Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Z's New Hairstyle

My boy requested for a spiky hairstyle... Vanity sets in now that he is older...  And no more school bag with cartoon/characters for him.. He said he is a big boy now and must act like one!  Haha... 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Beanie @ 34 Months

34 Months Old

Recently I've taught Beanie to remember our names.  I think it would be a good idea, just in case he's lost, he is able to tell others what's our names.   He did it!  He was able to remember our names!

Paid for his candy for the first time (26 nov) at the cashier!
 ♥ Had his first concert but it was a disaster... (26 nov)
Have been breastfeeding him till now and it's about time for him to switch to formula milk or fresh milk. Had formula milk today but he didn't like it.  He told me he didn't like but obliged to finish it.   What he said next melt my heart..  "mommy 奶奶 is the best!" "mommy, I love your 奶奶!"  How to stop when he often say things like this?   Will try it slowly and hopefully when he turns 3 we will be able to make better progress...
 ♥ Love to watch him sleeping...
  The little one walking around Ikea in this manner... So cute isn't it?

On Christmas Day 2011 - Visit to Kampong

A nice day to bring my kids to the last surviving kampong in Singapore.  Actually there's not much to see but at least they have a rough idea what's like and daddy was like the tour guide explaining to them.  

Christmas Eve 2011

A night of good food, snacks & movie at home...

Hanging up their crafts on the trees...
Cheering with the sweet sparking drinks...
Kiddos fast asleep now as they can't wait to open their pressies in the morning...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Chess - Introduction to Chess Openings

Another chess course that LZ completed! 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ls' Ballet Performance - Annual Concert 2011

L's very FIRST concert for her ballet!  After learning it for the past few years, she finally had a performance.  For the past few years, she didn't get the chance the perform as her teacher was on maternity leaves (twice) when it was time to prepare for concert.  And then, change of teacher and so on....

It was a mad rush for me and not for my kids today!  I had to be with Z when he went for his competition and I sneaked home halfway to make up for L.  Then back to where Z had his competition.

She is all ready to go!  Daddy & Beanie sent her to the concert hall.  When she arrived at the hall, she realised she forgot her white shirt! *faint*  Daddy had to get home to pick up the shirt and send it to her!

She brought a camera with her and took some 'behind-the-scene' pics... 
She told me she had so much fun with her friends and the big jiejies. 
We were not allowed to take any pics but broke the rule.  Hence it was not a great shot.  I find that the company indeed know how to make money...  Not allowing us to take pics and then selling it to us at a high price.  Haiz... 
After the finale.... 
We managed to make it on time to see her performance!  We didn't managed to get anyone to babysit our boys so I decided to bring Z along with me while daddy & Beanie waited for us outside. 
It was an awesome performance!  Well done my sweetie! I am glad I was there to watch you perform! 

Christmas Chess Challenge 2011

This is probably the last competition for this year and also Z's last year in the Under 8 category.  How I wish he could take part in the U8 next year but unfortunately no, even though he doesn't turns 9 till December next year.   It's gonna be tough for him next year (he's still a newbie in competition) coz usually for those age 9, you are often in the U10 or  U12 category.

The first round, his opponent was a girl he played with in one of the competitions.  He was so happy he won again!
 In between the challenges, the kids played chess.  That's why he loves going for competition, he gets to play/chat with other kids. 
 3rd round, he faced an opponent he lost twice to.  This time, he was so happy he won him! And I think it's the first time he won a rated player! 
 It was so sweet of Philip to cater lunch for the kids.
4th round, he played with the brother of his first opponent.  Parents of the kids that played with this boy for the first 3 rounds weren't very happy coz he often pushed down or drop the pieces and talk too much, and in a way their kiddos lost the game due to that.  These parents warned us about him and hope my boy will win him.  Perhaps he's not ready to sit throughout the games, he's only  4+ yr old I think, and the brother or the helper kept going to the table which was not right.  But I must say that this boy did pretty well too.

Before the game starts, told my boy to focus on the game as usual.  Realised I'm such a nag! Saying the same thing for 7 rounds! Hehe....  Glad to say he won!
When he lost the next round (against a player he played with before), he was pretty upset.  He went to his coach and find out what wrong moves did he make.  I am glad he did that.
 Waiting patiently for the prize giving ceremony and wondering if he will win any trophy...
 He was so happy when his name was called for the top 10 U8! He was in the 6th position!  See how excited he was, grabbing the trophy from the boss of Mind Stretcher!  Haha... 
 Well done my boy! This was his 4th competition and his FIRST trophy!
 So proud of you, my son!

His result:

Rd 1 (bd 6) - Diana won
Rd 2 (bd 6) -  Daren Aik won
Rd 3 (bd 3) - Lee I-Shiang(1016) won
Rd 4 (bd 2) - Daniel won
Rd 5 (bd 2) - Irwin Chua(1021) lost
Rd 6 (bd 2) - Royce Tan(1133) lost
Rd 7 (bd 4) - Chan Ji Zhen lost

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Strider For Beanie?

I wanted to get Beanie a strider for quite some time...  Found out recently that they do have gatherings organised by the seller.  This morning, we went down to try it out.

Beanie is quite shy when he sees strangers.  So when the seller offered to let him try out, he was quite reluctant to. Eventually we managed to get him to try it out.  We didn't get it for him... One of the reasons was he will outgrow it very fast coz of his height.  He is considered tall for his age.  I appreciate the seller for telling me that.
We probably have to get a bicycle for him...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

With My Boys...

While L was attending a birthday gathering with her buddies...
I was home with my 2 boys...  The did some art & crafts.
While jiejie was having dinner at Swensen, we had dinner at Fish & Co. Despite a swollen eyes, Beanie was still his usual self.  He insisted Z put on the party hat... 
And he said these cute characters were 哥哥 & him.

Monday, December 12, 2011

On Their Birthdays 2011

All they want to do on this special day was to spent time at the beach...   
 We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant, without daddy coz he has to work.
 Went home to get our stuffs and headed to the beach...
 A birthday 'cake' 
 Mommy had nothing better to do and 'wrote' this for them.  
 Daddy picked us and headed to a mall for more fun.  decorating cupcakes! 
 Their creation!
 They enjoyed it! 
 Again, Japanese food for dinner! 
 Back home for the real cake! 
Happy Birthday my babies!   We love you both very much!

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