Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday To.....


Yes! My birthday falls on Halloween, so that makes me a Halloween girl.wink I'm a year older and looking very fat at this time. But the thought of Beanie growing inside me makes me feel it is worth being fat.biggrin

I rarely post pics of myself (with or without my kids). So for a change, I thought I should post a few more with my new

We didn't plan anything coz it was a school day and LZ have other classes going on in the evening. My LZ massage me on & off throughout the day (which I really need and THANK YOU my Babies!) and they both drew very nice drawings for me.biggrin Besides, LZdaddy is suffering from Gout and he can barely walks! It was a torture to see him walks.... Poor LZdaddy. cry We have a simple dinner a Sushi Tei and a cake cutting back home. I love it when they sang "May the good Lord bless you...."biggrin

Anyway, what most important to me is having my family with me today. I am so touched that I have friends who send me birthday greetings since morning and blogger friends who send me greeting through Facebook too! biggrin Thank you all!

Noticed anything different about me? I cut my hair short today! Goodbye to my long curly hair!smile I finally got the 'permission' from my boy to cut it short. All of them including LZdaddy were very supportive when I asked them if I should cut it short. They think I look good with it. biggrin What do you think? smile

Bento #100! - Halloween Bento

Bento #100
In the box: Quail eggs, grilled chicken drumstick, carrots, edamame (under the carrots), 2 'ghostly' bread, pumpkin shaped steamed rice with carrots and mandarin orange.

I can't believe it! This is my 100th bento that I have prepared! Since today is Halloween, I decided to prepare a Halloween themed bento for L. She said cute instead of scary! Hahaha... The only thing that probably scared her was the bread.

I am very happy with what I have come up with as this is my first time doing a Halloween themed bento.biggrin I remembered yesterday Michelle and I were at the supermarket hunting for Halloween stuffs to put in the bento (Thanks Michelle for helping out). Well, I couldn't find anything, never shop for things last minutes. I have to make do with whatever I can find in the fridge.

Hope this bento didn't scare you! Hehehe..... wink

Thursday, October 30, 2008

High School Musical 3

Pic taken from HERE

Today I planned a surprise for LZ! They always like Michelle (Blessed Mum), our kids and I have made arrangement to meet after school to go for the movie, High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Needless to say, L and Rachel were the happiest! They whispered and giggled during the Too bad Charmaine was unable to join us.... I felt bad actually... I should have arranged another day so that she could go too.

I almost fell asleep and Z was a little restless halfway through the show. Afterall, he is a boy and he is not into this kind of show. He was more excited when they showed the basketball scenes and fast songs. Towards the end of the show, my kids couldn't resist dancing!

Bento #99 & Field Trip

Bento #99
Baked tumeric chicken with toasted bread sandwiches, mandarin orange & chocolates.

L went to watch Wizard of Oz today which was organized by the school. Children were advised to have a hearty meal before going for the trip, that means they had their recess much earlier. I decided to prepare sandwiches for her and to lighten her load in her bag, I pack it in a disposable plastic wrap (for sandwiches).

The story of Dorothy and her friends, and their struggle to find what they feel is missing in their lives will touch a chord for many people. As you watch, their journey through Oz reveals the true characters of Dorothy’s companions - Tin Woodman, the most tender and emotional; Scarecrow, the wisest, and Cowardly Lion, the bravest. However, Dorothy’s desire to escape from the hopeless monotony of Kansas brings her only trouble and leads her through many dangers, until she too realises that what she is seeking is only a heartbeat - or a click of the heels away. In this magical journey through Oz I Theatre seeks to address our insecurities and reaffirm the uniqueness and value of every individual.

*info from Sistic*
She told me she enjoyed the show and I was glad that she went.

It was easy to prepare today's I marinated the chicken last night and bake it this morning. While baking, I went back to take another 20mins nap. Yup... 20 mins of nap is so precious to Since I baked extra, I prepared it as a breakfast for LZdaddy & Z too. After serving them their breakfast, I realised I forgot all about myself! Hehehe.... Guess what I had for breakfast then? DURIAN! This is the first time I ever had durian for breakfast! So weird!razz

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Her Results

L called me during recess to inform me her results. Oh man! She did so well! She heard me screaming over the phone, not only her, her friends heard that too.mrgreen I was tearing too.... She scored higher than the target we have set! I was even happier when she told me after school her Chinese result. For the record, she told me she scored the 3rd highest in class for Maths & Chinese and 2nd highest for English. That's the result for now... YEAH! Let's hope the listening comprehension, oral and compo will not pull down her overall

As soon as she got home, she asked if she can open one of her last year birthday presents. Of coz she can!smile I thought she wanted a new present but she must have been eyeing on the tamagotchi (given by Rachel & Charmaine) for a long time that she asked to open that. At least I know she is not greedy to ask me buy something new for

In case you are wondering, LZ don't get to open all the toys to play at one time. They usually unwrap the toys and are allowed to play with 2 toys and the rest will be kept. They are allowed to open one at a time whenever they are well behave. smile By this year birthdays, they would have open up all. Do you do that too? Or do you let them open all to play?

Oh! Before I forgot! LZdaddy claimed credit for L's Maths results. rolleyes Yes, he did helped to coach L with Maths but HELLO! I was the one that did most of the coaching leh... Ok lah... You get half of the credit ya.wink Do you realised that when the kids are naughty, the man says "your girl..... " but when the kids did well, it is "my girl....."

Bento #98 & My Thought

Bento #98
Left: 2 Prawn tempura, quail eggs, cube rice with seaweed & denbu toppings, blanched brocoli & carrots. Right: Longan with grapes and some chocolates.

When I look at the bento, I thought I may have prepared too much for L but I was wrong! Her appetite has At least today she didn't have to buy extra food from

I spent the whole day yesterday packing their wardrobe and drawers... At least a mission That is some spaces for Beanie to put his clothes and stuffs. Yeah! It was tiring man! I don't remembered how many times I have to stop and continue.... Glad that LZ were able to play on their own and LZdaddy was there to help out a

I'm so worried that I may deliver early... Many thoughts go through my mind... Not sure if I will be able to clear up the house in time for Beanie's arrival... Will I be able to cope with 2 children and a baby? etc... The beginning of next year will be a trying time for me... Let's hope things will be fine...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

LZdaddy's Birthday & Beanie @ 23 Weeks

Early in the morning, LZ wished LZdaddy a very Happy Birthday. L gave daddy a homemade card and Z tickled daddy's feet (which is their fav way of bonding).

Thereafter, we went for my checkup, which was Beanie's 23 weeks checkup. I don't think I want to talk about my weight gain... sad I definitely have to work hard to shed off the weight once Beanie is born. Beanie is doing very well! biggrin Water bag has more than enough water... This time, all of us were 'glued' to the screen while my doc did the scanning. We were very excited as usual when doc pointed to us Beanie's features, organs, etc.... LZ giggled when doc showed us his private part. smile This is always the highlight of the checkup. My result is back from the test and Beanie is confirmed XY, a boy.biggrin

LZ @ Daddy's office

After Beanie's checkup, we went to LZdaddy's office to pick up something and it was LZ first time there. Thank goodness the office was vacant, otherwise the staffs would see 2 'monkeys' running around the office. razz

Left: After meal test tube drinks, complimentary from the restaurant, guava juice & beggie juice. Right: Papaya dessert with lemon mousse, ice cream and cream.

By then, all of us were very hungry and we went to Vivo for lunch at Tung Lok Signatures. The food and service were fantastic! LZ were amazed the after meal drinks were served in a test tube. I can't imagine how many kilos I have put on just this meal alone!razz You know once we are at Vivo, I can't resist shopping at Daiso and LZdaddy knew it.. Hehehe...

Pics from the lunch and dinner.

I was very sleepy after the meal.... LZdaddy suggested going home for a nap before we meet LZ's godparents for dinner. I felt bad but my eyes couldn't take it anymore... Once after recharged, we met them for dinner @ Elements for buffet dinner. It was sweet of the restaurant to arrange a small slice of cake for LZdaddy and I think my friend must be the one who arranged I think at this age, we don't fancy big celebration, just a few good friends or family to celebrate this day will

That's not all for the day, we went home and have a cake cutting session coz the restaurant does not allow us to have the cake there. That's what LZ have been waiting for the whole day, the ice cream cake! smile


Friday, October 24, 2008

Finally It's Over!

Yes! L's exams is finally over! This also means 'mine' too! Hahaha....

She told me yesterday they saw the teacher in-charge of marking their English papers, returned the marked papers to their form teacher. They were all excited, hoping teacher would reveal their results to them. Did she? Nope! I think they will have to wait till next week L said some of them (including herself) asked those seated closest to teacher's table if they see any of the marks. So cute! smile

She asked what marks would I be happy... I told her if she score band 1 (85%) for all subjects, I will be very happy and buy her a present as a reward. To some, maybe that's not a very high score...... I thought she would say that I have set a too high expectation of her. She said why don't I set it higher! eek So I told her I would be a VERY VERY happy mommy if she scores 90% for all. I think my girl has a high expectation of herself and I hope she is not giving herself too much stress.

Sidetrack a little.... Her enrichment teacher told me recently that L has improved alot for her Chinese. I can see that too when she did the past years papers. smile

Sweetie, we(LZdaddy & I) know you have studied very hard for this exams and we know you have put in efforts. We are proud of you ok?smile

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