Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Goodbye To Their Old School

It was time for them to say goodbye to their school since the school will be close on Thursday & Friday.... Honestly, I'm very happy. How about L & Z? Well, they are looking forward to their new school and they will miss their friends only.

I was disappointed with the school for the last few weeks. When we send in the withdrawal letter, we thought they would be professional, to treat us the same. How wrong I was! I don't received anymore updates through email from the school since 1 month ago and I have to ask other mommies to forward it to me. When I asked them, they claimed there was something wrong with my email account or computer. Funny thing was, I asked them through email and they replied me! Teachers used to update us when we picked up our kids but we don't get them anymore too. Anyway, enough of that....

Their last day was no difference from other days. I told them to say goodbye to their friends and L did but Z was too young to understand. It was probably better this way..... I told my babies to tell me if they ever need to talk about their old school or friends. I don't want them to hide their feelings. Let's hope things will be better from now on....

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


We had a wonderful time with godparents! We planned to have a bbq at the beach but it was raining so we changed our venue. It was the first time that L & Z went to bed at around midnight.

We wanted to get hamsters for them as Christmas presents but after discussion, we decided not to. We bought them a terrapin instead as it was easier to handle compared to hamsters. They thought that was their only Christmas presents when I gave it to them. Gagaga.... L has a Sound Box Ampli Concert from Winx Club (her current favourite), I knew she would be very excited coz she likes to sing and it comes with a microphone! Z has a remote control Scoop ( & Bob as the control) from Bob The Builder, I knew he would love this so long it's something to do with vehicles and he can control.

On Christmas morning, both can't wait to open their presents! "Ohhhh", "Ahhhh", "Awesome" & "This is cool man" were what we heard throughout. :)

We went to Queensway shopping centre in the afternoon to get new school shoes for them but was disappointed with the service in 1 of the shops and they ran out of sizes. When we were in 1 of the shops, we saw a boy (think he is about 8 or 9 yrs old) put a piece of paper on my girl's head for no reason. How could he do that! I stared at him, expecting him to apologise but he didn't. So I went up to him and told him that he shouldn't do that and he owe my girl an apology. He hesitated, then apologised..... Then his grandpa (I think) was there and asked "what?". I told him what happen and I expected him to tell his grandson not to do that again. You know what? He kept quiet and walked away! My goodness!
It was a not-so-great Christmas outing for me,to meet a rude salesman and a naughty boy. We should have stayed at home instead. Haiz.... But we do have a great time when we got home :) Having fun & eating log cake. Look at the pics! They enjoyed it very much! :D

Friday, December 22, 2006

My Nephew Has Arrived!

My dear cousin, Fonia has delivered on 21 December! Hurray! Congrats! We are overjoyed with this news. :D But we won't be able to see our baby nephew till he is back in Singapore. Baby SF (yet to decided a name) decided to come out earlier than expected, his due date was Christmas day.

She is alone for the confinement with the help of my cousin-in-law only. I am sure S will take good care of Fonia and she is such a capable woman. We look forward to seeing her next year!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another performance For The Elderly

L went to the church to perform for the elderly today. The school received a call from the church on Tuesday asking of they would like to perform for them. It was a very short notice so they did a short performance compared to the last one.

The school has decided to donate the rest of the money from the previous donation to the Children Cancer Society. Unfortunately I will not be involved this time as we will be going to the new school next year but I do hope they will do better.

You Wear New One?

This morning, Z noticed daddy was wearing a new tie

Z : Daddy, You wear new one?

Daddy : What is new?

Z : This one! (pointing at the tie)

Both my babies are very observant.... They will notice things or people around them. If they see a new present under the Christmas tree, they will ask : "mommy, we have another present?" . Whether I have a new hairdo, I clean the house, cook a new dish etc... They notice everything!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

L & Z Latest Craze

L's Latest Craze - Winx Club (favourite character - Flora)

Z's latest Craze - Cars (Movie and the characters)

Both Latest Craze - Power Rangers (They think they are one and hence behave like one :D)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Movie - Charlotte's Web

We went for the movie with godparents and it was the 1ST time they picked them up from school. Both were surprised!

We wanted to watch "Open Season" but we were late so we decided to watch this instead. L liked the show but Z were quite restless halfway. Think it could be the seat, the booster seat was hard and he eventually sit on my lap. I told godma next time we should go to Cathay where the seats are more comfy...

Too bad daddy can't go for the show.... So L tried to tell daddy what's the show abt.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ollie's Party - 1ST time bowling

We planned to go the zoo this morning but it was raining heavily. L & Z were very disappointed.... But when I told them we will be going to Ollie's party in the afternoon, both were thrilled! This was their 1st time to a bowling alley and 1st time they tried bowling.

They had fun bowling but I was stressed with the way they hold the ball, especially for Z. I think they are too young for bowling but it was fun.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Can You See The Difference?

Yesterday L & Z came back with their pics taken in school. I was surprised that Z can remember all his classmates' name!

A year has passed..... When I looked at the pics, They look quite different, no more that baby face... I love the pics!

Friday, December 15, 2006

You Know Why I love You?

While we were walking toward the mall this evening.... Z was on my left & L was on my right and I was asking them what would they like to eat for lunch tomorrow.

Me : What would you like to have for lunch tomorrow? Daddy will be working, so there will be 3 of us only.

Z : I want eat noodle!

L : I want to eat noodles too!

Me : OK then... We will cook noodle tomorrow and let's go the supermarket now.

L : Mommy, you know why I love you?

Me : Hmmm... I don't know,why don't you tell me?

L : I love you because you always cook for us.

Me : Oh... You mean you only love me for that? ( Is she telling me that if I don't cook for them, they will not love me? Hehehe....)

L : No! I love you because you take care of us, you shower for us, you read to us every night and you scold me because you want me to be good.

Me : So you love because I am your mommy right?

L : Yes! You are my mommy and that's why I love you. With a big smile on her face

Z who has been quiet throughout...
Z : I love mommy, daddy and jiejie!

Whatever reasons she give me, I know my love for them will never change.......... :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Party @ school

It was raining heavily so the party was held indoor. I was late for the party as I can't get the taxi and by the time I reached the school, they have started performing. :(

It was like a farewell party for the school as they will be moving to the new premise next week. It was great to see most parents turned up.... I made the cupcakes as it was a potluck. It was my first attempt and I was very happy when it was the first item to finish!

After the party, we went to Uncle Boon's bday party at Pasir Ris Chalet. It was another late night for them.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's About Time....

It's time for Z to say goodbye to his milk bottle.... I asked him if he would like to drink from a cup and he said YES! From now on, Z will be having his milk in a cup with jiejie. My boy has grown up! Yippee!

LZ's Party Video

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Small Birthday Celebration

Celebrated their birthday in school this morning.....

I brought my babies to "Time Zone" to play some games & rides while waiting for godparents to pick us. We took photo-stickers too. I tried to carry both but.... They are too heavy for me!

We went to Globetrotters for dinner.... After dinner, we went home for another birthday cake! Yes... Another one.... I think we won't be eating anymore cakes for the next few months. Gagaga... This was the cake from our neighbour, it was a very yummy cake and with lots of strawberries :)

Happy Birthday To Our Babies!


Thank you for being my children and bringing so much joy into my life
Thank you for helping me to be a better person
You are the greatest gifts that I ever have and I will treasure it forever and I thank God for that....
I love you both very much!


Sunday, December 10, 2006

LZ Birthday Party @ WWW

Besides some hiccups, we had a great time at WWW @Downtown East. Party started at 1030hr and ended after 1+pm. Some of our guests stayed longer though.... We stayed on till 5+ and my babies were reluctant to go home :) but they have school the next day...

How glad we were that their godparents were there to help us! They kept them company throughout while we were entertaining our guests and preparing stuffs. Thank you, godparents!

I will upload the pics as soon as I have it sorted out :)

To our friends:

Thank you for coming to L & Z's birthday party and your lovely gifts. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we do! :)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Our Saturday - 1ST Time To A Muslim Wedding

It was L & Z 1st time to a Muslim wedding.... We went with some of our Muslim friends and godparents. They enjoyed it, dancing most of the time. There was yummy food and a dance performance. That was when L & Z decided to dance instead of sitting down. My friend looked so beautiful and the bridegroom looked so handsome! I noticed they have a tiered cupcakes and it looked too pretty to eat...

Our Saturday - Goodie Bags

This morning, we prepared the goodies for the party tomorrow. L & Z were very excited, making sure every bag has the correct numbers of goodies in it. They had fun doing it and asked if they have any for themselves. :)

At 12+, godparents picked us from home as daddy was working and he meet up with us for lunch. We went to Tampines for lunch and to buy their presents. Thereafter, we went to the wedding.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Let Me Massage For You

The other day when daddy was having a very bad headache...

L : Daddy, what happen to you?
Daddy : (frown) I'm having a very bad headache...
She walked over to him and started massaging daddy's head & shoulder.

L : Are you feeling better?

Such a sweet girl! We simply love her! We will always remember all the sweet things that she has done for us!

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Z On MC Too

The school called me this late afternoon to inform me that Z's eyes were swollen after he woke up from his nap. L was very pale and she complained of ear ache and she vomited too. We brought both of them to the doctor.....

Now, Z is infected (pink eye) too.... Doctor said that it was good that we detected it early and they will be OK in 2 days time. L's ear ache was probably due to her swimming yesterday.... I hope my babies will recover soon... I feel sad everytime they are sick :(

I asked Doctor if they will recover by Sunday, and he said not to worry. When he found out that it was their party, he gave each of them a bottle of vitamin C as a present. He was so sweet, last year he did the same too and he didn't charged for Z, saying that they use the same medicine :) He worried we will get it too, so he adviced us to put the eye drop as well.

I don't have any problem putting eye drop and eye cream for L but for Z, it was a struggle. It took us a long time to coax him... I need to put eye drop for him every hour for the first day, how am I going to do it? Probably with lots of bribery and threats.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Yesterday when L & Z came back from school, we noticed that there was yellow discharge from her eyes and we suspect L had conjunctivitis ( pink eye). It was confirmed by the Doctor.

She will be staying at home with me tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

You take medicine?

Daddy had diarrhoea this evening and he told Z abt it. In the evening, when Z wanted daddy to go his room for awhile.

Z : Daddy, you take medicine? (with a look of concern)
DH : Huh?
Z : Daddy you take medicine?
DH : Why daddy need to take medicine?
Z : You tummy pain pain right? Must take medicine.
DH : ( a very 'BIG' smile on daddy's face) Daddy has taken my medicine. Come let go to your room....

Monday, December 04, 2006

Sand Play

Went to the beach with godma since the school is closed today... We made sandwiches for dinner and had lots of fun trying to make castle though unsuccessful. :D

Sunday, December 03, 2006

"Horse" Rides

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Our Saturday Evening

After having our rest, we meet up with our friends at Liang Court and planned to have our dinner there. Godpa was coming bk tonight from Bintan. We planned to surprised godma, sending her to the ferry terminal but she see thru our plan. Haiz... I'm lousy at that..

We spent too much time in the supermarket and had to cancel our dinner date. We decided to have dinner together tomorrow. We managed to have a quick meal at MacDonald and went to the ferry terminal. L & Z were very happy to see him, they have been asking where he was.

2006 School Concert

It was L's 1st performance on stage and no stage fright. She was fantastic! I'm sooo proud of her! When I watched the performance, I knew she enjoyed herself, smiling throughout.

When I see those K2 going on stage to collect their cert, I was emotional.... I know I know... It's not my girl. But I have seen these kids growing up and I know eveyone of them (from our branch). Best wishes to them!

In the morning, L kept reminding me to put on makeup for her. So I did.... But it was good not enough....

Pics from the concert
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Friday, December 01, 2006

Birthday Preparation

This morning, I have finally sent out all the invitation cards for their birthday party. I will need to get more tickets for the party though... Probably will do it on Sunday.

Both yet to decide what kind of cake designs they want but I do know Z would love to have Mcqueen and L would love to have a Winx Club cake. The other day, L & Z met our neighbour, Auntie C and her hubby. They remembered their birthdays, they asked what kind of cake would they like and she said they are going to order a cake for them! I have such sweet neighbours! Not that they are ordering a cake for them, but they remembered LZ 's birthday!

This year, I don't have much to prepare compared to last year. I need to get their goodies bags ready for the school friends and the party. Mommy yet to buy their birthday presents but I do know very well what they would like to get for their birthdays. And I need to get new swimwear for them too!

I hope they will like what I have planned for them this year. They are looking forward to it and their friends too. I didn't invite all their classmates this year and some of them were disappointed ( thanks to my girl for telling everyone abt it and I don't blame her. Kids are excited abt their birthdays....). Remembered I did the charity event for the school? That's why the children including the K2s are very close to me. I do get to see them very often in school. I feel bad.... But it is very tiring to organise a big party. I told the kids that we will have a small party for them in school. That's probably make them feel better.

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