Wednesday, December 31, 2008

LZ With Godsister

LZ & Chyene on Christmas Eve....

Monday, December 29, 2008

Edusave Merit Bursary

We were suprised to receive a letter from MOE regarding the Edusave Merit Bursary (EMB), which is awarded to the top 25% of students in each level in each school. We were very happy that my girl's effort was recognised and it says there will be monetary reward.

Wow! We were excited till I read that it is only eligible if your family is earning less than a certain amount. When I saw the amount, I realised we were not eligible... sad Nevertheless, we are very happy that her effort is being recognised! biggrin

Good job Sweetie! Keep up the good work ya and hope you will receive the same letter again next year! smile

This post has been in my draft for a month!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Beanie @ 31 Weeks & A Busy Day

Went for my checkup this morning and was hoping my doc has some medication for my eyes but she doesn't have. I did my blood count and was glad to know that it is at a satisfactory level, 12.6. It should be higher than this by the time I am ready to deliver him.

Beanie is very active! While Doc was scanning my tummy, he gave a few hard kicks and we all saw it! LZ were excited to actually see him in action! Z even told Doc that Beanie 'kicked' him on his face when he was trying to 'hear' him and not wanting to 'lose' out to his brother, L told doc the same thing.

Beanie's cir is now about 31cm and weighing about 2+kg. So happy that he is doing so well. Doc checked on my records and said his head cir may be as big as jiejie. She also mentioned that I did had a hard time back then trying to push her out, L's head cir was 36.

Time passes so fast! I have to confirm which hospital I intend to admit into, the class ward and the PD for Beanie. My nurse also reminded me the next checkup, they will be checking on Beanie's heartbeat.

At this stage, I think I am doing ok besides having the using aching here and there. Oh! I am feeling very heavy too. Compared to my previous 2 pregnancies, I don't eat as much. Too much stress and happenings during this pregnancy and I hope it does not affect Beanie being a HAPPY baby.... Meantime, I want to enjoy having Beanie inside me as much as possible...


After my checkup, we went for lunch. LZdaddy insisted that I go see the doc for my eye. As it was a Saturday, queue at the clinic was horrible! I waiting about 2 hours for my turn....

During my waiting time, I witnessed the ugly side of Human Being again... Why I didn't I say S'porean? Coz standing there and hearing them chatting, I know they were not locals. Yes all 6 of them seating on the bench (some were waiting outside or standing too)! From what I understand, half of them that was on the bench were accompanying their friends. That means they were not sick right? So why are they sitting there? I happened to meet my friend there, she was carrying her child and I, a pregnant woman were standing there. NONE gave up their seats to us! Haiz....I think this is not the first time I mentioned this...


As soon as I visited the doc, we left LZ at my BIL's house and we went to visit my Dad. Seeing him on the bed makes my heartache... He was once a strong man and now lying on the bed, unable to move his left side of his body and his speech was slurring....

Nurses was unable to tell us much except that he did an MRI scan and the result was he suffered a stroke. They were supposed to do another detailed scan for him but because it was a weekend, he will have to wait till Monday. Yes, his doc is off till Monday.. He is still in the observation ward.

He was awake when we went to visit him and I can tell he was happy that we were there. I think his state of mind is quite blur... At times he told me things that happened months back and at times his mind is so clear. I am so glad to know he has such strong will power and was doing exercise that the physio asked him to. Mom told me it is alright even if I don't visit him as he understands that I am preggie now and have to take care of LZ. Knowing that whenever we need someone to take care of LZ, it would him and my Mom. Thanks Mom & Dad for your understanding....

I appreciate what LZdaddy did.... He helped me massaged my dad and when my Dad refused to use the diaper, he assisted the nurse to undress my Dad to use the urinal, helped my dad to sit on the cushioned chair when he asked for that. I'm not sure if all son-in-laws do such thing for their FIL.... But I was so touched by his action. No wonder my Dad loves you so much...

Thank you all for leaving comments and showing your concern for my dad... Daddy, get well soon... Your grandchildren have been asking about you and little Beanie would love to have you hold him when he is born.

I think my in-laws side and LZ know how tired we both were.... LZ told us that they want to stay with Ah Ma and my BIL told us they will be glad to take care of LZ for the night. Yes, we are tired... Physically & mentally, I am tired.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Swollen Eye

Woke up with a swollen left eye and thought it would be get better but no.... Actually few days ago, I already have slight eye sty infection and Doc prescribed me medicine that he wasn't very confident with (coz I am pregnant). Upon hearing what he said, I doubted him and didn't complete my medication. Hence, my eye got worst and I can't even open my left eye.


I do not have the mood to blog about Christmas.... My Dad suffered a stroke this morning... I was glad LZdaddy went to do marketing for me and went to work late. As soon as he got home from market, I went over to my parents' house, leaving LZ with him.

As soon as I went over, the ambulance was there. I couldn't help but burst into tears upon seeing my dad.... I hold his hand and assured him everything gonna be ok. He can't move his left side of his body... I wanted to follow him on the ambulance but my mom doesn't allow me to.

The whole day went by with me holding on to the tissue and cleaning my eye, feeling frustrated. I made many calls and waited for calls.... Kept in touch with my Mom to find out update on my dad and from the hospital. Sis couldn't make it to the hospital till afternoon and I have to liaise with the hospital through phone. My mom can't really speak English and she panic and not sure how to handle it. The staffs must be thinking it is so unfillial of me not to be there. I couldn't care to explain my situation.....

I wanted so much to be there with them but I know I will have a hard time coz with LZ around, I have to constantly keep an eye on them. Everyone told me not to go hospital.... I can't go coz no one was helping me to look after LZ. My babies... They are so sensible at this time, they left me alone and played on their own, only to ask me once in a while how is gonggong doing.

This post seems like a mess.... I am not sure if I did write clearly what happen... Dad, I know you will be ok..

Wednesday, December 24, 2008




Monday, December 22, 2008

First 'Race' - L

L did her competitive training session today and she had her first 'race' with another mate who is a P4 student! Of coz she didn't win, she just started training with them and she doesn't even know the proper way to jump into the pool! The coach taught her the position but she had never try it till today. She was so blur and looked nervous when it was her turn to go up the platform(not sure what you call it) Btw, she was the youngest and the most junior among the swimmers. She told me she was nervous and excited about the training today!

Then she had another 'race' with a girl of her age. As you can see from the video, she has no clue how to jump in.

Nevertheless, mommy is proud of you for being brave to try it out!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Party & Justin's Birthday

LZ attended the church Christmas Party and as usual, their blur mommy got the timing wrong and they were half hour late. L immediately looked for Rachel and joined the primary school children and Z was 'stuck' with me coz he fell asleep on the way there and he was grouchy. He joined in when it was art & craft time.

Xmas party @ Church
This year what they did for craft time was meaningful, they wrapped hampers for the old folks.
Justin's Bday

After the Christmas party, we went over to my Aunt place for gathering coz it was Justin 2nd birthday! Justin is sooo adorable & chubby! I'm gonna miss him when they go back to Italy next year..... LZ had lots of fun with him and they were in their uncle Nic's room most of time. I think there were more than 6 kids hanging out on his bed alone. Why? Cos he has all the fun stuffs in there! Xbox, psp, computer etc... Hahaha....

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Pic from Here.

Since Z has been feeling better today, we decided bring LZ out for the movie, BOLT (checkout website for games)! A good choice! Apart from my backache, all of us enjoyed the movie and had a good laugh.biggrin

As usual, my dear girl got emotional when Bolt lost touch with the owner. My silly girl... smile

Friday, December 19, 2008

Fever - Z

Z has been having fever since Sunday night and we brought him to Doc after 2 days. He was given antibiotics for his viral fever. His fever has been yoyo-ing between 38.5 to 39.6.... and he has been sleeping so much. I am glad that he was still his usual self, able to play and eat. I wonder why is he so prone to it? The very first time he had viral fever was when he was about 3 or 4 months old and he was hospitalised for a few days.

He is able to eat and play which I am so glad. He slept so much for the past few days... Jiejie has been very sweet to help me out. I remembered a few times, Z felt pain in his ankle (he had a fall in the toilet while showering) and he needed help to the toilet. It was quite impossible for me to carry him at my stage right now. L took over my job and carried him to and fro. Awww.... How sweet is my princess..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LZ & Their Hamsters.

LZ enjoyed their time with their pets and I must say that they have been taking good care of them, changing their food plate, play with them and wash their cage (with LZdaddy's help). They also read the book about Hamster which we bought for Z.

They are scared of the hamsters at all! Everyday, they take them out to play and they use lego to set up a area so their pet can have a good exercise area. smile Btw, both have been bitten by the hamsters!

Here's a video of Cloudy & Sunshine on the first night in our house (7th Dec).smile

Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Workshop

Z had fever last night... I thought if he has fever this morning, I will not let him go for the holiday workshop. Thank God his fever subsided! He looked forward to this workshop. So LZ left for a 3 hr programme, the Lollipops Maths & Science Cookery workshop - The Mystery of the Edible Glass & Fizzy Potion.

They get to experience mixing the solutions and find out the outcome. Using jelly, they made a 'magnifying glass' and jelly glasses. How interesting! I have never thought of that.razz They also made a fizzy potion, which was their favourite. They observed what happened when they dropped a few raisins inside and they were asked to draw it out.

I think Z were a little too young to understand the whole thing but not for L, though the workshop is meant for children from 5 yr old. I think it is a good introduction to Science for him. smile L was able to tell me more of what they did in class. Overall, LZ enjoyed the workshop and I am so glad.

Unfortunately, Z's fever came back in the late afternoon and it was 39C.... Think it will be a sleepless night for us....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

LZ @ Ollie's Bowling Party

This is one of the party that L looked forward to! Of coz there are several reasons (meet up with Rachel,Charmaine & Ayesha, bowling etc) why she is excited but the main reason were she got to see her childhood friend, Ollie! I'm not sure if I have mentioned it before, Ollie and L have known each other before they were 1 yr old and they have not seen each other for a year! The younger brothers, Z & Joshie, known each other before they were even born! Hehehe... The last time they saw each other was LZ's birthday party last year.

Besides catching with Ollie, L spent most of the time with Rachel & Charmaine. Well, the 3 musketeers have not played together for some time, so can't blame them for hanging out My boy was more interested in the food and the goodie bag and asking LZdaddy to catch a mickey for him from the toy machine. rolleyes

What impressed me was Ollie's auntie came up with the idea of the kids drawing a big painting on a canvas for Ollie! What a great gift idea from all his We stayed on till the party over coz my girl wanted to help his auntie to complete the painting. I enjoyed the party too coz I got to catch up with my friends.wink

Saturday, December 13, 2008

LZ @ Grandma's

We promised LZ to visit Ah Ma this weekend and so off we go! Though they don't see Ah Ma often or don't communicate much with her, they love the attention they get from her (Ah Ma speaks mandarin and Hokkien).


They had fun at the pool before we headed back to the house for dinner. I am very blessed... Everyone is concern how am I going to handle 3 kids and my confinement and not forgetting that I DO NOT have a maid! I have yet to get a confinement nanny! My MIL offered to help me but I can't ask her coz she is already 70+ and I shouldn't trouble her. My 2nd BIL offered to take care of LZ while I deliver and so he suggested they stay for the night so they can get used to their house. LZ were thrilled! Coz their uncle promised them more time at the pool the next morning. Before we leave, I told them the dos and don'ts during their stay.

While on the way home, I was already missing them... LZdaddy said it is a good idea to let them try out so we know who to turn to when I am in hospital. I know.... But I just can't help missing them. Few hours hour later, BIL smsed us that after playing with 2 gorgors, Z fell asleep and followed by L. Phew! At least I know they are ok sleeping in BIL's place.

Friday, December 12, 2008

On Their Birthdays...

I planned to bring them to Downtown East for a day of fun but my LZ rather go to Time Zone! They are so easy to please! biggrin We went to MacDonald for lunch, upon their request and they got free toys since they had the kiddy meal.

Lunch @ Mac
Enjoyed their meal at MacDonald!

Craft time
Craft time!

After a good meal, we went to do art & craft and followed by Time Zone. Needless to say, they went straight to their favourite machines, Dino Land and Love & Berry. After spending some time to 'collect' their cards, we went on to play other games. Blessed Mum and her 3 babies came by to wish LZ 'Happy Birthday'. How sweet! The girls were happy to see each other after a week break.

LZ had lots of fun on the 'simulator'.

We continued with games till Godparents came over to meet us to pass Z's his pressie and we spent some time with them. Thank you my dear friends! smile You should see how unglam Z was! He squatted down with godpa and opened his pressie! AND he started playing with his new toy, Bakugan! That is Z's latest craze! L and I were more interested to play with Chyene and chat with
@jack's place

It was tiring for Z and me coz we got to rush home to pick up his piano lesson bag and went off for his lesson while L stayed with godparents. After his lesson, we meet up with LZdaddy to have dinner. You know, when you have 2 kids birthdays on the same day, it is not easy to please both. L wanted to have dinner at Jack's Place and Z wanted it at Sushi Teh. In the end, they played a game of scissor, paper & stone to decide. L won and we went to Jack's Place. Thank gooodness Z is a easy to please We promised him an ice cream after dinner and he is happy! biggrin

As we have promised LZ that we will get them books for their birthdays, we went over to Borders to choose what they wanted. Z already made up his mind that he wants to have a book on HAMSTERS! Which really surprised me! surprised He told me he wants to read more on it to take good care of his pet. For L, she wants more books from the Magic Tree House series so we bought that for her. smile Looks like my babies chose something that they both can share.

By the time dinner ended, we were all very tired... We had to cancel the plan to watch a movie. Both my little ones fell asleep even before LZdaddy drove out from the carpark. Babies, Happy Birthday to both of you! Both of you are my precious little ones that bring so much joy and laughter to us! We LOVE BOTH OF YOU VERY MUCH!

LZ with cakes

When we got home, both remembered we bought 2 small cakes for them and stayed awake a little while more so they can blow candles I just find it weird not to blow candles and sing birthday song on the actual day. Anyway, my babies love this idea too!razz

Oh! Before I forget, some of you were asking if I planned to deliver them on the same day. No, smile Z decided to come out a few days earlier to join his jiejie on this very special day. It was NATURAL birth. We actually expected him to be an overdue baby coz L was. Doc told me that chances were high that Z would be late since jiejie came out a few days past her due date but I think he would rather have the same birth date as jiejie.wink I remembered the nurses were more excited than us, they kept looking at the time! Hahaha... lol

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