Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Orientation Day - Z

I think most P1 children has gone through their orientation by now.  My boy had his today!  I prefer it this way coz when school starts, he will be able to remember who is his teacher and where is his classroom etc...

We had to be in school by 8am!  It was a rush, having to get ready everyone and make sure all have their breakfast.  As the main gate was a distance away from the carpark, Z and I alighted first and went in to find out which class he will going to and who is his form teacher.

Z was not nervous at all and he seemed so cool!  Probably he has been to the school a few times and know what to expect and  L has been 'feeding' him lots of info.  For me, I am very excited and at the same time a little sad....  Z & I have talked about it... We gonna missed those times that we spent shopping and bonding after picking him up from school.  Well, that's life!  I can't possibly keep him under my wings forever...

At the hall, Z sat with his classmates while waiting for everyone to settle down.  I introduced myself to the teacher, told her that he just removed his cast and may not be able to write for the moment.  We were hoping Z 's form teacher will be L's P1 form teacher but it was not.  From what I found out, his form teacher is quite good too.

After the welcome speech by the Principal, the children went to their respective class and followed by briefing for parents. Before the briefing begins, L met one of her classmates and her mommy suggested that L goes to her house, which is just next to the school. We let her go, knowing that she will be bored staying there.  Beanie fell asleep before the briefing and woke up halfway through.  LZdaddy & I took turns to take him out as he was 'talking' too much. 

We meet up with Z in his classroom after the briefing.  We were very happy to know that one of his K2 classmate and L's classmate brother (I know the mom & the boys have met before) are in the same class too!  Yeah!  Their parents were very happy too!  At least I know that he will not be alone...  Z is shy and it takes him some times to open up to others at times.

At the canteen, L was the guide. She showed Z which stall sell chicken rice, drinks, fruits etc... After looking at the food, they felt hungry and had their lunch there.  I am glad to know that they have stopped selling titbits!  Applause for the school!  Now I don't have to worry LZ buying junk food for recess.

I showed him where the public phone is, in case he wants/need to call us and he made his FIRST call to LZdaddy Z told LZdaddy to move far away so he can make the call to him and chat!  Haha...

L told Z where the water coolers and taught him how to top up his water bottle.  My girl is soooo sweet, isn't she?  She looks forward to her brother joining the school! Every now and then, I hear her telling about primary school life and what to expect.

We have showed and taught him things that he should know and hope he is well prepared for school on Monday.  Let's hope he is not as blur as a sotong!  Hehehe...

My boy already requested for bento during recess and he said EVERYDAY!  He told me countless of times, ever since he saw me prepared bento for L.  I told him I will try to prepare for him whenever I can and if I prepare for him everyday, he will not learn how to buy food on his own.  AND mommy is also lazy lah! Hehehe...

Next week it will be a busy week for me coz I will be helping out in the school again!  Yeah!  I missed it!  The Chairperson was very kind to let me help out even though I have not been active for the whole year.  She assigned me to help out at the hall so that I can be with Z and I will be at the canteen during recess.
Do you think he put on weight?  Friends or neighbours who seen him recently said that Z put on weight and I think so too.  Neighbours asked what have I been feeding him and they commented that he looks very good now with the weight gained.  Friends said I did a good job, 把孩子养得胖胖 (my 3 kids).  Haha... I told them as a SAHM, it is my 'job' to make sure my kid are well fed, healthy and happy.  If I can't do my 'job' well, I better quit!  Haha... 

On a serious note... I don't need my kids to be 胖胖 to prove that I take good care of them. Most important my kids & hub know it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random & Pic Of Beanie

Pic taken during dinner at a restaurant 

Good company.

Good food.

AND Z broke a side plate in the restaurant.....

好不起眼的餐厅, 却有好吃的食物。

We don't Want You Anymore!

Finally Z removed his cast today!  This time I wasn't with him, LZdaddy went to the hospital with him.  Before he left for the hospital, he said he is scared of the removal, ... He remembered what happened the last time and the sound (when they saw the cast). I told him he is my brave little boy and nothing should scare him.

When Z came home, he told me he didn't cry at all.  Yes, he is my brave little boy. 

Goodbye cast!  We do not want to see you on Z anymore!  Please stay far far away from our boy!  We pray hard that Z does not need to go through such torture anymore...


Brought Z to the optical shop after that to make new specs for him.. He broke the old one... Haiz... Boys...

Actually he doesn't need to wear it all the time, but we told him to wear it when he goes to school so he will be able to see the white board.   At home, he doesn't wear it unless he is at the computer or watching TV.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Beanie & His New Toy

Beanie playing with his new toy and he looks so focus...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Z's New Look!

Z can no longer keep his hair long coz in 3 days time, he will be having his P1 Orientation and next year he will be in primary school.  I loved his long hair and he loved it too... He looks so kawaii!

Since we were at the mall and he trust no one cutting his hair besides Alfred gorgor (his favourite hairstylist), I told him we gonna cut his hair today.  He didn't want to.... His reason?  "I know you will miss my hairstyle, so let keep it this way for a few more days."  Awwww.... He is sooooo SWEET!  I LOVE him soooo much! 

Captured his old hairstyle before he cut it.....

He didn't want me to take more pics of him....

So I took pic of my Beanie...

Z looked worried when Alfred gorgor snipping away his hair...

Then he gave up looking and closed his eyes....

He was upset after the hair cut... LZdaddy said I affected him.  You see, what I like, Z likes it too.  So when I am sad, he is too...  So I stopped being upset and smiled and told him it was alright, even though I was indeed very sad..

Here is Z's new look!  I think he looks good!  It was just a matter of getting used to his new look. I told him he looks great and very handsome. He didn't like it...  I reassured him many times and told him it will also be easier to manage with this new hairstyle.

 Here is another pic of him with his supportive sister. L knows his bro was upset and keep telling him he looks great.

I'm sure my boy will get used to it very soon.

Princess & The Frog

 *poster from HERE*

We planned to watch The Chipmunk movie but it was sold out!  So we watched The princess and the Frog.   This is Beanie's 2ND movie and this time, he he fell asleep again. 

We enjoyed the show and the company too.  After the show, we had dinner with our friends and 'something' happened to Z!  Which I will blog about it in the next post.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Beanie @ 10 Months Old

Beanie turns 10 Months Old on Christmas Day!  Another 2 months he will be 1 yr old! Time passes too fast...

My little cheeky boy knows has a way to our heart and I hope he will not be over pampered by us, especially his siblings... Whatever he wants, they will give in to him. If he wants something that is not within his reach, he knows how to 'ask' them to get it for him.  He looks at the thing, make some noise and his dearest 哥哥 and 姐姐 will help him.  Everyday, they kiss him many times.  In the morning, afternoon, evening, before school, after school, etc.... In fact, they kiss him for no reason throughout the day!  Hahaha...

He loves playing 'catching' with them lately.  All of them will be on all fours and giggle throughout!  My house is full of laughter!  When I'm not busy, I just sit there and enjoy the moments...

L & Z look forward to Beanie's 1st birthday!  They are counting down to his big day and I don't need a calendar at all! Hahaha... They are very excited and have been asking me if we will have a birthday bash for him. 

@ 10months old (achievement, likes & behavior):

★ has 8 teeth now, 4 top & 4 bottom.
★ knows how to wave goodbye when we ask him to.  But there are days that he doesn't want to wave at all (4th Dec, 1st time - after paying Z's school fees, the counter staff wave goodbye to him and wave bk!)
★ says "Mama, mum mum, papa"
★ He is cruising around more often now, holding furniture to move from one place to another.
★ (8th dec) he begins to open & close my cabinet.  He takes out all the CDs and left it all over the floor.
★ When ask to give me the thing in his hand, he will pass it to me.
★ it is quite difficult to cut his nails lately coz he doesn't want to sit still.  Tried sitting in front of the TV and cut for him but his attention span is short lived.  He is my only baby that is not so interested in tv programme.  The only thing that he is interested is food, I think.  Haha...
★ he shows interest in cars, just like LZdaddy.  He likes to crawl and push the car.
★ He had his first taste of juice (10th dec)
★ When he sees a pen or marker, he will grab it and tries to draw/scribble.
★  He likes to look at the mirror.  When he sees himself, he smiles and look at me.
★ He laugh a lot!  Sometimes he hears silly sounds or expressions, he laugh out loudly.
★ He smiles at everyone when they look at him but when strangers try to talk to him he will be shy and hide his face. 

Our Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve

Our friends came over for gathering.  Not many pics of the day coz I was very busy, not cooking though. 2 of us went to get the food while the daddies stayed with the kids.  

We had sushi, fried whole chicken, honey baked ham, seafood, cheese, wine etc...LZdaddy bought  big bag of clams from Sheng Siong and steamed it with garlic & chilli!  It was a feast!  We ate non-stop for few hours..

My girlfriend and I prepared goody bags for the kids and it was a great idea!  The kids loves it!  I think I would do that again next year if we have kids coming to our house.

It was Beanie's FIRST Christmas!  He doesn't what it means but when he is older, we will explain to him.  He was sitting with us (adult) most of the time coz the only thing he was interested in was eat & eat & EAT! Hahaha...  My friends were shocked to see the amt of food & snacks he ate!  Hahaha...

The gathering ended past midnight...  By then Beanie & L were very sleepy except Z.  He was so awake, yakking non-stop.  But the moment he hit the sack, he fell asleep. 

Christmas Day

My Babies can't wait to open their presents! The first thing they did after greeting us was to open all of it!  Hahaha...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

When Is He Going to...

Give up sucking his toes????

Ok... This pic has nothing to do with it.Couldn't resist posting it.  He gave me this look when I told him to stop.

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