Monday, March 31, 2008

Z's Best Friend

Last Tuesday while walking home from school

Z: Mommy, will you be my friend when I grow up?
We were talking about friends

Me: Of Coz! I want to be not only your friend, I want to your best friend. Can?

Z: Yeah! My mommy is my best friend!

Little thing like this made his day :) And mine too!

Bento #16

Bento 16
Left: star crackers & apples. Right: Pooh bear shaped bread with chocolate & peanut butter, star shaped hard boiled egg.

Since young, L has never liked peanut butter but the other day, she asked me to buy peanut butter with chocolate. Another spread that she has never liked was kaya. She told me recently she made sandwich in school and she had it with kaya and she liked it! I think as she grow older, she is not as fussy :)
Z's breakfast
Z's breakfast: Pooh & Tigger shaped bread with peanut butter, car shaped hard boiled egg.

Z loves eating the egg white but not the egg yolk. Everytime he has the egg, he will carefully remove the egg yolk. What does he do with the egg yolk then? He feed it to our dog! :D

My babies love bread, especially toast or plain. L can have 3 or 4 slices at one time! And Z usually take 2. If I am lazy to cook and I suggest having sandwich for meal, they will definitely say YES :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Best Friend's Party

It was Rachel's (L's best friend) birthday party :) LZ have been looking forward to that. They insisted on getting a pressie each for Rachel, which never happens before, usually I decide for them or L helped me.

LZ fell asleep on the way and it took them some time to warm up when we arrived. Rachel's mommy was very sweet, she make sure both my kids, especially L enjoyed the party. There were games, magic show, balloon sculptures and yummy food, prepared by Rachel's mommy. My boy was more interested in the food than the magic show. L, on the other hand, was very shy throughout and watch and played games quietly.

After the party, we went to the mall and there was magic show (again)! While watching the show, LZdaddy & me were invited to go on stage to assist the magician. We didn't want to but LZ insisted that we should. I think they were more excited than us :) I felt so uncomfortable being on stage but when I saw how happy my LZ were, it was worth 'embarrassing' myself in front of the audience :) For 'helping' out, the magician gave my babies balloon sculptures and pressies. Today, we drove home with lots of balloons sculptures and BIG smile on LZ's faces :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Labrador Nature Reserve

Our first visit to Labrador Nature Reserve. We was worried when we made the decision to go there... Wondering if LZ would enjoy themselves and the mozzies! My worries was uncalled for :) LZ had a great time!
It was very different from what I have seen on the Internet. The place has been upgraded! I was very happy when LZ make effort to read the signs, asked questions about war etc. Thank goodness LZdaddy was there to answer them. They said they will be the 'leader' :), leading the way. While walking, we saw soldiers patrolling the area and later, we saw more of them stationed there. LZ knew why, they said "to catch Mas Salamat!". They never complained at all when we need to climb the stairs, in fact they were the ones who wanted to :) and when we had to walk on slopes.
The slightly drizzle dampened our spirit a little but we promised to go back there again. Overall, it was a enjoyable trip. After that, we went to Vivo City and had a good meal at Hanabi Restaurant. The food was great and it was buffet style, but the manager could have been better. He was staring at us, I think it was because we we dressed very casual (wearing sport attire) and stinky (after a long day out)!?

Friday, March 28, 2008

His First...

Z went for his very first tae kwon do trial lesson. The instructor, is none other than my brother-in-law. He has been very excited throughout the week and I easily threatened to stop him from going for it whenever he is naughty. Hehehe...

Both my sister and my brother-in-law (BIL) are instructor cum referees. My nephew and hubby are crazy over tae kwon do too. Besides them, my cousin is also a black belt holder. Seems like it is just one of the things that Z will pick up eventually... We sent L for a trial lesson the last time with another gym but LZdaddy did not like it there and L tried fighting with didi after just one trial lesson. After discussion, we decided that it is best that Z learn it from sister/BIL though it is a little far from our house.

Z was a little shy when he saw my BIL and the rest of the students when they arrived (we were the first to reach). I realised that Z will be the youngest if he join this group. My BIL was very strict, which we like it this way. We don't want him to show favouritism to our boy. They started with greetings and warm ups, which Z struggled with it. They were so fast when doing the warm ups! Then BIL assigned a boy to coach Z with the commands and punches. This boy is only 10 (or 11) yrs old but he was very patient when coaching Z. Z was very serious and trying to learn as much as he can, of coz at times he was a little cheeky :)

During this time, LZdaddy and L went for dinner (Z & I had our dinner earlier). They came back as fast as they could to give moral support to Z :) LZdaddy was itching to kick and punch and he was eager to see how was his son's performance. L was eager to learn too... But due to the timing (she has ballet lesson on the same day), she would not be able to learn with her didi. Though she can't join, she was able to learn the commands and the punching through observation. I think my girl pick up very fast! LZdaddy happily coached her at the side :)

After some time, my BIL came over and checked on him. Z looked a little scared and he listened to what BIL said. He was able to follow the commands quite well and do the simple punching. There was also few break times and we encouraged him to join the rest. Some of the gorgors gathered around him and talked to him. I think he was very happy that he is finally hanging out with BOYS! Hahaha....

Towards the end of the lesson, Z had the opportunity to see the different belt color patterns, the students were preparing for their tests. Initially he was very enthusiastic but soon he was yawning. I looked at the time and realised it was 10pm! No wonder my boy was yawning.

When we got home, My sis called to tell me that BIL said Z has no problem joining the class. They usually don't take in students that are younger than 5. BIL observed and said that Z is very obedient and attentive. He also picked up fast. He said usually students can't remember the commands in one lesson but Z was able to do that. Good job, my boy! My sis is trying to coax me to let him join the Thursday class instead but Z will be very tired if it is on a weekday (he sleeps by 9pm). She said she would love to teach my boy :) LZdaddy is quite keen on Thursday too, coz he will not be so shy to join in the fun coz there are uncles and aunties learning from my sis.

Our concern is his arm. Z hurt himself when he was 20 months old and now we noticed that he left arm looked slanted. We afraid that if he does sparring, he may hurt himself again. My sis suggested that perhaps he should do pattern and not sparring. But what's the point of learning just the pattern? I would like him to do both. Now what I need to do is to convince daddy that it is ok to spar and I need assurance from sis and BIL that they will keep an eye on him. Also, I need to ask my boy again if he is really interested in learning. If he doesn't want to, we will not force him.

PS : Will post the video later! So stay tune :)

I Will Take Care Of You

The picture say it all! :) We had our lunch at the foodcourt after picking didi up from school.

Today L was very happy that she was able to go back to her kindergarten to visit her teachers. L's school hour ended earlier than Z as the school had celebration going on. Z was just as excited, he told his Chinese teacher jiejie is coming and the teacher was wondering why he said that *.* They have the same Chinese teacher.

L was a little shy when she saw her teachers. She visited her English teacher, Chinese teacher and computer teacher too. The computer teacher realised now that they are siblings :) Before we leave the house, she told me she has so much to say to her teachers. But when she saw them, she was quiet. The teacher commented that she has grown so much taller :)

We enjoyed the walk home today coz we had L walking home with us :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daddy's Favourite - Z's Artwork

Z painted a hedgehog for Daddy. It is daddy's favourite animal :)

Treasure Box - L's Artwork

L is very happy with the box she painted :) So am I!

Z's Eye-checkup Report

Finally we got the report. I think it should be ok, right? :)

Date of examination: 4th March 2008

LogMAR (I have no idea what all these mean, anyone care to explain to me :)?)
Right: +0.22
Left: +0.24

Computed Snellen
Right: 6/9.5p
Left: 6/9.5p

Stereopsis : Normal

Up till now, Z still remembers that he needs to rest his eyes after some time at the computer (better than me! Hehehe...), do not read under dimmed light and the eye exercises. Gosh! I am not setting a good example to my kids. They had to remind me :p

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mommy In Class

Parents were invited to sit in for Chinese enrichment class today. I was happy! I never get a chance to see how Z's performance in class (during chinese lesson), this gave me an opportunity to see how he behaved in class and I wondered if he speaks mandarin to his teacher.

I was the only parents initially till much later, another 3 parents joined in. The lesson started with them going through the words they have learnt from the past lessons. 这个学期的主题是动物和颜色。比如: 狗,猫,羊,猩猩,马,大象,骆驼,等等。 其他的字例如: 喜欢,看见,他,她和它,大和小。之后,老师会叫学生们造句。

老师问Z : 你会用'喜欢'吗?
Z 回答: 我喜欢吃鱼。

Then teacher asked him again with the word '看见'
His reply: 我看见妈妈。

老师问: 这是什么字?
老师: 你会什么?
Z: 我会画画。

I am impressed that he is able to form sentences with the words :) (He seldom speaks mandarin at home)

After going through the words, it was story-telling time. The teacher used picture cards to tell the story. Then she tested them by asking them to arrange the sequence of the story. Then it was the children's turn to read out another story. I think the story was tough for Z!

They also sang the children rhymes/songs and also role play the story, 龟兔赛跑. His favourite:

小老鼠 上灯台 偷吃油 下不来
喵喵喵 猫来了 叽哩咕噜

I realised that he wasn't interested in singing other songs. Below is a video of the 'happenings' in class.

They learnt something new today, shapes. I was so happy coz I just taught him shapes few days ago :) After all the fun, it was time for them to sit down for their paper work. I think the kids are so used to the routine that they all quiet down, took their chairs and went to their respective place.

I must say that I enjoyed the lesson throughout! :) It was a joy to watch Z and his friends!

Hand In Hand

On Monday, after school and while waiting for my friend to send us home, Z needed to use the toilet. So I asked L to bring him into the school. I couldn't resist taking a picture of them walking hand in hand when they came back :) I saw L pointing to things and talking to Z while walking back. I can't stop smiling when I saw it :) I think if other people saw me then, they probably thinks I was crazy. Hehehe....

They took a long time to come back.... I asked L where did they go, she said didi wanted to know where is the so called 'playground' (it was actually a garden) and she showed him the place and also explained to him what were the other children doing in school. He was curious about the playground coz he heard jiejie telling me her classmate fell at that place and hurt herself.

Talking about that, L told me one of the boys (from her class) snatched the girl's leaf (they were doing science lesson and teacher asked them to pick a leaf each for the lesson). The girl ran after him and fell. She was bleeding very badly. As a monitress, she and the monitor brought the girl to the general office for cleaning up. She told me she consoled the girl on the way to the office and kept her company till someone attend to her. I was very happy with the way she handled it and praised her. Seems like my girl is taking her responsibility seriously :) and I hope she will continue to do that.

Back to my babies... I am always very happy whenever I see my kids taking care of each other and get along so well. Sometimes, L wants to watch another program and Z would give in to her (or the other way round). I am glad that not only L is giving in to didi , Z is also giving in the jiejie. Of coz there are times that they don't :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Cupcakes

Easter cupcakes

I know Easter is over.... Meant to make this during weekends but I forgot about it till we were having the Easter chocolate eggs :p I asked LZ if they want to have it and they said yes :) and I know my friend's kids would love to have some (not shy hor? Hehehe).

I decided to use half of the mixture to bake some chocolate chip cupcakes for LZ's snack and the rest for the cupcakes. I baked it last night and put on the icing this afternoon. My initial plan was to use fondant to try to make bunny but was simply too lazy :p Hmmmm... I am sooo lazy! Anyway, I know LZ will be just as happy seeing the eggs on it :)

PS : May need to wait for a while to see the pic...

Bento #15

Bento #15
Left: Mini chocolate chip cupcakes & bunny shaped hard-boiled egg (I should have placed it properly so can see the face), right: strawberries & raspberries

I would call this a lazy bento :p I baked the cupcakes last night. Half of the mixture I baked these and the other half, cupcakes with frosting (which will be in the next post). All I need to do this morning was to boil the eggs (one for L and one for Z) and cut the stawberries. So don't you think I should call this a lazy bento? Hehehe....

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bento #14

On the sticks : terriyaki chicken, corn, button mushroom. Bottom tier : Shaped rice and grapes.

Most of the time, L's bento has lettuce and cucumber. She loves it without any dressing and always ask me to put it in her bento :) Save me the problem of thinking what veggie to put :p

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

LZ attended the Easter party organised by the church. They praised & worshipped Lord then they were divided into groups, according to their levels. Hence, LZ were in different group. I think the younger ones enjoyed more than the primary level.

It was a good idea that the church members brought them to the hall for demo baking session. The kids remembered better why there is Easter. The younger ones managed to play games and Z enjoyed it. But not for the primary schoolers.... L and her friend didn't get to play games at all. Halfway through the games, they had to 'change' places with the younger ones and go down to the other hall for the demo baking session.

Things were better when they get together to do art & craft. They each make a bunny bag and later collected their goodies with it.

Time passed so fast.... Though we didn't do much for the past few days, LZ didn't complained. At least they get to see a dog show today besides th party ;) And Z is happy that he has a longer break than jiejie (his school will be close tomorrow).

Mini Japanese Cheesecake

LZ's breakfast this morning, Japanese cheese cake which I baked last night. I think they like whatever I baked that is small in size :) It was a wise choice that I baked it in small cupcake.

LZdaddy didn't get the chance try when he came home. He couldn't believe that LZ finished everything. He didn't think that was yummy and he thought it was unsuccessful (it was my first attempt to bake cheesecake). Hmh! Don't play play huh ;)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Look What he Did!

We saw this in the sky while at the pool, Z said it was the shooting star :)

LZ had a great time at my BIL's place (brother-in-law) again. :)

My BIL was very sweet, he wanted them to stay overnight at their place so that LZdaddy and me can have some couple time. But LZ did not bring any extra clothes. Next time I should always standby few sets of clothes, then they can stay for a few days! Hehehe.....

After dinner, LZ were playing and talking to their Auntie. Out of a sudden, we heard L crying very loudly, which is not usual. She is a tough girl who doesn't cry even when she goes for her jab. She ran to us and told us didi bite her! We saw the bruise behind her back and it was bad. The others saw it and was shocked that Z did that as he always appeared to be very mild manner.

We found out that she teased him and he wasn't happy and he did that to her. I was angry! He shouldn't do that no matter what happen and this is the first time he did that. He would usually tell us and we would ask L to stop teasing him or they settle it themselves.

After lecturing him, he was asked to stand next to me and not talk at all. Z knew he was in the wrong and did as he was told. I was glad that non of our family members get involved when I punished him. If it happen in my Mom's place, I am sure she would stop me.

After few minutes, Z asked if he can join his sister. I told him yes and he walked towards jiejie and apologised to her again. Then they were back to their usual self, laughing and playing together. I do hope Z learnt a lesson from it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who's That? - Z's Artwork

Me : Who's that?

Z : That is jiejie and me! Hahaha....

Me : But why jiejie's hair like that?

Z : Mommy! That is jiejie's ponytail! You see the ribbon? (pointing at the pinky thingy on top of her head in the pic)

Jiejie protest: What? You mean I look like that? Nooooooo!

Z : YES! That is you! Hahaha....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bento #13

Bento #13
First layer (left) : Apple and mayonnaise (for pork cutlet). Second Layer : Quail eggs, edamame on sticks, pork cutlet, rice and carrots.

Think today I prepared a very sumptuous meal for her recess. There was so many things that I want to put inside :p Everything in the box today is LZ's favourites except that Z doesn't like egg yolk.

LZ like the pork cutlet :) They ate so much that there was none left for daddy. LZdaddy asked for it when he came back from work (he knew I would keep some for him). Maybe next time I should prepare bento for LZdaddy :) He likes it the last time I did that. That means I have to wake up much earlier than now and cook more! *faint*

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oh Man!

Before his phonics lesson

Teacher : How is your reading?
Z : Good!
I was surprised that he was so confident :)
Teacher : Great! We will finish the last few pages and I have 2 new books for you to read.
Z : Oh mannnnn! (with his hand on his head)

Me : Z, please turn off the TV now.
Z : Oh mannnn! ........


Me : Time for shower!
Z : Oh mannnnn! .......


L : Z, time to pack up!
Z : Oh mannnn! ......

Whenever we ask him to do something, he says that. *faint*

Monday, March 17, 2008

Grown Up?

L removed her tooth today. She did it without my knowledge! I am not angry... It just that I feel that my girl doesn't need me anymore... *SOB*

She went to the clinic during recess (after having the maki) and have it pull out.

L : Dentist, can you please check whether can pull out my tooth.

Dentist : (after checking) Can. You want to pull out or not?

She thought for a while and decided to pull it out. It was smart of her to go to the dentist after her meal. She said she didn't feel any pain :) So cool right?

I think when I was at her age, I don't dare to do this on my own. Nowadays, kids are so different or it was me that was the odd one :p

She excitedly showed me her tooth after school (she was holding on to it when I picked her up). My girl, mommy is very proud of you :) Doing things on your own and making your own decision. But certain things you still need to ask ok? :) I want to feel that you still need me, can? :)

While waiting for her after school, I saw some P1 students showing their mommies their EZlink cards. I thought to myself that L will do that too. No, she didn't. So I thought she yet to collect her card or she forgot to show me.

When we got home, she said she has a surprise for me :) She took out her card from her wallet and flashed it to me! I knew my girl will not forget to share with me her excitement! She said she is a big girl now and can take bus on her own. On second thought, she decided to pass the card to me for safe-keeping. She said she doesn't want to lost it and we usually take bus together. See? My girl still need me.. Hehehe...

My girl has grown so much! Not only her appearance, also her thinking and her behavior. Of coz there are times she behaves like a baby :) She wants me to carry her like one *FAINT*

Bento #12

Bento #12
assorted maki and water apple

I am so happy! Not for what I had prepared today but that my girl is finally eating seaweed :)

L has never likes maki, something that I have been trying to coax her to eat. She loves salmon sushi but not maki, not even with her favourite cucumber. The thing that she doesn't like : seaweed. I realised most kids love seaweed, including my boy. But not my girl... I never give up asking her if she would like to try...

Few days ago, I casually ask her if she would like to have maki for lunch and she said YES! I was surprised :0 I was expecting a "no thank you" answer. I even standby something else for lunch for her. I asked her to try one first.... Then she asked for more! That afternoon, I was very busy preparing maki and sushi for both of them. I don't even have time to sit down to eat with them! :)

She asked me if I could prepare maki for her snack, of coz I am most willing to :) When Z heard that, he said he wants that for lunch as well! And L said that too! Needless to say what we had for lunch today.. Hehehe....

Sunday, March 16, 2008


We visited Ah Ma this afternoon.... LZ spent time with their Uncle as we were lazy to get into the pool :p And daddy's leg is still hurting from Gout.

After seeing L at the pool, LZdaddy decided that it was time to change her coach and we will not wait till we find a new coach. He said that her stroke is wrong and no point in continuing with the coach after hearing what I had told him. I told LZdaddy the other day I told the coach that I noticed her stroke was wrong and instead of going into the pool to correct her, he said "ya... it is wrong and I have told her that" . I was expecting him to go inside the pool to guide her or show her what she did was wrong.

I know she will miss her friends.... But there is no point to continue paying the fees and she is learning the wrong. Z will miss having fun with Joseph (my friend's son) and I will definitely miss chatting with my friends....

Cookies Again!

This time I used another recipe. I decided to pipe chocolate on top. I think they looked so cute! LZ said they like this better, no sure if they like the taste better or because of the chocolate *.*

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Z hurt himself while going to the kitchen to wash his hand, before meal. I just washed to kitchen floor and before I could tell him to be careful, I heard him crying.... He hurt himself at the sink cabinet. My poor boy, he was limping throughout the day...

Heart Shaped Fish - Z's Artwork

This was a Valentine's Day Drawing but he completed it only this week. Heart-shaped head, body and tail. I think he did quite a good job with the shading :)

Did I mention that his nickname is kissing fish? :) He kisses us many times a day. Sometimes, we scream "Oh no! The kissing fish is here! " . We run away from him and he chases us. He enjoys this and so do we :)

L's Artwork - My Family

I didn't know that is how I look in her eyes! Daddy is so slim and didi's hair so short! Hahaha....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hip Hop Class

Z is in orange and white t-shirt (front row) and L in white t-shirt (back row)

For the past 4 days, LZ has been attending a hip-hop holiday programme with Rachel. I was so happy to find this holiday class for them and that Z has a friend who was in the class too. Besides learning hip-hop, the teacher played games with them too. After the 1 st day, LZ can't wait to show me what they have learnt in class, especially L :) "mommy, are you ready to see my performance?". The subsequent days, they showed me less but talked more about how much fun they had.

On the last day, we were in the classroom 10mins before it ends. We had to chance to see what the kids had learnt. I think the kids felt awkward with us (& the rest of the parents) inside the classroom, all arming with video cams & cameras. Honestly, I don't think they learnt much and the teacher can't really control them.... What most important is that they had fun and I had the chance to chit chat with Michelle :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snow City

After LZ's lesson ended (holiday programme which I will mention in a later post), we headed off to Snow City with Blessed Mom and her 2 princesses. I was late picking them up coz I needed to find 'thicker' clothing for them. It was tough coz LZ are not afraid of cold so I don't buy 'thick' clothing for them and they have never been to cold countries and we have never been to this place.

We had a quick lunch at Macdonald... My poor boy, being outcast by the 3 girls... :( Never mind.... Auntie Michelle and mommy 'sayang' him.

It was raining after lunch and I was wondering then if we made the right choice to go today. Weather cold and it was colder inside Snow City. But looking at their faces and saw how excited they were, I know we were right :)

Getting them to dress up was soooo tiring! Besides putting on a long sleeve t-shirts, they wore thin jackets, waterproof pants, boots & thick jackets (from snow city). Michelle was very sweet to prepare 3 additional sets of gloves for us and a scarf for Z. That save us some money ;)

Finally we were ready to brave to cold! It was not as bad as I thought it would be.... I was only wearing a 3/4 sleeve t-shirt and a thick jackets. LZ felt the same too... L spent lots of time with her friends and left Z and me :( He seemed ok with it and he enjoyed my company most ;)Hehehe...

L enjoyed sliding down the slope most, going up countless of times with her friends. Z enjoyed playing with the snow more. He didn't like having to queue and he will go for it when I say there was no one queuing up. Both enjoyed making snowballs :) I wished I had more pictures of them playing but we were not allowed to bring in camera. I had to buy the pictures from them and it is expensive!

When we came out of the place, both their faces were so rosy! I am glad that we have arranged this outing and we enjoyed it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cable Car Ride

Today is a special day :) We registered our marriage 8 years ago.... We don't usually celebrate on this day, only on our customary day. But since it is the school holiday, LZdaddy decided to spend time with us :) How sweet!
Cable car ride

We never thought of spending the day without the kids, so whatever we planned for the day was for them :) We have talked about going for cable car ride for a long time and today we fulfilled their wish :) It was Z's first ride and L's 2nd ride. Did they enjoy it? They sure did :) (though it was raining on our ride back)
Here we go!

What was he looking at?

Transparent flooring! That's what he was looking at! We chose the glass cable car.

View from cable car

Despite the heavy downpour when we arrived at Sentosa, we had a nice time drinking coffee and eating snacks :) We wanted to go for the 4D Magix but there was a long queue, most people do not have umbrella with them like us, can't go anywhere. We decided to head back and shopped at Vivo City.

In the evening, we had dinner at Mingles, a restaurant at Playground. They served good sausages and ice cream but the main course doesn't come with any side dishes like potato or fries, you will have to order it. Service was very good :)

Tomorrow is another fun day for LZ with their friends. They do not know what I have planned for them, hope they will enjoy as much as today :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cartoon Character Cookies


Bought the cutters quite awhile ago and finally got to use it today :) I was planning to let LZ play with it but the recipe I used today was too soft for them to handle :( They only did the stamping of the faces, I promised them I will find another better recipe and they will be able to do more than just stamping.

I didn't like it as it was not sweet enough and not much butter taste but LZ like it. My friend and her girl like it too. Rachel's mommy said it taste nice except it wasn't sweet and it was just nice for the kids. As usual, Rachel was just like LZ, like what I baked :)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Good News From Godparents

In the evening, we meet up with LZ's godparents for dinner. Godma has not been feeling well coz she is PREGNANT! I have not told LZ the good news until today.

Me : Babies, later when you see godma, please don't jump onto her like you used to ok?

LZ : Why?

Me : Because godma is having a baby and she has not been feeling well. You guys have to be very gentle with her.

L : You mean she has a baby in her tummy now? When is the baby coming out?

Z : Is the baby boy or girl? Is the baby coming out now?
See how excited they are? :) The asked lots of questions that I can't remember all!
Me : Hahaha.... Yes, baby is in her tummy now. No, baby is not coming out now and will only be born in September. It is too early to tell if baby is a boy or girl.

Z : Is it a long time? I hope baby is a girl.

L : She started counting how many more months... Didi, it is a long time to September. I hope baby is a boy
Then they start fighting over who is right.

When they saw godparents, they asked the questions all over again and both were fighting to sit next to godma. :)

My dear friend, may your morning sickness go away soon and may you have a smooth pregnancy and deilivery. Stay cheerful ok? :) You know anytime both you and Will need any help, we will be there. I can be your advisor too! Hehehe....

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Playground @ Big Splash

Before leaving the house, both of them set up a 'playground' for their soft toys :)

We were planning to go somewhere but in the end we spent our afternoon at the Playground :) It is so different now! I don't see the slides anymore.... It sure does bring back memories. By the time we had our lunch at KFC, we missed some programmes organised by the management.

Since the weather was hot and there's an indoor kids playclub - Frisk 'n' Romp, we decided to let LZ had fun. There were staffs looking after them and story telling session too. LZdaddy and me then took a walk and had coffee. Halfway, I went back to the gym to check on LZ. The had so much fun that both their hair were wet! I was glad that I popped back coz they were very thirsty.

The weather was so HOT that LZ struggling to keep their eyes open!

Just as I was busy taking pics of my little ones and looking at them, the management from the gym approached and asked if it was OK for the radio staff to interview me. So if you have been listening to FM 95 at about 1430hr, you would have heard my voice live from the playground :) Hehehe.... The person who interviewed was none other than GLENN ONG! Before the interview, he asked where was my kids, whether are they enjoying themselves, how old are they etc... After a short introduction about me and my kids on air, I was asked to tell the listeners how I know about the place and opinion after the revamp and also the gym (obviously).

After the interview, I took a pic with him :) Knowing LZdaddy would be jealous! Coz he likes to listen to FM95, especially FD and Glen. I did called daddy who was drinking his coffee downstairs. I was hoping he was the one talking instead of me (I am very shy, hehehe....) but it was very noisy that he didn't hear me saying that Glenn was there. LZ was very curious what was happening as everyone was watching their mommy talking to this 'tall' guy(he was wearing the kangoo jump).

After that, we went to the book store get more assessment books for LZ and we thought we could make it back there in the evening to catch fireworks but daddy's car aircon broke down and the weather was very hot :(

Z's 4 Year Old (overdue) Checkup

It was a long overdue checkup for Z.... He was due for checkup last December but I have been so busy and I forgot all about it. Last year the same thing happened and now again! Sorry Baby.... Mommy broke my promise :( I quickly booked an appointment for him yesterday. Last year we did his checkup in March too, so it is exactly one year... So not very late right? Oops! Finding excuse is a NO NO!

Doc checked on :

  • his weight, height, head cir. He is on the 50 percentile.
  • he asked him questions and he is able to answer in proper sentences.
  • Doc showed him some pics and he is able to name it.
  • Doc drew the shapes (triangle, square, rectangle & diamond). Z was asked to drew it and he managed to do it.
  • Eyesight checked
  • Penis checked
Weight : 17.4 kg
Height : 103.2 cm
Head Cir : 52 cm

I told Doc I am concern that he has been cutting down on his milk intake. He doesn't want to take his powdered milk anymore. I gave him fresh milk and sometimes he doesn't really want it too. Doc told me I can give him other dairy products and his milk intake for now is about 500ml. Seems like what I have been doing is right, giving him more cheese, yogurt, and fresh milk...

Doc said he is progressing very well and he said it is not necessary for him to go back for his 5 year old checkup.

Friday, March 07, 2008

L's Artwork

Another hot-air balloon painting :) But this time, it is from L...

Bento #11

Fried rice with sausages, strawberries & kiwi berries (this is miniature kiwi, the size is like grape)

I was supposed to prepare something else for L but I woke up late :p I have time to cook fried rice only... Sorry Sweetie..

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Progress Report

L received her progress report for the term. My girl did very well! Yeah!

According to the report, she get ticks (on the smiling face) for the following:


  • Able to understand basic term used in Big Books (text books that are used for the lessons)
  • Able to use capital letters and full stops appropriately in writing
  • Able to spell words in context with the Big Books
  • Able to read one of the Big Books fluently
  • Able to list number bonds for numbers up to 10
  • Able to add and subtract numbers within 10
  • Able to display ability to solve simple arithmetic mentally
  • Able to solve story sums involving addition and subtraction
Mother Tongue
  • Able to understand and follow instructions in MT language
  • Able to read passages fluently in MT language
  • Able to converse willingly in MT language
  • Able to identify parts of the body
  • Able to identify parts of the eye
Character Education
  • Able to ask questions for clarification
  • Able to stand or sit up straight
  • Able to show creativity in completion of activity

General Conduct : Very Good

Well Done Sweetie! I am so proud of you!

I just found out from her communication form that they have mid year exams! Gosh! Her MT teacher also did a mock up with them for the listening comprehension. We also got the timetable when she will be having the papers. I explained to her that teachers will be testing them on what they have learnt for the past half year. She seems cool about..... Probably she doesn't really understand. I think it is better this way... I just hope she will remember to double check the papers when she has completed. This is something that I have to remind her all the time (when we are doing school homework/ homework given by me).

I also found out that they teach them computer (once a week)and mental sums. She always looks forwards to her computer lessons and she asked me to test her on mental sums too. How come I never get to learn these in school? :)

ps: She told me she is the youngest in class again.

L & Her Friend

The girls before their swimming lesson

L and Rachel has know each other since nursery. I remembered when they were in K1, Rachel told me "Auntie, you know L is my best friend?" :) Even though they were 'separated' when they were in K2, they are still in contact and are still best of friends.

It is difficult to meet up nowadays as they are in P1 but Rachel's mommy & I try our best to arrange for the girls to meet up. We signed them up for 2 courses together :) One of them is swimming. The girls always look forward to swimming lessons! Even our younger ones are close with each other's jiejies. But there are times where they wish their younger siblings would leave them alone ;) They play games and ignore the younger ones or if the game they play need one person to be out, they would play it in a way that the rest will be out except them :)

I hope our girls will be able to maintain this friendship :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

An Unpleasant Incident

On Monday night, L told us one of her classmates pinched her. We were upset and angry. This is not the first time the boy has been naughty towards her! There a few incidents, he called her names, tripped her and last week broke her watch.

This time, he is too much! He pinched her! She told me while she was walking towards the gate the boy pinched her. L informed her science teacher and her teacher said she would tell him off. I asked L did the teacher told him off, she said no. She didn't tell me till we reached home. If I have known earlier, I would have walk into the school and confront the boy.

We decided not to let the matter rest, so today I went to school and look for her form teacher. I told her about the incident and she was shocked! I was surprised that the science teacher did not inform her. She assured me she will do something about it.

In the evening, L told me if she is in an all girls school this will not happen. Sorry Sweetie.... That such things happen to you...

On Tuesday after my duty at the Maths Activity, I spoke to her form teacher. She was not informed of the incident, she assured me she would do something and would inform me the outcome. I told her we would like the child's parents to be inform. I hope they have a good talk with their kid.

After that, I met L during her recess. While we were at the canteen, I spoke to some of her classmates. Apparently this boy has been going around bullying others, including students from other classes. To my horror, I found out that he just punched someone on the face (their classmates saw it)! It is so unfortunate that my girl has to be in the same class as him.

Today I asked L if the teacher talked to the boy and what was the outcome. She told me that the teachers (including the science teacher) spoke to him and asked him to apologise to her. But I am disappointed the teacher did not tell me anything.... :( This evening, we decided to sms the teacher and asked her what was the outcome. She replied that she has spoken to the boy's father. He said that he will discipline his child and monitor his behavior closely. She also said that she has reprimanded him and changed his seat away from my girl.

Haiz..... I hope he will stop his nonsense not only to my girl but to others as well.... And hopefully he has learnt his lesson now that he is given another chance....

For my girl, I told her to stay away from him. I know it is difficult as she is the monitress in class but I told her if the boy is noisy in class, she should get the monitor to talk to him instead of her. Besides these incidents and the boy, L gets along very well with her classmates, I can tell her classmates enjoy her company and she enjoys school :) For instance yesterday during recess, I couldn't find her. I asked her classmates where was L, they immediately go around the canteen looking for her. I has to stop them as it is their recess. So sweet of them right?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Maths Activity - School

I am so tired.... Have been helping out in the school with the Maths Activity for P1 for the past 2 days, though it was only 1 hour each day..... I usually use the time in the morning to prepare lunch while they are in school and do my daily chores. For these 2 days, I had to get up much earlier (before daybreak) to prepare....

Let talk about the Maths Activity :) It is good to know that the school organise such activity (perhaps other school do that too) for the P1 & 2 (I heard other levels will be at a later date). The game consist of : using 9 cubes to create shapes, games on addition & subtraction, more than/less than, memory game, even/odd numbers, etc. The kids had fun :) L's favourite was the 9 cubes, which I was in charge :)

I am so glad that I volunteered for the activity as it gave me an opportunity to meet up with L's classmates :)

Eye Checkup - Z

Z did his eye checkup today. He came home with the stickers and he remembered what they had told him :) To rest his eyes and not to face the computer for too long.

Yet to get the result.... Hope it is ok.... :)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Bento #10

Mini breaded chicken burger with mayonnaise, lettuce and cucumber. Fruit : Kiwi fruit & blueberries

I am very happy with what I have prepared for L's bento today :) I used a foil to wrap half of it so it is easy for her to hold and a toothpick to hold the burger together.

Today I managed to spend some time with her during recess. My girl was very proud of me when her friends saw what I have prepared for her :) I think I looked like a proud girl getting praises from her mommy instead :p That gave me motivation to prepare more bento for her :)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Their Ambitions

The other day, Z told me

Z : Mommy, I want be plane driver.
He's so cute! To think he said plane driver!
Me : Oh! You mean, pilot right?
Z : Yes! I want to be a pilot! I want to fly an aeroplane!

Before that, he said he wants to be a policeman again

Me : Why you want to be a policeman?
Z : Because I want to catch all the bad guys!

L is thinking of becoming a teacher :) No longer a doctor. She is quite firm on that. I think it must be the influence she got from her form teacher :) She wants to teach the little ones. She loves babies and little kids!

L : I want to be a teacher!
Me : Why?
L : I want to teach them everything, to be good also.

I remember the last time she didn't want to be a mommy :) Now.....

L : I want to be a mommy
Me : You sure? I thought the last time you don't want to be one?
L : Yes! Mommy can have babies! I looooooooove babies! But mommy doesn't want anymore baby :(
Me : ...... (I refused to respond to her last sentence) Then you must wait till you have completed your studies, you are married then you can think of that ok?
L : What! Such a long time?
Me : Mommy waited a long time before I have you too. But it is worth waiting.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Dinner @ Tiffany

LZ outside the cafe

Another great gathering with my auntie's family @ Furama City Centre, Tiffany cafe. We actually made a mistake :p We made reservation at Furama Hotel but we met at the city centre instead.

Justin is a big eater, just like LZ :) They ate throughout the 3+hrs! The selection was not too bad, mainly on local fare. Z was disappointed this time they didn't serve any satay but LZ were happy with the dessert section :)

Spending Power

L learning the proper way to use fork & knife.

L has been very excited with her pocket money ever since she started P1. The money that is not used for the day, she will save it in her piggy bank.

At times, she comes home with some stuffs she bought with her allowance. I was quite upset with it. I had cut her allowance once. The last time was because she bought yakult almost everyday and also bought some things from the bookshop. I would rather she buy fruit.... I think this is a common problem that some parents will have to face when their kids go to P1..

Then recently I increased it back to $2, worry that she may not have enough and I would like her to save more money and worry if she lost some of it. Less than 2 weeks ago, she came home with something that she bought from the bookshop again. I was angry! She went to the bookshop with her classmate, they saw something that was very cute, a small notepad. Her friend asked her to buy it and she did! I ever told her that if she really like something from the bookshop, let me know and I will decide if I should get it for her as I am in the school quite often.

Me : Why did you buy this?
L : My friend asked me to buy this. Very cute right?
I think she regretted the moment she said that
Me : Yes it is cute but you don't need it. You friend ask you to buy and you bought it? Why can't she get it?
L : .......
Me : I am disappointed with the way you spend money. I told you many times, only buy things that you need and spend it wisely. I will have to cut your allowance till you know how.
L : Sorry mommy.... I will not do it again.

She asked if I could give her another chance. Looking at her sad face, I obliged... I may be harsh with her but I do not want her to spend daddy's hard earned money this way and I hope she understand... Whole of last week, I am very happy she spent her money wisely :) Everyday, she told me whether she spent any money and she is also very happy that her little piggy is heavier now :)

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