Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LZ - June 2010

It seems like I have not did scrapbooking for quite awhile...  So here's some QPs I have for a long time and it comes in handy when I am lazy to do scrapbooking.

This is my favourite pic for now! I am so happy to be able to capture this!  I'm not sure about others but for me, it is tough to take pic of them together.  Either one or two not looking into the camera or one of them have their eye close and so on....
Love this pic of L hugging little Beanie.  Sibling Love...
My Rascal...  Never fails to melt my heart with all his sweet talks.
My Princess...  She is such a great help when comes to helping me taking of his brother.  She is another one that never fails to melt my heart with her actions & thoughts...
Last but not least, my little Beanie!  This was taken while I was trying to take snapshots of him when he turned 16 months.  We gave him LZdaddy's iphone to play with so I can take pics of him.  Love the way he calls me, "Mama, mama...."

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beanie @ 16 Months Old

Pics taken on 25th Jun.

Beanie went for checkup and jabs today.  He is such a tough boy!  When he had his jabs, all he did was frown!

I am VERY HAPPY today!  Not only that Beanie turns 16 months old, I found out that he is above 97%!!! When DOC was checking his weight & height on the chart, he said "WOW!" and asked if I have been feeding him too much oily & fried food!  Haha... 

@16 Months:

Weight: 12.5kg
Height: 80cm
Head Cir: 46.6cm

Pics were taken when he is very grouchy. I have since learned to let him nap for at least half hour before feeding him his meal.
He loves to scribbles (think I have mentioned this before)!  See?  He can even 'draws' when he squatting!   He knows where to grab the papers & pencils/pens.  Sometimes if I am cooking, he does that in the kitchen.  Yes, he lies down on the kitchen floor too!  Haha... 
when we sing "twinkle twinkle little star", he opens & closes his hands.
whenever he sees we have an umbrella with us, he insist on taking it.
  He is able to point to his face features when we ask him.  Eyes, nose, mouth, ear, hands, legs and tummy too.
  He likes to play with his belly button. He laughs when we ask him to stop.
♥  He takes the bowl to the kitchen when he finishes his snacks.
he knows where to get his snacks when he's hungry/feel like munching.  Eg. When he wants mini pancakes, he tries to open the freezer (our freezer is at the bottom) and when he wants cheese, he tries to open the fridge.
  When he does/achieves something, he knows I always clap or cheer for him.  Now, he wants the whole family to say "YEAH!" with our hands all up.  He doesn't care if we are in public, he insist all of us to do it.  Yup!   So if you see a family that does that in public, that could be us! Haha...
He watches TV for a very short time, sometimes only for 10mins or less. The only time he watches it for longer than that would be in the car. He enjoys watching the CD which I got it free many years ago (teaches face features, etc).  When he get into the car, he will point to the screen (telling me he wants to watch it).

Bento #202 (2 sets)

After taking a break for more than a month, I am so lazy to prepare bento  and forgotten what was the number of my last bento.  I have to check my last post on bento to find out.

In the boxes:  Pasta salad with Japanese dressing, broccoli, baked nuggets, rock melon & grapes.

Today bentos are very easy to prepare.  Nuggets were oven baked and I need not fry the pasta. I need to pick up the momentum to start preparing bento again. 

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Prawning Fun

Before the start of a new school term, we decided to have a little more fun.  We went prawning!  LZdaddy brought our 2 older babies for prawning a few times without Beanie & me... *SOB*  So when he suggested all of us go for prawning today, I was more excited than LZHehe...

While LZ were prawning with LZdaddy, Beanie & I went  to look at fishes and see how the little kids did longkang fishing.  He was very excited!  My babies also had fun on the swing that was at the farm.  It brought back memories of how much I enjoyed it too when I was a kid....

As usual after prawning, we barbecued the prawns there and headed to Pasir Ris Park for a seaside dinner.  We had a wonderful day!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

LZ @ Science Center

LZdaddy took a day leave and we went to the Science Center.  It was Beanie's FIRST trip there and he enjoyed most at the Children World coz he was asleep most of the time.

LZ have not been there for a long time. They enjoyed exploring and played with the stuffs since they both like science.  Beanie was fascinated by the little chicks and creepy crawlies!  Looks like we should go to the zoo more often.  They had so much fun that they were reluctant to leave the place.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Little Chef @ Work

LZ baked these cookies & cream cupcakes with little help from me. We had so much fun baking together!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Z & Beanie 'fixing' up a zoo.  Love to see how patient he was while Z fix up the fence for him.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Prince & Princess Are Here!

I was very surprised when Z asked if he could go for the prince/princess makeover.  He is not one that care much about his appearance before this! Haha... 

He can't stand the makeup but liked the glitters on his hair. 

L never had a makeover before and I know she would love to go for this.  I surprised her by signing her up for the makeover too. 

My girl liked the way they pin her hair up and the glitters too. AND of coz the makeup too. 
Here's the free makeover pics!  My 2 gorgeous kids! *proud mommy*
While they busied being treated like a 'royal', I was very busy recording the whole process and taking care of Beanie. I would love to sign him up for this too when the staff told me that he can go for it.  But I doubt he would stand still for the photographer to take pic.  Hehe...

Monday, June 14, 2010

LZ @ T3 (again)

We spent another day at T3 again.  We love to go there coz there's lots of restaurants and not too pack on weekends.

This time at least they get to go for the kiddy rides.  Most of the time, when they remembered the rides, it was the closing time.  LZ were a little too 'old' for the rest of the kiddy rides except the big ones...  While they were going rounds on the rides, Beanie ride on LZdaddy's shoulder.

Every time we come back from T3, we seem to collect more tokens for the slides.  Looks like we gonna be there very often and endless.  Hehe...

Friday, June 11, 2010

She Passed!

My princess passed her BALLET with a MERIT! Very happy for my gal!  Well done Sweetie!  Mommy is very very proud of you!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Exercise Time!

Home alone with the kids and they were getting restless....
L & I have always wanted to go jogging together, so I brought them to the park for a so called "jogging" session. 
Beanie wanted to jog too! 
姐姐 and 哥哥 jog with him.  He was very happy coz he thought they were playing catching with him.
Guess who feels tired first? L & Z! They were running back & forth, making sure that their baby brother were with them and not ran off the track. Haha... 
We had Macdonald for dinner....  There goes all my effort of exercising...
For the record, he finished one happy meal, consist of a corn cup, milk and a cheeseburger.

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