Tuesday, January 30, 2007

E-Cards From L

L has been attending the school computer class since school started. She has been telling me about the cards that she did with the computer and she was sad that I don't get to see it. When I showed her these, she was soooo happy!

I was surprised that we get personalised updates on what our child has learnt. These were done by L during lesson.... For the price that we are paying, it's worth it!

My heart melt when I saw these. Daddy was wondering why mommy has 2 and he has only 1... :)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ist Trip To Ikea @ Tampines

We went to Ikea @ Tampines for the 1st time with godparents and had our lunch there. What I like was that they have a trolley to put your food trays. They had fun running around and exploring all the showrooms. Think godparents must be very tired. Hehehe....

Friday, January 26, 2007

My Ballerina

L is doing well for her ballet lesson and every week she looks forward to her lesson. She met a new friend from States and she is a big jiejie helping her during lesson.

Z look forward to going there too coz he has a new friend (L's friend's brother). They play cars and run around while waiting for their jiejies to finish their lesson.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Art Lesson

L & Z have started their art lessons and they enjoyed it. I'm very lucky to be able to find classes (chinese & art) that are of same timing for both of them. These are the works that they have done for the 2 lessons.... This week they did dragon but yet to complete so they will be bringing it back next week.

Note : Z's pic (a girl). I asked him who is that girl that he did , he said jiejie! He paints & glue....

Teacher taught L how to draw too besides painting.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


那天老师给每个孩子几粒绿豆回家种,然后下星期拿给老师。L 很勤劳,每天为它浇水和提醒我把它放在有阳光的地方。


老师称赞她,说L 能把整篇《小画家》读出来,而且没有错字。


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dinner Date With Godparents

We went to Pasta Fresca for dinner. What a wonderful meal we had and thanks to godparents for that ;) Looking at the pics you would know that they enjoyed the desserts most! Both had ice cream and Z finished 3/4 of the tiramisu!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Conversations With Z

L ran out of the room giggling without wearing pantie
Me : Jiejie, shame shame!
Z : Hahaha....
Me : Z, you shame shame too?
Z: No! I wear shirt and pants you know!


Z : Mommy, you send me to school everyday
Me : Yes, I will.
Z : but mommy, you never go in with me. You said you will go in with me.
Me : I said I will send you to school but I didn't say that I will go into your classroom with you.
Z : No! You must go in with me.
Me : Yes, I will go in with you and I will say bye bye to you after that. Remember what I told you? Z is a big boy and you have to go your class on your own. Mommy can go in with you only on the 1st 3 days of school.
He lowered his head and looked sad when I said that.
Me : C'mon, baby.... You are a big boy right?
Z : No.... I'm a baby....
Errr.... Didn't he always says that he is a big boy?

The next day......
Me : Z, remember what I've told you? When mommy send you to school, can you cry?
Z : No ( with a smiling face). I say bye bye to mommy.
Me : And?
Z : kiss & hug mommy!

He is indeed a big boy now :)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


最近L 常用华语和我们谈话,我们都很高兴。以前, 叫她讲华语, 她会没信心。现在会主动用华语与我们交谈。写字方面也有进步,她现在写的字也没有像以前那么大了,而且也比较端正。

最高兴的人应该是阿嬷吧。哈哈哈。。。。。刚开始得时候,她们俩就如鸡同鸭讲。现在就不同了!弟弟也受她的影响,也渐渐开始学讲华语。如果我们用华语交谈, 弟弟就会说, " what you talking about?" 哈哈哈.......

Friday, January 05, 2007

2nd & 3rd Day Of School

Today I was with L .... I was disappointed that teacher did not allow me to join in the class as she said it is better to let them adjust to it but I was allowed to stand outside the classroom. I understand it and I explained to L. I wished that I had joined her yesterday, to video her 1 st day at her new school. Haiz.... I can't spilt myself into 2...

She was with sitting with a few girls and they were making small talk before teacher starts. Teacher showed them the different section of the classroom and tell them what they were supposed to do when they come into class. I was told that they will be doing assessment to see their standard as there was new students in the class. I hope she will be OK as I have been doing it with her at home.

DH was with Z... Daddy feels proud to be the only daddy in the class with him as the rest were mommies. Z 'glued' to daddy throughout! Probably he knew that daddy will not be in school everyday and Z must be very proud to have him around. Hehehe....


Unfortunately daddy had a urgent meeting and he can't make it to the school today. I had to run to both schools to make sure that they are alright. L was very sweet, she said it's alright that I stayed with Z coz she's a big girl. Thank you my girl.... I sent L to her class first and I stayed with Z for half hour before I went over to check on L. She was doing her assessment and having a great time with her new friends and teachers. When she was not sure, she approached the teacher for help. I'm glad she ask when she doesn't know. The teacher doesn't pushed them to finish their assessment in a day hence they are doing it again.

I went to back to Z's class to check on him. I am proud of him! I didn't have to stayed with him in the classroom at all! I stayed outside and looked through the glass and I saw that he was enjoying too. It was tiring to run to and fro but when I see that both my kids are adapting well, it's all worth it. :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chinese Enrichment Class

Today was their first lesson for the Chinese enrichment. I was glad that I managed to find the same timing for their lessons. I hope they will like it....

Z refused to go to his class and I was thinking,"Oh no! Don't do this to me pleaseeeee!" I sent L to her class and he followed. Seeing that his brother doesn't want to go his class, L decided to do something. She talked to him and managed to convince him to stay in his class! I wondered how or what she said to him? Hmmm..... Now I know what to do if he doesn't listen to me or daddy, We will ask L for help ;)

I thought they will be tired after the lesson but I was wrong. When we reached home both were running around!

1st Day of School

I was very glad that DH was able to arrange to be with us for their 1st 3 days of school. That means I don't have to do any running. I decided to be with Z on the 1st day and DH will be with L as I can handle Z if he is grouchy.

Both were excited when they put on their new uniforms. L said she loves it coz it was a dress and Z likes his coz it was a shirt with buttons that he can try to button it himself. That was a good start.

Z was very shy when he arrived.... Mrs Lee, his form teacher was very friendly and she managed to coax him to join in but he wanted me to join in and so I did. I would say he did very well on the 1st day, paying attention when teacher was talking. He seemed to be the pet in the class and I think he was the youngest too. He enjoyed himself more in the classroom than in the assembly hall. I managed to video down the whole process ( parents were allowed to join in for the 3 days). How glad I was that we have a video cam. Time passed very fast, before we knew, it was end of lesson. It was only 90mins of lesson for the 1st 3 days.

DH told me that L was very shy too but she has made new friend! There was this new girl who was brought up in Japan, and L immediately click with her since both were new. They were asked to introduce themselves and L did it very well.

I asked L how was her class and her teacher, she said she likes her new teacher, Mrs Leong and her new friend. I'm looking forward to meeting her teachers and her classmates the next day! When we reached home, I asked if they would like to go to school tomorrow, they said "YES"!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Zoo Trip

Aother great trip to the zoo. They bid farewell to Inuka....

Last Day Of 2006

We didn't do much on the last day of 2006... L & Z had fun playing at the playground at Pasir Ris park. Thereafter, we had dinner with Boon's family at the beach cafe. It was disappointing that godparents were not able to join us.

We planned to stay longer but they probably don't welcome young guests at that hour as the music was blasting away. We had to leave when the 3 little ones can't take it anymore. We were lucky to see partial fireworks from our house and the kids were all excited. They asked if they can go there to see it "live" next time. Well, that they will have to ask daddy.... :) 爸爸,以後有煙花表演﹐你該知道怎麼做啦。

We finally bought their new school shoes, new water bottles and they had a hair cut too.... They are ready for a brand new start and looking forward to it!

Happy New Year To All :D

From Now On......

A Brand new year & a brand new name! From now on, pls do address me as LZmommy :) Why? Hmmm... Don't really know... LZ mama sounds nicer and my kids are no longer babies (though to me they are still babies and I still call them that) Hehehe....

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