Monday, December 31, 2007


Lately, Z has a funny way of laughing... When I tried recording it, he can't seemed to do it :)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Batman

Something that we got from the kid's meal while on our holiday and we brought it all the way back to S'pore.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Orientation Day

Z giving moral support to jiejie

Before we could clear up our stuffs, we had to get L's uniforms ready for her P1's Orientation. Yes, her Orientation is on the 28th December, unlike most of the schools. Was she excited? Of coz she was! :) We were as excited as she is.

We were to report to school by 8am. My poor boy has no choice but to go with us. Seeing my girl wearing her school uniform and shoes for the first time bring tears to my eyes. And it was tears of joy :) She looked so good with it and she was very proud that she is going to P1. She didn't ask me many questions as I have 'feed' her as much info as I could. :)

I asked my girl how was she feeling and she said she was nervous. I was just like her.... :) But I had to act cool and tell her to stay cool too. When we arrived at the school, we had to queue to find out which class was our girl in. The queue was looooong..... I think the school gave up and asked everyone to go the hall as there were class lists just outside the hall. I managed to find out which class is she in before we make out way to the hall. Once upstairs, I brought her to her class teacher, introduced ourselves and she sat down with her classmates. We were told to sit behind while the kids settle down.... During this time, we heard many crying children. Throughout waiting, my girl was so cool :) She sit there quietly and turned around once a while to check if I were looking at her. Every time our eyes meets, we thumbs up to each other with a smile.

L sitting with her new friends

Finally the children were all settled down, teachers were introduced to us and the children were brought to their respective classes, to spend time with their teachers. I was reluctant to see my girl away from me :( Then the briefing for parents begins.... During this time, Z was playing with his gameboy and soon he fell asleep... The talk last for about 1 1/2hr...

L leaving the hall for her classroom

We went to our girl's class when the talk ended. We were very happy to know that she has made friends with 2 of her classmates! After looking around her classroom, we went to the canteen to check out the food and followed by a guided tour conducted by the prefects. I realised the school has 6 storeys! Phew! I was glad I wasn't the one going to climb the stairs. Hehehe.... And her classroom was on the ground floor.

L in her classroom

By the time it ended, it was already 11+... We are looking forward to her 1st day of school! I have joined the PSG (parent support group) and I have volunteered to help out for the 1st 3 days and the library once a week. I have always tried to be active with her schools since nursery so when the PSG was recruiting, I did not hesitate to join. Hope everything will turn out well for L :) And we yet get her a school bag!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We Are Back!

Came back in the middle of the night.... Very tired but it was a wonderful trip for LZfamily :) Anyone want to guess where have we been? Hehehe.... I think Astee is the only blogging friend who knows ;)

Hope everyone had a great time during Christmas :) Will update as soon as I have clear up stuffs :)

May all of you have a wonderful year 2008!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Z's Artwork

Z did this 2 weeks ago

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Performing For The Elderly - L

Past 2 Saturdays, L has been back in her kindergarten to rehearse for the performance. Children from the Principal's class were asked if they would like to perform for the elderly around the neighbourhood, organised by the School Church Community Services. Of coz L was most willing too. She remembered she did that last year when she was in the other school. The other time, they got a chance to interact with the elderly too..

I always like the idea of her (& Z) helping out, be it volunteering for the elderly or young ones. It gives them the opportunity to know that there are people around us that needs help and they should help whenever they can. When they are older, I wish we can volunteer together and we can do other things besides performing. It is good way to bond as a family too.

We were at school by 1.15pm and the aunties in the school dressed them up. Then the principal did a final round rehearsal before the bus picked us up to Meritus Mandarin. The dance is almost the same as what they did for their annual concert.

It was thoughtful of the church members and the principal to arrange the kids to be there 15mins before the performance. The kids didn't have to wait long for their turn :) While waiting, L saw those Uncles that was from VK. She greeted almost everyone of them :) They were happy to see her too and took pics of her and the rest of the kids.

The video consists of pics and videos.

While I was filming their performance, I overheard the elderly commenting that they were happy to see the little ones performing for them and was wondering how old was the kids. Being a kapoh, I told them they were all 6 yrs old. They were impressed with their performance and I was glad that the elderly enjoyed their performance and brought smiles to their face :)

Sweetie, you did a very good job! :) Mommy is proud of you! She told me that they will have a present after the performance and I explained to her she is doing this not for the present but to cheer the elderly up. When it was over, we went over to Ngee Ann City to meet up with LZdaddy and Z. They have been shopping while waiting for us. Yes :) Both my men love shopping!

Friday, December 14, 2007

"Snow" In Singapore?

They has so much fun playing with "snow"!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mini Birthday Celebration

They were so sweet.... I asked them what would they like for their birthdays few days ago....

Me: Babies, what would you like for your birthday? Daddy Mommy buy for you...

L: Hug!

Me : I mean your birthday present

L : I know. I just want you to hug me *smile*

Me :How about you, Handsome?

Z: I want a cake

Me : Huh? Are you sure?

Z : Yes, I just want a cake

My lovely babies..... I thought they would ask for toys or books. I was wrong!


Yesterday, we baked a cake together for their birthdays. Nothing fanciful :) I used a recipe from one of my kids cookbook. It was supposed to be a 2 layer cake but we baked only one layer. They had too much cakes on their birthdays celebration :) They had so much fun mixing & decoration their cake. It was messy as usual :)

In the afternoon, I brought them to Plaza Singapura for shopping. They never asked me to buy anything for them except the mini chopi chops they saw at John Little. In the evening, daddy meet us after work for dinner. We had a simple dinner at Crystal Jade and rush over to Cathay to watch "Alvin & The Chipmunks". We had a good laugh watching the show! I think LZ laughed the loudest in the cinema! Hahaha....

Singing song for themselves

After the show, we went home to cut their cake. Daddy was very proud of our little ones baking their cake and was full of praise for them :) I am too! Of coz I was the one who handle the oven :) The cake turned out yummy too!

My Babies.... We love you always and forever :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday To My Babies

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Cookies

We managed to see the Island Princess

Yesterday we went to Cathay, hoping to catch the Movie Enchanted but the tickets sold out :( We went over to Raffles City to look for L's school bag. Gosh! It is not cheap! We will still get it as we don't want her to have back problem.

Daddy and me was to trying to "sell" the pink bag to her but she insisted on having the blue one. The sales staff is right... She is the one carrying the bag, so we will let her decide but I simply love teasing her. Hehehe... We will have to go back again as they ran out of stock.


It was another rainy day today.... LZ was disappointed that they can't play outdoor... Since Christmas is near, we baked chocolate cookies with Christmas tree, gingerbread man and star shapes. They also came out with funny shapes, candy cane, snowman etc.... They insisted on having M&M's only instead of other sprinklers. We had a great time doing it :)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

LZ's Birthday Celebration

I am sooo tired... I have been awake the whole night before the party to prepare the donuts upon L's request. I have thought about baking cakes for their birthday but I changed my mind. I don't think I can handle baking 2 cakes and decorating them. Though tired, I had a great time preparing these for them. :) I am very satisfied with what I prepared :) My guests said they love it especially the little ones. Maybe I should start selling them. Hehehe.....

Baked donuts.

LZ have been looking forward to their party and so did I! Party started at 3.30pm sharp and we were there 5 mins before it begin... As soon as we arrived, LZ started bouncing. When I said bouncing, they really did! Hehehe..... There were four bouncers or more...

I ordered Delifrance but was disappointed that it arrived late. I told them to deliver at 3.15pm and it didn't arrived till an hour later :( If LZdaddy didn't make that call, it would have arrived at 6.30pm. Thank goodness I have baked donuts, chips and drinks on the table.

Most of little guests arrived on time I am glad they did :) I can hear them screaming and laughing. I must say that the owners of the place did a great job entertaining the kids and ensuring safety. I must thank my cousin and his girlfriend for coming down to help. They entertained the kids and took pics and video for us. After 2 hours of bouncing, they were hungry :) I'm sooo glad that the Mcdelivery was there 10mins before and we were able to arrange the food on the table. It is no fun trying to squeezed 24 kids to the table. Anyway, I'm sure they didn't mind :) All of them were eating very fast!

After that, it was cake cutting time! The kids went Ohhhhs & Ahhhhhs over the Transformers cake and Dora cake :) Hahaha.... They excitedly said which cake they want to eat and they were so adorable :) This year, L made a wish and I don't know what it was. She wanted to tell us but I said wishes will not come true when she tell us :) Z yet to know how.... They both enjoyed having their friends around them and singing birthday songs for them. Of coz they like to blow out the candles too :)

The party didn't end till abt 6.30pm.... Some of my guests did not bring home the balloons as me, the forgetful mummy forgot abt it! If it has not been Z, we would have to bring home 25 balloons! Sorry my friends that some of your children did not bring home any balloons. Thank you for all the pressies and being with us to celebrate their birthdays :)

The owners was very sweet... While we were packing up, LZ were asking if they can go in to the bouncers again. The owners let them go in to play for free! They told us to take our time to pack and let them take care of my babies :) They even said to leave the rubbish for them to clear! How sweet!


That's Ollie & Joshie with LZ. L and Ollie have known each other since they were 12months old. Joshie & Z has been playing together since baby and Joshie is very close to Z. Soon they will be leaving for Europe :( I am so glad they were able to make it to the party. They were together throughout the party and I sure they are going to miss each other....

Friday, December 07, 2007

Mickey Mouse & Sleigh Ride

Recorded this for LZ... I was alone with them for photo session. I can carry only 1 at a time to see it.... My poor girl... Mommy doesn't have the strength to carry you for long. Sorry sweetie...

After half hour, LZ finally took pictures with Mickey & Friends :)

In the evening, they took the sleigh ride. It was raining earlier and I told them they may not get to ride on it and they were very disappointed. It stopped raining and they were very happy!

Sleigh ride

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I Want This One!

Pics taken on 30th Nov

Z has been a very easy to please boy :) He is not fussy with what clothes I have bought for him. Whatever I chose for him he is fine with it. For the past few years, I have chose the clothes for him to wear for his birthday and of coz I asked him if it was ok. He always said he likes what I chose :)

This year, we went out shopping for his birthday shirt. We went into Fox store and he excitedly went around looking for it. He immediately took some clothes and went in front of the mirror, to check on the reflection. Then he saw a yellow shirt (one of his favourite colour) with stripes and he did the same thing. Without a second thought, he told me he wants to wear that for the party :) We were very happy! I knew we would get that for him but I like to tease him :) I showed him other colours and other selection but he insisted on that. Unfortunately, that was the last piece and and the thread came off. We asked the staff to try to get another piece for us. We told him about it and he was disappointed but we assured him we will get that for him.

Finally today(a week later) we managed to get the shirt, 2 days before the party. Before we leave our house, he reminded me to buy his shirt, "Mommy, must buy my shirt today ok?" .

LZ & Snowmen

The mall was decorated with Christmas Decors. I asked LZ to take pics with the snowmen since both just have their haircut. We feel the mood everywhere we go with all the decorations around us. :)

My Thought

Before I got married, I was seldom in town for Christmas. My friends and me will do the count down together and party all night long. Back then, I always find that the atmosphere is much better than back in Singapore. Now that I am married and with my babies, I feel different. I no longer wish to be somewhere else without my family. They are the ones that I want to spend the times with :)

I am very blessed to be married to LZdaddy and have my 2 wonderful babies :) They have brought so much joy to me, what more can I ask? Of coz there are times that we argue or disagree with things but it is thru these that we learnt our mistakes and to be a better person.

My family and friends noticed the change in me, for the better (of coz). My mom never knew I would be so keen in cooking or baking. She has always encourage me to learning baking from her but I said no. When I was living with my parents, I don't have to help in the kitchen at all or do any housework. Now, I ask her for advice :) She is proud that I am taking good care of my family and I fed my hubby well. He put on so much weight ever since we are married! Hahaha... Married life and motherhood have definitely changed me! I still have a lot to learn though, to be a better wife and a better mom :)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

No Christmas Tree?

L has been wondering why we don't set up our Christmas tree this year... Conversation took place at Concourse, where they are selling trees and the decors...

L : Mommy, you know Christmas is coming... After our birthday it will be Christmas...

Me : Yes
I knew what she was going to say :)

L : Why are we not setting up our tree?
See? I knew that :)

Me : We will not be in town for Christmas, Sweetie... By the time we are back, Christmas is over. So we don't need to set up the Christmas tree right?

L : Why don't we bring it along?

Me : Huh? You mean the tree? Hahaha... Silly girl...

L : Hahaha... Do they have Christmas tree there?

Me : Yes. I'm sure we will see Christmas tree there and I promise you next year we will set up the tree ok? Remember what Ms B (her principal) told you? Christmas is not about the presents or Santa Claus....

L : I remember! Christmas is Jesus!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

School Out, Games In

It has been a few weeks since school holiday started.... I have been very relaxed :) No morning rush and we don''t have to rush for their classes. They don't have to walk under the hot sun everyday :)

LZ and me have been enjoying at home and sometimes we go out for a walk. Reading their books, doing homework as and when I asked them to. Playing board games, silly games, toys etc... They are so free to the extend that they even choreograph a mini dance for daddy to watch after he came home from work. I wanted to bring them to the library but we have too many books at home. Thanks to all the Uncles & Aunties for handing down may good books to LZ :)

What kind of games have we been playing? Besides these games (found under the label, games), we play Speller Jr, Topple, Monopoly, Uno Stacko and matching cards games too. They also play with their computer games.

When school holidays over, I won't have such luxury.... So do LZ... So let us enjoy as much as we can and also relax as much as we can :) I told LZdaddy I intend to spring clean the house but now, I think that can wait for a little while more :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dinner @ Pasir Ris Park

Another gathering with our friends :) Shirley wanted to go somewhere we can relax so we decided to go Pasir Ris Park for dinner @ Watercross. We often go to the one next door but this time we decided to try the new restaurant. While waiting for our food, godpa brought the kids out for a stroll by the beach. The rest of us were happily chatting away.

LZ like the place and we like it too. The indoor area are with sofas, a great place to hang out.

These were some of the food we ordered

The food is quite good. Sausages, pasta, beef stroganoff, nachos. The portion is quite big and good thing I have daddy with me to finish it :) We didn't like the salad as the dressing doesn't taste like caesar dressing. Skip the raspberry which I had and the mango soda. We should have the passionfruit soda (daddy ordered that) which taste much better. They all like Nachos except me, I didn't try it at all. It was godma's favourite. LZ had the beef spaghetti and the portion was more like for me :) I should have order the kids meal. Hehehe...

After dinner, we ordered dessert too :) We had the chocolate fondue and banana boats. The banana boat doesn't come with any sauce so we added chocolate sauce (from the fondue)on top of it and it taste much better.

Overall, the service was great but we were disappointed they don't serve any water. If you want to drink water, you will have to order their bottle water or sparkling water. We had to order many drinks to quench our thirst :( Thanks to Boon for giving us the BIG treat and because of that, he get to become to member :)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Goat Farm

We went to Goat Farm after early lunch. Jan, finally we found time to go there again :)
L noticed 1 or 2 of them having runny nose and she fed them more as she thinks they need to eat more to recover. So sweet right?

I think the goats must be very hungry... 1 of them tried chewing on Z's hair! Too bad I didn't catch that scene on camera :) And another one chewed on his t-shirt. He is the only one in the family who loves goats milk. I managed to get L to drink a little. He enjoyed patting their head while feeding them and he is not afraid at all (see them in action in the video).

In the video, you will also see that Z tried to stop the goats from fighting (for the food)

Dragonfruit Farm

We have passed by the place every time we go to the goat farm but this it is our very first visit to the place.
LZ enjoyed walking around the place. We were lucky that the weather was quite ok :) Daddy was the only one that complained hot!

These are some of the plants that we saw.


In the evening, we went to East Coast Park with Boon and his family. The little ones had fun on the rides and mommies too. Hehehe... Thanks to them, I get to be a kid again! This is was the first time LZ took the Viking rides and probably L's last. She was excited before the ride but as we were swinging higher, I thought she looks a little scared. I keep asking her if she is alright and she insisted she is. When the rides ended, she doesn't looked that good. When we had dinner, I was so afraid that she would vomit but thank goodness she did not :)

Z,on the other hand, I can tell that he enjoyed it very much and wasn't afraid at all! I asked him next time if he would like to take the ride again he said yes :)

Below is a video of us taking the Viking ride :) You can hear them screaming throughout the ride. There were 3 person sitting opposite us, they were staring at us and putting their hands on their ears. C'mon! This is a kiddy ride! Of coz to adults, we are not afraid but do they have to show their displeasure in this manner? Anyway, we ignored it and enjoyed that few minutes :)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Should I?

I have been contemplating if I should bake cupcakes or cakes for their birthdays. Of coz it would be easier if I just order cakes from any cake shop. I am also worried if I have time and if my cupcakes is good enough to present it to my guests. Baking for about 60 guests is not easy! Besides close friends and family have tried it, others have not. And I have guests that can bake pretty well too!

I asked LZ if they like me to bake for them and they love that idea, especially L. I think she is really proud of me :) But if I choose to order from store, I'm sure my babies are ok with it coz they don't want me to over work right? Hehehe... I have a few days to think about it... If I decide to bake, I will have to prepare the sugar paste earlier or simply buy from stores. I am not sure what daddy's opinion is... He might say why give yourself more things to prepare or he may be excited about it.

Hmmm... I will let them go through the cake designs before I decide :)

LZ's Artwork

Peacock - L

Ice-cream 'pillow' - Z

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

LZ @ Vivo

We have not been there for quite some time ... Again, I can't resist taking picture of LZ with the Christmas tree :) We can feel the festive mood everywhere!

LZ were well behaved while I was shopping at Daiso. At Toy R Us, we bought a family game which I promised them. I'm glad they didn't asked for other things :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Not Again

Haiz... My babies are taking turns to have bruise and cut...

I did not see the cut till we were about to leave the house for their swim. I asked him how did he get the cut and he said "don't know". He didn't even know he has the cut on his face till I pointed it out to him. I asked jiejie and she doesn't know too. She was doing her stuffs while I was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Hope that the wound will heal fast.... He is quite upset with the cut on his face. Since last night, he has been asking me "mommy, am I ugly now?" *FAINT*

Sunday, November 25, 2007

LZ @ Central

It was our first time to the mall. Can't resist taking pics with the Christmas tree :) If you do go to Central, take a look at the Waraku Restaurant display (forgot to take a picture), reminds me one of the restuarant I saw in Japan.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Anymore Pet?

In the evening, daddy came back from his training. He surprised LZ with the little crabs. They were excited with their new pets but the excitement was short lived... the little crabs were with us for only 1 hour..... Daddy felt so bad for bringing it back home... They would have lived longer...

LZ were very sad.... L said she wished they have another pet.... No no no! These crabs were with us for only 1 hour and they were so sad when it died. I can't imagined what it would be like if we bought other pet and when it died, how LZ would react. I had a dog, Jackie many year ago for 13 years.... I remembered how upset I was when he passed away. It took me a long time to get over it. My present dog, Princey, have been with me for 12 yrs and I don't want to think any further...

Grandparents & Our First Time

My mom has been nagging... She missed LZ and has not been seeing them. Nowadays, they seldom to go over to my mom's place on Saturday as we usually plan to spend time together with daddy. Today daddy has to go for training so they went over to my mom's place.

When they go over to my parents place, they are 'freed'! I wondered why my parents treat us different when we were young.... They were very strict with us but when it comes to their grandchildren, they are not :) No wonder LZ love to go to their house. They brought them to the playground to have fun and bought colouring pencils for them to draw. My parents house is full of their VCDs and DVDs.

Today was a chicken rice day too :) LZ had chicken rice for lunch & dinner. My parents packed for LZdaddy & me too :) That's my reward for clearing the house. Hehehe... My dad's chicken rice never failed to bring a smile to my face :) I have been eating it since young and I still love it!

Late afternoon, LZ went for their art lesson. They were supposed to go on Thursday but we went for the Disney's Magic Show. After the lesson, I decided to take a bus with LZ. Yeah! I finally took a bus with LZ! Without anyone with me! I can't remembered when was the last time we took a bus. LZ was very excited and so was I :) Perhaps to others, this is no big deal.... but this is our first time :) , though only 4 bus stops. I have to do this more often... Taking taxi is not cheap and they have to get used to it too... Next year, we will be doing it more often.

Friday, November 23, 2007


When L goes for her ballet lesson, Z and me would be waiting outside the room for her. At times, he happily 'send' jiejie to the door and says bye bye. I would usually read my books or talk to other mommies.

Z would find his own 'entertainment' :) He plays with his toys or gameboy. Sometimes if he sees other kids there, he will let them play with his toys too. He has never complained why we need to wait for jiejie or make a fuss. Sometimes I thought of bringing him down for a walk and he usually says no. He prefers to wait for jiejie upstairs :)

This is a video clip of him playing with his latest craze, BeeMovie toys from MacDonald :) while waiting...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mickey's Magic Show

Minnie & Goofy saying HELLO to everyone!

Yes! We went for the Mickey's Magic Show and we had a great time :) Before we went for the show in the evening, I baked chocolate chunk cookies for the kids to munch while at the show. Michelle and her hubby picked us up earlier so that our little ones can have their dinner at MacDonald.

After the show the kids were reluctant to leave.... And we were busy taking pictures for them. If my friend did not asked me if I want to watch the show, I would have forgotten about it. Then LZ would have missed a great show. I think Z enjoyed the show the most as he get to see Goofy, his favourite character. Of coz the girls enjoyed the show and they managed to spot a 'magic' that was not truly magic :) Not only our little ones enjoyed it, we adult like it too.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Invitation Card

Instead of buying invitation card, I decided to print our own :) Most of it has been given out and now waiting for the rest to reply... For their school friends, I gave it to them before school holidays. I told LZ to remind their friends to tell their parents to reply.

When someone invited you (party/wedding), do you make an effort to reply asap? I do... I yet to receive reply from some of them... Especially those from their school... I don't know their parents and there is no way I can contact them (since school holiday has started). Those that I know have replied.. This is the first time that it happened to me after planning their parties for the past few years...

It is not easy organising parties... I do hope the parents make an effort to reply me..... I can't shop for the goodies and the cakes if I do not know how many kids coming :( The only thing I can do now is WAIT!

Who Is The Best?

Whenever I am on the bed, both of them, especially Z would lie/sit on back and give me massage. 4 days ago, both fight to sit on my back (again).... And they also argue who give mommy the best massage...

Z : Mommy said I very good!

L : Mommy said I am very good!

Z : No! I am the best!

L : Not you! I AM the best!

LZ : Mommy, who give you the best massage?

Me : Both of you are the best!

LZ : NO! MEeeeee!

Me : Ok ok.... Why not both of you take turn to massage for me now? Then I can tell you who is the best.
So smart right? Hehehe....

LZ : OK! Me first!

They argued over this too... Well, I benefit from it! Both work very hard to give me a good massage! Hahaha.... So who is the best? I didn't tell them and they forgot about it after that :)

After reading my blog, my friend commented that my kids are so good, they don't fight like her girls. See? Who say they don't fight? They do :) It just that they fight over very trivial things that I don't note it down :)

It is a joy having both of them around!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


My friend found out that it is advisable for us to have our flu jab if we are going for our holiday. Daddy had his flu jab done few months back, so today I went with LZ to have ours.

Z said "mommy, you know today we in and out of the house many times? " Yes we did! We went to the market in the morning, then to the clinic to take our queue number. An hour later, we went to the clinic and waited 15 mins before we get to see the doctor. Doctor put a small patch on LZ's buttocks so that they will not feel the pain when they have their jab. But we have to go back there 1 hour later for the jab. So went home to have our lunch....

An hour later, we went to the clinic again.... Both were nervous abt the jab... They were scared of the pain but I assured them it feel like ant-bite and it will be over very soon. They told me they didn't go to the toilet at all, they don't want to touch the patch at all. Hahaha.... I suggested Z to have the jab first as I remembered he did pretty well at the dental clinic. I was wrong! I put him on my lap and tried to turn his head away but he struggled to look at it. Doctor accidentally poked at the wrong place coz he was struggling, worst of all was that the patch was out of place and doctor can't find the numb spot. He cried and stopped only after doctor gave him chewable vitamin C tablets. The patch was out of place coz he was scratching it....

Then it was jiejie's turn.... She was scared after looking at Z... I put her on my lap, told her not to look at it and don't struggle. Doctor found the numb spot and gave her the injection. You know what? She laughed while she was having the jab! Well done Sweetie! Since baby, she has never cried whenever she went for jabs. I should have let her go first... Then it was my turn... Both stood in front of me and waiting to see how I would react... I didn't feel anything, coz I have a thick layer of fat! Hahaha.... They were so impressed with their brave mommy :)

I wanted to go the mall with LZ but Z complained that we have been in and out of the house many times. Then in the evening, he complained why we never go to the mall. *_*

Monday, November 19, 2007

Z's Artwork

An Angry Cat - 1 side of the whiskers missing.

He did this after the story telling, jiejie did 1 too

L's Artwork - Last Week

This was what she painted for Deepavali

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Movie Time!

We went to watch Bee Movie at The Cathay and we enjoyed the show and of coz the popcorn :) Do check out the website, they have recipes and games.

Before we watch the show, we had dinner @ The Indulge Restaurant. The food was yummy (forgot to take pics)! Honestly, I didn't think it would be that good.... When hubby suggested having dinner there, I was quite reluctant.. I'm glad we did! Our main course (beef & dory) and the kids meal (chicken wings pasta & fried chicken with rice) were served with clear soup. We like the presentation of the food and the service is good too! We would definitely go back there for dinner :) and I will remember to take pics the next time.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Let's Exercise!

Do they look pro? :)

We have not been exercising for a while.. Together with godparents, we played badminton in the afternoon :) LZ missed both of them as we have not seen them for a while... Godpa was very sweet to teach L the techniques. I hope she will be able to join us soon, instead of sitting at the side :) But first, I have to get smaller rackets for both...

When I was not playing, Z was holding on to my racket and my heart ache every time he hits it on the floor! Apart from this, we had fun playing double with godparents and with our babies :) Hitting the shuttlecock to them and looking at them trying to hit it with the rackets. It was indeed a good exercise for all of us!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Early Christmas Card - Z

Forgot to post this Christmas card Z gave us last week. He did this in school and was very proud to give it to us :)

Thank you my boy :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ballerina @ Work

LZ had to skip school today as L had her ballet Examination. We were at the school 1 1/2 hrs before the exams. Teacher K had to check on their hair and attire and go through their dance steps with them.

As I missed her rehearsal last month, I didn't get to see it till today. I was there whenever she went for her coaching class but this the first time I see her doing the whole thing with her friends. I think at their age, they don't know what was the exams about :) They happily go through everything, running around and chatting happily :)

What was Z doing then? He clicked very well with Teacher K's son. They played toys together and chatted throughout. I must mentioned that Z has been very patient whenever L went for her lessons, he waited with me throughout.

After coming out from her class, she ran towards me with a koala in her hands. The examiner is from Australia and she is very sweet to give each of them a koala. I heard the older girls complaining "Not fair! We have chocolates and they have bears!". Girls, I would like to have chocolates if I were you. Hahaha....

Teacher K told us next yr, she will be teaching the girls jazz ballet. Sounds good! I was about to stop her ballet as she said she wants to learn something else. The girls will be taking jazz ballet exams too next year.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas Party - School

The school celebrated Christmas in advance as school holidays will begin in 2 days.... It was also a the Church Charity Drive. Children were asked to donate food to the elderly living near the area. It is good that the children are doing charity and to spread love during Christmas.

Cupcakes with sugar paste alphabets

They were asked to bring some finger food to share with their friends too. I love to go to these events in school as it give me a chance to see how my kids interact with others and for me to know other mommies :) I prepared cupcakes for the party.... Yes! Cupcakes again, upon my babies request :) L said her classmates likes my cupcakes and I was very happy! The Principal tried it too today for the first time and she said she would love to have it again :)

Looking at L performing, I know I will miss watching her in school.... When she goes to primary 1, I don't think I will get to see all these. I do hope she will continue to tell me whatever she does in school, like what she does now.

Z almost fell asleep during the party while the classes took turns to perform and he was struggling to stay awake. I had to bring him to the toilet to wash up.. He woke up too early this morning and he was very tired by the time we reached school. He was much better after that :)

I am so tired now.... After baking the cupcakes, I had 2 hours of sleep only... I need my rest and my kitchen too... Tomorrow will be another busy day as L will be having her ballet exam...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

LZ's Version of the National Anthem

They are proud to be Singaporean :) Especially Z! He sings the National Anthem every now and then, though there are certain parts that are wrong :)

I Can Spell!

This was recorded on 10th November 2007... For the pasts 2 months or so, Z's school homework requires him to write the day and that's how he learn how to spell. He can spell out the days more than a (or 2) month ago :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bruise Bruise Go Away

This was taken @ Clare's party... Then, the bruise wasn't that obvious. After daddy used an egg to gently rub it (on weekend), it is now very obvious (see it here). It has been a week.... Why is it taken such a long time to heal? I'm glad it is not painful for her...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Baking Session

It was very sweet of LZdaddy to take care of our 2 little ones while I have some time to bake chocolate cupcakes. I found the recipe for sugar paste and I finally get to try it out today. I am planning to make some for their school Xmas party :) The sugar paste looked and taste ok but I am going to make another batch when the day is nearer...

L doesn't like it but as usual she wants to make me happy, she finished everything :) Z, on the other hand, loves it. He finished the topping first then the rest :)

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