Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY Gathering @ Evan's

Gathering @ Evan's place. It was wonderful to have gathering with our friends this CNY. Evan & Angeline have been a great hosts, with lots of drinks and fun. They even prepared yusheng,without salmon but with abalone! Wow! Not many pics coz I was busied chatting with the rest and munching. Now you know why I am gaining so much weight!

It used to be only the adults yrs back but now, 3 of us are preggie mommies and most of us have kids. Right now, we have 8 kids total (2 were not there) and soon there will be 3 more joining the group! I wonder how are we gonna go out for dinner in the future? Hehehe... LZdaddy and I were pretty relaxed while the rest were busied taking care of their kids. LZ were very well behaved. My babies! Hmmm... We better enjoy this moment coz next year, we would be busy looking after little Beanie.

Needless to say, we have gambling session. L joined in, with Uncle Lawrence as the sponsor. We told her she can only join during CNY. Anyway, she doesn't know what was going on. Z didn't join in as the other day, he played it with LZdaddy and me (and I won and Beanie too).

L definitely enjoyed the company of the younger ones, especially their godsister, Chyene. She spent most of the time playing with her, keeping her company. Godma, I'm gonna start charging you soon! Hahaha... I am very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter who loves and takes good care of the younger ones. Z was busied munching on the snacks and his gameboy. That doesn't mean he didn't enjoy the company of the younger ones. He played with jiejie and Javier most of the time and he loves Uncle Evan's indoor pond. He kept asking if he can feed the fishes.

We are looking forward to next week gathering! I think it is gonna be chaos with 2 more kids, Annie and kids will be back from Malaysia! So Beanie, at least let mommy enjoy another week ok?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Beanie @ 36 Weeks

Another 2 weeks passed by and it was time to go for my checkup. Beanie is already 36+ weeks!

Actually, nothing much to update at this time. The checkup was pretty fast, nothing that my doc need to tell me since this is already my 3rd one and I just seen her 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks and I have already put on another 2 kg (almost)! Hmmm.... Blame it on all the CNY goodies. Told her I had some white discharge but nothing to worry about coz the amt is very little. Doc commented that LZ were there almost every checkup and she can tell both are very excited.

Doc did the scan for Beanie. At this stage, we can't really see much as he is getting bigger. We were excited when we caught a glimpse of his ear! He was moving so much that even my doc had a hard time trying to scan his body parts. Hehehe.... His estimated weight right now is about 3 kg but again, that may not be accurate.

Doc asked LZ if they want a Valentine's Day didi. Hmmm... Sounds good! But I told Doc I rather Beanie be in me till due date. Doc finds it weird coz she said most mommies at this time would prefer baby out sooner the better. Not me, I told her I am not ready. I am feeling very heavy at this time but I am not ready. Too many things on my mind and plus I need time to train the helper and let her settle in. Plus I am not sure when is my helper coming in?!

Finally received my hospital admission letter. Gosh! When I see the letter, I sort of panic! It means anytime I will be delivering right?

Bento #115

Bento #115
Top tier: Mini pear, grapes & dino shaped nuggets. Bottom: fried beehoon.

Made a simple bento for L to bring to school. I was glad that I kept some of the beehoon (uncooked) so that I can fry it this morning for her as well as for breakfast for myself. Mommy still in CNY mood and have to really drag myself out of bed to prepare this for her.

The mini pears are sweet and 'cute' and it fits well into the bento box. If you are at Cold Storage, do get a box to try it. My kids, especially L likes it so hope your kids will.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2nd Day Of CNY

Forgot to mentioned that our mini reunion lunch for ourselves was at Swensen. Weird isn't it? We wanted to have it at a Chinese restaurant but as it was a last mins decision, all the restaurant we went to was either fully booked or long queue. Just didn't want to cook on that day since my kitchen was so cleaned.

Visiting continued today... We went to my SIL & BIL's place and spent some time there. One of my SIL is such a good cook! And the other one can bake so well! Thereafter, we went over to LZ's godparents place. No pic taken at these places coz I have my butt 'stuck' to the sofas.. Hahaha! LZ were obsessed with the wii in godparents place and LZdaddy was busied playing cards game. This year, I noticed my boy looked for computer everywhere he went and my girl was busied playing with small kids. They are so different!

Supposed to head off to more places today but were too tired, besides, LZ have school the next day.

These few pics are my favourites!My 2 vain pots are pretty good in posing nowadays.

Monday, January 26, 2009

1st Day Of CNY

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my blogging friends! Thank you all for leaving messages and I am sorry if I have not been dropping by your blog. I can't sit too long in front of the computer nowadays and my back is aching.

Noticed what Z was wearing? His favourite green clothes and shoes! He told me that's what he wants to wear for the first day of CNY. My girl as usual, the pinky clothes and pinky shoes. I am very HAPPY with what we bought for them to wear this year. It was fun choosing clothes with them.

Pics of LZ with us, my parents and their little cousins. We have a 'tough' time trying to take pics of the little ones together.

It was the same every year, busied visiting. Visiting siblings alone already took up most of the time. I'm not complaining. Hehehe... This year I still can relax and chat with everyone but next year it will be different. Beanie will be joining in the fun and I will have to spend time keeping an eye on him.

This year we also visited my Auntie's family on the 1st day since my Dad would be there instead of being at home. We got the permission from the hospital to let him come out for the afternoon so that he can join in the celebration. He was all smile when he saw my LZ especially L. She is the only granddaughter.

Tomorrow will be another day of visiting and we are looking forward to it!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Before CNY

This year, I think we did quite a sloppy job for the spring cleaning. If without LZdaddy's help, it could be worst. This is also the 1st time he did so much! I had to stop like every 10 mins after cleaning. It was frustrating!

I have thank LZdaddy for doing most of the cleaning. Poor man... Just came back from overseas and he had to slog like mad to clean up the house. My babies tried to help especially my princess. Poor babies also.... This year they helped me so much too. How I wished our helper could come in earlier.... But we didn't realise that we need to take an online course as a new employer!

By the time it was CNY eve, we did most of the cleaning. All LZdaddy did after we came home from my MIL's place was to mop the floor again and hang up the decorations. Talk about decorations.... I told LZdaddy to get it the day before CNY eve coz the pasa malam near our place would end before the eve. He rather believe the uncle selling noodles than me. Haiz... In the end, we had to grab some from Giant and it was not worth it.

Reunion dinner was very different for us this year. We do not have to go back to my parents place for dinner. I missed my dad cooking... We went over to my MIL's place for dinner and it was great to see everyone there. We feel so blessed that LZ have so many uncles, aunties & cousins who love them. As soon as we arrived, they make spaces for them to have their dinner first and prepared their favourite food.

After dinner, LZdaddy and I planned to visit my dad at the hospital but due to some very personal reasons, we didn't get to see my dad at all.. Haiz... I thought I could spend some time with him on the eve. Anyway, it's over.... I don't wish to talk about it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bento #114

Bento #114
In the box: Strawberries, grapes, 3 pcs of homemade sausage pastry rolls, bear shaped ham & cheese.

LZdaddy is not in town, I don't have to time to prepare other stuffs for L's bento. So yesterday, I bought the pastry puffs and sausages, rolled it and baked it in the night. At least I don''t have too many things to do in the morning. Find it a little too plain, so I added the bear face, hoping it will look better.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Was He Reading?

Recorded on 19th Jan 2009

This was recorded while jiejie had her swimming lesson. Actually Z was reading this book on the way to the pool. I asked him to read it again when we arrived coz I wanted to record it for LZdaddy. He knew I like it when he read it so he doesn't mind reading it again and again for me so I can laugh. Remember? He said that when I laugh, it means that didi is laughing too. Well done my boy!

We always have books in the car so they can read while I am driving or waiting. L left this book in the car few days ago after school (she is to be bring Chinese storybooks on Thurs & Fri). After reading, he didn't understand what was the story about and jiejie explained to him. Hmmmm.. Looks like I have to start teaching him汉语拼音 since now he has the interest to read Chinese storybooks. I am so happy that Z takes the initiative to read it! It is a book on 西 游记, one of my BIL gave the whole series to us. Honestly, I never thought they would be interested to read it.

Z does not know all the words so he uses 'hanyupinyin' (his phonics knowledge) to sound out the words. Below is what he read:

牛魔王赴宴回来, 来到芭蕉洞, 得知悟空抢了扇子, 大怒, 赶紧去追。

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bento #113

Bento #113
In the box: Chicken teriyaki with cucumber & buttom mushroom on sticks, steamed corn, flower shaped apples & kiwis, rice rolls with carrots on top.

My girl asked for chicken and button mushroom, so decided to make teriyaki chicken skewers for her since it has been a long time since I made that. Better not Z let sees this or he will want it too coz he loves satay and this looks like one.

One of the things about making bento for L is that she tends to be more 'adventurous' when comes to food nowadays. She used to dislikes corn but now, she loves it! It also gives me more options when comes to preparing bento for her.

L asked if she can keep this till lunch but I worried that the food may turns bad after so many hours, so she had this for her 1st recess. Wished that I could prepare another bento and send it to school but I am too tired. Besides, at that time, I will be preparing dinner and another bento for Z for dinner.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busy Weekend

After Beanie's checkup and a quick lunch, we went to the agency to select our helper. Yes, we have finally decided that we need a helper. We have been preparing LZ mentally that we would soon be having a helper at home. Both were excited! I think they must be happy that they don't have to help me so much when she arrives. Hahaha... Throughout, Z has been asking when are we going to choose the helper, "mommy, when are we going to buy the helper?" *slap forehead*

I certainly do not wish to neglect my 2 older kids. With a helper, I believe I can leave the household chores to her and concentrate in taking care of them, be it their personal needs or academics. Also, I plan to breastfeed Beanie as long as I can.

Upon telling the agent what were our expectations, she gave us a few bio-datas to look at. When we have finalize the 3 helpers, our agent let us interview them through Skype. As this is our first time hiring a helper, we have no idea what to ask so the agent helped us. L told me she likes the first auntie we interviewed and Z was more interested in his gameboy (since the excitement is over after the whole morning wait).

After discussion, we have sought of decided to get this helper who has experience in children and is able to cook. I wish to get one without experience at all but time is not on my side and I need the helper to be able to work independently. I do not have the time to 'train' her nor do I have the time to let her takes too long to settle in.

My concern was she has many years experience, 6 years in Singapore. She has only worked with 2 families for the 6 yrs she was in Singapore and I think she must be good so the previous employer has extended her contract. As i have no experience in handling helper, I was concern if she will 'climb over my head'. LZdaddy wanted to confirm then but I told him I would like to think about it. The agent was very nice to 'book' her for us till Sunday.

After going to this agency, I told LZdaddy why not have a look at others too. So off we went to other agencies. We saw a few and talked to them but the truth is none was to our expectation. I think we have more or less decided on the first one we saw.

By this time, Z was very hungry and again we had a quick meal before we head off to Ikea. We purchased some stuffs for Beanie (cot & changing table etc) and also other things. Just as we thought we are done after everything at 11 pm, the staffs told us they didn't capture the items on the computer and they had to go thru it. Then the mattress for the cot was wrong and they have to search for it and do exchange for us. By the time it ended, it was already midnight! All because the staff who told us that the mattress was the right one! Arrgghhh! Now you know why we were out for 14 hours!


Today was another busy day! L needed a haircut, Z needed a pair of new shoes for CNY, I need to get some ready made curtains for the house and we had to go down to the agency to pay deposit for the helper. I was so pleased that we have all this done within the day.
ps: we have already placed a deposit and have confirmed her as our helper. The agent spoke to her again after we left and she claimed that she is willing to work for us.

Sorry Mommies if I have not been visiting your blogs. Have been very busy and only managed to have time to update the blog.

Beanie @ 34 Weeks

Yesterday was a busssssy day! Can't believe that we were out for 14 hrs! Feeling so tired and later we'll be out again. Haiz....

In the morning, went for my checkup, Beanie is already 34 weeks! Wish I can't slow down the time... Checked on Beanie's heartbeats before I get to see doc. Gosh! He is active! I have to keep shifting the thing to get his heartbeat. LZ & LZdaddy were in the room with me. L & LZdaddy had to let me know whenever the machine can't capture his heartbeat and Z was busy with his gameboy.

First thing my doc commented when she saw me was "Wa! Your baby very active!" Based on the measurement of his tummy, Beanie is now about 2.5 kg. Everything is well for us! I think this time I am more paranoid than the past 2 pregnancies. I kept having this thought that I will deliver early and I have to ask Doc for assurance. I think that's because I have been feeling stress and too many things to do and so little time.

I also mentioned to doc that I have pain at my lower abdominal at times. She told that was fake contractions which I totally forgot how it feels! She said when I am due, I will definitely remember it.

My next appt will be in 2 weeks time! Uh-oh! So fast! Please, Beanie, don't come out too soon ok? Mommy is not ready at all! And next week LZdaddy will be away for 2 days! I NEED HELP!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Bubble Fun - Z

It is a joy looking at him enjoying himself.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bento #112

Big container: Stir fried udon with star shaped fishcakes & veggie. Small container: Grapes.

My girl wanted something else for her bento but I couldn't get the cheese so she had to have this till I get the cheese.

This 2 weeks gonna be busy weeks! So many things to do and so little time. How can I pack the house when I can't stand on the chair? How am I gonna clean some of the cabinets?

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