots more.... Soon we reached the hospital... We arranged a date for a private cremation and booked a place in the Columbarium for him. This is the least I could do for him for his final journey....

I'm sorry Princey.... You have to be in the chiller room till 28th... This is the date that is available for the cremation and I wished I can keep you with me till then but I can't.... Though I will be away for the weekends, I will be missing you.... I'm sorry I will be away... I have booked the trip for LZ and I hope you understand... Without doubt, you will be on my mind...

Thank you my DH, for taking some time off work to be with me and go through it with me. Thank you LZ, I know both of you will miss Princey, our little Zhuzhu... My 2 babies have been very sweet too. They cried with me... They consoled me.... LZ hug me now & then when they see me crying... "mommy, please don't cry." "mommy, we miss zhuzhu too ." " mommy, zhuzhu in heaven now. He is with God, he will be happy. " .............

When they want a drink, they helped themselves in the kitchen, they know I will start crying if I step into the kitchen. That's because they caught me squatting next to his cage, his bowl and water holder and was crying. I asked them if it is ok if I don't cook for the next few days, they said ok. They asked daddy to buy food. I'm sorry babies...

LZ misses him... I'm glad that they don't feel the pain as much as I do... LZdaddy explained to them... They are handling it quite well. I think L understands better. We all talked about the times we played together etc... I hope LZdaddy will allow them to be there during the cremation... They never have a chance to bid farewell properly to Princey... But will it be better if they don't attend? I'm not sure... We will discuss that later...

Anyway, through this incident, I see different sides of people.... It happened in a day! Some showed empathy, some even laugh it off! I thank those people who showed empathy but for those that laughed, why? Do you think it it funny? Do you think it is silly of me to cry? Nope! Princey is my family! If you lost someone you love, don't you cry? Some of you might be wondering did I go around telling people my pet died? Why many people know? Well, my eyes was swollen! Obviously I cried!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Z's Chinese Enrichment - End of Term Performance

No matter how upset I am, life still goes on....

Today I watched Z's performance for his Chinese Enrichment lesson. I think he is doing very well for the lesson :) This term, they were taught about home & furniture. There were songs & rhymes, they were asked to picked the right story cards when teacher told the story and also picked the correct word cards when teacher read a passage.

Thanks to LZ, they cheered me up... But when I reached home, hiaz....

He's Gone!

My dog, who is like my son.... He's gone.... He is with God now... I can't believe it! I don't want to accept it! He has been with me since he was 3 months old... He will be 14 this August...

I miss you Princey, my Zhuzhu.... Please come back to me! I don't want you to go! I love you! PLEASE! You can't just leave...... You have been part of my life for such a long time... Part of the family.... I can't bear to see you go... My heart is aching....

I will never forget this morning... You waited for all of us to be awake... You give me a chance to bid farewell to you... To tell you I love you... That is not enough! There is so much more I want to tell you and do for you....

I miss you Princey.... Tonight will be the first night without you... And I can't take it... Everywhere I go in the house, I think of you... Especially in the kitchen, where you like to hang out.. That's where all the yummy food is..

I'm crying now.... My heart is soooo painful now....

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bento #36

I remembered Elaine was telling me that I could get the penguin waffle maker for Sheng Xiong months ago but I couldn't find it :( How sweet of daddy to find it for me! Yeah! The waffle maker has a few recipes too! LZ were very excited and requested this for their breakfast and bento. How could I say no to them? :) From now on, LZ will have freshly-made waffles!

Bento #36
From left: apple, jelly, 2 pcs of penguin waffles & nutella in the blue container

The colour of the penguin is definitely lighter than this. I don't know why it looks burnt in the pic *-* I was so happy that I found the Barbie bento box hiding right at the bottom of all my storage boxes, haven't used it for a long time....

I woke up earlier than usual, at 5 AM! I took my time to mix the batter and make it for them :) I was thinking then, I should have cook rice and other stuffs since I have so much time but I didn't want to disappoint LZ.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Iron Man

We meet up with our friends to watch the movie 'Iron Man'. We bought the reading book on Iron Man about 2 weeks ago and Z has been talking about the show & reading the book since then. LZ was very excited to go for show but sometimes I wonder if they are really excited about the show or the popcorn?! :)

It was a pretty good show :) All of us enjoyed it, including Leonard, who is only 3 yr old. After the show, godparents invited LZ to their house to play their new toy, Wii. They played tennis, boxing, bowling etc... I think they preferred to be there than to shop with us :) It was very sweet of them to take care of LZ while LZdaddy and I have some time to ourselves :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Big Jiejie & The Big Gorgor

LZ with Leonard

We were supposed to go for a show, a call from our friends and we were off to meet them for dinner. There were 12 of us! Soon, we will need a table for the kids and another for the adults :)

We haven't seen Leonard for a long time and he has grown so much! He liked playing with LZ :) A smart & sociable boy :) This is the first time we saw his brother, Louis. Hmmm.... We should meet up more often... The kids enjoyed each other's company so did the adults :)

Small toddler/children seemed to like L a lot.. L likes babies & toddler too. Whenever she sees one, she says "The baby so cute!". I love to see the way she handle the younger ones, very gentle and soft spoken towards them :) Whenever the younger ones ask to see something of hers, she would oblige :)

My boy :)I am so used to seeing him being the youngest among the kids. Now, he is such a big boy. This is actually the first time I observed how he behaved like a gorgor. He gives in to Leonard and took care of the younger ones. He used to be jealous when I carried another child, but today I carried Louis and he was ok with it :) I guessed I can't treat my boy like a baby anymore... Awww.... I love to play with babies!

Soon they will have another baby to play with :) Don't be mistaken... I am not pregnant :) Their godma will be giving birth in September and they are looking forward to play with meimei :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

LZ @ Pasir Ris Beach

L @ Pasir Ris BeachI love this pic of L

Our initial plan was to let the kids play at the playground @ Pasir Ris but daddies reminded Shirley and me about HFMD. So instead of the playground, we let the kids have fun at the beach :)The happiest person were Z, he has been complaining we haven't been to the beach for a long time.... :p

LZ @ Pasir Ris Beach
It was a beautiful day at the beach :) LZ had fun with Javier and the adults chatted... Thereafter, we went to E-Hub @ Pasir Ris for dinner. LZ saw the Ferris Wheel and asked if they can go for the ride. There was a long queue so we told them we will have dinner first. But by the time we had our dinner, the place was closed.... They were disappointed... We reminded them the short trip we will be going the next weekend with lots of rides so they were ok after hearing that :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bento Craze

Benot Craze

Oh dear! LZ are affected by the bento craze! After months of preparing bento for LZ, they are 'infected' by the bento virus too! Gagaga.... Nowadays, they try to decorate their food too *-*

I used to decorate their food before the bento craze but never to the extend of buying so much stuffs and books. Now they are 'infected', are you? ^-^

Oreo Cheesecake

Thanks to Pauline for sharing the website with a wonderful Oreo Cheesecake recipe. When I saw that Janice make it too and she said it was yummy, I told myself I must find time to make it too. I love oreos!

I baked it with Z's help yesterday when L was taking a nap. He was so eager to eat it but it wasn't ready till after he went to bed :p The next day, LZ tried it but they didn't like it :( They never like cheesecake so I wasn't surprised at all. I was hoping that with oreos in it, they will like it. My nephew and niece who came over to our house this afternoon tried it and they love it. Are you guys telling the truth? :) Personally, I like it too! LZdaddy yet to try it but he promised me he would do that later :)

I gave almost half of it to Michelle and her 3 little ones. Michelle's princesses are my tasters :) I received good review from them ;) When I smsed Michelle to remind her to put in the fridge hours later (how forgetful!), she told me that her little ones finished it as soon as they got home! Gagaga...

Non-bake Oreo Cheesecake

If you like oreos, then you must try this! I posted the recipe here for my own reference.

(makes one 18cm cake)

Ingredients (base) :
- 110g digestive biscuits, chopped into fine crumbs
- 40g melted butter

(Filling) :
-250g cream cheese, room temperature
-45ml milk
-50g icing sugar
-1 tbsp vanilla essence or rum I used vanilla essence
-8 oreo cookies (coarsely chopped)
-4 oreo cookies (finely chopped)
-250ml whipping cream
-1tbsp gelatin powder
-10ml lemon juice
-3 tbsp boiling water

Method :
1. mix biscuit crumbs & melted butter together and press firmly onto the base of cake tin. chill for 30 minutes.
2. beat whipping cream with electric beaters until 70% stiff or until mousse-like.
3. double-boil gelatin, lemon juice & boiling water until totally dissolved. keep warm.
4. beat cream cheese, icing sugar, milk and vanilla essence until smooth & creamy. blend in gelatin solution.
5. blend in whipping cream.
6. pour 1/2 the cheese mixture onto the base. chill for another 15 minutes.
7. stir in finely chopped cookies into the other 1/2 of the mixture. mix well.
8. sprinkle coarsely chopped cookies on top of the first half of cheese mixture.
9. pour in the other half of the cheese mixture.
10. chill for 3 to 4 hours before serving. decorate as desired. I put a layer of finely chopped oreo crumbs over the top as decoration

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bento #35

Bento #35
Chicken wrap, Hello Kitty shaped egg & waterapple

Last night, I asked L what she would like for her bento today (since she asked me to prepare for her today), noodles, rice or chicken wrap.. We were in the kitchen and I was showing her stuffs that I could prepare to put in the box. I provide very good service hor? Hehehe.... She chose chicken wrap, that was what I was hoping she would choose :p

Her Results

On Tuesday, L told me her results for Maths & English and Wednesday, she got the results for Chinese. I am very happy with her results, not perfect scores but it is a a good results for her first exams. Now, we will have to see her results for her listening comprehension for both English & Chinese. I will have to wait till 22nd to find out :) First thing she asked when she got her results was whether she can go for the trip. The trip is definitely a motivation for her! :D

She did very well for her English and for Maths, I think she can do better than this. There were careless mistakes. Hmmm... Seems like my nagging is not enough (to check & check), I have to nag more! Oh dear! I am like an old woman! Gagaga....

L did better than expected for her Chinese. I thought she may do poorly for it, as she was having high fever on that day. When I look through her paper, I saw that she made mistakes she shouldn't have (we did those before). She realised that too.... I never scold her.... I know how terrible she felt that day when she had fever. Sweetie, mommy is very HAPPY with your result! I am sure you will do even better for your year end exams.

Before I forget, they are now separated into 3 groups for Chinese and she is selected again by teacher to be a group leader :) She is in charge of collecting the Chinese storybooks too. Sometimes, when I am in school, I hear her classmates calling her monitress instead of her names. I am so proud to be a monitress's mommy ;) By now, most of her classmates knows who I am and sometimes they call me "L's mommy" instead of "auntie" and I like that :) At times, they are very excited when they see me in the library too.

Nowadays, I don't have to worry about her school bag. She has set a routine for herself, she pack her bag before she goes to bed or if she knows that we are going out that evening and may be home late, she will pack it before we go out. When she comes home from school, she will take out the papers that I need to sign. If I tell her later, she would 'nag' till I sign it :p She will also clear out stuffs like the bento bag & her water bottle.

I am very happy that everyday she has so much to tell me about her school life and most important is that she enjoys school :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back To School

After missing school for the past 3 days, Z will be going back to school tomorrow. The school has 2 reported HFMD cases since last week so Teni & I decided that tomorrow our boys will go to school.

This morning, LZdaddy collected his homework for the past 3 days and he managed to complete his worksheets except 1 Chinese paper! Lucky he enjoys doing homework :) Not that he doesn't want to complete it, the teacher told daddy that word is quite difficult to write so she would teach him in school. I could have teach him myself, but he did so many worksheets today and I think that is enough. And he has to learn Chinese spelling for tomorrow!

Bento #34

Top: Diced waterapple. Bottom: Hell0 Kitty jam sandwich

My girl requested for bread today. Easy work for me ;)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gong Gong, Happy Birthday!

We celebrated my dad's birthday & belated Mother's Day at a Peranakan restaurant with my parents and my sis's family. As it was a weekday, dinner gathering was quite short . I hope my parents will understand. We planned to have dinner earlier but my sis couldn't make it so dinner started at 7+pm. It is consider late... :( LZ usually sleep at 8+, latest 9pm.....


My girl said she knows how to make bento too!

This was one of our favourite restaurants. They have an area displaying Peranakan stuffs and it was the first time we make effort to look around :p As usual we enjoyed the dinner except L :( Her cough affected her appetite... Good thing was that she was as cheerful :) Z was opposite of his sister, he was the first to finish his meal among us!

Bento #33

Bento #33
From left: asparagus and minced pork inari, homemade cookie & strawberries.

LZ has never tried inari before. Everytime we go to a Japanese restaurant, I asked them to try but they never want to. But now that I prepare it at home, they like it! Hmmmm.... Funny right?

Monday, May 12, 2008

At Home

Today, LZ didn't go to school. L's school won a few competitions so the Principal decided to give a day off to everyone :) As for Z, his school has quite a few cases of HFMD and we were worried there would be more after the weekend so we decided to let him stay at home. Thanks to Teni for reminding me on that :) I was glad both will be at home this morning so I can rest, I had fever since last night.... AND L is having cough! Gosh! When will Mr Fever & Ms Cough stop visiting us?

Then I remembered I promised L we would make some Hello Kitty cookies! So I hurriedly took out the butter and prepare the stuffs.... As I was rolling out the dough, Z saw the cutters and 'complained' why all girl's cutter? So I went to search for my pooh cutter. It was a wrong day to bake the cookies.... Z was not so interested in baking, L was coughing while rolling the dough and I was feeling sick too. I asked L to stop doing it so I have to finish doing the rest.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

On Mother's Day....

This morning, my babies woke me up with BIG hugs & kisses! Each holding a flower that they made or bought. How sweet! Did you see the flower that L was holding? That's the ones she bought from school :) The flower that Z gave me was done in school and he brought it back home on Friday. The pressie is a wallet from daddy :) Thereafter, Z gave a good massage (I get it quite often from both, hehe!) and L was 'excused' from it ;-) Haiz... Now she is having cough... I am thinking of getting vitamins for them, especially for L.

How time flies.... I am a mommy for almost 7 yrs! I always feel guilty towards L.... I spent less time breastfeeding her. Most of the time, I pumped the milk and my teat was so sored. She has problem latching on and as a inexperienced mommy back then and without any help, I gave up after 3 months. I gave her some when I breastfed Z but think that was not good enough. This is something that I regretted most. I think it was due to that her health is not that good, I should have breastfed her longer.

After the experience with L, I told daddy that no matter, he must encourage me to breastfeed Z longer, at least 6 months. I did that, for 1 1/2yrs. I was so proud of myself! It wasn't smooth sailing though.... I had to breastfeed Z every 2 hours, cook lunch, do housework (we do not have a maid), play with L etc etc... Personally, I don't like having a maid around, so we never have one. We ordered tingkat dinner for the first 5 months but the food was horrible so I started cooking when Z started on solids at 5+ months. I think without hubby support & help, I would have gone bonkers! Thank you, my dear :) As time goes, things were easier for me :)

Sometimes I wonder if I have done well as a mommy.... For certain things, I think I am. For those things I think I am not doing good enough, I will improve on that. There are times that I regretted for what I did. My babies, please accept my apology. Mommy promises you both that I will strive to be a better mom. Most important, I want you both to be happy and I love you both :)

Happy Mother's Day to All and a Happy Mother's Day to myself :)

PS: Forgot to mention that I cut her fringe today & mine too! Saved some $! My girl is very happy that I did a good job ;)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Celebration

Mother's Day Celebration

After attending Tiffany's party, we rushed to get some food and cake for the Mother's Day Celebration at my MIL's place. It was great to see them but some of them couldn't make it coz they were working.

We planned to have dinner at a restaurant but everywhere was fully booked! Anyway, I preferred to have it at my MIL's place :) The kids get to play more with their cousins and all of us has more time to chat. I noticed whenever we go to a restaurant, it is always in a rush and it is so difficult to chat with all.

There were lots of food, some bought from stores and some cooked by my SIL. We had roast duck, chilli crab, sushi, pizzas etc.... MIL was very sweet to cook soup and rice my little ones, knowing that L was not feeling well.

As usual, we had a great time hanging out with them, especially LZ :) They dozed off again on the way home..

Tiffany's Bday Party

Z played freeze game, treasure hunt, etc...

Z was invite to Tiffany's (his classmate) Birthday party. He has been very excited ever since he received the invites, reminding me to call Tiffany's mommy to confirm. Those party that we have attended are usually our friends or L's friends. Of coz some of them are his friends but most of them were not his classmates, so that's why he was more excited than usual. I don't mind going coz Joash's mommy (note: password required) was there :)

I think he enjoyed the party coz most of them was his classmates and this was the first time he attended a party without jiejie around. It was a good opportunity to see how he behaved :) He was so used to jiejie taking care of him and keeping him company. Since jiejie was not around, he hang around with me and I encouraged him to mix with his friends. Good thing was that he get along well with Joash so half the time they were together. I wished I was less talkative then so I can captured it on video the way they danced! So cute! It was a joy to see him playing games with his friends and playing catching with them :)

After the party, we over to my MIL's place for Mother's Day celebration :) I will blog about it in the next post.

Friday, May 09, 2008

His First Do Re Me

Last week, Z supposed to have his FIRST piano lesson but the staff forgot to inform me that the teacher took MC for that day! I was very angry! I rushed to make arrangement and get Z all ready for the lesson and she FORGOT to inform me. The lady was very apologetic and I accepted her apology.

Finally today he has his FIRST lesson :) He was very excited and so was I! He has been telling jiejie "you know, I am going for my piano lesson!" Before we decide on piano lesson, I asked Z what kind of instruments would he like to learn. He can't decide between violin and piano. Sometimes he tells me piano, sometimes violin, eventually he decided on piano. I was glad that he decided on that coz we have a piano at home :) I remembered I went for my piano exams when I was 7 months pregnant with Z! I think the examiner might have worried that I will 'pop' in the room! Haha!

Jiejie was full of envy... She has told us many times she would like to learn musical instruments but her schedule is so tight. I told jiejie if her school result comes out good, we will consider letting her learn. We don't want to learn too many things at one time and not able to cope with her studies. She agreed... She was supposed to have her ballet lesson at this time but since she just recovered, we thought she should take a break from it. Daddy can't make it home early so I had to bring her along for the lesson.

Back to Z's first piano lesson :) Z told me he would like to get a pressie for his teacher but we ran out of time. I told him we would give his teacher a pressie when it is Teacher's Day. Lucky he was ok with it :p I asked Z if he remembered where is the music school and which level, he happily showed us (jiejie & me) the way. We collected his books needed for the lesson and waited patiently outside the room. I asked Z if he was ok going into the room on his own but he wanted me to be there.

We saw his piano teacher for the first time when she opened the door. She is a very young teacher, speaks English with an accent. I think Z was a little shy when he went in to the room. I asked the teacher if it is ok for L and I to join in. She said ok :) The room was pretty small, with only a spare chair for me to share with L. Later, I can't take it as L is quite heavy. She sit on the floor instead and read her storybook.


They started with the theory....He seemed so focus and I was very happy about it. He was taught the 2 black keys & 3 black keys. Learned to identify the alphabets, C, D, E, F, G, A & B. The teacher told him if he can't remember, just sing the ABC song.


Before they start on the keyboard, teacher taught him the right posture, which he was doing since beginning of the lesson. Then he was taught the techniques for the hands and the fingers. Thereafter, they moved on to the keyboard. He learned to identify the 2 black keys, using index finger and tall man (3rd finger) and the 3 black keys. He has problem using 3 fingers to press on the 3 black keys so teacher asked him to use 4 fingers. The first song that he learnt was "Two Black Ants", using only index & 3rd finger on 2 black keys. I think he didn't do well for the song but that was expected for his first lesson :)

Overall, the teacher said he did pretty good for a 4 yr old. :) He just need to practice more on the keyboard and also he is focus. Well Done baby! Good thing the lesson was only half hour, I think if it was longer, he will feels bored. Or L will dozed off inside the room! Hahaha.... I think we like the teacher, she addresses him by his name many times (when she praises him), it gives him recognition. This will be the only time I get to sit on for the lesson. Hope the next lesson my boy is willing to go in on his own and will continue to enjoy the lesson :)

World's Greatest Mom Award

Thank you Janice, for giving me this award :)
I would like to give this award to all MOMMIES!I believe all mommiies deserved this award :)

She Has Recovered!

Her temperature highest was 40.5C

Thank you all leaving comments
:) L has recovered (I hope)! Her temperature was back to normal this morning... But we are still monitoring her just in case fever comes back at night.

After sponging her throughout the night, her temperature went down. Can you believe it? I dozed off while sponging her! Sweet daddy :) He asked me to go back to our room and took over me. I didn't want to go back to our room so I slept on the floor and my dear hubby brought our comforter over for me too :)

I think probably due to tiredness, I was very emotional... I teared while sponging her... L saw and asked "mommy, are you crying?" I said no.. I don't want to affect her. Knowing my girl would cry too if I said yes. I was feeling very sad that my girl falling sick. I gave her a silly answer, something went inside my eyes. I questioned myself, if I have been doing a good job as a mommy... I also wonder why she fall sick in such a short time frame (1 month) etc......

She has very good appetite today :) She had breakfast, lunch and immediately after lunch, she asked for bread! And while I am typing this, she asked for snacks *.* She saw the comments that all of you left for us and told me to write :

Thank You Aunties!

Z was so happy that jiejie recovered too! :) They played and my house now is back to normal, full of laughter! :D

Naughty No More

Z has been very sweet to jiejie... He tried to cheer her up but it didn't work :( That shows how ill she was.... Both mornings before he leaves for school, he said "jiejie, I am going to school. I love you!" When he was at home, he helped us to check on her temperature.

We explained to him jiejie not feeling well and we need to spend time to take care of her. He seemed to understand but at times, he did naughty stuffs to get our attention, throwing temper for no reason and refused to packed up the toys after playing. We understand why he was behaving this way... We tried to get him involved by asking to help with little things but at the same time, we worried he will fall sick too. So we asked him to do things like helping jiejie to bring the cup to the kitchen etc....

I felt so quilty... I haven't been spending much time with him since Wednesday, besides doing homework. So yesterday evening, I spent some time reading books with him and play cars with him for a little while. Daddy folded a paper plane for him and it kept him entertained for quite a long time.

Now that jiejie has recovered, he is back to his usual self :)


This is a long post. I wrote it since Wednesday night and only complete it now. L is still having her fever as I am typing this..... Daddy is sponging her now and soon it will be my turn.

Wednesday/7th May

L came home early from school.... She called us during recess and said she was having headache. I told her if she is still feeling sick later, she has to inform the teacher. Just after I pick up Z from school, daddy called and asked me to pick L immediately. L called from the general office....

I hurriedly sent Z back home to daddy and rushed to her school. She was sleeping in a room.... She looked so tired when I saw her. Poor girl... When I touched her forehead, it was HOT! She told me her friend touched her forehead and realised that she was hot (children nowadays so smart hor, know how to tell whether a person have fever or not). They informed Ms Liang. Ms Liang confirmed that she has fever... One of her classmates helped to packed her bag and the monitor helped her to carry the bag to the general office. That was very sweet of them. I also realised that my girl is very well-liked by her classmates :) She told me they were all very concerned when they saw her like that. She was not her usual self then, bubbly and chatty.

When we got home, I measured her temperature and was shocked to know it was 40 C! I quickly fed her medicine and sponged her. Hours passed..... The temperature never really went down, it was between 38.5C to 40C. I was worried if it may be dengue or HFMD (her classmate just recover from it).

By 10pm, I couldn't take it anymore! I brought her to our family doctor. Usually the fever would subside after 1 or 2 doses but not this time... Doc couldn't find out what was wrong with her and said it could be viral fever or some bacteria fever. I was paranoid! It has never happen to L, having fever and fever doesn't subside. Doc said if by tomorrow morning, the temperature is still at 39C & above, I will have to bring her for a blood test. She was given 2 days MC.

She did her last exam paper (Chinese)today... She told me she couldn't concentrate when doing the paper and she was like dozing off. How to concentrate when she is having fever? Nothing is more important than her health. I told her it is ok...

Thursday/8th May

This morning, just when we thought she is better, her fever shot up again, 39.9C! Gosh! Daddy brought her for the blood test while I cooked for lunch and picked Z up from school. Later, I found out that from daddy it was bacterial fever. Huh? I have never heard of that. I am so ignorant! Viral fever I know but bacterial fever? Doc gave her extra medicine and put her on antibiotic. Doc was reluctant to give her that as she was given antibiotic recently. But looking at her condition, he has to give it to her.

An hour later, her fever still maintain at 39.5C.... I asked daddy to go get the 'bullet' for her... We inserted the 'bullets' at 3+ pm, not 1 but 2 ! I can't take it anymore! No matter how much we sponged her, the fever still maintain at that or go down a little! My heart ache when I see her, whole day she lie down on the bed or the sofa.... And she has not taken any meal at all!

At about 8pm, she said she is feeling hungry. I was so happy and I thought maybe her fever is going down. Nope! It was not! I checked and it was at 39C. But I was glad she has the appetite to eat. I cooked noodle for her instead of eating the dinner that I have prepared. She ate only half bowl of noodle and some sliced pear.

At 9+pm, we inserted the 'bullets' again.... Her temperature was at 39.6C! After an hour and half, we called our Doc to ask why her fever has not subside. He said it takes 2 to 3 days for the antibiotic to take effect. My cousin told me it takes 2 hours or more for the 'bullet' to take effect. After hearing what our Doc said, we decided not to send her to the hospital.. I am not sure if we are making the the right decision... We told ourselves if by 3AM her fever still maintain at that temperature, we will send her to hospital.

Her fever is going down very slowly.... Just before daddy took over, her temperature is at 38C. She couldn't sleep well coz we were sponging her. Sorry Sweetie... Let 's hope when I check on you later, your fever has subside...

I am feeling so sleepy now...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Silly Question

Yesterday, Z showed me his homework which he just completed. It was so nicely coloured!

Z : Mommy, see? Is it nice?
Me : Wow! So nice! Well done baby! Your colouring is getting better and I'm sure Ms B will say that too.
Z : Hehehe....

Then he turned and was about to walk back to his room

Me: Wait baby! Come here.
Z : You want to kiss me right?

He jumped onto me and hug me while I planted a kiss on his cheek.

Me : Clever boy! How come you know I want to kiss you?
Z : Because I use my brain to think. Hahaha....
Me :....... Speechless

That's what I usually do after I praised them. So silly of me to ask and no wonder my boy gave me this kind of reply *.*

Bento #32

Bento #32
Top: marshmellow & orange. Bottom: Peanut butter bread

Most boring bento that I prepared.... L asked for bread with peanut butter and fruits. I was lazy to think of what to put in it also :p So I decided to at least pipe nutella for the eyes & nose. Has not been sleeping well lately....

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

'Surprise' From My Girl

Yesterday (Monday), L mentioned to me that she wanted to buy a stalk of flower for me from the bookshop, but she didn't have enough pocket money. It cost $1.50... She was disappointed that she has spent her pocket money for her recess and did not have enough to buy one for me (She was given $2 and she used $1). I told her it's ok :) It is the thought that count...

What more can I say about my girl? :) I think I have mentioned many times how wonderful she was, how thoughtful she was, how sweet she was.... Sorry, you will have to bear with it cos I'm going to say it again :) My girl is simply so sweet and thoughtful! She is willing to use up her pocket money just to get me a stalk of flower and save less. Awwwww..... I love you very much Sweetie!

When she found out that I prepared bento for her this morning, she jumped with excitement! And I mean that she really jumped! Hahaha...

L : Yeah! I can buy flower for mommy! You see mommy, now I have $1.50 and I can buy it for you.
Though I packed food for her, we still give her money so that she can save it. $2 for no-bento day and $1.50 for bento day.
Me: Sweetie, you don't have to buy for me. You and didi be good and that will be my best present.

When I picked her up from school, she immediately gave it to me. If you saw me then, you will see me beaming from ear to ear. I know people were looking at us but I don't care at that moment :) I gave her a very long hug and planted many kisses on her face.

Once we got into the car, she realised that she shouldn't give it to me then

L : Oh man! It was supposed to be a surprise for you on Sunday. Now I give it to you, then Sunday no surprise for you.
She looked a little sad
Me : How about you take it back, then I pretend I didn't know you buy flower for me?
She was so happy when I said that :)

As soon as we got home, she asked daddy to hide the flower. So now, I must pretend that I do not know anything about the flower. You guys must keep it a 'secret' too ok? :)

Bento #31

Bento #31
Left: rice with seeweed. Right: watermelon, steamed broccoli & carrot & fried quail egg wrapped with pork.

I was flipping through my bento books and found the quail egg so cute. I decided to make this for her this morning, knowing that my girl would love it :)

LZdaddy was very impressed with the bento this morning :) He reminded me to take a pic of it. Usually he would mumble why I need to spend so much time preparing bento and he said why not just put in bread and jams, but now I think he understands :) He saw how happy his girl was when she saw the bento.

When L came home, she told me that she didn't finished her food. She wanted to but the school had a false fire alarm. She was in the midst of eating her food during recess and the alarm went off. She quickly packed up and went to the parade square, only to find out that it was a false alarm. She went back to the canteen to try to finish her food but before she could, the bell rang.

Monday, May 05, 2008

She Cool & I'm Not

L had her very first Exam paper (English) today! I couldn't sleep well last night... I was thinking if she will remembers to check the papers. Will she leave any pages blank? Did I sharpen all her pencils and coloured pencils? Does she remembers the spellings for the exams (they will be tested on their last 2 spelling lists)?........One weird thing about me is that when I am too excited or stress, I have diarrhoea. I can't remember how many times I went to the toilet! Haha! Did I mention that it happened to me on my wedding day and when I was about to give birth to them? Hehehe....

For umpteen times, I have told her to check her works over and over again. Sometimes, she still does not check thoroughly. When we do worksheets, I remind her to check and sometimes she told me "mommy, you are right! I checked and I found a mistakes!" See? Mommy is never wrong on this :p

When I picked her up, I asked her so many questions :p She said "mommy! Wait! One at a time." Oops! Sorry sweetie :) Mommy is too excited and it is your first exams. She was so cool when she replied me *-* She said she finished her paper very fast! WHAT?! Uh-oh! She was so proud to tell me she was the second one to finish her work! When she saw my reaction, she laughed! Then she assured me she checked her work a few times. She probably thought finishing fast means you are good. But.... I have told her many times to do it slowly. It is either the paper is too easy or too difficult that she gave guessing answers.

Let's just hope she pass.... No point for me to ask her if she knew all the answers :) Tomorrow she will be having Maths and Chinese the following day. I told her if she pass and score 90% & above, we will go for a short trip. She is very excited about it! She asked me what if she score 100%? Well, she will get a pressie (she will get to choose), for each full marks for her subjects :) I know it is very unlikely she will score that as she is so prone to making careless mistakes. She was sooooo sweet! She said if I can get a pressie for didi too for that :) Everything she does (well, almost lah), she thinks of Didi :)

Sweetie, no matter what's your result is, I am very proud of you. I know you have put in effort and you did you best :) Tell you a secret.... We have booked for the short trip! Daddy and me has talked about it... We know this is your very first exams and we shouldn't expect too much from you. Hence, we booked the trip as a reward, for putting in effort in your studies and you deserve a break :)

Swimming Updates

I must say that LZ are doing very well for their swimming lessons :) They look forward to it every week. Everytime they see uncle Joseph, they run towards him.

My girl is still having some of the bad habits/wrong strokes from the previous coach and I know it takes time to correct her. At times, she is in the playful mood when she goes for lessons. It is only a month or 4 lessons with the new coach. Nevertheless, she is progressing well and change for the better too :) She is able to swim in the deep pool without any float! Yeah! The next lesson, the coach wants her to swim 6 laps (short distance)! She said "What?! 6?! " Hahaha...

The previous lesson, the coach asked her if she is interested in doing competitive swim. Her reply was "I let mommy decide. " According to my sis, the coach must have seen the potential in her and that's why he asked if she is interested. L told me and I asked her what does she think. She said she is not confident but she is willing to try. I explained to her that she needs to be more serious in it and she will takes part in competition. I also told her that she may not win in the beginning as she will gaining exposures from the competitions. I don't want her to feel demoralise if she does go for it. She saw how well her brother is progressing and she said will strive to do better :) Yet to tell the coach our decision as we want to focus on her correction.

And my boy :) He is doing so well! After only 4 lessons, he is able to do the strokes and now he is learning to do it together with the breathing. He is very focus when it is his turn with the coach. When the coach ask him to practice on his own, he is very serious too. That's the difference between having a good coach and one that is not. The coach commented that Z is a fast learner :) When Z heard me talking to jiejie about competition, he said he wants to do it too! I think he wants to because of the medals! Hahaha!

For the past 3 lessons, they have been spending time at the deep pool for the last 15 mins of the lesson. Soon, I will see my 2 babies competing among themselves :)

Friday, May 02, 2008

LZfamily @ Sentosa

L has been 'working' so hard for her exams that I think she needed a break before MONDAY. She deserves a break :) After all, she has put in effort in her studies. I'm not sure if she will do well in her exams, at least she puts in effort. Both of them have not been going out much lately.... Poor Z, jiejie has exams and he has to stay home too. We try to make it fun for him though :)

LZ @ Sentosa
We went to Sentosa with Boon's family =) It was our first time taking the Luge & Sky Ride, watched 4DMagix together and took the monorail to Sentosa.

Holding Hands
Love this pic! LZ taking care of Javier

Luge Ride
No pics from luge ride :( As I was too busy riding it. LZ queuing for their turns.
We paid $27 for the family package which the staff suggested. Z took the luge with me and L took it with Auntie Shirley. LZdaddy ride alone as he had to carry a bag and he is not very small size. Hehehe.... Z kept saying "mommy, go faster! We must catch up with daddy!" He tried to override me to control the luge! I was the one that was worried whenever we made a turn, so afraid that he would fall off!

Sky Ride
We love the sky ride! But not daddy. Hehehe...

They were so excited with the ride and the stamps on their hands. They told me not to remove it :)

4D Magix
4D Magix. Both loved the show, Pirates!
We waited a long time before we got to watch it. LZ were scared but they enjoyed it. They screamed and laugh so much in there! L hold on to LZdaddy and Z asked me to 'protect' him. Hahaha....

Dragon Trail
What? You mean this is the dragon?
I must take pic with the snake since I am born in the year of snake

After the show, we walked through the Dragon Trail which eventually led us to Siloso Beach. It was like a mini hiking session for us :) LZ love the nature! :) We enjoyed the walk except that Z and I was bitten by the mozzies! Haiz, should never leave home without the spray & the patch! We teased L there's snakes and other creatures and she screamed! :) I twas fun teasing her! Hahaha... Throughout the walk, LZ asked lots of questions! Where? What? Why? When?...... I can't complain right? It is better they asked than not at all :)

We spent a very short time at the beach... LZ did not have any sand toys with them and no extra clothings. We took the tram to the monorail station. It was only 5 minutes plus ride and Z fell asleep! We headed back to Vivo City and had a wondeful meal at this restaurant. It doesn't look that appealing and not people were there. To our surprise, they served very good food at reasonable price. And I lost their name card!

I had to mention this incident that happened in the monorail. My friend was carrying her toddler and none give up their seat to her! Arrrggghhh! I hate to see the ugly side of Singaporean! My friend and I intentionally talk about nowadays people not giving up seats to pregnant ladies,old people blah blah.... Guess what? All of them turned deaf at that moment! And they are young people, ranging from teenagers to 30+ ! Anyway, this isn't the first time it happened....

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