Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sweet Talk & Z's Updates

This evening L said something that was very sweet.....

L: Mommy, I tell you something ok? I have the bestest daddy who sleep with us ( recently daddy has been coming home early and put them to bed) and the bestest mommy who buy food and cook for us ( most of the time I'm the one who buy snacks for them). Thank you daddy and mommy!

Very touched.... My girl appreciate what we have done for them.....

Bought shower cap for L when we were at the pasar malam. She loves wearing it for shower!
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- Z can count :1......11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18 19, 20!

- Fav song for now: ABC song & baba black sheep

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Paper Plate Ladybug Puppet Craft

Got the idea from here
-Two paper plates for each ladybug
-Stapler or tape (colored tape looks really nice but is not necessary)
-Red and black paint, markers or crayons (We used poster colours)
-Black construction paper
-Optional - googly eyes (I used white paint for the eyes)

1) Using black construction paper, cut out the ladybug's legs (cut two sets of three legs).

2) We painted the plates befor we staple it. Paint the top of the ladybug red (except the head, which is black). Paint the bottom of the ladybug black.

3) Staple (or tape) two paper plates together (put the eating surfaces of the plates on the inside) - make sure to staple the legs between the plates. Don't staple the plates all the way round - leave one end of the ladybug unstapled. I cut 2 long strips for antennae, staple it.

4) They glued the dots on the ladybugs. (we used the constuction paper for the dots)

Both my children enjoyed doing it and hope you enjoy doing it too!

After painting the plates (while waiting for the plates to dry), we went for japanese food which is my favourite and take a walk at the pasar malam. After that we came home to finish the project.

Friday, July 28, 2006

I Love Storytime!

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This evening, saw both of them sitting quietly in the living room reading books.
I Love To Read
Nowadays, Z looks forward to storytime or flipping books. His favourite book right now is Does a penquin have fur? Our efforts paid off now that both love to read.

We started reading to them since they were babies. Sometimes when both of us are lazy to read, L will grumble :) and Z will says "please please". When L is in a good mood, she will tell us to rest and she read for didi. So sweet hor?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Guppies For Them

Students from a primary school gave these little fishes to me (very sweet of them). L & Z were very excited when they saw these fishes in daddy's car.

When we got home, instead of clearing their bags, both 'help' me to transfer them to the fish container and gave them food. Their eyes were glued to the fishes instead of tv and fighting to sit in front of them. Before going to bed, they kissed them goodnite.

I remembered their bdays last yr we brought some guppies bk home too. L & Z enjoyed taking care of them.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Visit to Yi Gong's House

We went to Yi Gong & Yi Por's hse after the artwork and to pass some maternity clothes to my dear cousin. She's almost 4 months pregnant! They will be sending the clothes all the way to Italy. I'm soooo happy for her.

My auntie prepared a sumptuous meal! Fish head curry, chicken rice, yong tau hu, old cucumber soup..... While waiting, L & Z played with my uncle. We were trying to get Z to call him Yi Gong when he gave up and called him uncle instead. Gagaga... Thanks to auntie for such a great meal that we skipped dinner.

After the lunch, we went with them to the airport to pick my cousin, Nicholas who was coming bk from Bangkok since we have no plan for the evening. We met up with Sam ( another cousin) & Jacq there. They had lots of fun with Sam, who is another big kid.

Straw painting

We did straw painting this morning before visiting my auntie. Got this idea (very long ago) from the tv programme, 'Out Of The Box'. A very simple artwork.

Lost their paint palette so used the small containers. They used the straws to dip the colours that they want. If want more of that colour, just dip a few more times.

Z looked very serious when blowing the paint. Gd thing is that he never drink it!

L loved it! She rinsed the straw everytime she wants to change colours.

Their master pieces!

They did more paintings with the leftover paints. I dun know what Z was painting and when I asked him, he said painting. L painted rainbow with a flower in the middle.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bird Park

We went for dim sum since daddy had craving for it. Fried rice, siew mai, char siew pau, etc.... Z played with his Thomas & Friends while waiting for the food.

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We went to bird park after a hearty meal. The place looked much better after the renovation. Ouch ouch! All of us were bitten by the mosquitos coz I fogot to bring along the patch! We were there at 4+ so no time to play at the children's playground.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Puzzle Time

They played jigsaw puzzle while waiting for dinner........ Jiejie is more interested in doing puzzle. When Didi can't do it, jiejie will help.

I LOVE these pics! They were very serious while doing it and look at their satisfied faces after completing it.
We Love Puzzle

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Selfish Giant

L went for the show today which Uncle Matt is the 'Selfish Giant'. When she got home, I asked her how's the show. Her reply: " Mommy, I forgot what's the show abt but I saw uncle Matt! Let me think and I will tell you tomorrow ok?" Haiz... Will ask her again tomorrow.

Wanted to get tickets for Z and myself, But Matt told me tickets were sold out for today.... We bought 1 ticket coz I thought we will be going for holiday this week and if we have change of plan(which we did), at least we have a ticket for L to watch the show. She wanted to watch this show very much, esp when she knew who's the selfish giant.

The Selfish Giant is a beautifully adaptation of the much-loved story by Oscar Wilde.
Famous for his adult plays (The Importance of being Ernest, An Ideal Husband) Oscar Wilde was also a poet, dreamer and above all, a storyteller. Initially written by Wilde for his own children, this enchanting story with songs promises both adult and children a delightful time at the theatre.
In this play, love conquers all and melts the cold heart of an unjust giant, who finally repents after discovering the joy of loving others.
A play for 3 - 8 years old.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Quiet Sunday

Was planning to do art & craft with them this afternoon, we were cutting some papers when daddy decided that we will be going to Carrefour at Suntec. Wanted him to wear underwear only but daddy worried that there will be long queue at the toilet and he may not be able to control so he wore training pants. And off we went to Suntec and the artwork will have to wait.

After shopping, we went to Ah Mah's house for dinner. Ah Mah's face lit up when she saw her 2 youngest grandchildren. Daddy were very proud of L's knowledge on the plant that he asked her to tell 2nd uncle's family abt it. She said:"Again?" Gagaga...

After dinner, Z told me that he wants to shh shh. As mommy was having dinner uncle brought him to the toilet. When they came out from the toilet, uncle was holding the training pants and bermuda in his hand. I thought they were wet but to my surprise, they were dry! He didn't wet the training pants at all! I'm proud of him!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

What Do You Know Abt Plant?

L has this conversation with daddy today....

Daddy : Sweetie, what do you know abt plant?
L : U want to know all?
Daddy: Yes.
L : Plant needs air, water, sunlight. The plant will give air to human and animals. Then human and animals will give air to the plants. The roots will absorb the water and pass it the tree trunk and the leaves.
Daddy : What else do you know?
L : Let me think.... When the leaves have enough food, they will be green. If they dun hav enough food, they will become brown.

So smart hor? I've never expected her to know so much abt plants. Glad to know that she pays attention in class but sad thing is that Miss B will be leaving soon.....

Lazy Saturday & L's Writing Skill

Another lazy saturday... They were watching tv programmes and playing toys while mommy still in her dreamland. My hands and legs have been itching since we got bk from Bintan. Was bitten by sandflies and this anti-itch medicine I took, makes me drowsy. My babies were very sweet, they let mommy sleep while they played on their own.

Did some writing with L..... To me, it seems alright. She asked me to spell some of the words for her and she wrote it. Very happy that she is eager to learn and write.

We saw fireworks in the evening from our house and they were all excited! Especially Z, jumping on our bed and shouting "Fireworks! Fireworks!"

Friday, July 14, 2006

Goodbye to Her Best Friends

L's best friends, Lauren & Rachel are transfering to another school.... I asked her how does she feel? She said she will be sad...... I hope this will not affect her. She has been very close to the 2 of them. Everyday, she will mention the both of them.

I told her that we will try to meet up with them.

We may change her to another school, we dun know yet.... We have not been happy with the school for several reasons. I have lots of concerns if I want to change their school.....

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What Should I do?

Before I talk abt why I said I'm a irresponsible/lazy mommy, let me just update on what happen to the case. Teacher told me that they have spoken to L but she didn't want to tell them anything, so I had to talked to L with the teacher presence and to reassure her that she didn't do anything wrong and we just want to find out more.

Teacher told me that this boy is having some problem which I do not want to discuss it here. She assured me that she will keep a look out and L and the rest of the classmates apparently have been told to tell teachers if the boy ever do anything to them (and they have this special corner for him).

L did mentioned xxxx before and she's ok with him, sometimes she will tell me that xxxx said dun want to be her friend anymore (it's very common among children) and blah blah blah.... Honestly, I wished I can just tell her to stay away from him (someone that hurt my girl u know), but I can't teach my kids this. It is not right. I told her be more careful next time and to tell me if it happen again.

Am I irresponsible?
I found out something abt my girl..... I was told by 'someone' that she wrote things in mirrored form, something that I've noticed but thought it was normal for children of her age to do that. In term of her academic(writing skills), she's a little behind her peers. Should I believe her? Btw, she 's starting her own enrichment classes....

I find myself such a iresponsible mother at times, leaving the education to school or you can simply says I'm lazy. I don't set routine for her academic, thinking that she's only K1 and only 4 1/2 yrs old. Why stress her? Let her enjoy her childhood. So I never placed her in any enrichment classes or ask her to do homework everyday etc. I thought her writing skill was alright.

Last week I met my classmates and their children are of my kids' age, their children have started on enrichment classes. One of them even signed up as a volunteer for their desired primary school! Goodness! When they asked me, I told them I hope she can get into this XXX school too, if not never mind lor, a school nearby will be ok.

I'm confident to say that L is very good at art, making up stories for story-telling time, teaching her didi how to read & pic books ( she can be a teacher liao), tell him what's in the pic and didi does follow and say it out loud. She has no problem with speech, keen in learning, ask alot of whys and the list goes on.....

What should I do now? Sign her up for classes? Yes, I am.... For ballet or music classes, things that interest her.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Mummy, XXXX Beat Me And Scratch My Face

Most of the time when L come home from school or on the way from home, she will tell me what happen in school. This eveing she told me XXXX beat her and scratch her face. When DH and me heard that, our reaction were to check her body first. We didn't see any scratched marks on her face or bruise on her. We then wonder why the school did not inform us?

I questioned her when we got home and found out that it happen last week and she forgot to tell us. She told me that this happen during lesson time ( she can't remember what were they doing). Xxxx was seated next to her gd friend, there was a space in between them so decided to sit there. When she sat down, she accidently touched that boy and he got angry and did those things to her. She didn't inform her teacher though and I wondered why the teachers did not noticed it.

I told DH that I will find out from the teacher asap...

I Want Poo Poo!

This evening after having his dinner, Z came running to me and told me, "Mama, I Poo Poo!" I was taking him to the toilet and was thinking "haiz... Still can't tell me before he do it and have to do it in his undies".

Z: Mama, I poo poo!
Me: U poo poo in your underwear?
Z: Poo poo!
Me: Ok. let's go to the toilet and wash u...

Then I realised that he did not pass motion in his underwear!

Me: Baby, u did not poo in your underwear. Do you want to poo poo in the toilet bowl?
Z: Yes!
Me: Next time you must say I want to poo poo and not I poo po ok?

Z: Ok, Mama I want poo poo! ( with a big grin on his face!)

Guess what? He did it in the toilet! Hurray to my boy! I told daddy and jiejie to cheer for him and for that few mins, our hse was full of 'Hurrays'!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy Bithday Leonard & Lawrance!

Happy Birthday to u, Leonard and to your Daddy too!

We were supposed to be at the hotel at 1230hr but it was raining heavily.......... It was a high tea event. Leornard looked tired probably because everyone was carrying him. Time passes very fast, Leonard turned 1 liao!

I didn't have the opportunity to take a pic of him as I was helping Boon to take care of baby Javier ( he is only 4 month old) while he has his meal. Shirley is very fortunate, she's in Hong Kong enjoying herself and will only be bk tomorrow, leaving baby Javier with Boon. When I told DH that, He said that if I go for holiday, I'll have to bring 1 or both of them along or he will cry! Ok... He really can't live without me! Kekeke...

Honestly, I dun think I can bear to leave them in Singapore and I go for a trip. Probably thru out the trip I'll be thinking of them instead of enjoying. I would love to go for a trip with my girlfriends, maybe some time later.....

Saturday, July 08, 2006

What Have You Done?

Arrghh.... I was very angry with both of them! While I was in the shower this afternoon, they were commting 'crime' together!

They poured powder all over their room and on their cooking toybox. They probably knew that they had done wrong, L went to the common toilet to try to wash herself and Z was at the kitchen sink trying to wash himself. What happen next? My kitchen was flooded with water and powder! Apparently Z put the stopper on in the sink and water overflowed. L was trying to help but make it worst! Can you imagine what a mess it was?

I have no choice but to tell them to stay in the toilet ( both were wet!) while I tried to clean up. I realised that they used up the whole bottle of the powder! I had a hard time cleaning it up and I dun know how many times I've mopped the floor. I was so mad when I heard them giggling in the toilet. After showering for them, I sent them to their corner to reflect.

My plan was to do art & craft with them this afternoon but I was both tired and angry. Anyway, they prepared their own lunch - pizza with sausages so at least we did something today. Both were so well behaved after the incident, L finished her assigned homework (given by me) and computer work, Z sat quietly infront of the tv and played his toys in the playroom(not taking any toys out of the room). They also kissed me countless of times and sayang me when I was complaining of the mosuito bites that I got from the trip. Haiz... How to be angry with them for a long period of time? Before daddy comes home, L asked me not to tell him what happen. How not to? With the house full of powder smell.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mommy's Night Out

This evening I went out with my friends for dinner. I was supposed to meet them at 7pm but I wanted to see my babies when they get home so I was late.

L asked who am I going out with. When she knew Doreen was going too, she asked why can't she come along. Told her she can't go coz next day she has school. Then she said, " Mommy, enjoy yourself and pls take care." She's such a sweet girl! I was worried that Z will cry but he didn't. Haiz... On one hand I hope he will but on the other....... So confused hor? Maybe my boy knows that mommy needs some time to herself too....

When I got home at 10+, L was sleeping soundly but Z was awake in our room! Daddy huh... No discipline. He fell asleep only when I tuck him to bed. This sort of me make feel better, that he still wants me..... Weird hor? Hehehe...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bintan, Here We come! 01July - 04 July 2006

Day 1

We left our house at 10+ for 1130hr ferry ride. L & Z were all excited!

When we arrived at Bintan Lagoon, we waited for quite awhile to get our room coz we wanted a king sized bed. After putting our things in the room, we went for the lunch buffet. Z vomitted(coz he was eating too fast) immediately after eating while we were still at the restaurant. He walked around the lobby with only his training pant and he was very comfortable, ignoring the stares... Gagaga...

We went to the beach after resting for abt an hr after lunch. I was glad that I packed the beach toys along. We spent few hrs there and went bk for a shower before we proceed for our dinner.
All of us were very tired and I dozed off before 'desperate housewives' ends.....

Day 2

Woke up at abt 6+am (an hr behind Singapore) and we went for B/F. Decided to spent few hrs alone with DH so arranged for babysitter for Z (the kids club only allowed kids above 4yrs for those below the age will have to arrange for babysitting service) for 2 hrs.

After sending our babies to the club, we played pool which is next to it and we went for a swim too. After picking our kids, we went to the pool again and spent few hrs there and had light snack at the bar.

Daddy decided to extend our stay since Z was alright, sleeping thru the night. PHEW! They were so happy when daddy told them. Of coz I was very happy too!

Day 3

We asked L & Z where would they like to spend the day and they said swmming pool! Know why? They are crazy abt the slides at the pool! Hence we spent the entire afternoon at the pool and Z had his nap there too!

We decided to order room service for the night coz we were too tired to go out again......

Day 4 - Checkout Day

I thought today we should spent some time at the beach but again both my babies want to spend it at the pool. We managed to spent 2 hrs there before getting ready to checkout. L fell asleep while waiting for the bus to send us to the terminal and Z was still full of energy. Thought they will fall asleep in the ferry and I've packed their toys in the cargo bag. How wrong I was! Lucky we were sitted near to the TV and they were playing with a cute baby sitted behind us.

Z fell asleep while on the way home in the car.

Z were very grouchy when we got home and jiejie said to him:" Z, I have enough of your nonsense huh...." Sounds so familiar leh...

It was a wonderful trip for us! L were saying that she wished we dun have to go home so soon..... I dragged going home too coz of all the hseworks that are waiting for me!

Hope you enjoyed the videos! Thanks to mamabliss that I managed to do up this video.

PS: The next day, Z asked to go to the beach...... Haiz... Whe we were there, he rather got to the pool, now that we are bk home, then he asked to go the beach.

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