Friday, June 30, 2006

Packing, packing.....

We will be leavin for Bintan tomorrow! We thought of going further but we were worried that Z may not sleep well. L is more adaptable.... I remembered we tried staying overnight at a chalet (their bdays) when Z was 1 yr old, he cried non stop that we have to get home in the middle of the night. If he is like that when we are in Bintan, it will be easier for us to get home.

Haiz... Packing for 3 of us giving me headache liao though it is going to be only 2 nights and I told DH that he will settle his things on his own. Will probably extend 1 more night if Z is ok....

Though I used to travel very frequent when I was working, it's different packing for my babies. This is their 1st holiday trip.

  • How many sets of clothes for them?
  • Did I missed out any medicine? Good thing I consulted my GP.
  • What kind of toys to bring for them? What if it rain? Decided that they should each pack a bag of toys and L brought colouring pencils too.
  • Should I bring more training pants or diapers or underwear for Z? Packed I bag of training pants (x10s) and lots of underwears!
  • Milk powder? Should I bring small tins for both? I packed it into small pastic bags and I got some samples from the clinic too.
  • How abt snacks? Lots of it! To keep them occupied during the ferry rides and when they are hungry. Snacks will definitely be expensive there.

I hope I did not missed out anything...... I decided to set rules for them too, telling them if they dun behave, there will not be anymore holiday for them. Daddy said if everything turns out well this time, we may go to Australia end of the year. Hmmm.... Why Australia? I would prefer New Zealand.....

Monday, June 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Por Por

We celebrated Por Por's birthday this evening at Crystal Jade Restaurant and went bk to our hse to have cake. Though it was a small celebration, all of us enjoyed it. My mom was happiest whe my kids were singing birhday songs for her, just look at the pics!

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Artwork - Sun

We did this artwork in the afternoon since we do not have plans to go out. I helped them to draw out their hands and they painted it with poster colours.

Then they used their fingers to draw the eyes and mouth, knowing that they will be happy to mess up their hands.I realised that the paper plates I've used were too big, I cut it smaller. We cut out the hand shapes and stick it to the bk of the plates with glue.
We were very happy with the results! They can't wait to bring it along for their show & tell!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Badminton & Gathering

We had badminton session with our friends again. Unfortunately the Tan family (Boon) was not feeling well and they did not joined us. This time, Annie decided to bring baby Leonard along for the session. He was sooo cute! Crawling around the court with my kids. Forgot to take some pics of them, will do that next time.

We had dinner at Crystal Jade and did marketing after. My babies' laughter can be heard at every corner of the supermarket. We will not be joining them next week coz we will be going on holiday! Looking forward to that.... Disappointed that William & Doreen will not be able to join us. :(

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Checkup For L & Z

L & Z went for their checkup this morning.... Z had the 2nd jab for Hepatitis A Vaccine. Both were checked on their eating habits and hearing too.

~ L ~
Weight: 21 kg
Height: 108.2 cm

Though she did her eye checkup recently in school, Dr Simon Ng decided to check on her eyes again. Perfect eyesight for her. She was asked to draw different shapes and she did it!

~ Z ~
Weight: 13.7 kg
Height: 89 cm
Cir: 50 cm

I was proud of him! Dr Ng showed him different pics and he named all of it. He was asked to stack the blocks and he managed to stacked more than 7.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Sesame Street

I picked the kids up early today..... L needed to change her passport photo. Yup, we are going for a short getaway and it will be their 1st oversea trip! When L was 1+, we planned to go for a trip but then I found out I was pregnant with Z. Trip was cancelled coz mommy had very bad morning sickness then..... Sorry Sweetie.

We went for the Sesame Street show with Safia & her 2 children.... Thanks to Sun and of coz not forgetting Glen for giving me gd seats for the show, we were sitting 2 rows from the stage.

They were either dancing or munching while watching the show. Glad that they enjoyed it.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

National Stadium

We were at the stadium this morning for the school's 'BIG' walk. Trip has been postponed twice coz of the rain. The older children enjoyed the trip more but not for the younger ones, don't think they know where we were or what's happening. They played some games and walked around the track. We visited the sport museum and Z enjoyed playing the drum in the museum.... Never knew there was a sport museum at the stadium.

We were lucky to see part of the rehearsal for the National Day Parade.

The last time I was at the stadium was in year 2000 to watch the Singapore - Liverpool soccer match, then I was 5 months pregnant with L. Are they tearing down the stadium? It will be sad though....

My mood was dampened by someone from the school. Think I have been too nice, always there to help and now they took advantage of me or is it because I'm easier to 'makan"? They asked if I would like to help for the day, and of coz I don't mind. That 'someone' then told me "you are here to help and not as a parent" What? You can't deny the fact that I'm a parent and I paid fees for my 2 kids! And I'm always willing to pay for the trip! Not forgetting that I'm not a trained teacher and it's the school's responsibilty to take care of them and not me!

Anyway, My children enjoyed the trip and lucky that they don't know such an incident happen to mommy. In future, I will not help when they ask me to and I will still insist that I follow Z for the trip (till he knows how to tell me what is happening) even if that means I have to find my way there on my own.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

We had dinner at Jack's Place...

Father's Day
Presents for Daddy!
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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Badminton & Gathering

We had lots of fun today, especially the kids! It has been a long time since we played badminton.... We met this afternoon for badminton and to celebrate Father's day. L and Z brought their toy rackets along, daddy and godpa taught them how to play while mommy were having fun.

It's the 1st Father's day for Lawrence & Boon. After the game, while waiting for Annie & Lawrence to pick up Leonard and Shirley & Boon to pick up something from home, William, Doreen & us went to toa payoh central. My babies had fun taking the rides, especially for Z, it was his 1st time taking the battery operated car. Then we went for dinner with the rest.

Z fell asleep on the way.... Had to wake him up. Have not seen Leonard for a few months and he has changed. We were talking abt the good old days.... We were the only one with kid, L. Whenever we come out for dinner, we were busy looking after our girl. Now looking at them, one couple busy entertaining Leonard and the other couple trying to feed Javier. I was telling them my 'ordeal' is over. Gagaga... Then they said don't laugh so soon, who knows, I may pop another one next year. Hmmm.... Right now I don't think I want to have another one, having my 2 little angels is enough for me. The ones that are free are William & Doreen, taking their time to have dinner. So Will & Doreen, buck up ya, Hope you guys will have a baby soon! L & Z had fun running around when we were chatting.

When it was time to go home, L wanted to stay overnight at godparents' house. When I told her no, she was so upset and I had to explain to her why.

We will be meeting again next week so I'm looking forward to that.... We were supposed to buy a cake for the daddies but we forgot abt it but never mind la, the thought that count mah.... Hehehe...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Every night before bedtime, they will have a bedtime story ( most of the time, if not too late or mommy/daddy not lazy, hehehe...) then L will say her prayer and Z will drink his milk. Recently, they have a new ritual, to sing songs/rythmes! Once Z climb into his bed, he will say,"mommy, sing song?" Gagaga... How can I say no?

L started saying her prayer more than 1 1/2 yr ago, then she asked me,"mommy, how do you talk to God?" Hmmm... How do you tell a 3 yr old how to talk to God? I told her to treat God like a friend, someone that you can confide to. Am I right? I think so.... She thank God for a peaceful day and to lead her the right way. If she is naughty during the day, she ask God to forgive her. When she started saying her prayer 1 yr ago, it was so sweet of her to ask God to take care of us and her bro and even our dog too! I was shocked! I didn't teach her that and slowly, she ask God to take care of her other family members too, like grandparents, aunties, uncles & cousins. Then her lists get longer..... Now, she ask God to take care of us, other family members, her friends and their family members and Singapore (she started mentioning Singapore when she knew that she is a Singaporean) too. I am very touch by her thought.... It was very sweet of my little girl to think of everyone in her prayer.

Z recently started to say his prayer too. He saw his jiejie doing it and he is learning from her. Again, I was very shocked! I have never forced them to do it. Of coz, his prayer is not as long as L and he's still learning to talk, he will say Thank you God and then 'Amen'. So cute hor?

I know the day will come when they will tell me that don't need me to tell them stories, sing songs with them. At this moment, I'm enjoying every minutes of it. Perhaps in future, they will be the one telling me stories when I am too old to read.....

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dino Again

Today L went to the Dino exibition again, the school organised the trip (for K1 & K2 only). Since she likes it, I allowed her to go again and coz they went to the omni theatre too.

When we picked them up, she was all excited and told me what was the movie abt and what were the things that she saw and did.

Then she did this drawing abt dino. So cute hor? Mommy dino has pattern on her (that's what she told me).

Sunday, June 11, 2006


We wanted to go the beach today but it has been raining.... They were disappointed but we had a gd time staying at home doing nothing.

Then in the evening, we went to concourse for steamboat. My babies were very well behaved, they sat with us for 2 hrs! It was worth it since children under the age of 5 do need to pay and they have discount for credit card.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Heartwarming Pic Again!

I LOVE this pic! While we were preparing to go out and wondering why it was so quiet. Then we realised that they fell asleep while waiting for us. It is soooo beautiful! Don't you agree?

Party Again....

We attended another bday party again.... This time is Adam's 2nd bday! There were waterplay but Z just recovered from flu, so I decided that both will not go into the pool and mommy is not feeling well too. Safia did a great job! They children had waterplay, bouncer & bubbles play too.

After the party, we went to Ngee Ann City. I bought some clothes for L few days ago and it was too small so had to change the size. Gosh! My girl is growing fast! I was quite sure that the size will fit her....

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Parents Teacher Session - Z

This morning we had the PTS with Z's teacher, Ms S. Z 's form teacher, Ms Liane were due to deliver so we had the session with the other teacher. I was disappointed but I do not want to delay his PTS. Anyway, whenever we pick up our children, Ms Liane will update me.

We looked at his file & progress book and were very happy with his progress. Teacher asked if we were concern with anything. We asked abt his interaction with his classmates, does he follow instructions etc. Ms S told us that Z interact/play well with his classmates. I was concerned for this coz when I asked him who does he play with, he always mention Joshie only. Ms S said that they are close to each other but when come to play, they will mix around with others. Ms L (another teacher) told us that he used to refused to wait for his turn but now he will patiently wait. His fav was doing puzzles, playing block & water play! Hmmm..... Very different when he's at home. He seldoms play with his blocks at home. He enjoys story time too.

I mentioned abt my concern when they go for their outdoor trips. I noticed that alot of attention were given to 1 of the students, eg. the boy likes to be carried. What if I am not with him for the trip (all these time, I always follow him for the trip so I was there for him)? Teacher's reply were don worry, we have enough teachers to handle. I was not very happy with the answer. Z is only beginning to talk and he can't express himself well. Sometimes I noticed that when the teacher has her attention on that boy, there's only 1 teacher left for the rest of the children. How will they handle it? Am I worrying too much? Maybe.... But we are talking abt a field trip. Our children safety come first. If the child is unable to be independant, then they should ask for a caretaker to come along ( that's what they have been doing, but I wonder why that boy doesn't need a caretaker). That's what I have been doing, I followed him for all his trip. When they went to the bird park, I do not need to follow him for trip but coz he didn't have a gd sleep the nite before, I decided to go . I do not want the teachers to spend time carrying my boy and neglecting the rest. I'll probably talk to his form teacher when she comes bk but meantime, I'll have to follow him for the trip.

Time passes very fast.... Z has been in school for a yr now. I am very happy that he is learning alot in school. Teachers are helping me to toilet train him now and when he is at home, he wears underwear only so hopefully he will be off the training pants very soon!

Monday, June 05, 2006

'Flower' For Me......

This evening when we picked them up from school, they came running to me, each holding on to a 'flower'/leaf. They excitedly told that they picked it for me, so sweet hor? Every now and then both will do something so sweet for me or daddy that will melt our hearts....

They were so excited when I told them they will have to prepare their dinner, pizza! As soon as we got home, both went to wash their hands. They had fun putting the ingredients and with lots of cheese. Dinner was great though it was just home made pizza. Hmmm.... Maybe I should do this more often ;).....

Sunday, June 04, 2006


We decided to bring them to the Science Center to see T REX, Sue & her friends.

They have a game corner: match the facts, who's eating what?, crossword puzzle, wheel of dinosaurs etc....

Trying to search for more bones.....

They started to play with their dinos as soon as we got home and even set up a little corner for them! See Z's pic, trying to eat the dino. Gagaga..... See the little stamp on their hands? We got it when we enter the place. Z actually doesn't need to ( child under the age of 3) but after he saw all of us have it, he insisted one too.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Hi5 Show

We met Grace and her children at 7 pm for the show. We were very lucky to get the tickets that are 3 rows away from the stage and we had a clear view of it.
Both my children were very excited when they saw the big poster! When the show started, L went to the front to dance. She asked Ollie to join her but he was shy.

Z enjoyed seating with me and munching his snacks with Joshie.

Both of them felt thirsty only after the show, while waiting for daddy to pick us up. :)

Mobile Artwork

I did this art work with L since Z was taking his nap. It was supposed to be all stars but decided to cut different shapes for her. She did a little cutting and I helped to make it better. It was a little difficult for her to put the clips together but after awhile, she managed to.

You need lots of patience to put the clips together and don buy the colourful clips coz it becomes loose and difficult to clip the paper. So if you want to do it, but the normal clips will do.

L was very happy when she saw the mobile moved (wind blows). What you need: coloured paper, paper clips & straws.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My New Car! - Z & Thank U Jiejie

Jiejie went out with por por today.... So our art work will have to wait till tomorrow. Z and me spent a quiet day together, wanted to bring him out in the afternoon but it was raining. :(

I decided to open 1 of his bday presents that has been hiding at the corner for a long time (almost 6months?). It was a car with lots of balls in it. He enjoyed playing in it.

Jiejie was very sweet.... My mom told me when ask her to choose a present for herself, she asked if she can choose one for her brother too. So sweet hor? She chose a remote control toy car in purple colour coz she said Z likes purple. Such a sweet loving jiejie. What did choose for herself? A strawberry shortcake eraser and a princess balloon. My poor mom, spent time with her and have to spent money too ;)......

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