Thursday, April 30, 2009

Which one?

It is confirmed that Z has to wear glasses. He has to wear it when he watch TV or computer.

Which glasses do you think he choose?

1ST Family Outing

This is our very first family outing! We went to the mall to run errands, shopping and had dinner there. Nothing fantastic but it is a good start.

I was planning to go without our helper but LZdaddy was not confident to handle our 3 kids on our own. Well, his worry is uncalled for! My helper did nothing at all except to sit there to eat.

I think Beanie knows when is the right time to behave. Hehehe.... He sat in the pram quietly, drank his milk and sleep when we had dinner at Swensen. LZ have been good too! L read her book and Z played hp games when LZdaddy and I were chatting. For the good behavior, everyone had ice-cream as a reward!

Hmmm... Looks like we can go out more often after L's exams. Hopefully Beanie will continue to behave so well. One downside is that we have to look for restaurant that is spacious, now that we have a pram and I am not complaining!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chinese Enrichment Performance - Z

I haven't seen Z in Chinese Class for quite some time. I looked forward to this since last week! I missed my coffee sessions with one of the mommies too. Hehehe...

Teacher told me Z is doing very well and is willing to speak more mandarin. That's a good news! He is very chatty nowadays and he even told teacher about his little brother.

Z is in the back, wearing blue t-shirt. I would have recorded the attire performance but I was carrying ZJ. I left my helper in the car coz there wasn't any lot for me.

Chinese Enrichment Oral Result - L

What a bad mommy I am! I didn't even know my girl did a mock up oral test for her Chinese Enrichment on 15th April!

She got her result for written test today and it 43/60. I thought the result wasn't that good but teacher told me they set a very tough paper this year for the Higher Chinese Class. When I saw the paper, I admit it was quite tough and my girl made silly mistakes! I hope she doesn't make careless mistakes for the coming exams.

Well Done my girl! Hope you will do better for your exams!


听力 - 4.5/5

评语 - 听讲认真,理解力强,成绩不错。

朗读 - 4/5


评语 - 声音洪亮,感情丰富,朗读流畅、连贯。美中不足的是''满''字不会读。

看图说话 - 3/5

评语 - 需加强华文表达,因为有一部分的图意讲不出。希望今后有更多机会多听、多讲华文。

会话 - 3/5

评语 - 需要老师提示才能找到一些图中人物的错误行为。

总成绩 : 14.5/20

Z's 'Gingerbread Man'

Z did this in school today and he was so proud of what he made! He asked

Z : mommy, you know how to make gingerbread man?
Me: I don't know. You going to teach me?
Z: It is very simple you know. Let go buy the ingredient. Bread, tomato paste, mozzarella cheese, button mushroom, raisin and pineapple

Initially I thought it was a real ' gingerbread man' .
He ate it as soon as he finished his lunch. Oh! I have to say this, he gave me a tiny weeny bite of his gingerbread man. So stingy but better than not getting at all. Hahaha...

It is time for Z to have his haircut, don't you think so too? He looks so untidy and his teacher already reminded him twice.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

ZJ With PorPor

Saturday, April 25, 2009

ZJ @ 2 Months

ZJ @ 2 months:

- He smiles when we call him
- He likes to be around us
- A few times we placed him face down and we found him facing up the next (this happened when he was abt 1 1/2 months)
- He can lift up his head when we place him face down
- He coos and ahs whenever we talk to him
- He loves his little 'drumlet' (his fist)
- He cries very loud whenever I try putting a pacifier into his mouth
- Sometimes he likes the sarong and sometimes he refuses to use it so he will sleep with me on the bed
- He loves shower and evening cleaning
- He wakes up once or twice in the night for feedings
- He drinks 4 to 6 oz of milk (direct, EBM or formula) Sometimes he refuses to take the bottle
- I am his pacifier when he wants to sleep

I have to give formula milk on some days and I limit it to once in a day.... Most of the times, in the evening, I don't have much supply for him. I wonder why.... So in the night, I try to wake up and pump for next day or pump whenever I can.

ZJ smiles alot nowadays. We are enjoying his company and he definitely brings lots of joy to us.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Latest HP Pics

These pics were taken with my hp today. Love my 3 Babies soooooo much! I am using 1 of it as my hp screen pic.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Helpers

Pics taken on 18th & 21st April 2009

Yes! LZ is my little helpers! They help me take care (entertain) of ZJ when/while

- I need a break
- I need to have my meal
- I need to use the toilet
- I clean him in the evening

They read to him
Tickle him
Chat with him
Sing to him

Thank You my Babies! Both of you have been a wonderful jiejie & gorgor!

Lego & Z

Z requested me to post this up in the blog. He is so proud of himself building this lego house on his own.

His Weight - Beanie

I was so nervous when I brought Beanie to the polyclinic today. Worried if he was gaining weight.... LZdaddy thinks he put on weight but I doubt it. It is my fear now if I have to measure his weight.

My PD told me I could go to the polyclinic to measure his weight if I do not have a proper weight scale for infant. The nurse at the clinic was very nice, they allow me to do that. She even gave me advice and encouragement when I told her why. She told me I am most welcome to measure his weight there!

Yes! Beanie is gaining some weight! His weight now is 4.4+kg! It is not much but compared to his weight gain at 6 wks old, he is doing much better. The nurse told me that too. I hope he will continue to gain weight and stay healthy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Z's Favourite

Meet Z's favourite soft toy, Goatie! I think he likes it so much coz he is born in the year of goat. He has been Z's best pal ever since he fractured his arm and was hospitalized. It was given by daddy's colleagues together with balloons. Every other day he would say it is Goatie's birthday and make us wish it and sing birthday song for his little friend.

My boy asked me today can he make a card for me for Mother's Day. So sweet isn't it?

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Beanie likes to blow bubbles with his saliva!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

They Like....

LZ like role play. Sometimes they think they are in a fashion design competition, each will take turns to be the designer and a judge. That because I have been watching Project Runway. Watching TV programmes is what I do whenever I need to BF Beanie and LZ love to get cozy with me on the bed when I am doing that.

What you see in the pic (taken today) is they were pretending that their playroom is a school and all these soft toys are their students. Jiejie is marking attendance and she actually did a name list! Most of the time, L is the one that come up with the idea. I think I prefer them playing games like this than to watch too much TV like their mommy!

He Smiles!

Just a quick post.

Baby smiles when we play with him today! YEAH!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My 3 Babies

Pics taken on 1st march. Meant to post this earlier but I was too busy.

Everyday they ask if they can carry Baby Z. L looks comfortable carrying ZJ while Z feels ticklish.

Everyday after school, the first thing they do is to say hello to their baby brother.

They spend time with him after finishing their school work.

They 'entertain' him if I have take my meal later than them.

I am still trying to cope with handling 3 kids and it is tiring but fulfilling.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Z Loves To Sing

This is the song he likes to sing lately. He sings for everyone including his didi.

Bonding Time With LZdaddy - Z

LZdaddy decided to take a day leave to spend time with Z since he need not go to school today (Easter Monday). Of coz L was jealous and daddy promised her that he will do that with her too. My man is so sweet! I appreciate what he is doing.

They went for a swim and they were supposed to go for prawning right after that. But my helper and I forgot to pack a set of clothing for him and they had to come home first. See his angry face? As soon as he had changed, they went out for lunch and prawning.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Time On The Sarong

Thanks to my good friend, Doreen to lend me the electronic sarong. Beanie sleeps better in the afternoon today. See the little bean bag? It is hand sewn from her too.

I never have to use this when LZ were babies but now for Beanie, I have to try everything to helps him sleeps better (he cling on to me most of the time). I tried pacifier too but he doesn't likes it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bonding Time - LZ

Knowing that I wasn't in a good mood today, LZdaddy brought LZ out early. It is Easter and I am home with Beanie and my helper. I have to start monitoring Beanie's intake, besides he is too young to be out everyday.

LZdaddy brought them out for MacDonald breakfast, shopping and lunch at Swensen! I think he is getting more confident in handling 2 of them on his own.

I miss going out with them!

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