Sunday, February 27, 2011

Town Carnival - L

L was one of the students selected to take part in the carnival. Selected students from the neighborhood schools were invited, to welcome the minister and members of parliament. When the VIPs arrived, all they have to do is to wave the flags. They were given coupons to play games too.

Science Fun #2- Caterpillars

L brought home some caterpillars on Friday, thanks to her classmate for helping to catch them. Great that my kids will be able to see the life cycle, if they survive under my kids' care.

Here's the video of the caterpillars! Beanie said 'Cool!" while watching them.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beanie's Birthday Present

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom......

Friday, February 25, 2011

Beanie's 2nd Birthday

Little Beanie turns 2 today! Last night, he helped to pack goodie bags for his friends and told me which one he wanted for himself too. He did a pretty good job.

It was busy day for me, sent him to school, collect the cake, back home to prepare bento for L, back to school to pick him up and went to pick Z from school. I was very tired but looking at the smile on boy's face, it's all worth it.
After telling him there's a party for him in school, the whole morning I could hear Beanie 'chanting' "Party! Party!...." Yeah, My little one sooooo looked forward to it!

One of his classmate's brother was so sweet! When he heard that it was Beanie's birthday today, he made a card on behalf of his sister and gave it to him! I was glad that I prepared additional goodie bag and gave one to him too.

He smiled throughout when his teachers & classmates sang birthday songs for him and he had his eyes "fixed" on the candles most of the times! When it was time to blow out the candles, he was all ready! He was very happy that he was able to blow out the candles on his own, unlike last year when he still need help from his siblings.

We played bubbles after picking L from school. Can't plan anything more as Z went for swimming lesson. It didn't matter to him, as long as he was still having fun.

When Z came back, they both gave the pressies to their little brother. LZ were so sweet! They rather save lesser so that they can buy their brother's favourite toys! They 'dig' into their savings & pocket money to buy Chugginton & Thomas for him. They were very happy when Beanie gave them a special goodie bag each which contained what they wanted. See the tiara L wore? That's one of the goodies that I knew she wanted.

This pic doesn't justify at all! They were truly very happy to give the pressies to him and more so, when they saw how happy he was.

In the evening after sending LZ for their classes, we went to the arcade. We didn't have to spend lots of money to please the birthday boy. He was happy going round & round the place. Hehe... But of coz he took some rides and played some games. He definitely enjoyed bowling game the most! Coz he asked to play it again.

We had our dinner at Swensen! To our surprise, the manager gave Beanie a big bowl of ice cream! And we are not members.

After dinner, we were back home for another round of birthday songs & cake.
Happy Blessed Birthday to my little precious one! May you be always happy & healthy! We all love you very much!

Beanie @ 24 Months

My little Beanie is 2 yr old! These few days, he's super duper cute! He wants me to kiss one side of his cheek, then the other and follows by his lips. So affectionate! He is our 开心果, he brings so much joy & laughter to us. LZ adore his little brother & likewise, he adores his sister & brother. They give in to him all the time, despite protest from me at times. They often say "mommy, he is our baby!"

My little 2 yr old now able to tell us more each day and tries to say it in sentences. "I don't want this!" "I want this!" Whenever he sees vehicles (bus, big/small truck, bike, taxi, car) on the road, he happily points and tells me what they are. I would usually ask him what colour they are and he is able to say it most of the time. Besides that, he loves animals, we often go through his animal books. The first animal that he knows is 'cat', that's because we have lots of stray cats around our neighbourhood. He know cat - meow, dog - woof, tiger - roar, snake - sssss etc...

Apart from teaching him English, I am teaching him Chinese too which I totally forgot to mention at all! He was able to point to his body parts since last month or earlier. 鼻子,嘴巴, 眼睛, 手,脚, 耳朵, 肚子。 He is also able to say most of them. There's no video of it coz he refused to let me record it.

Number wise, he follows what I say and I kinda lazy to follow up on that, teaching him the value and recognise the numbers. Gotta remove the lazy bones in me.

 Whenever we are in the car waiting for LZ, he would ask to sit in the front sit with me. "Bean bean sit mama." means "I want to sit with you." After being 'trapped' in the car for more than half hour, he would usually "Bean bean walk walk." means "I want to go down for a walk."

He loves to read. He often takes a book to me and we go through it together. So he is able to name many things which I have a hard time remembering all. He still likes to doodle, sometimes he has to go out with all those marks on his legs or hands!

Beanie is a very expressive boy. Whenever he sees something that amazes him or he manage to do something, he says "wowwwww!" When he is angry, he shows it by folding his arms in front of him and says "Hmph!". Love it when I ask him to show me angry face, happy and baby crying face.

One of the things that I am really very happy is that he enjoys eating. He eats whatever is placed on his plate/bowl. The only thing that he probably doesn't like for now is kiwi. I will try to it again till he likes it.

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