Sunday, May 31, 2009

They Love Him

LZ LOVE Beanie! They love everything about him.. Errr.... OK except the crying & the poo smell. If I lie down on the bed to feed Beanie and LZ are playing outside, they will move their toys to my room. They want to be near us all the time. If I think the toys they are playing make loud noises, I will tell them to go back to their playroom but they will move it just outside my room entrance. I just don't have the heart to insist they go back to the playroom again.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

1st Time to Airport

ZJ has some toys hanging by the side. The purple one has music and he loves it!

After being away for 6 days, LZdaddy is finally back home! LZ has been asking me if we were going to the airport to pick daddy up. Knowing that they missed him, how can I say no to them?

I told my helper we will go airport together but then I realised that the car can't fit in everyone, I have a booster seat and a car seat. So I went to the airport with my 3 babies alone and we had dinner there! Of coz I chose somewhere that will be easy for me for dinner, MacDonald! I am now more confident going out with my 3 babies.

I am so glad that ZJ was easy to care for that evening. LZ were a little too active, probably they have not been to the airport for quite a while and they were excited to see daddy. LZdaddy doesn't buy toys for them every trip he goes but this time he bought them a toy each and ZJ has a cow soft toy(that moos when we press on it), a very first toy that daddy bought from overseas for him.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Z's Progress Report

Z gave me his Progress Report Book couple of days ago and I forgot to record it in the blog.

Z is doing very well in school. The other day when I spoke to his Principal, who is his teacher too, she complimented that Z is very keen in learning, his handwriting is very neat and he is very focus. I told her that Z always to look forward to doing the class enrichment book. One of the things he likes to do is Creative Writing. I am actually quite surprised that teacher already started teaching them this.

What surprises me was teacher rated him A (Very Good) for 'possess leadership qualities'. This is something new about my boy. Generally, he did very well for this semester except his Chinese. He needs help to 'articulate thoughts in complete sentences' and 'to relate pics and its contents'. We need to put in more efforts with his Chinese.

Remarks from teacher:

Z is a bright and quiet boy. He is eager to learn, expressive and enjoys all classroom activities.

Conduct: Excellent.

Well done my boy! Mommy is very happy to know that you are enjoying school.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Swollen Hand

The last time, Z's foot was swollen because of the insect bite. This time, it happened to his right hand! Brought him to doc again for the antibiotic and cream. Doc's explanation was Z is more sensitive to insect bite.

Parent- Teacher Session

I was sooo disappointed that LZdaddy has to fly off this week and needless to say, L was disappointed too. He missed ZJ's checkup, Z's hand was swollen and today's Parent-Teacher session cum Collection of L's report book. I had a few sleepless night.... ZJ didn't sleep well after his jab, plus the fever and he woke up middle of the night for 2 nights (he has been sleeping through the night)! I think he misses LZdaddy too.

I brought my 2 boys along with my helper to collect L's report book. We were 10mins early but we had to wait almost half hour for the 15 mins chat. If I have known earlier, I wouldn't go so earlier. ZJ was hungry while waiting and I had to breastfeed him outside the classroom. While I was feeding, this man came with his son and stand in front of me! I mean I already tried to be discreet. I pulled the chair to a corner with a blanket covering ZJ and he and his son chose to stand in front of me! He didn't face me but once in a while he turned and looked at us! I was fuming mad and "signal" to my helper to help me bring the chair back. Guess what? He walked away after that! Arrrgghhhh!

Anyway, back to the topic of this post. L's form teacher, Ms Liang told me L has improved, in term of her behavior, she knows when is the right time to talk. She used to talk so much in class! Teacher commented that she is very well mannered, saying please & thank you whenever she should. She also said that L's Chinese teacher and she like to ask L to read out loud for the class. They said she her reading is good, that is loud and clear and very expressive. That I must say I agree. That is how she read to ZJ too.

As for academic, her results has dropped a little, though she still scored Band 1 for all subjects. Her standing in class is 9th and last year she was 5th. I expected it... Who to blame? Me lor... Honestly, I didn't do as much with her compared to last year. Most of the time, I asked L to do self study. I think she would have done better if I had put in more effort with her. Sorry Sweetie... Mommy will put in more effort with you ok?

Ms Liang told me she has high expectation of L. She likes to 'pressure' L coz she knows L can do better than this. I am very happy that her teacher thinks so highly of her.

This year is a very important year for my girl. Whether she can go to the best class next year depends on her SA2 result. Ms Liang and I talked about this too. There would be only one best class of 40 students, unless the results is overwhelming, then the school may consider to have 2 classes. Based on the SA1 result, L stands at 33th place among 200+ students. Like I said earlier, teacher has high expectation of L and she hopes L will go to the best class. Of coz we hope so too. We cannot be complacent just because of the standing coz all children will try their best.

I talked to some parents, who's kids were in the best class, they said the teacher are better and more committed. How true is this? I don't know.... But looking at the how irresponsible or the 'bo çhap' attitude of the teacher in the weaker class, I may have to agree. How come I know that class is weaker? One of the mommies told me so coz her son is in that class. Before they start P1, the children went for a 'interview'. From there, those who is weaker, or can't read will be place in that class. They are placed in that class so that the teacher can teach than accordingly. I am not sure how true this is but it is what the mommy said (she is very active in school).

Am I giving too much stress to L? I don't think so and I hope not... L is a very competitive girl. Take last year SA1, she thrived to get better result after that and she did very well for SA2. She set target for herself and she hit it! For this SA1, she asked me to set a target for her and I told her I hope she will score Band 1 for all subject and she did it! Sweetie, Mommy loves your positive attitude! Hope you will do better for SA2 and mommy will put in more effort to help you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On The Phone - Z

This pic is for Teni. This showed how relax my boy was while chatting with Joash.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fever -ZJ

ZJ is having fever now... It is because of the jab he took. LZdaddy is not in town and I'm on my own... Looks like I will have a sleepless night.

Monday, May 25, 2009

ZJ @ 3 Months & Checkup

I brought ZJ to the PD for his 3 months old checkup and 6-in-1 jab. To be honest, I was very nervous about this checkup.... I wondered if he puts on enough weight, he only gained 200+g for his 6 weeks checkup. I heaved a sign of relief when the nurse said "Wow! Very good! This time he puts on 2kg!" But I am still not sure if that is enough...

Doc was very satisfied that ZJ puts on 2 kg and told me he is following the chart now. Phew! Doc did the rest of the checks and told me he is doing very well. I told Doc of my concern that he poos only every 3 to 4 days, unlike LZ, they pooed everyday. He assured me that is normal for some BF babies (but I BF LZ too, how come different?). Another thing that I mentioned to doc was his fart was very smelly! I wondered if it is because I eat mango almost everyday (heaty). Doc smiled and said it is ok and it may be due to what I eat.

I told Doc that ZJ slept through the night for the past 1 week and asked him if I should wake him up. Doc said as long as he is drinking well during the day.

Height: 62cm
Weight: 5.6kg
Head Cir: 40.5cm

When I went home, I compared my 3 kids health books. At 3 months, L was the tallest, followed by ZJ then Z. Maybe ZJ will be taller than gorgor. Weight wise, L was the heaviest! She was such a chubby girl then.

I still pump out my milk for him at times coz I need to know how much is he drinking and if he is getting enough.

@ 3 months:
-He drinks 5 to 6 oz of milk. 2 bottles in a day and the rest of the time I feed him direct, if I have extra EBM, then he will not take formula
- He likes to pull his clothes
- He can sit quietly in the car nowadays. No more stressful driving for me.
- He is beginning to enjoy his little toy that I hang in front of his car seat, using his hand and legs to touch it
- when he want someone to talk to him, he will stare at the person till he/she looks at him or sometimes he will makes sound to attract our attention
- he watches TV! It can keeps him occupy for at 15 mins
- Nowadays, he can play on his own for quite some time and enjoys his musical mobile on his bed. Longest was 45 mins.
- Most of the time, he sleeps through the night. He sleeps abt 9+pm and wakes up at 6 or 7+am. Because of that, he sometimes skips his morning nap and nap twice in the afternoon.
- He enjoys tummy time
- He enjoys sitting on the sofa
- It is easier to get him to smile nowadays when I take pic for him
- He seems to enjoys reading time. Jiejie, Gorgor and I will take turns to read to him and he likes to look at the books too.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Piano Music Report - Z

Z started piano lesson in May 2008 and stopped for more than a month after June holidays when he fractured his arm. When he resumes his lessons, he has to start all over again coz the fractured affected him. I didn't know they have progress report for music lessons till I received this last week from teacher.

He has been enjoying his lessons and according to the report, he seems to be doing well. I am glad I signed him up for piano which he asked for it and I am very happy with his positive learning attitude.. Sometimes when he is naughty, I threaten to cancel his lesson and he will be well behaved.

Music Report from May 2009 - March 2009
A - Excellent B - Good C - Satisfactory D - Unsatisfactory

Note Reading - B
Rhythm - B
Phrasing - B
Dynamics - B
Articulation - B
Fluency In Playing - B
Music Interpretation - B
Fingering - B
Posture - B
Music Theory - A
Music Progress - B
Learning Attitude - A

Teacher's Commentary & Advice:

Z is a very lively and expressive boy. He showed great interest towards piano playing and never fails to keep his songs' pulses accurate or performs his songs with enthusiasm. However, try to improve fingers' posture to present more delightful playing.

As for theory, Z completes his homework accurately most of the time and always look forward to new materials.

It is a joy to have piano classes with Z. Keep up your positive spirit and good work!

Treasury of completed Repertoire for the past 6 months:

Title of Piece/Book (Composer/Music Publisher)
- C Song (Nancy & Randall Faber)
- C Position Warm-up
- Yankee Doodle
- Elephant Ride
- Allegro
- Hey, hey, Look at me!
- Come See The Parade
- Russian Sailor Dance
- Rodeo

Well done my rascal! Mommy is very proud of you!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pic of LZ

I love this pic of my 3 babies!

Nowadays, ZJ loves to sit upright. Whenever I put him on the sofa, LZ would take turns to carry him.

I think I am so obsessed in taking pic of them. Just realised I have over 1000 pics of them in my hp! If I print all of them, LZdaddy will definitely faint. Hehehe...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Video of Jiejie & ZJ - #3 & #4

Jiejie sang for ZJ and taught him Maths!

One of their chatting sessions - Wu Wu Ah!

Videos of ZJ - Recorded by Z

Z loves to take pics and record with my hp. It used to be jiejie most of the times till ZJ was born and he recorded TV programmes too so he can watch it when we are out!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Video of Jiejie & ZJ - #2

Let me teach you the Singapore Pledge

Uhhhh Ahhhh Ohhhh

You want to say it or not? This is not the way you say it you know.


The conversation continues even after I stopped recording.

Monday, May 18, 2009

What Was He Doing?

Baby Z was enjoying his 'drumlet' and watching TV at the same time! Don't be deceived by his frowning face, he is definitely enjoying it. I had to use a hanky to dry his hand after 15 mins and the TV kept him entertained during that time!

Before & After Looks

Pic of L an hour before she says goodbye to her tooth. I love this pic of my Miss Sunshine!

L's tooth has been shaky for quite some time and I have been telling her to go to the dentist in school. It was either she was lazy or she forgot. Lately we have to cut up the meat into small pieces coz she was having trouble biting into it. But last night, she thought of eating the drumlet the way she likes it and this happened.
Pic of L today with her 'bo gay' smile

L was happily eating the drumlet when I saw her open her eyes so wide with her hand covering her mouth. Next moment, she showed me her hand, a tiny incisor tooth was there! Haha.... I couldn't stop laughing! I laughed because her expression was so cute! I continued laughing while getting a gauze to stop the bleeding. "Haha.... I have a bo gay (hokkien word) daughter!" Naughty mommy right? "Mommy! Stop laughing!" But in the end, she laughed with me too.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bento #126 & 127(Stitch)

Bento #126

Top: Star shaped water melon, bunny shaped jelly, M&Ms, flower shaped marshmallows, star shaped ham & cheese sandwiches

I still prepare snacks for L though I don't post it here, usually on Monday when she has to stay in school till late. Sometimes she told me it is ok for her to have both meals in school and she doesn't want to me to prepare. I actually suggested to her to ask the helper to pack something for her before but she said she only eats what I prepare.

She didn't request for any fanciful bento today which I appreciate. AND she finished everything!

Bento #127 - Stitch
In the box: Star shaped watermelon, Stitch shaped nutella sandwiches, M&Ms, Stitch jellies and a snack bar

Z already knew that he wanted a bento for the field trip, that was what he told me. He actually requested for sushi maki but I knew I would be too tired to prepare it. I remembered I bought this Stitch cutters long time ago... So instead of saying no to him, I showed him the cutters and suggested bread to him. It worked and he was very excited with it! The only thing was I had to try to figure out how to make jellies with cutters (he asked for that too).

Z was very happy with the bento but complained that they didn't have much time to eat. He eventually finished the rest in the car.

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