Friday, October 30, 2009

Pic of The Brothers

At the mall with me.  Every week, I will be the one sending Z for piano lesson unless it is raining. Beanie will be with me coz I don't trust my helper looking after him.  Sometimes L comes along if she doesn't have ballet that evening. 

Sleeping Baby

Beanie never falls asleep in the car till recently...  Whenever I need to pick L or Z from school, it is usually his nap time.  I am still trying to change his nap routine but I can't help it when he feels sleepy...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fishy food

After being a vegetarian for few months, Beanie has his FIRST taste of fish!  I think he loves it!  I think as long as it is food, he eats it.  Hehehe...

He polished off everything except the small piece of skin.

That's my Beanie, after a hearty meal.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Brothers @ Playground

Nice weather for my boys to have fun at the playground while waiting for jiejie. This was Beanie first time having fun at a playground too.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm A Mom..... His Natural Defenses, My Peace Of Mind

(Dear friends & readers, it will be another 5 days before the contest ends, please vote for me @ "I'm a Mom Contest", you may vote every 3 hours.  Thank you for your support! Sorry comments are disabled for this post)

Since becoming a mother, I have encountered numerous ‘road blocks’ but that do not deter me from wanting to be a good and happy one. In fact, I am molded into a much stronger and wiser person. My 3 lovely children are my number one goal in life.

Like all parents, I would love my children to have the best. Top of my list will be to possess a healthy mind and body.

Therefore, in order for them to harbor the right thoughts, cultivate a good heart and to do the right stuff (the HEAD, the HEART and the HAND) – they must definitely be in the pink of health.

Since a strong immune system is essential for good health and that’s why they are taught 'SEX' since young! Sleep well, Eat healthy and Xercise regularly. These are the basics of building a good and strong natural immunity and we live by that.

Couple by the fact that I will always be there to encourage their heart, enable them to act and to celebrate their joy and wanting to develop their full potentials without giving them unnecessary stress, I strongly believe they will have a happy childhood and are on the right path in achieving success for their future.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday Vs Exams

It is LZdaddy's birthday today! AND L's exams tomorrow! Thought of going out for dinner but LZdaddy said he preferred to spend time preparing L for her exams. 对我来说, 他真是一个好爸爸!这几天他还请假陪女儿温习功课。 If L does very well for the exams, the credit definitely goes to her daddy and not me.

While they were busied with that, I brought my 2 boys out, without distraction, L was able to focus better.   We looked for birthday presents for LZdaddy and bought him a cake too.  In the evening,  we decided to eat in and though we didn't do anything special,we all had a great time together.  We planned to celebrate together with my birthday next week.

I wanted to post out a very nice shot of him and our 3 babies but ever since I took part in the Dumex contest,  he is too shy and was reluctant to let me post it up.   Since it is his birthday, I shall obliged.  So here's the cake that Z chose for his daddy:

Happy Birthday to you my dearest Hubby!  

Beanie @ 8 months

Little Beanie turns 8 months old exactly on LZdaddy's birthday!  We celebrated both the occasion at home coz L is preparing for her exams.

Baby Z is a very cheerful baby.  He smiles at everyone!  Be it our neighbours or strangers on the street.  He may smiles at everyone but when someone wants to carry him, he will turn away..

I am very happy that I am still breastfeeding him and I enjoy it!  His milk feed is still on demand, so whenever he wants to drink, he will make funny sounds and turns towards me and I know he wants to drink.

At 8 months old : -
- He has 3 solids a day.  Breakfast usually with Z before he leaves for school. 
- wakes up once for night feed.  He is my only child that still wakes up in the middle of the night for milk feed at this age.
- He is trying to crawls on all fours but still creeping.  He loves crawling to the kitchen nowadays coz I am back cooking for us (since my maid can only fry vegetables). 
- able to sit unsupported.  He falls backwards couple of times and hit his head, he cries but usually we can easily pacify him.
- Can pull himself up to standing position.  Loves checking what's on the sofa since most of his time is in the living room.
- Learning to use pincer grip.  At meal time, sometimes I will prepare diced carrot or other food for him to try picking it up and he enjoys it.
-  now he has 4 teeth, 4 central incisor (top & bottom) & 2 lateral incisor (top) coming out soon.
- He babbles alot!  I love to hear him say "mama... mum mum!"  I mentioned that in one of the posts too.
- He loves to kiss me with his mouth wide opens!  Haha...  When I ask him to kiss me, he will lean forward and happily opens his mouth to kiss me and most of the times leaving saliva all over my mouth or my cheek.  When LZdaddy tried asking him to do it, he turned away.  He doesn't want to kiss his siblings too.
- trying to train him to sleep on his own, but unsuccessful.  In the afternoon, sometimes after nursing him, I will leave him on the bed. He cries for a short while and falls asleep but sometimes he doesn't and I have to nurse him till he falls asleep or I have to sleep with him. 
- his favourite book is the Thomas peek-a-boo book.
- He likes to 'destroy' (push down) the tower we built (using plastic cups or bowls).  He giggles when he sees it falls apart.
-  He likes it when I lie down and raise him up high.   

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Graduation Concert - Z

Today is a very special day for my rascal Z! In our eyes, he is the STAR of the day!  That's what we told him too and he is so HAPPY!  It was his Graduation Concert and we have been looking forward to it.  I am so proud of him!

It is a tradition for the school that K2 students to wear white & black shoes and it took me a long time to find one that doesn't look like a uniform top.  See the shoes he wore?  I was so lucky to grab this pair of black shoes at only $9! Looks good right?  I was surprised when the sales person told me, the original price was $29.90.  Gosh!  He is so handsome!  I am so glad this year the boys need not put on any makeup at all, they look best without it.

Pics of Z during the performance.  His partner for the dance was Lindsay, pretty girl isn't she? 

He enjoyed dancing with Lindsay and she told him the other day that he is cute! Hahaha.. I love my new video cam! We were seated few rows back but managed to record it so well. Below are the videos of him for the English songs performance (you will find some parts of video shaky coz I was trying to avoid recording ppl's head, some parents were moving so much!) :
After weeks of practices and talking about it, we finally got to see his performance and most important was that we saw our little boy wearing the graduation gown and receiving his certificate.  I was tearing while recording when I saw my little boy on stage... Just like what happened 2 years ago when L graduated..  My this little boy, who is so close to me, has grown up so much.   In my eyes, they are forever my little babies.. I fully understand what my mother meant when she said that.  Till today, my mom still say the same thing to me, a mother of 3 kids.

Chinese songs performance:

A very short video clip of him in the gown. I was too emotional at that moment and didn't do a good job recording it.

He acted as one of the Kings for the Christmas Play and managed to capture a pic of him in the graduation gown. Will have to wait for the pics taken by the professional, what I took was not good shots.
Part of the Christmas Play video (he wore the green outfit):

Pics taken with us, his teachers and classmates, Jordon and Joash.
Next year, My little boy will move on to the next phase of his life.  I know he will do his best and achieve what he wants - joining chess club and do well for his exams.  Don't get me wrong, I did not tell him about exams or scoring well nor did I pressure him at such a young age, he probably thinks about it when he saw jiejie studying for her exams.   He told me all these on his own and he knows if he wants to be a scientist, he has to do well in his study.

I am so proud of my little rascal!  Who say you can't dance? (Someone said that to him and demoralized him which I do not want to elaborate)  Who say you are not good?  In our eyes, my dear boy, you are the best today! Remember what mommy told you?  You are the STAR of the day!  AND we are very PROUD of YOU!


After sending Z to the waiting room before the concert and while walking along the corridor, a mommy said hello to me and told me she reads my blog! Wow! What a surprise! I hope you enjoy reading my kids' blog and thank you for coming up to tell me and sorry that I didn't have time to chat with you longer and silly me, didn't even ask for your name.

I don't think you know it makes me feel so good to know someone reads our blog and bother to say hello to me. Thank You and hope you will continue to read my kids' blog.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Registration - Z

It was an exciting day for Z!  Not that he has never been to the primary school, he goes there almost everyday with me to pick jiejie up from school.  He went into the school a few times, when we registered jiejie in P1 and to the bookstore.  This time it was different!  He was there as a soon-to-be student!

We received the letter from the school and was asked to register for Z this afternoon and to go for an 'interview'.   The first thing was the interview....  Z went into of the rooms and was asked to read some words and the 'interviewer' chat with him.  It was to access his reading ability and to place him in the right class.  Before we went to the school (& since few days ago), I reminded him many times to greet the person-in-charge and to read the words/sentences clearly.  I know he can do it but as a mommy, I just can't help reminding him many times. He told me it was very easy and I was relieved to know he was able to do it.  Phew!

While he was doing that, LZdaddy filled up the necessary forms and waited for his turn to submit it.  I was busied chatting with some of the mommies while carrying Beanie.  Thereafter, we proceed to the uniform store.  *Sob* .....  Z tried on the uniform and I started tearing... My little boy has grown so much! I remembered clearly the same thing happened when L tried on the uniform too.  I wanted to take the pic of him then but it was tough when I had Beanie in the sling with me.

When we got home,  I can't resist asking him to put on the uniform for me.  Yes!  His mommy can't wait to see him in that uniform, knowing that he will be wearing it for the next 6 years... Me, silly mommy, started tearing again...  He was just trying out the uniform and I teared!  When my LZ saw that, they came over to hug me.  My sweet sweet babies...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Look Who's STANDING!

Little Beanie is able to pull himself up to a stand while holding onto furniture!  Took this pic when he was unhappy that we put him in the cot and it looked like he stand up to protest.  So cute! So glad that we lowered his bed few weeks ago....

I mentioned in FB (16th Oct) that Beanie said "Mama.... Mum mum...."  Many of you said he is calling me and I take it that way too.  Hehehe...  Here's a video of him (recorded today) saying "Mama...." but he was not in a good mood.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pic of BabiesLZ - Oct

My 3 Babies.... Love every little thing about them...  Yes, including their nonsense.  Hahaha....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Busy Crawler

Below is a video of what the partner-in-crime, L & Z did to their brother.    They used the yoyo to lure their baby brother!  Aiyo....  He just showered and was in his WHITE pj!  I didn't realised that till end of the day when I was going through my hp's pics.  L was the one recording and Z was holding the yoyo, which it is his fav toy for now.

It looks like they are 'torturing' him, but it is not. Beanie enjoys playing with his siblings.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Little 'Ah Beng'

Meet my little Ah Beng! See how he sit! Soooo Ah Beng, with one leg up!I love the 2nd pic, look so cool, isn't it?  (mommy not shy huh)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ballet - Open House

L's ballet teacher invited all parents for the open house.  It is an opportunity for us to see how the new teacher handle the girls and also to have a peek at their exam dance.  Her exam will be  less than half year later but the preparation starts way before that and they have extra lesson every week just for that.

LZdaddy was very sweet to take care of the boys so that I can spend time with L and watch her 'performance'.  I was happily recording the lesson when I realised that my hp battery was very low and it 'died'  shortly after.  Aggrrhhhh!  Yet to record her exam piece and the hp died!  I always like to record it down coz I love watching her dance, so graceful and lady-like., unlike the true L Hahaha....  Truth is so that she can watch it after her lesson, which she enjoys doing.  Watching her dance also brought back memories of myself learning ballet when I was young....

Here's the video (she is the tallest girl in the class, just in case you guys wondering which one is her) :

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