Sunday, May 29, 2011

RSAF Open House 2011

We had made plans to go to RSAF Open House before Beanie had the accident.  Even though doc advised no outdoor activities for him, so as to avoid pigmentation.  We decided to go ahead IF the weather was good and we won't be staying long at the open house.  We were so glad this morning the weather was fantastic!

Midway through the activities, Beanie's bandage came off.  I was glad that the First Aid was within sight so we approach them.  They didn't have the small bandage for him, so they cut it small and carefully put it on for him.
One thing LZ complained was the queue was long!  But it was worth it when they got to explore the cockpit.  Apart from that, they played games, watched air shows and had a close look at the aircrafts.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Talent Showcase 2011 (Semester 1)

Every year, the school held the event, Talent Showcase twice.   This was L's 2nd time taking part in the event but her FIRST time receiving a prize!   She sang 'Somewhere over the rainbow', a beautiful song she learned in Choir.

Well done my princess and I am very proud of you!  Even though sometimes mommy 'complained' about your singing, I can't deny that I love to hear you sing!


26th May 2011

That's the number of stitches he had on his eye brow....  I wish I could turn back the clock....  I wish I could take over the pain.....  I wish this had not happen...

Little Beanie fell from the bench at home... I was busied preparing dinner, LZ was doing their own stuffs and it happened...

We rushed him to the nearby clinic to stop the bleeding as I thought the doc could do the job.  Didn't expect that he needed stitching.  I was pissed with the nurse!  She wanted me to queue!!!!  Can't she sees that my boy was bleeding?

Rushed to the hospital and he was immediately sent to the doc.  I asked doc if it's possible to glue it but doc said the cut was too deep and needed stitching.   It was heart wrenching to see what he had to go through...   Even though he was strapped, the nurse couldn't hold him down, I had to help.  Can you imagine that?  Hurt so much that I had to be one of them to hold him down...

Doc was struggling to stitch him and he doesn't seemed that experience.  If I had known earlier, I would asked for a more experienced one.

I'm so sorry baby....  That you have to go through this at such a young age...  Please forgive me...

I am such a lousy mommy!!!!   Z fractured 3 times and now my little baby has stitches on his eye brow!!!!!

 pic taken this evening, 27th May 2011... 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beanie @ 27 Months

@ 27 months old: 

Little one is very 'protective' over me (or my things) or anything concerns me.  For instance, once Z took my drink from me and immediately Beanie said "No!  Gorgor!  This is Mama!" This happened on 28th March.  Yeah, this was long overdue coz I totally forgot to mention it when I wrote his 26th months update. He also doesn't allow anyone to 'bully' me. We all know that and yet at times, we like to 'tease' him.  Daddy pretends to hit me and I cry. He scolds daddy and hug me. Isn't he sweet?  Love the way he frown when he is scolding them.

Many times, we often decide what to get for Beanie from bakery stores or from coffee shops (when either one of us is out to buy it).   But it has changed from one incident... (5th May) We were having dinner when Daddy called to ask what we want from the bakery.   LZ and I told daddy what we want and we hung up the phone.  I didn't think of asking him coz I knew daddy will definitely get one for him.   He looked up at me and said "Bebe?" (we called him Bean Bean or Bebe)  What he meant was "What about me?"  I felt really bad.... How can I not ask him? He often decide what he wants to wear or eat (when we are out together) and yet over the phone, I didn't let him decide it himself.  BAD mommy!  I apologised to my little one and immediately called daddy.  Over the speaker, daddy asked him what he wanted and he said "Waffle!"

Just wanted to record a little conversation we had before feeding him:
B: Mama, I want 奶奶。
Me: Which one?
B:  This one! *happily pointing to his favourite side.*

Yeah, I'm still breasfeeding my little baby.  Not sure when I will stop as I'm still enjoying the bond that we have.

♥ He knows his body parts in Chinese, which I mentioned it before but only managed to record it recently.  Now he is able to say most of it except 头发.  Here's a video:

TV programmes that he likes now:  Mickey Mouse, Captain Oso & Elmo.   He gets very excited when he hear the Mickey song.  We have to stop what we are doing and dance with him.

♥ he likes to pretend he's on a train. Sometimes, LZ help to set the chairs in a row and they have all their soft toys going on a train ride with them, or we queue behind him.  When we are ready, he says "All on board!" and off we go!  Choo choo....

♥ He able to tell me more now.  "I don't want it." "I want nack (snacks)." etc...  And also tells me a little of what he did in school.  Eg. "painting" (shows the action with his hand moving up and down), "Kick ball."

♥  He likes to pretend he's a monkey! And makes the sounds too! So cute!

♥  Apps that he likes now:

Bento #263 (2 set) - Lunch

In the boxes: Stir fry pork with leek, egg rolls, grapes & rice.

Think I am already in the holiday mood.....  And no inspiration to think of what to prepare for the bento.  So it was bear bento for my kiddos again.  This time, I used the picks as the ears.  Hope to do better after the school holiday.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bento #261 & #262 - Learning Journey To Asian Civilisation Museum -

Last field trip for the semester for L!  Asian Civilisation Museum,  her FIRST trip to the museum.

Views she took while walking towards the museum.  Nice pics she took!
Having fun with the display items.

Some of the pics she took in the museum. 

Here's LZ bento:
In the boxes:  rice ball with pork floss (wrapped), apple, sausages, orange & peanut butter sandwiches.

Z doesn't want to have any rice for his bento this morning so prepared some peanut butter sammies for him.  Woke up early to prepare but my mind was blank, hence such simple bento for them.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bento #260 - L's Lunch

In the boxes:  Rice, grapes, fried veggie with prawns & chicken with black fungus,

Today's bento is very special coz my mom cooked the dishes for us!  So sweet of her isn't it?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

His FIRST Gym Lesson

I feel so guilty that I didn't sign Beanie up for any gym class when he was younger.  Both LZ joined Tumbletots when they were not even 1 year old.  So when the school he's attending offered gym class, I signed him up for it.

Little one enjoys it! I made the right choice and am happy to see him having so much fun.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bento #259 (LZ's lunch) - Happy Face Sushi

In the boxes: Sushi, sliced oranges & chicken wings.

Z requested for sushi and I thought why not make happy face sushi, apart from the normal ones. We are all in a happy mood since exams is over, hence the happy face sushi.  See my girl's happy girl sushi?  Has eyelashes too!  Hehe... 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LZ @ eXplorerkid

After exams and it's time to have fun! 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

It's my Daddy's birthday.... It has been some time since I mentioned about him in the blog.  He has not been the same ever since the stroke and Mom is taking care of him full time now.  He looks so fragile now... Wished I could do more for them....

Dad was very happy my little ones were there to celebrate his birthday. He was all smile when they sang birthday song, blew candles..... He has not been the same ever since the stroke...  He was once a strong man who doesn't need someone to dress him or help him when eats.   He was so down and feeling helpless.  Then one day, my Dad started going to church and read bible everyday.  Faith has made him a stronger person now and give him hope. I THANK GOD for that!  Both my parents are baptized since Christmas 2009!

Happy Birthday Dad.... I love you & Mom always.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sleep #6

I noticed my little one just doesn't like sleeping properly on the bed, half his body is on the floor.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day....  Which means exams is round the corner....  Nothing is more important than coaching my kids, even that means not going out to celebrate Mother's Day.  Babies, having you with me everyday is like Mother's Day.  Anyway, we had a little a celebration with my in-laws' family last week.

My kiddos were looking forward to Mother's Day.  They listed what they planned to do for me today

♥ read script
♥ Beanie dance
♥ I (L) sing
♥ Z plays piano
♥ we dance
♥ massage mommy & daddy (how sweet of them not to forget to 'reward' daddy too)
♥ get ready to go out

They prepared the cards some time back, they even 'helped' Beanie. He doodled on a piece of paper and L helped to write his name. Love it! The yellow card was from Z, he drew everyone on the card and pasted some shapes on it. Love it! My girl folded a heart shaped card for me, sweet isn't it?  She learned it from her classmate and decorated it with glitters.  Love it!

Love all the cards that my kiddos gave me and the wonderful performance they did!  Thank you my babies!  Mommy loves you all! Muack!

Saturday, May 07, 2011


Z has been having lots of mini tests since April, coz he will not have mid year exams. Seriously, I would rather he has exam than having all these mini tests...

L has mid year exams.. It was equally stressful too...

Friday, May 06, 2011

Yummy Chocolate Cake

My Mom is very good in baking and how I wish I'm as good as her.  That, I can only dream on.... She has asked me many times to learn from her but I was just plain lazy.

She bakes to sell to friends or for them, upon their requests.  We are very blessed, especially my kids. If they want chiffon cakes or lapis cake, it's just a phone call to grandma and the next day we have yummy cakes.  We live very close to each other.  I remembered she used to bake my birthday cakes, little boat tarts for my parties.  I was a proud little girl...

One of these days, I will learn from her. Yes, I will.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Picture Of LZ - May 2011

Photo of my little ones in May

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