Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve - Picture Of LZ

Last pic of the year for my Babies! My lovely babies... There will slight change and hope everything goes well. I hope for a healthy & fulfilling year for us.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Christmas 2010

This Christmas, just don't feel like doing anything, not even cooking. We had our dinner at New York New York and it was great! On Christmas morning, as usual, the kids woke up early to open their presents. We may not be doing anything special but we had a great time on our own. Bliss...

The following day, we had a post Christmas barbecue with my in-law family. Not many picture coz everyone was busy eating & chatting.

Took this pic at the party... The height difference between the eldest grandson & the youngest one. Wonder if my boy will be as tall as his cousin...

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Beanie @ 22 Months

He enjoys satay! And that's his trademark smile for now!
Little Beanie 'talks' alot nowadays.  He picks up new words fast.  That's because whenever we talk, we could see that he listens and tries to say it too. Also, whenever we ask him to say something, he will tries his best to say it.  This evening, LZdaddy wanted Beanie to say "猪妈妈",  instead, he said "猪爸爸" Haha....  I couldn't stop laughing!  Smart boy!  He probably knew he shouldn't call me that! Hehe...

@ 22 Months

♥ he opens the freezer many times a day! Help himself to the ice packs (which I use it for bento), pancakes & ice! Of coz he doesn't eats the frozen pancakes, he shows it to me and I will heat it for him. In fact, he helps himself to any snacks that is within reach. And he loves playing with ice!

♥ When he knows I'm taking snack for him, he will get the bowl without me asking him to.

♥ He is such a sweetie!  Whenever he sees his siblings massaging for me, he tries to do it too.

♥ When we ask him what's his name & age, he is able to give us the correct answer.

♥ little one likes lego.  Here's a pic of him playing with a 'camera' that I did for him.

♥ My little helper tries to help me with the basket whenever we are out marketing.  Not only that, he grabs any items (that catches his eyes) and place it into the basket! Haha...  (Managed to capture a shot of him with the basket from the video clip)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ice Skating Time!

A good time to meet up with L's buddies, Rachel & Charmaine during school holiday...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Who Carries Me? ✽ Gingerbread Man

L loves to carry her little brother. She often offers to help me to carry him whenever we are out. My sweet princess...

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

We baked gingerbread man this afternoon...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Liverpool Supporter!

This t-shirt was passed down from L to Z and now to Beanie! It may be out of season but who cares!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Videos From Our Trip

Beanie walking around with his swimming diaper only. Z was walking with him, playing iphone! *faint*

My 3 babies having fun at the beach.

Bintan Club Med - Birthday Trip

The voucher I won is about to expire, end of this year.... We decided to use it as birthday trip for LZ and yes they are elated! And also now that Beanie is older, it is a good time for a family getaway. We are NOT so 'brave' to travel too far, not knowing what it will be like for Beanie's FIRST overseas trip. LZ wanted somewhere that they can have lots of fun and Clun Med came to my mind.

12th Dec
We left for Bintan Club Med on LZ's birthday. Words can't described how happy they were to leave for a family trip on their birthdays. It has been a long time....

My babies keeping themselves occupied with lots of snacks & phone games.

Finally we arrived! LZ can't wait to get to hotel!

Coz they have been waiting for gift exchange and pressies from their baby brother!

After checking out the hotel premises, we went for a dip in the pool.
We had a wonderful dinner and I've arranged for a birthday cake surprise for my babies! They were so shy when the group of staffs sang birthday song & walked toward them with the cake. Look at Beanie! He's more excited than his siblings!
After dinner, LZ joined the kids club for games.

13th Dec

We all woke up early, have a hearty breakfast & send LZ off to the kids club where they will have lots of fun stuffs to do. LZdaddy, Beanie & I went to the beach and spent some quiet time together. A well spent morning at the beach, enjoying the sun, sand & unlimited drinks... Hehe....

We went to check on LZ...  Z didn't want to join the kids club till evening.  Reason - he missed us!  Awww...  My this boy...  So in the end, they came back to us early. In, the evening, they joined the kids club for more fun again.  One thing I like is that we can leave them there/bring them back anytime we want.  LZ would go through the itinerary for the day and decided when they want to go.

14th Dec

Our checkout day.....  As we were only leaving Club Med in the evening, we were given another room upon checkout.  So our fun time continued....

Love this pic of my babies...  Holding hands and walking down carefully...

Needless to say, we went to the beach again.  This time, we even have the chance to feed the fishes! They were so excited to have such close encounter with the fishes!

We were all burnt!  My babies were sooooo reluctant to leave...  Especially L... She made new friends while in the kids club.

We had a nice dinner before heading to the jetty.....  Think the whole trip we ate alot!  My blogger friend, Astee was right, we spent our times on the beach & eat/drink non stop! Haha...

Love this pic of us!
One sad thing was that Beanie vomited on the ferry ride home...  It was raining and the ride was pretty choppy.  Glad that apart from this small incident, we had a wonderful time together..

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