Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You Don't Love Me

During the confinement period, Z said I don't love him at all, sometimes he sounds serious and sometimes it looks like he was saying it for fun.... That makes me very sad. I assured him that I love as much as I love his brother and I also explained to him why I need to give more attention to ZJ for now. I know he loves his didi, from the way he talks to him, sayang him and runs to him whenever he cries. I hope this is just a phase he is going through.....

Whenever he is back home, I spend time with him, before L comes home. I was supposed to be resting , that what the nanny said, but I can't neglect how he feels. L, on the other hand, was more sensible. Age does matters.... She is more mature and knows why... That doesn't mean I don't spend time with her. Sometimes, she plays with Z or the nanny would play with them so I could nap.

It is tough to split my time equally among the kids isn't it?

* My boy is soooo sweeet! He read this while I was doing this post and he apologised! He said "Sorry mommy that I said you don't love me. I don't mean it." *

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Full Month Celebration

We decided to hold a small celebration at home for Baby Z today since our extended family members were asking if we intend to celebrate. We didn't invite many friends coz we have more than 15 people alone from my in law's side. We have a BIG family on LZdaddy's side! We ordered the high tea buffet from Yelianghow Catering and we got good review from our guests!

The party was from 2 - 6pm and we were so glad all of them came at a different time. At least we have time to talk to all. Most of our family members and friends said Baby Z looks like me or Z and he looks like LZdaddy & L when he frowns. I think so too... Except that he has bigger eyes than Z and me.

Thankfully, Baby Z was on a somewhat good behaviour. I fed him once when party was about to start and another when it was about to end. I left him on the baby chair when he was sleeping so everyone can see him. See the little orange bean bag? My best friend, Doreen sew it for him! He lie down there quietly when he was awake and looked around. He only starts to make noise at the end of the party. By then, I was able to pay all my attention to him.

LZ were very happy to see many guests at our house. They played toys and games with their little cousins and little friends. I'm glad that we have a playroom so the kids hang out there and we need not run around looking for them, especially when we have so many glass panels in our house.

The last time we held a party at home with so many people was many many years back! Back then, they were not even born! Hehehe.... Now that I have a helper to do the clean up, we might do it more often. I can't imagine I having to clean up and pack up all the toys after the kids left!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


That's the number of babies Sunshine gave birth to! I was out with LZdaddy (I was out of the house for shopping as soon as my nanny left. Hehehe....) and when we got home, LZ excitedly told us that. Our pets celebrate Beanie's Full Month with us too! Hahaha....

We are planning to give the babies away once the mommy stops nursing them. So anyone interested? Of coz you must be an animal lover. LZ were sad that we planned to give them away. I told them keeping 7 of them will too much to handle and besides, Sunshine will give birth to more babies.

He Is 1 Month Old! :)

Beanie is ONE month old! It seems like it was just few days ago I gave birth to him. Time passes real FAST! We had a small celebration for him today... Early in the morning, my confinement nanny trimmed his hair and nails. LZdaddy bought the kuehs and a cake and my nanny prepared some red coloured eggs.

I would say this 1 month has been been that easy for me though I have a confinement nanny and a helper. I have to teach LZ, spend quality time with them and BF(breastfeed) Beanie directly coz I didn't pump out (he has problem latching on after that).

Honestly, Beanie is not easy to take care of..... Few days after coming back from hospital, he wants to be carried all the time. No, we did not carry him all the time. In fact, we place him on the bed as soon as I finish feeding him. He takes an hour to feed coz he dozes off many times while drinking and I have to constantly wake him up. If he sleeps without drinking much, he will wakes up midway through his nap. We even tried using pacifier but he didn't want it.

Some family members who came to visit during this time commented that Beanie is very skinny.... That makes me very sad. I wonder if I have enough milk..... But if I don't have enough milk, he wouldn't be pooing many times right? Many times I was so tempted to feed him powdered milk but I didn't. I will wait till next checkup to see if I should. Some told me Beanie is skinny coz he doesn't nap much and if I am lucky, he naps for 3 hours straight. My nanny commented that he is 2nd baby she takes care of that hardly sleeps.

LZ have been wonderful to their little brother. When he cries, they talk to him and try to pacify him. When they come home from school or enrichment classes, they would say hello to him first.

I think I am lucky to get this nanny... Apart from taking care of Beanie and me, she spend time with LZ so I can take my nap. She draws pics with them, play with them and LZ 's Mandarin have improved tremendously!

I am worried... How am I going to cope with 3 kids? Beanie constantly needs my attention and I have to be fair to LZ... I have to fetch them from school too. Taking about that, I want to say a BIG Thank You to Pauline & Angeline for sending LZ home after school during this period. Pauline even offered to fetch L for another 2 weeks so I can settle into my routine. I would also like to thank Emily too for sending LZ to their enrichment classes and Teni for helping out when my friend couldn't make it.

LZdaddy said he will help me pick LZ for the first few days and then I will be on my own. I will have to bring Beanie along when I fetch them coz I don't trust leaving Beanie with my new helper. I hope I will be able to cope and hopefully Beanie will be able to drink more and sleep more.

My dearest Little one, Happy ONE Month old!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Pics Of Beanie

These pics were taken during confinement period. I like the top right pic the most! Caught him smiling when I was talking to him.

We thought he looks more like Z but now he has look of his own. When he frowns, he looks like Jiejie. LZ are 'fighting' over who does he looks like. Who do you think he looks like?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bento #125

Bento #125
In the box: Strawberries, char siew pau, star shaped choc bread, nutella sandwich, Japanese snacks & marshmellow.

The bread in the bento was prepared in advance, knowing that I don't have the time in the morning. The other day L watched the nutella TV ads and told me it is nutritious so I decided to make one for her. I think she was happy that she finally see something cute for her bento.

'Lego' Family

LZfamily *20th March 2009*

Z is back to Lego craze now. He did this few days ago.... Jiejie said she looked ugly so she built another one to replace it. I'm sure you know who is who right?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shhhhh.... He is Sleeping

Pic taken on 21st March

This is his favourite position.
He sleeps longer when he is placed in this position, with his leg tucked in.
He loves to be cuddle and carried.
He smiles at times when he is sleeping.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pics Of Baby Z

The day he was discharged and 1 st day back home pics. He looks so much like his brother! Especially his hands & legs.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Holiday Creative Writing Workshop - L

Since I will be confined at home during this 1 week school holiday, I signed up L for this holiday workshop organized by the school. I'm glad I did that, otherwise I will have 2 active kids driving me crazy at home. At the end of the 5 days workshop, L came back with a self-made scrapbook.

Some of the things she learned:
- Rhyming words
- descriptive words (Happy/sad feelings)
- Words with more than 1 meaning. Eg: web - spider's home/website
- Poetry
- Limericks : special 5 lines poems that are fun. The 1st & 2nd lines rhyme. The 3rd & 4th lines also rhyme. The last line rhymes with the 1st.
- Catchy words
- News
- How to write an advertisement
- Sound words. Eg: Bang, hooray, swoosh and many more.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day Out With LZdaddy

LZdaddy took a day off from work to spend time with LZ. How glad I was! I appreciate LZdaddy making effort to take care of LZ while I am busy taking care of ZJ. Imagine me cooped up at home during this school holiday with 3 kids! I signed L up for her school 5 days (2hrs) Creative Writing Workshop in the mornings so I have to keep Z entertainment and busy with Baby Z.

LZ had lunch with daddy before they went to watch the movie "The Tales Of Despereaux". After movie, they decided to go prawning! Hmmm... I think this is the first time LZdaddy brought them out the whole day! Wished I could join them.... They didn't get home till 10+pm!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'Outing' With Their Hamsters

LZ's Chinese Enrichment class asked them to bring their pets for their show & tell. It has been more than 2 years since they joined the center and they always look forward to this! Last year they brought Terro and this year both want to bring their hamsters. We have only one cage so we had find 2 small containers so they can bring their own pets to their class.

Sunshine & Cloudy have grown so much! Especially L's hamster! LZ have been a very responsible owner, taking good care of them and everyday, they spend time playing with them.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


We have finally decided the name for Beanie! It took us a long time to decide on his Chinese especially... Those of you who meet up with LZ frequently would know what is his name coz LZ has been calling him that (when he was in my tummy).

Sorry that I wouldn't be revealing it in the blog.... We shall call him Z Junior (ZJ) or baby Z in the posts from now. Or maybe at times I will call him Beanie. I just can't make up my mind... And I am still LZmommy!

Friday, March 13, 2009

LZdaddy's First Time

I have to record this! This is the FIRST time LZdaddy was in the classroom throughout to watch L's ballet lesson. As L's exam is coming up, the parents are invited again to sit in to watch their performance. From L's reaction, I can tell she was excited that her daddy can finally watch her dance.

I missed watching her dance..... Anyway, here's the video of her, recorded by LZdaddy (you can stop watching the last 20 secs of the video , coz LZdaddy not sure how to use my hp to record).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Video of Z Junior - 2nd Day

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ROM Anniversary

We don't usually celebrate our 9th ROM anniversary and this year it was no difference. LZdaddy is not in town, who am I suppose to celebrate with anyway? Besides, I am confined at home...

This year we gave each other a very SPECIAL present, that is: Beanie!

Happy Anniversary My Handsome Man!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Z Eye Checkup Result

Z had his eye checkup done yesterday and he brought home to result today... Not so good... Chances of him wearing specs is very high.... We will have to wait for the referral letter so that we can go to the Refraction Clinic for a detailed scan.


Right: +0.38
Left: +0.20

Computed Snellen

Right: 6/12p
Left: 6/9.5

I have no idea what all these mean and neither does LZdaddy. His first reaction when I smsed him was "Oh my God!" That was what I said too when Z gave me the letter. My sweet little boyknows what it meant and said sorry to me. It is partly my fault if he needs to wear specs...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Bento #124 & My Ranting

Jam sandwiches, longan, grapes & strawberry flavoured chocolates.

A very simple bento for L as I have only 5 mins or so to prepare! I think I was like 'dumping' everything into it. LZdaddy left for business trip and I have to send LZ to school. By the time I finished feeding Beanie, I have only 5 mins left. I know some of you were wondering why I still want to prepare bento.... I have to prepare something for L on Monday coz she has 2 recess on that day. I don't want her to have 2 meals in school, she will probably be ordering the same thing in a day. Besides, I want her to know I care for her and don't want her to eat outside food all the time.

Yup! I have to be out of the house though I am having my confinement. Last week, I have to be send them to school too coz he was out of town. This week, LZdaddy will be out of town for another 4 days. Just when I thought LZdaddy had bought all the stuffs we need for the next few days, my helper told me we running out of apples yesterday and my nanny told me we running out of rice today. Haiz..... That means I have to go supermarket too and when I get home, it was time for me to be a 'cow' again.... Mooooooo....

Friday, March 06, 2009

Pictures Of Beanie - 1st Day

Pics taken on the day he was born.... I can't believe I am a mother of 3! I am still trying to cope with the feedings, spending time with my 3 little ones and my sleep!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

From My Blogger Friends...

Top: from my blogger friends. Bottom: from Michelle

A BIG Thank You to my dearest friend, Michelle who will be due soon and my blogger friends, : Eileen, Jan & Fannie whom I know since I started blogging!

Received the Big box of goodies from Michelle during my hospital stay. Received the goodies from my Eileen, Jan & Fannie this afternoon. I was feeling rather tired yesterday afternoon and the bag of goodies came at the right time to cheer me up! Thank you my dear friends!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Our Checkups

It has been 5 days since I delivered Beanie and we were told to go for checkup today. It has been a tiring morning coz I have been a 'cow' most of the time, getting L's bento ready and also getting Z ready for school.

We went for my checkup first and I was so glad to find out that my iron level is satisfactory. Doc also checked on my wound, it is healing well and I did my pap smear too. Doc is very satisfied with my healing and we discussed what happened that day.

Like my previous 2 pregnancies, I lost lots of blood. Every time the nurses pressed on my tummy (uterus), I started to bleed. This time it was no difference, but we were glad that we took extra precautions, a jab and a drip. Still, I was in the delivery suite for 5 hrs (after delivery)!

After my checkup, it was Beanie's turn. During all this time, he was sound asleep in my confinement nanny's arms. I was glad to ask her to come along, otherwise I will have aching arms. Hehehe...

Doc measured his weight and he lost 200g+. LZdaddy and I were worried and he assured that is normal. I told Doc Beanie did not poo since this morning and he said to observe him (he pooed as soon as we got home). Hmmm.... I thought they were supposed to poo every time they drink milk (that was what happened to LZ).

I told doc I have a tough time since yesterday trying get him to latch on coz we fed him twice (once to be exact) from the bottle and he sought of refused/ don't know how to latch on again, I was worried he was not getting enough milk. Doc asked how much did I pump out and I told him 60ml & 80ml. He said Beanie should have enough. I should keep on trying and not give up. So I have made up my mind to feed direct throughout, that means I will not be able to get more sleep in the night. There goes all the bottles!

Naughty Beanie peed when doc was checking on him without the diaper! Hahaha... This gave doc a chance to check on his urine too! He assured me Beanie is doing well.

I am feeling so tired.... I wonder when will I be able to get enough sleep...

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