Friday, March 30, 2007

Fever - L

I'm still awake at this hour coz my girl is having a high fever. It started this morning, temperature was 38.6.... She was sleeping on and off in my parents' house. In the evening, she was running a high fever again. It went up to 39.7! We had to give her the "bullet" and it went down slightly only....

I sent her to my mom's place as I need to send Z to school. She doesn't mind spending her time there, in fact she likes it. As I was picking Z, I asked her if she would like to come home or stay with Gonggong till evening, she chose the latter. Lately she has been telling me she has not been spending time with them. I'm very happy that she enjoys being with them.

Right now, she is still having fever, 38.5..... I will have to stay awake to check on her later. I hope she will be alright soon....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Z's Artwork

A bunny mask for Easter & a 3 little ducks picture

Monday, March 26, 2007


Thanks to Wokking Mum for tagging me and it is my 1st tag! A long overdue tag.....

[A is for age]:
My age? Same as Elaine :)

[B is for booze of choice]:
When was the last time I had one?

[C is for career]:
Does SAHM consider a career? We work 24/7

[D is for your most dreaded]:
When I fall sick and DH is not around AND I have take care of LZ (all at the same time!)

[E is for essential item you use everyday]:
My HP, to play games while waiting for them to finish their lessons.

[F is for favorite song at the moment]:
LZ's goodbye song

[G is for favorite games]:

[H is for Hometown]:

[I is for indulgence:]

[J is for favorite flavor of juice:]
Orange Juice (boring....)

[K is for kids]:
My Babies L & Z

[L is for last hug from husband]
This morning

[M is for years of marriage]:
This year is the 7th year

[N is for name of your crush]:
Huh? What crush?

[O is for overnight hospital stays]:
When LZ were born

[P is for phobias]:
Errr... Can't think of any

[Q is for quote]:

[R is for biggest regret]:
I should have marry my hubby earlier and shouldn't give up my organ scholarship when I was young.

[S is for status, married or single]:
Happily married

[T is for time you wake up]:
When my kids wake up

[U is for underwear]:
That is for my hubby to know only. Hehehe....

[V is for vegetable you love]:

[W is for worst habit]:
munching snacks while cooking

[ X is for x-rays you’ve had]:
X-ray for my teeth

[Y is for yummy food you make]:

[Z is for zodiac sign]:

It would be nice to know more abt the following mommies (if you have time) : Jan, Mamabliss, Huisia, Mummyjoys, Mama Tang, Fannie

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Time To Exercise

Finally godpa managed to persuade godma to start blading. Yeah! Wished that I could blade today but we have 2 kids and each of us have to take care of one :(

Before we went to the park, daddy had to search for a place to pump air for their bicycle. Z was very happy that he got to ride bicycle while jiejie was blading with godparents. What did we do? We exercise too! I was struggling to teach & to hold L and daddy was teaching Z how to cycle. How glad I was that godma's cousin came along to help me! At least I can take a break...

I bet the next day their legs will be aching! lol

Click on the pic to enlarge

I baked some cupcakes with another recipe and I'm glad everyone like it except DH who prefer it without any icing. The cupcakes looked messy but what most important is the taste right? ;) Next time I shouldn't rush to complete the decoration.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


L has been asking for a telescope so we bought this telescope during the school holiday and we were hoping to look at stars this evening but it started to rain :(

Friday, March 23, 2007

What Do You Do With A Cup?

L was busy in her playroom and I had no idea that she did this! She said this is for me :D

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Picture Post

LZ after their haircut

I'm Concern.....

Today while walking with my kids to school, a group of teenagers, still in their uniforms were walking ahead of us. They were talking loudly to each other and next thing I knew was they were using foul words! "@#$%^@#%..... " They were oblivious to people around them. L & Z looked at me.... I quickly pulled them away and walked past them.

I knew I'm in no position to tell them off, the only thing that I could do was to pull my kids away. Thank goodness L did not asked me anything. What is happening to youngster nowadays? Do they have say that?

I'm worried.... Will L & Z be like that when they are at their age? I hope not... Just last year, I overheard primary school children scolding their teachers stupid & vulgar words! And it happened in the school! I don't used such words like stupid or shit in front of my kids but I can't stop others. I know it will be inevitable that they will be pick it up sooner or later when they go to school. I just hope that they know that it is not right or nice to use it.

If only all parents are able to refrain from using such words then perhaps it will help... And of coz when there are children around any adults.....

L's Owl

L finally completed her owl picture! To me, this is so pretty!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Good Girl

There are things that I have been wanting to update.....

  • L has been showering on her own for abt a month! I will wash her hair and she do the rest.
  • Every morning she will pack up her bed and her brother's bed.
  • She will give me a BIG kiss & hug in the morning when she greets me
  • When we happen to look at each other, (eg: If I'm in the kitchen and she's in the living room) we will give each other a flying kiss.
  • When I say "babies, please wear your shoes! Time to go to school!", she will help me turn off the TV and the switches.
  • Before we leave the house she will look at herself in the mirror. To make sure that she looks pretty
  • When we come home, she will arrange our shoes, keeping those that she /we don't wear often
  • After finishing her food, she will put her dish in the kitchen sink without me telling her.
  • Every other day, she will draw a pics for any 1 of us
  • When she hears music, she has to dance, whether at home or when we are out. (I have to tell her not to do it when we are out)
  • When I ask didi to pack up his toys, she will be there to help. (most of the time)
  • When I turn on the aircon during meal, she will close the kitchen door & sliding door without me telling her.
  • When we tell her sad things, she cries or when she hear or watch sad stories. When she sees me upset she will cry too. She is very emotional...
  • Since young, when she hurt herself, I always say "Magic magic no more pain. Pain pain go away! We don't want you!" We still do that and sometimes she says that to her didi too if he hurt himself. Silly right?
  • After we say goodnight, we must hug. If daddy is the one that put them to bed, she will wait for me to finish shower and hug me. She said she can't sleep if we didn't hug. So sweet right?

There are times when she is naughty too but these are some of the things she did that always melt my heart and I will forget how naughty she was.... I love you Sweetie.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Beach Trip

There were so many places that I planned to go this Saturday, zoo, bird park, blading etc... In the end, we are back at the beach again.... I asked LZ and they were happy with it, especially when they heard that baby Javier will be going too. They were disappointed that godparents can't make it for the trip though...

I wonder when I grow old, will they go to the beach with me?

I love this pic!

It was Javier 1st trip to the beach and he had lots of fun too!

Friday, March 16, 2007

More Cookies

After Z's checkup, we went home to bake cookies. That was 1 of the things that they want to do during this holiday. I know they were disappointed that we did not go to the zoo or bird park, at least we did some of the things that they want to do during this holiday.

After baking, I realised I forgot about the icing! Nowadays, I'm soooo forgetful... Haiz... Nevertheless, they enjoyed it. Oh yes! We used some of the new cookie cutters that we bought yesterday.

Z's Check-Up

What a terrible mommy I am! I forgot abt Z's 3 yr old check up and when I remembered it, he was down with flu. Now that he is ok and it's school holiday, I made appointment with his PD.

I was concerned that he tip-toe frequently so I voiced my concern to his PD. He check on his leg and feet. He told me not to worry as it was a habit of his. Hopefully he will stop doing it..... He was asked to draw lines, to name the objects, know the difference between big & small, his name & age, etc... He answered everything perfectly! Great job! Doc tested his eyesight too.

Head Cir. : 50.4cm
Weight : 14.9kg
Height : 96.2cm

We will see his PD again when he turns 4 and that will be end of this year. I will not forget the next appointment, I promise!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Time For Shopping

After staying at home for the past few days, I decided to bring LZ out for shopping. They have been playing their V.Smile games (finally opened 1 of their birthday gifts), watching TV and doing homework.

I was alone with LZ shopping at Vivo City and my friends wonder how I survived.... We did my shopping first then we went to Toy"R" Us. They were very well behaved and I was proud of them. We bought some cookie cutters from Daiso & I managed to buy a pair of shoes for myself! I bought more V.Smile games for them too.

It was great that nowadays I can bring LZ out without hassle. When I told L that mommy having a headache, she said "mommy, let's go home and you can rest. We can shop again other time." Then she turn towards didi, "Didi, we go home ok? Mommy not feeling well." That was so sweet of my girl.... Yes, we will definitely do it again..... :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We love to write!

Look how serious they are when they do their homework! L usually spend more time doing her homework (school work and work given by me). Sometimes when Z finished with his work and jiejie is still doing it, he will ask for more. Think he wants to keep her company. Hehehe....

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

LZ's Artwork

Z's artwork - A hat, apple tree & a hedgehog with the nose missing

L learned how to draw owl, yet to complete the pic during art lesson so she drew another to show me :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Swimming Lesson

After almost 3 months break, L is taking swimming lesson again. The class is much smaller, with 3 other friends. It was the same coach that has taught her for the past 1+ year. L was very happy and excited!

My friend has a 3 yr old boy too so we asked the coach to look for another coach (same timing as the girls)for our boys. He said it's ok for our boys to join in too but we don't like the idea as both boys are still young and don't know how to swim. We found out from him that the girls do go into the deep pool. How can I let my boy go there when he can't even swim? It will not be fair to the girls too. When I told him my concern, he said never mind, they can wear the arm floats *FAINT*. Think the coach just want to keep all the students to himself ( fees for the boys are higher too).

Before we leave the house, I told Z he will not be dipping in the pool and he seemed to understand then. But when we arrived, he asked for his swimsuit. He was angry with me when I told him I did not bring his swimsuit. He sulked for 15 mins, sitting right in front of the pool where jiejie was at. My friend asked why I don't I go into the pool with him. Well, mommy was lazy.... I just want to relax by the pool and not in the pool especially after preparing dinner and sending them here. After some time, I managed to coax him to have his dinner while waiting for jieijie.

Let's hope I can find a coach for him soon....

Want To Get A Pet?

A pet that doesn't need real food, water, shower or you to clear the poo poo!

Remembered I used to have a Tamagotchi many many years bk..... Now I got one for my girl (or for myself?). It is already 9 yrs old (everyday it will be a yr older) and her name is Wen ( L named her). The new version is different as it allows you to connect with your friends and collect gifts from internet. We yet to find any friend that has tamagotchi too. Hmmm.... Perhaps if L's friends' birthday coming, we will get that for them. Hehehe....

Just found out our Tamagotchi character is Hanatchi - This Tamagotchi has a remarkably large nose; he always seem to suffer from hay fever.

I have been helping L to take care of it when she is in class or when she misbehaves. Something that is for my girl & me only :) Daddy said that as if I have not enough in my hands, taking care of our family, a dog, a terrapin and now a game pet!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


We are at the beach and we love it! Today was the day that I became Mrs in the eyes of the law ;;) We usually don''t exchange gift or celebrate on this day but on our customary date and last year, we forgot all about it till it''s over! Well... This year I was the one who remembered but not DH. :> This year is the 7th year!

We had dinner at Kenny Roger everything was great till Z broke a bottle of tobasco sauce. He had the sauce all over his slippers and we felt bad that we messed up the restaurant. Glad that he didn't hurt himself.

School holiday starts tomorrow and yet to plan anything for them. I remembered they still have their other classes so we may not be doing anything at all! Maybe a trip to the library will make them happy.....

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Family Gathering

We had a great time at Ah Ma's place. We were there early so that LZ can play in the pool. We were lazy to get into the pool so 二伯 spent time with them. I was surprised that one of their 堂哥went in too. He seldom play with them as he is quiet.

The age gap between them are big. The eldest are already 20+ yrs old and just started in the workforce and the youngest is in P5. I wished that the gap could be smaller. I envy the cousins going out for movies or meals together. I told DH, by the time our babies are older, most of them would be dating or working and they will not be as close. Perhaps they will bring them out ;) I''m glad most of their cousins do make an effort to play with them but what abt few years down the road? :( (some of them are now in poly, JC, Uni) Think LZ will be very stress too.... I asked DH, why your nieces/nephew so smart huh? They are good in their studies and some even good in musical instruments too!

By the time LZ finished with water play, everyone was there, 大伯's family, 二伯's family, 四婶 and 大姑姑's family. LZ felt welcome there as the adults showered them with so much attention! When they finished their dinner, they played and watched TV with the rest, Scooby Doo. DH and me used to take turns to take care of them to have our meals but now they are not as "sticky". Good thing is that LZ do feel at home with them too.

Rain Rain Go Away

Another one for your ears! :D (recorded on 09 Jan 2007)

Friday, March 09, 2007

A Song For You

Enjoy LZ singing! ;) (recorded on 09 Jan 2007) I use this for my hp ringing tone. Hehehe...

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Can Write! - Z

Z is able to write his Class name - Hope! He was very happy! "Mommy! I can write!" I was hoping the 1st word would be his name but it turn out to be his class name. Nevertheless, I'm happy that he is showing interest. :)

I have been doing the dot dots for his worksheets and he will trace it. Then I decided that he should try writing it and since he has been practicing his writing skills with the assessment books that I've bought for him. Recently I bought those 笔划 books for him since he always ask for more homework. Plan to let him start writing it during this week school holiday.

As for his chinese, he still need lots of practice. He brought home 1 of his reading books from school and 老师 said he needs more practice on it. Of coz I will not force him if he doesn't want to. I will usually ask him or when he picks up a book and ask me to read with him.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What kind of Person Is She?

Yesterday after sending LZ to school and I saw a maid, an old lady (think she's their grandma) and 2 pre-schoolers walking out of the school. I was thinking, so nice of the grandma to pick the kids everyday after school (I see them almost everyday). Just then, I heard her shouting :" You stupid! Walk this side lah!" Oh my! I was shocked! How could she say that to the kids?

No matter how angry we are, we shouldn't say that to the kids. When I am angry, I may have shouted at my kids but I will never use harsh words on them. Sometimes, I will walk away to cool down or I give them a stern look and they will get the hint that I'm getting mad.

When L or Z hear others use 'stupid' or 'shit', they will say "mommy, that guy very naughty, he say that word!"/ "mommy, cannot say stupid right?" Of coz I will always say 'shhhh". What happen if that person hear us and decided to bash me? :D Whenever we are out with our friends, they will refrain from using those words too. That was very thoughtful of them.

Monday, March 05, 2007

School Holiday Plan by L

The other day while we were on the way to pick up Z from school

Me: Sweetie, u know, your 1 week school holiday will be coming up. Mommy has to plan something for you guys to do or we can just relax at home.

L : You mean we don't have to go to school?

Me : Yup!

L : That means we can bake, do art & craft, watch my winx club VCDs, go the zoo, bird park.... (and the list go on)

Me : Errr.... Sweetie, school holiday doesn't mean you play throughout, you have to spend time doing your homework and learn your spelling too.

L : Huh..... You mean we can't do anything?

Me : Of coz I will try to plan things but that doesn't mean we have to go out everyday or do something special everyday. OK?

L : OK! Then we must bake, do art & craft, go the zoo , bird park.... (once again the list goes on.....)

I'm having a big headache......

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Baking Time

Lately L has been saying that we have not been baking for a long time. So today I decided to bake cookies with them, wanted to make cupcakes with them but I was kind of lazy.... That will take more time and that means more things to wash too. Sorry babies.....

As usual, they had fun. L was with me throughout the process while Z was watching TV. Then he realised that we were having fun and he decided to join us. "My turn! My turn!" :)

L broke a plate. I was glad that she was not hurt.... She was so afraid that I will scold her (which I did). I was not angry that she broke it but at that moment, I was worried that she might hurt herself and I blamed myself for asking her to bring it to the kitchen. I'm very sorry Sweetie....... :(

Look messy right? That's their creation! It's super yummy!

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