Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My grouchy little baby...  He was very tired and hungry.. It was tough feeding...  Usually I have to let him take a short nap before meal but today he didn't.

'I'm A Mom' Blogger Contest

Remember the video shoot I did a few weeks ago?  The video is ready and the CONTEST is ON!  I am honored to be one of the 5 blogger moms to be selected for the contest organised by DUMEX.

The contest is open from now till 10th November to all residents of Singapore and foreigners residing in Singapore. You can vote once everyday and have a chance of winning too! Please visit 'I'm A Mom' Blogger Contest  to vote for me!   Every vote means alot to me and THANK YOU for voting for me.

Please do visit and join DUMEX Fanpage. Keep yourself updated with the latest motherhood community!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reach For It #2

Beanie doesn't want to stay in the cot anymore!  He enjoys crawling around and follows me whenever I go.  I have to remind LZ to keep every small items out of his reach and I have to mop the floor everyday.  I wouldn't want to use him as a mop!  Hahaha.... When is my helper coming in?

Beanie's Baby Friend

I find this picture sooooo CUTE! baby Joseph's mommy & I were chatting and these 2 little friends seemed to be chatting too. Hehehe... They touched each other gently on the hands and the eye-contact!

Their age difference is only 2 weeks (Beanie is 2 wks older) and both have 'known' since they were in mommies' tummy.  It is great to know that the 2 little ones are beginning to interact with each other.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Love My Brother

The brothers enjoyed time together while waiting for 姐姐.   Z dotes on his brother very much and he kisses him at least 100 times a day!  Hahaha...  He shares his toys and even his favourite Goatie with him.

Chinese Learning Journey ✽ Beanie's 1st Membership

 L with some of her friends (left) and she is excited to find books that she likes (right). Noticed the little bag she is carrying? I packed a bento for her and I forgot to take pic of it!

Within a short period, L went for another field trip again and this time they went to the library with their Chinese teacher.

I went there an hour before they leave to surprise her.  Did I mention that my girl loves surprises?  I was glad that I did that coz her face light up the moment she saw me.  *proud mommy*   "Mommy, you know I was wondering if you will surprise me and I am so happy when my friends told me you are here!"  I think all her classmates knows me coz I used to help out in the school.

I had to bring Z & Beanie along and I love having them with me all the time. Z wanted to borrow a few books and I suggested borrowing 2 Chinese books and he did that. He needs to read more Chinese books and we don't have many Chinese books at home.  While I was there, I registered Beanie as a member too. I was surprised they have a goodie bag for him.   This is Beanie very FIRST membership! Hopefully I have more time to the library when my new helper comes in......

I'm A Mom: Imagine I'm Not There All The Time

 “What are my kids up to?”  This is what bothers me the most whenever they are not with me…  Whether they are attending classes or when I am out running the errands with them under the care of the helper at home.  All children are vulnerable to accidents or diseases anytime and anywhere!

When L & Z are in school, I worry if they will hurt themselves especially during their PE lessons.  More so for Z because he had fractured his arm not once but TWICE!  I was so disappointed and felt guilty for what had happened especially the 2nd time because I was with him at the playground and I was unable to prevent the mishap from happening!

During recess time, I wonder if L will order the ‘right’ food to eat.  Does she have a balanced diet in what she had ordered?  Too much protein and carbohydrates but insufficient of fiber etc  What if she is careless and loose her purse and has no money to buy food.  What if the queue is too long and she is unable to  finish her food on time.  What if she never wash her hands before having her meals and is taken ill………………

I think my greatest worry for now would be Beanie.  At 7 months, he is more vulnerable to diseases than anyone of us.  His immune system is not as strong as ours, and I am very paranoid when I have to bring him out to crowded places like shopping malls etc .  At this age, he begins to grab things and put it into his mouth.  You never know what goes into his mouth!

As parent, don’t you think we have so much to worry about?

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Beanie's latest poses, so is he sexy?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reach For It!

Beanie loves the remote controls & phone!  Whenever he sees one, he will will try his best to reach for it.  Here's the evidence!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Beanie @ 7 Months Old

Little Beanie is 7 months old! Yeah! We had a small celebration at Swensen and I packed his dinner along. He definitely enjoys his meal better when he eats with us and probably more interested in our food.  He behaved well during dinner and only wanted to be carried when we almost done.  Not too bad except that he likes to bangs things on the table.  I think that is quite usual for a 7 months old, right?  That was what I remember about LZ. Hehehe....

After dinner LZ wanted to eat yogurt, their excuse, "弟弟 would like to try it."  My 2 older babies sure know how to get things they want.  So Beanie had his First taste of yogurt!  He loves it!  He loves anything that is cold!  If my mom or MIL see it, they will probably say "Aiyo!  So young cannot eat cold food!"  I think when comes to the 3rd one, I am a little 'switch off'...

He has 4 teeth growing out at the same time and hasn't been drinking well but at least he is willing to take solids.  When bf him, he bites me!  Ouch!  Hopefully he will stop doing that soon... I don't recall LZ doing that to me so often like him.

For his solids, I am glad that he eats whatever I prepared for him.  If he doesn't like the food for the first time, I won't force him.  I wait for another 2 or 3 days and try again and he will eat it.  When he is grouchy, coz of lack of sleep, all I have to do is serve him some fruits and he is all smiles again.  Quite easy to please isn't it? 

Beanie @ 7 Months Old:
- Lately he wakes up 1 to 3 times in the night!  Sometimes after feeding him, he will go back to sleep.  Otherwise, he will stay awake for 2 hours on our bed!  He babbles and giggles in the middle of the night, despite no one talking to him (we pretend to be asleep).  He touches our face, pulls our hairs, as if trying to wake us up.  
- He has 2 lower incisors and 4 coming out from the top! 
- He naps 2 or 3 times a day.  He usually needs to nap before meal, otherwise it will be tough to feed him when he is grouchy.
- He is able to sit for longer period but we worried he falls backwards, so we are always there when we place him in sitting position. He can't into the sitting position on his own but that is alright.  I know eventually he will be able to do it.
- Just started 2 solids & 2 serving of fruits a day, lunch & dinner time.  I noticed he enjoys his meal better when LZ is around,  like he is watching 'show'  & enjoying meal. Hehehe...  My 2 older babies 'entertain' their baby brother.  Can you imagine how noisy it is during our meal time? It makes meal time more enjoyable.
- He 'tells' me what he wants by babbling.  Eg. during meal time, when I feed him a spoonful of his solids, he 'gaga/ahah' and turns his head away and look at his water bottle.
- He is very impatient when comes to meal time!  I have to be fast otherwise he 'complains'! Very fierce man! 
- He is able to move forward, using leopard crawl and we often find him out of the mat.
- He no longer uses the board in the bathtub.  He likes sitting up during bath time. He tries to 'catch' the water when I use a little hanky up high and let the water flows down.
- His fav book for now is a monster book with wriggle eyes (we put our fingers in it ).  He gets excited and always try to catch hold of the eyes.
- He shows preference who he wants to carry him.  Of coz it is me! Sometimes my mom carry him and he turns to me and 'grumble'. 
-He is very excited when he sees LZdaddy back home!  He will stare at LZdaddy till he looks at him and gives him a very big smile and moves his hands & legs excitedly.  I wonder if he stays awake in the night (at times) so that he can spend more time with him.
- Show NO signs of stranger anxiety!  He smiles at everyone who looks at him and sometimes he smiles shyly and turns away.

Bento #135 ✽ Field Trip ✽ Hanphone

In the box: Chicken burger wrapped in foil, diced water apples and fruit loops. 

My girl went to Jurong Bird park for the field trip.  She told me for the English paper 1, they are to write about this trip.  Field trips are no longer the same when they are in primary school.  In kindergarten, they all looked forward to field trip, it was all about fun.

Today is the FIRST time my girl brought a handphone for her field trip!  I know, it is too early for her to own one.... But when I renewed my contract with Singtel recently, I had a choice of upgrading my current one at a cheaper price or get a free hp.  LZdaddy recently got me a new hp which I really like so we chose the latter.   I know L wanted to have hp & a camera so I got her a hp with a good camera function.

Needless to say,  she was excited! Of coz we set rules for her before we give it to her (last night).  She is not supposed to carry it with her to school unless we see the need to.  She still calls me during recess but I told her to use coins instead.  I don't see the need for her to bring to school at this point coz I'm always early when I pick her up and there is a phone booth in school.  She will have the hp when she goes for ballet and enrichment classes.  That is when my helper send her for ballet class, if I have any new helper coming and I usually run my errands when they go for classes. 

I always tell my kids to be humble.  They don't have to 'show off' to their friends when they have something new.  Knowing how excited she is and can't wait to show her friends from school, I have to remind her that.  They are other rules that I told her and I also said that I can add rules when I see the need to.

When she leaves for the trip, I told her to take some pics of herself at the park and she totally forgot about it.  She took plenty of pics of the bird show and the birds of coz.  She also sms me for the very first time!  Not to LZdaddy but to me!  Hehehe....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Cute Princess

Look at her! My sweetie is so CUTE! Knowing that I have been tired doing all the chores and errands (remember? I am maidless now), she cheered me up in her own way, act as a 老太婆.  I teased her, telling her that she looks like one especially now she is a bo-gay.   She did this right after her shower after she saw me lie down on the bed (taking a break).  I love you sweetie!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Teething Again

*pic taken on 20th Sep 2009*

My little Beanie is teething again...  The upper central & lateral incisors, that means he has 4 teeth coming out!  The one that is more obvious is his upper right lateral incisor.

He milk intake is terrible lately... I have to coax him to drink or he just 'hang on' to me for comfort.  He used to take a long time to drink but now is like 5 or 10 mins and he will stop.  I'm just glad at least he like solids, better than no intake at all.

He puts whatever he can grab into his mouth!  If nothing, we will see his little fingers in his mouth!  I give him teether and that helps.  He will also put his fingers in his mouth when I am breastfeeding him and I can't remember the number of times he bite me! Ouch!  Poor little Beanie has not been sleeping well too... He wakes up few times a night looking for something to chew or want to bf.

Hope he will regain his appetite soon and be able to sleep well...  Haiz... How I wish I can take over the pain & discomfort...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Long Weekend

It was a tiring long weekend... We thought we could relax and enjoy it but both my older babies are very sick, fever & vomiting..

First it was L, she woke up middle of the night (Saturday, 19th @ 2+am) to vomit.. Her pajamas was full of it. After cleaning up, she went back to bed and Beanie woke up for milk. When I brought him back to their room, I heard L vomited again. This time, it was all over her blanket, soft toy and pillow. She must be very tired... She was still sleeping and I had to wake her up.

The next day (which was Saturday), she was down with fever and vomited a few more times. LZdaddy brought her to the clinic. After taking the medicine, she slept. We separated her from her brothers but we didn't do a good job... Z started vomiting after lunch, shortly after that he had fever. After seeing doctor and taking his medicine, he slept.

I was very worried and tired too, it has been a long time since both fell sick at the same time. Both didn't have the appetite to eat and slept most of time. I had to constantly check on them and bring whoever to the toilet when they need to vomit. It is so rare that our house was so quiet and I was definitely not used to it.

By evening, L's fever subsided but Z not much better. This afternoon he scared me! I was with him in the toilet while he was vomiting. He was not responding to me when I asked if he was alright. I tapped gently on his face and no response... His eyes were opened but he was not responding! I panic! I cried! I think it was after a few mins (or was it a few seconds?) before I heard a weak reply "mommy..." but it sure seemed like a long time... I hugged him and told him how scared I was... The last time I felt this way was when he went for his arm operation. L was there, trying to help and she was worried too.

As if I don't have enough to handle, my helper gave me more!  We had enough of her and decided to send her back to the agent.  I told Hub that even if I have to 'survive' few weeks without one, then be it!  It is a long story...  If I have the mood, I may post about it some time later.

Today, both feel better but still weak.  They were resting most of time and it was so unlike them to be in bed throughout.

Updated on 21st Sep, Monday:
I am 'maidless'  now!  And hub drop 'a bombshell' to me after she left, he may have to go for business trip soon!  HELP!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Weather was HOT but Beanie was soooo relax! Coz he was enjoying the air-conditioning in the car.

Who Is On My Bed?

In the morning, I will have the company of this 2 charmers on my bed.

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