Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mother's Day Celebration In Advance

We went to 2nd brother's hse to celebrate Mother's Day( wonder why we celebrated 1 week ahead). L & Z love company. Though all kor kor jie jie are much older, they like to be around them. Wished that they don't have such a big age gap. They were looking forward to playing with Ping jiejie & Ling jiejie but they were busy with their school project :(

My MIL(Mom-in-law)'s soup for the steamboat was fantastic! She was very sweet to steam fish for them( she don't have to do that actually). Everyone has a hearty meal and then we had cake!

Pic of L with Ah Ma.

I Can Fold Hanky!

Z loves folding hanky, which is gd for his motor skills.... Sometimes when I'm folding their clothes, L & Z like to help me, especially L. Now they like to help me when I'm doing housework, vacuum, wash dishes etc. I wonder will they help me when they grow up...

How To Put On A Band Aid On All Day

Saw this while going thru some mommies' blog..... Worth sharing!

Goig thru videos at You Tube, have a look at how to stop a baby crying.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Arwin's Bday Party

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It was a great party! Mohan & Azmeen orgarnised games, bouncers, painting etc for the kids. I was glad that daddy came along, otherwise I will not have any chance talking to other mommies. :) L enjoyed her friends company esp Lauren. Z enjoyed the bouncers very much and the cake! He was sitting on the table while the auntie was cutting the cake and having it on the table too! Gagaga....

We went home at 6+pm.... To watch the Big match: Chelsea vs Man U and of coz Liverpool match too! We want Chelsea to win the game, not that we support them. We are LIVERPOOL supporters! If they lost the game , then there's a chance of Liverpool getting the 2nd place.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Toys "R" Us Sales!

Safia called me last nite to ask if I'm interested in the sale, was thinking why not? Just have a look... We decided to meet at 9+ to have B/F, then pick up Adam at 1pm. But I was busy with the fundraising stuffs in the morning so we met at 10+.

Gosh! when we reached, there was a queue! The sale only starts at 11am! We decided to have coffee first. Thereafter, we start our shopping(lucky there's no queue). Bought some stuffs for my babies and Skyline model cars for my hubby. BS is very crazy abt Skyline.... He's another BIG baby to me.... Hehehe....

When we were abt to leave, there was another queue! Non-star cardmember, your sale start tomorrow! So go for it!

When we went to pick Adam up, I checked on my babies too. L was on the mattress, getting ready to sleep(of coz she is very happy to see me lah) and Z was sounds asleep! Teachers told me that Z is always the 1st few to fall asleep. :) If they have to feed him medicine before nap, they will be saying to each other," Hurry up! Z is dozing off..." Gagaga... But when we are at home, L will be the one to fall asleep first.

Told myself that I will only give them the toys tomorrow or much later..... But I was very excited that I gave it to them half hr ago. Haiz... mommy no discipline huh... Well, it's time for me to spend time with them now...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fundraising For The Elderly - Parents Project

That day when we went to the goat farm, Liane, my kids' teacher told me that the children(K1 & K2) will be going to the old folks home on the 11th May and it would be great if we we can raise $ for them. It is a parent project and Katherine(Lauren's mom) & me were supposed to be the coordinator. Unfortunately, Katherine is busy with her renovation, they will be travelling in June and moving house.

So guess what? I am the coordinator! To me, that's a BIG responsibility! There are so many worries in my mind, am I up to it? What if I mess up everything? etc.... I managed to get more mommies(thanks to Louisa, Katherine, Safia & Grace!) to help out, of coz Katherine is helping out too. It was a gd apportunity for us get involve with what our children are doing. We decided on setting up a restaurant for a day in the school and the children will be doing a painting each that are for auction. Sounds exciting?

L was very excited when I told her about it. She's looking forward to serving guests on that day!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Ear Is swollen!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Poor boy... This morning he work up with a swollen ear and a bruise on his forehead(he knocked his head last night). Thought it may subside in the afternoon but it didn't... Brought him bk from school to see a doctor(our family doc). Doc said it was a insect bite, gave him cream to apply and medicine to take.

I asked him abt L's cough too coz she has been having it for 2 wks! L still cough a little(probably abt 2/3 times a day, esp after running for awhile). He said she should be ok and I should continue with her medication. Haiz... I find myself not doing a gd job that 1 has been coughing and the other with bruise & swollen ear... Hope they will recover soon.....

Z woke up abt half hr ago.... First thing he asked for was to watch his fav show, Madagascar. He knew that a sick baby has privilege, to have what he wants. Now he's watching tv and having his snack.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sesame Street Show Tickets

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My gf, Sun, told me the gd news that I'll be getting a BIG discount for the tickets! Hurray! Her friend will try to get the best seat for us so hopefully we do get it. Thanks Sun!

Think we are going broke this june holiday.... We bought the ticket for the Hi5 show too! But what to do? They are crazy over Hi5 & Sesame Street esp the character, Elmo.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

22 April, Saturday, Blading/Trip to the Market

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This morning, daddy brought L to east coast for blading lesson. No video, as daddy does not know how to use his new hp. Hmmm... Think I'll have to go the next time if I want to see how is she doing for the lesson. Daddy said the the next lesson we will have to book later coz L was tired(lesson was at 0830hr). Haiz... Mommy's fault.

Daddy picked us up after her lesson, then we went to the market. It was Z 1st trip to the market. They get to see all the seafood , meat & vegetables. After that, we went to the market to have our brunch. L had her fav food, char siew rice and Z had chix rice. We also went to this store that sell baking items. I was very happy to find m & m that is for baking and pink choc chip! If we have time tomorrow, will bake biscuits with them. Both were very tired that they slept in the car. We wanted to go to the reservior for a walk but decided to head bk home.

In the evening, we were supposed to go to the beach but daddy came home late, so we went to Liang Court instead. I haven't been there for such a long time! There isn't much to see except Meidi-ya supermarket. Thought of going to clarke quay for a walk but it was getting late. Both were very tired when we got home and they slept as soon as they have showered.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Sanjay's Bday Party

We attended Sanjay's party after picking them up from school. It was great to catch up with the rest of the mommies, Poonam, Azmeen, Azizah, Katherine and Louisa. Poonam & Azmeen have changed school for their boys, Sanjay and Arwin.

I was late(as usual)... I was surprised when Poonam showed me the fish that they caught at L & Z party! I think it was the only survivor among the rest! Ours was dead after 2 months... :(

It was sweet of Poonam to wait for my kids to start the games. They played shooting game, rocket and in the end, all of them jumped into the little pool to join the younger ones. During the cake cutting, Z stood in front of the cake and blew the candles! Gagaga....

Soon, the party was over... But we'll be seeing them next week again coz it's Arwin's bday!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Goat Farm

We had a wonderful time at the goat farm... We have never been there so we were very excited. Gosh! It was a very long journey(Lim Chu Kang)....
We saw how they milk the goat and feed the goat too! L & Z enjoyed feeding the goat and Z even kiss them! Think if they can, they would like to keep them as a pet. Gagaga...

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Flower Project

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Thanks to crazymommy, I did another project with my kids. Instead of doing painted hand print, I let them colour it. L enjoyed it and I think I should have let Z uses the paint instead...

They are looking forward to their show & tell in school!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Family Outing

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Image hosting by PhotobucketL went for 2nd blading lesson today... Unfortunately, daddy forgot to take his camera phone with him so no pics...... :( Daddy said she did very well today! BRAVO! That's my girl! Wished that I was there... Will definitely be there for her next lesson!

After her lesson, daddy brought her to Doc again. Dun know why her cough just wont go away. She's coughing only 2 or 3 times a day, not very serious but just want her to be fully recovered...

After that, we went for lunch & shopping. Yes, shopping again.. Daddy bought her a cinderella castle and a horse carriage, and a remote control car for Z.

We had lunch at Swensen... They had a hearty meal, and we did too. They shared a fish baked rice and a burger meal(for kids).

Friday, April 14, 2006

Dinner With Friends

There will not be any pics from the dinner as the pics turn out very blur. In the video, u will get to see L's godparents.

We had dinner together with our friends, L's godparents(William & Doreen), Boon & Shirley and baby Javier. Everytime we have dinner together, both will enjoy very much... Coz they will play with them and they get to eat alot too!

Shirley & Boon were busy with baby Javier(he is only 2 months old), that's when I laughed and said my time was over. Doreen then said," who knows? U may have have another one soon? Gagaga..." Hmmmm... Doreen, we shall see who has the last laugh ya... Gagaga...

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When we came bk home, L & Z went to play with blocks. She built a castle and a horse. It look more like the gate of the castle though... But dun u think they are very cute? Espcially they are done by my princess!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Alone With Z

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Jie jie went to grandparents'hse.... Z stayed at home with me. We had some quiet times together, reading books, play toys... Have to go get clothes for my girlfriend's baby(Javier) and at the same time he asked for cake(what's new?) We went to parkway and he took the rides. I enjoy times alone with my babies .....

Xiao(3) xiao(3) yan(3) jin(1) - Chinese Song by L....

L singing chinese song

Before L went to grandparents' place, they did drawing together. I'm very happy that both of them like to do things together..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Laughing w Daddy

After dinner, daddy and Z were playing...

Easter Bunny Mask

They had a great time doing the masks with us yesterday.... Painting the paper plates(they chose their fav colours for the plates & ears), putting the glitters, ... Thanks to daddy for the great work! Dun u think it look like the bunny in pooh & friends?

Z kept saying that it was a 'mouse', do u think it really looks more like a mouse? Only after we told him it was a rabbit, then he started hoping around with the mask. L told me she enjoyed the show & tell. She was very happy that she got to do it twice, 1 for the mask and 1 for the egg.

I'm very glad that both of them enjoyed the celebration.... :) Hope everyone enjoy this coming holiday too!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Z Going Down The Stairs


I was very happy that I bought some clothings for them! Wanted to buy only 2pcs of the sesame street clothes but coz of the sesame street bag(buy 3 then u pay $9 instead of $17+, I think), I ended up with 3pcs... Dun u think the bag is really cute? I can use it for their beach trip! They were so excited when they saw it! Telling me what are the characters on it.... It's worth it!

And the aquapet... L & Z are crazy over the show, Madacascar. They can watch it over & over again, especially Z. He will say "watch zebra/lion" whenever u ask him what he wants to watch. So I decided to buy this for them to share(yet to give it to them)...

At the end of the day, I realised that I didn't buy anything for my hubby! I'm sorry... Will do that next time ya...

10 April, Monday, Easter Project

They had a great time doing the masks with us yesterday.... Painting the paper plates(they chose their fav colours for the plates & ears), putting the glitters, ... Thanks to daddy for the great work! Dun u think it look like the bunny in pooh & friends?

Z kept saying that it was a 'mouse', do u think it really looks more like a mouse? Only after we told him it was a rabbit, then he started hoping around with the mask. L told me she enjoyed the show & tell. She was very happy that she got to do it twice, 1 for the mask and 1 for the egg.

I'm very glad that both of them enjoyed it.... :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

I want gel for my Hair - Z

This morning before going to school...

Z : Mommy, gel mei mei...
Mommy: Yah.. Daddy uses it.
Z : Me put on hair( show me what he means by putting his hand on his hair)
Mommy: Huh? You want me to put gel for you is it?
Z : Yes!

After putting the gel, he asked me to carry him so that he can look at himself at the mirror! He was so happy! LOL, my boy so vain....

I know it's my fault... Before he cut his hair, it was long so I decided to gel up his hair so that he'll look fresh. Then I'll tell him that he looks soooo handsome! Now, see what happen? :)

Pics of Them....

I was going thru their old pics... Decided to post them here. I feel very blessed to have 2 wonderful kids and to be able to see them growing up.... To be there for them when they are happy, sad, angry, all their firsts, etc...

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

We Love Elmo!

Pics taken on 27 march... Both of them love ELMO! They were so happy when one of their kor kor(cousin) bought this giant elmo for Z. Thank you kor kor!
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

We like peas!

We had dinner at 1 of the jap restaurant at parkway coz mommy lazy to cook(working the whole day) and feel like having jap food, need to do marketing.... Whenever we go to a jap restaurant, we must order this pea dish. I dun know what's the dish name, normally they have the pic and I'll just point to it. :)

Did you see that they were wearing the doughnut t-shirt? Both love these t-shirts! Whenever they see that I pack it into their bags, they will be very excited!

It was A MISTAKE! Never go out for dinner on a weekday when they have school the next day(if want to eat out, had to make it early)... Poor babies, they were so tired after a long day... Nevertheless, they enjoyed it!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Haircut for Z

Z had a haircut..... He likes going for a haircut coz they always give him lollie pop!

30th March 2006, Friday, Dinner At The Line

We had a wonderful dinner!  We were very happy that both of them enjoyed it too and L asked when are we going there for dinner again....  Best thing was that we spent 2 hours at the buffet( to me, that's a long time)!  Suggestions for other mommies:  Let the kids go choose what they want to eat and choose a place with fondue and ice cream!
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Pics of Their Hands & Feet

Recently. there are many cases of HFMD.... Gd thing that the school has been taking precaution. As their parents we are to take their temperature and check for any spots before sending them to school. L will remind me if I forget. Just hope that they will be ok and all kids that have HFMD will have a speedy recovery. When they come bk from school, we make sure that they wash their hands & legs. Last 2 days, L did not go to school as she has a cough( just to be safe). Z went to school, and he looks forward to coming home to play with L. It the same for L, she will be asking me what time is didi coming home and she misses him.
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