Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wheeling Around

While jiejie was in camp, my boys had fun too.   They played computer games.

 And had some outdoor fun! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

P5 School Camp 2012

L left for her P5 camp yesterday (28/5 - 29/5)...  Miss her even though this is not the first time she's not with us for the night. I know she will be able to take good care of herself and she has always been very independent.

She told me it used to be a 3 days 2 nights camp but changed ever since kiddos (boys) cried for mommy and parents complained it's too long.  Whattttt?!  She's not too happy about it. Well, explained to her some kids are just too attached to their parents.  Personally, I don't mind my kiddos going for camps.  They learn to be independent.  At the camp, they have to wash their dishes and so on.  Of coz I will miss them and I know they will miss me. But I know they are in good hands.  Why not?  Probably kids nowadays rely on helper too much?!  Anyway, this is my personal opinion.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Teck Ghee CC Family Chess Challenge 2012

This is the first time LZ took part in a competition that they need to work as a family team.   Though they didn't win anything, they had fun as usual.  This is also the FIRST time LZ playing as rated players!  We didn't expect them to get their ratings so fast!   L's rating: 1096 & Z's rating: 1065

I was a little disappointed with Z's result.  He lost games which we didn't expect him to.   He was too playful at the competition, hence lost focus and played too fast.  He knew it and regretted it.

In rd 6, the siblings were seated close to each other.

As for L, she did well and scored 3 points.  Well done girl!

L's result (42):

Rd 1 (bd 3) Uttathya Pahwa (1439) lost
Rd 2 (bd 21) Ng Zheng Da lost
Rd 3 (bd 26) Goh Wang Da won
Rd 4 (bd 20) Hovan Lim won
Rd 5 (bd 13) Eugene Low (1400) lost
Rd 6 (bd 21) Alexis Low lost
Rd 7 (bd 26) Tang Tze Ning won

Z's result (50):

Rd 1 (bd 6) Asadullah (1401) lost
Rd 2 (bd 24) Meera won
Rd 3 (bd 13) Goh Guo Lin lost
Rd 4 (bd  23) Lim Zhi Jie draw
Rd 5 (bd 22) Adrian Saw won
Rd 6 (bd 19) Daryl Tan lost
Rd 7 (bd 20) Josh Li lost

There were 67 players in the under 12 category.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Beanie @ 39 Months Old

Totally forgot to take pics of my boy today...  Will have to use the pics taken this month..

@39 Months Old
♥ His fav spot in the house now - my bedroom (next to bed), which used to be part of the balcony.
♥ He is very close to the brother now.  Whenever he wants to play toy or watch video, he wants Z to be with him. 
♥ (10/05) He spilled water on the floor and have to initiative to clean it up.  Well done baby!
♥ His favourite pj.  Besides comfy, he likes the colours too!  Often name me the colours on it.
♥ Little one now the legs are long enough for him to sleep like this in daddy's car.

♥ (29/4) little one is very sweet..  At my dad's funeral, he saw my mom & I crying.  He said "don't cry alot ok?" And hugged me.  His innocent talk also brought tears to my eyes.  "Why 公公 sleep inside (the coffin)?"

♥ (9/5) While we were getting into the house, Beanie complained Jiejie hit him.
B: Mama, jiejie hit me!
L: I never hit you!  I'm only playing with you!
B: Don't say never!  Say didn't!

He remembers what I taught him.

♥ He is doing well in school and able to name some of his classmates.  His bestie is Dylan.
(11/5) He told me one of the girls hit him while they were playing catching game. He didn't inform teacher so told him next time he has to.  Glad that he is able to tell me what's happening in class too.

♥ (12/5) 哥哥 took a spoonful of his food without asking and he was angry.  "Ask me first then you eat!"  He is someone that follows rules and often remembers what I taught him.  He remembers I told him when you take something that belongs to others, you must ask.

♥ (20/5) When he saw the Macdonald hello kitty toy, he said " Oh no! Kitty can't talk because she doesn't have a mouth!" So cute! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Picnic By The Beach

When daddy coming home late from work or when he's not in town, we often have picnic by the beach.  There are times where I find that I have more things to prepare and clear (when back home) and so tempted to say no to my kiddos.  But since they like it, I give in.
This evening we had dinner by the beach again.   What I've prepared today:  Baked rice (it was still very hot when we were ready to eat!),  bread, blueberries & ribena!  Simple and yet makes my kiddos happy!  Happy kids = happy mommy!
They ate quite fast so that they can have time to play.  While eating, we saw a few stray dogs!  We panic!  We were ready to drop everything and run for our lives!  Hee...  That's what I told my kiddos.  It seemed like they were coming towards us!  They probably smell food!  Gosh!  I was so worried!  Thankfully, they were attracted to some birds and ran towards their direction.   But our eyes were still on them till they are almost out of sight.  This was the first time we saw stray dogs in this area..

Finally, we could eat in peace and kiddos had some fun before it was time to head home...

Senior Member - Z

From next term onwards, Z will be a senior member in CO.  Wow!  That's fast!  Good news for him!  Not so for me, coz that means he will have spent longer hours in school for another day..

Monday, May 21, 2012

Reward - Z

A reward Z received from his teacher for doing his work well and he was so happy!  Good job my boy!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our First Time...

First time, our family attending church service together..    Just wanted note down the day we went for service for the first time..  Thank you Michelle for the invitation.

My older kiddos have been attending Sunday school but it has been years since we (hubby & I) last attended a service.  It's time for us to be back in HIS arms.  Papa was the wake up call...

This pic has nothing to do with it actually..  Just thought it looks nice with 5 different juices to quench our thirst on a hot day!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Day Without Z..

Z was invited to his buddy, Kieran's birthday outing.  While he was having fun with laser gun at Sentosa and dinner @ sushi restaurant,  we were out at Vivo.

L had fun driving the bumper while Beanie enjoyed shooting.

We had dinner at a seafood cafe.  The food was good!  We seldom go for seafood as Z doesn't really fancy except shellfish.

Late Night Movie

Their FIRST late night movie with godparents and their kiddos - Puss in Boots!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This year Mother's Day is just so different...

Some of the dishes that we ordered

We brought my Mom's out for lunch at Ramen Play.  She seemed to age so much within this period..

My kiddos have been great.  I am thankful for the time I have with them and of coz my dearest hubby.  I can't imagine my life without them.

Happy Mother's Day, Ma.  And to myself too.

Happy Birthday Papa!

Today is my dad's birthday...  Wished we could have him here with us, just like last year ...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Her FIRST Pay!

Couple of months ago, L auditioned for the Okto programme,  Okto Knockout All-Stars.   She was selected!

She went for the recording today... She had the opportunity to film with Gurmit Singh & Haikel.  "It was awesome!"  that's what she told me when we picked her up.   She was assigned to Gurmit's team and had lots of fun with her new friends even though their team lost.   Good exposure for her, as she got to see how recording was done.  She said she feels like an actress coz they put on light makeup for her and do up her hair!  Haha... 

Below are some of the photos from Hoods Inc. Production.  Thank you for the photos!

At the end of the show, she was given an angbao.  Not a big one but it was her very FIRST salary! And her FIRST time appearing on TV!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Picture Post - LZ

♥ My cheeky babies ♥
*4th May 2012*

 *11th May 2012*

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