Monday, November 30, 2009

Pic Of LZ - Nov 2009

Photos taken on the day Beanie turned 9 months old.

Whenever I want to put Beanie on one of their beds, both will fight for it.  L & Z love having their baby brother playing on their beds.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Date @ Kitty Lab

Today was the last day of the Kitty Lab.  I am so happy that LZdaddy came back early, otherwise I won't be able to have a date with my princess.  I will have to bring my 2 boys along.... It is something that we have been looking forward to,  mommy & daughter date.

The place is awesome!  It is a mini Sanrio town!  We were most impressed with the Kitty food displayed at the cafe (one if the stations), so cute! Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any pics. But I broke the rules!  Took a few snapshots of L, sneaking to corners to take pics or when the staffs not looking...  But she was feeling so guilty that she was not smiling.  Hehehe... I know it's not right for me to do this but I wanted to keep a few pics of our date and what we did. 

Before we begin our mission, L took a pic with a huge KTA(Hello Kitty DNA module).  There are total of 13 stations, including a Kitty Police Station just in case we lost our way.  We were each given a KTA  to play games at all stations & to get the characteristics chosen for our kitty.  The KTA is quite cute, it glowed on the cheeks and changed colour whenever we completed a station.

It was fun playing the games at different stations with my girl.  We imitate the sound of slurping noodles, playing SPS(scissor, paper stone), shake our bodies, wave our hands, choosing attire for our very own Kitty, etc...

At the end of our mission, we collected our own Kitty ID card.   I got a Ninja Kitty, believes patience is the truth and L got a Superstar Kitty, draws a lot of attention on the stage.  We also got a good citizen badge coz we completed it within the time.

Though the event is over, you may be interested to visit the website (link is on my first paragraph).  They have a video of how the place looked like or you may want to google it.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A little Surprise

LZdaddy has been away for about 2 weeks and we missed him, even though we used Skype and were able to see him everyday.   He has been traveling frequently and we never thought of using Skype till this trip. Aiyo... Wasted so much money on phone calls...  My babies were so happy that they get to see daddy every night before bedtime.

He was able to come back early since he has finished his work there and we didn't tell LZ that he will be back tonight.  I told them (last minutes) since we were so bored having home-cooked meals everyday, we shall go to the airport for dinner. I also gave a silly excuse that I have not been driving in the night for a while and worried I may be lost when we pick LZdaddy up in a few days time.  They have no clue about the surprise!

We were early and took a slow walk around, taking pics and choosing which restaurant for dinner.  LZ were very well behaved throughout, knowing that I was alone with them.  We finally settled at Pasta de Waraku Restaurant coz Z was attracted to the display.

They were looking at the menu and had no idea when LZdaddy walked in!  L got a shocked when he kissed her from behind!  Z were shocked too and he looked at LZdaddy as if he didn't know him!  Beanie gave him a 'blur' look!  Hahaha....  They looked so cute!

After all the hugs & kisses, we quickly placed our order as it was getting late.  The food and service was great.  I wondered if it was because we were hungry or it was really that yummy or they were overcame with excitement or all that I mentioned?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lunch Date

Lunch date with Michelle aka Blessed Mum and her girls. Can you see the contrast for the 2 pictures?

The girls.....

My boy.....

 Michelle, I hope Nicholas will grow up fast fast!  Then the 2 boys will have fun just like our girls. I can't imagine what will it be like when 2 of us go out with 7 kids.  Hahaha...

Before going home, LZ took pics with Santa & reindeer!  Too bad Beanie was on my carrier and tough to take pics for him... Gotta try taking some Christmas pix for him.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

LZ @ The Beach

After 1st day of church holiday camp, we meet up with our friends at the beach.  While waiting for them...

L looked for seashells...

Z started playing with sand...

Beanie can only looked on coz I didn't bring anything to clean him up...

Can't resist taking a few more shots of them.  Wanted to take closer shots of them but can't leave Beanie alone... I was at the beach alone with 3 of them till my friends arrived. LZdaddy left for business trip again...

LZ promised to behave and not get to close to the sea.  They waited patiently till my friend arrived, when there's someone to keep an eye on them for me.

While I was happily chatting with my friend and feeding Beanie (dinner), L excitedly run towards us with a dead crab.  I don't think she would dare to hold it if it was alive.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where's My HP?

LZ love to play with my hp. They use it to record sound, video, watch cartoon, play games AND take lots of pics!  Are you wondering why I have cartoon in my hp?  There's a few cartoon video clips that come with the hp and Z loves to record cartoon programme with it too.  He did it so that they can watch it when they are bored!  I have lots of trial games in the hp and they are happy playing it though it is not the full version games.

I wanted to post pics that were taken by them but quite lazy... 

Does your kids do that too?  If not, my kids must be weird...

His First Grafitti!

See what my Beanie did! He drew on the floor with a marker and admiring his work!  I better keep all the markers from the easel before he starts drawing on the wall....

Friday, November 20, 2009

PTS & Last Day Of School - L

I think all classes took their report books and had their parent-teacher sessions (PTS) done few days ago except my girl's class.  Her teacher had to go for exams and we didn't get to see her till today.  Since she was not around for the PTS day, we were given a choice to speak to her through the phone or to speak to her personally.  I personally prefer to speak to her in person. LZdaddy actually change his flight so that he can attend the PTS before the teacher gave out the letter of change of date.  Unfortunately he can't postpone his flight schedule any further.... Haiz...

I met her Chinese teacher few days ago for the PTS. Teacher's feedback was better than mid year and I was glad to hear that.  L is still as talkative as ever BUT she knows when is the time to 'switch off'!  Hahaha...  Gotta remind her not to talk to much.  Her Chinese has improved and she spoke more mandarin compared to 1st half of the year.   She also comment that L is a very expressive girl and told me how expressive she was when she did her oral (she wrote a compo on her ambition  in mid year and had to present it to class).   She also said that L is very proud of ME preparing cute bento for her which she mentioned in her compo writing (for oral this year)!  Wow! 

Back to PTS with her form teacher...  I think L talked alot about us to her teacher coz her teacher mentioned that she can tell we are a close-knit family and L is very proud of us and her brothers. AND she talked and showed her teacher the bentos I prepared (again)!  Aiyo... *Shy*

We talked about her results and her teacher said all her subjects improved and that includes her Chinese!  Yeah!  She would have scored full marks for her Maths if she has not make careless mistakes.  I was surprised she scored full marks for problem sums and made mistakes in MCQ instead!Aiyo...  Anyway, what most important is that she did very well this year!  She scored Band 1 for all subjects and was 4th in class!  Her teacher was very happy for her and praised her.  We are very happy and proud of her!

Next year, L will be in P3 and in the top class.  I think it will be stressful with all the the top students in the class and they will be doing higher Maths.  Higher Maths?!  I never know they have that in P3!  Very different from my time!   From next year, she will also be doing a new subject, Science. 

After recess today, the whole of P2 reshuffled to their new classes and  L already knew who are her new classmates.  Out of 40 students, 10 were from her class and she was so happy to know her besr friend from school will be in same class as her.

I am very proud of my girl and very happy that she did very well this year. She worked hard to get such fantastic result and not forgetting LZdaddy was the one who revised her work with her,  I praised my princess and also remind her to work on her weakness, that is less careless mistakes. 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last Day In Kindy & Progress Report

It was the last day for me to pick Z up from the kindy....  This year was not easy for me when I had to fetch or send Z during my confinement (at times), when I had to bring Beanie along when he was a newborn and especially when it was raining.  I am grateful to the teachers and aunties (from school) to help me out at times.

I know Z gonna miss his friends and the playground.  Yup, the playground too.  The school has new playground and everyday (almost) for the past weeks,  we stayed back a little while so Z can play with his classmates.  

On the other hand, he looks forward to primary school. He wants to buy food on his own, go to the bookshop, meet new friends etc... He has heard so much from his sister about primary school life that he can't wait to check it out himself. I am looking forward to next year too coz I can pick up my older babies from one place.

We are very happy with his progress report and we know he has done well.  Below is what the the Principal (she is also his teacher) wrote:

Z tries his best in his work and has given excellent work this term.  He will be able to meet the challenges in primary one with confidence.  We will miss you and Jesus loves you.

Self Feed

My little Beanie is able to pick up his snacks using pincer grip!  Another achievement!  Well done Beanie!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gifts From...

L bought these from the school fund-raising jumble sale (for the needy children) today and this year, again, I forgot to give her extra money to buy things. Aiyo!  What is wrong with me??  Have been very forgetful lately.

Last year, she bought a bear for her brothers,you can read about it HERE.

I am surprised without extra pocket money from me, she was able to buy so many things and everyone at home has a gift!  So sweet of my princess! I thought she skipped meal to buy these but she told me she ate something light and her friend gave her bread (that was extra and she didn't ask for it ok :p) so that she can help the needy kids.  These items were donated from parents and it cost from 10 cents onwards.

She told me she ate as fast as she could so she can hunt for presents for all of us and how she went through the stores and stuffs to look for these.  She didn't randomly pick something for each of us, she actually thought of what we would like and this touched me.

I teared.... OK Ok... I am too emotional... But I can't help it.  I am very touched by what she did, not only on buying stuffs for us but also she spent whatever she had in her wallet to help the needy ones. Sweetie, THANK YOU for the lovely gifts and we want you to know that we are very proud of what you did!

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