Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Daddy In the Car?

Daddy has been away for a week and we missed him so much.... We talked to him every night and LZ want to say good night to daddy. Whenever I picked them up from classes, he asked "daddy in the car?", "daddy is back?". L or me have to explain to him.

They miss daddy.... They talked to daddy about anything, what they did in school, L's spelling test results, what they had for dinner and transformers. And not forgetting mommy's embarrassing moment... ^-^

Daddy, where are you?
Are you far far away?
Is it cold?
When you coming back?
I miss you
I love you
Are you megatron?
and the list goes on......

Monday, July 30, 2007

It Hurt....

I was very upset with him... While I was cooking dinner, he came in and asked for a toy/fix a toy. I told him that I was busy cooking and will help him later and he can ask jiejie to help him. You know what he said?

Z :"Hm! You are not my mommy! You never do it!"

It is so hurting.... My little boy said that to me... I stared at him in disbelieved and continued with my cooking. He was still standing there and knew he said something bad. He was quick to apologise but he has hurt me.... I stopped my cooking and talked to him. I told him he hurt me and I was very sad. He came forward, kissed and hugged me (one of the things I love abt him is that he is always quick to sense that he did something wrong and will apologise without prompting).

Z : sorry mommy... I love you...
me: I am very sad.. How can you say that to me?
Z: Sorry mommy... I want you mommy. Please forgive me ok? I love you

With that said little face, followed by a sweetest smile, how not to forgive him?

I have never thought that my boy would say that to me... Here I was rushing to cook for them and he said that to me. Have I not done enough for them? Whatever I do, I place them as my top priority. This is what I get when I said no for something that is so trivial.... My dear son, I hope this is the only time that you blurt that out. You don't know how much you hurt me... This time, mommy forgive you but please don't ever say that to me ok? When I continued with my cooking, tears rolled down my eyes...

Anyway, Let's talk about happy thing. What does Z do when Jiejie having her swimming lesson? Sometimes, when I'm not lazy, I will let him have fun at the baby pool or play his toy cars/gameboy while waiting. Whenever I tell him that he will be dipping in the pool, he will get all excited! I am usually very busy on the day that L go for swimming coz I need to cook dinner earlier and pack it along so that he can have his dinner there.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Who Read To Me?

I was clearing up the kitchen while LZ were waiting in the room for me to read their bedtime stories. When I went in, this is what I saw....

So sweet right? L read to Z his current favourite story, Transformer. L's reading skill has improved tremendously. I was surprised that she managed to read out without any mistakes! Good job Sweetie :)

Want Some Grapes?

They went to the kitchen to help themselves with the grapes. A simple task and they looked so serious :)


Í spent time alone yesterday... DH went overseas (he left on Wednesday night) and LZ were at my Mum's place...

I cleaned the house and baked cookies on L's request. She asked if I can bake some for her teachers from the church. That was so sweet of her :) How can I say no to her?

After making 1 batch of the cookies, I decided to make another batch. Ya.... I washed the things twice! Silly me! I should have make 2 batches at 1 go!

Today, LZ happily gave out the cookies to all the teachers/helpers at the church. Actually, Z gave out only 1 pack, which was for his teacher and he ran off to exchange gifts with the coupons. L gave out the rest. I have prepared 20 packs and all was given out. It was a hit! If you have time, do try out the cookies :) Recipe from here.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies

-3/4 cup unsalted butter, softened
-1/2 cup brown sugar
-1/4 cup granulated sugar
-1 egg
-2 tsp vanilla extract
-2 cups all purpose flour
-1 tsp baking powder
-1/2 tsp salt
-200g bittersweet chocolate, cut into chunks


-Set your oven temperature to 180 degree celcius.
-Cream together butter and sugars until smooth. Add egg and vanilla and blend in.
-Mix the rest of the dry ingredients. Stir in chocolate chunks.
-Drop cookie dough onto a greased baking sheet and bake for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Ballet - L

Parents were invited to sit in for the lesson today and to discuss on their exam this coming November. We were told that we have to arrange for an extra lesson a week for the next 3 months. She is also getting a tailor to custom made their skirts and someone to teach us how to tie their buns! Lots of preparation before exam *-*

Majority of the parents chose Wednesday for the lesson... As LZ have other lessons throughout the week, teacher K said she would try to arrange another teacher to take her for the extra lesson during weekends. I asked if L can't make it for the extra lessons, would she be able to go for the exam. Teacher K said she still can go for the exam but would prefer her to attend extra lessons. I took this opportunity to ask Teacher how was L's performance and she said L is doing well except that sometimes she is playful at times.

Back to the class, L told me she was very nervous before the class starts.

L : mommy, I am very nervous.
Me : Why?
L : Because there will be other people watching us. I'm so nervous!
Me : Don't worry, this is going to be your usual lesson. Must be confident ok?
L : Yes!

Beginning of the lesson, she was not smiling at all and was very serious. Then she warmed up and was back to her usual self . I enjoyed watching her doing all the ballet movement :) Z went in too and he was playing with 2 Gameboy. He started to feel restless halfway but I managed to pacify him.

I promised LZdaddy that I would record it for him. Daddy, this video is for you :)

L's Container

Material used:

- disposable bowl
- yard
- glue
- glitters or any other decorative stuffs

She is using it for her accessories :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Haircut By.....

When I decided to cut his hair then, I forgot that he have a class photo shoot today. Last night I decided to let him have his hair cut by professional. I don't want him to complain in future how the pic turned out. Hahaha....

The hairstylist asked him if he want it spiky or this way, he chose the latter. My boy looked different! I like his 'long' hair better.... He seemed satisfied with the hairstyle and I don't think I will ask him if he would like me to cut his hair for the next few months. :p

He wore new shoes today as the school required the kids to wear white socks & shoes. I refused to buy him a pair of all white shoes, he will be wearing that for a long time. So we bought this instead.... I think for nursery, they are not so strict :)

On second thought, he looks good now. U think so?

My Sweet Little Girl

Taken on 25 July 2007, after Z had his haircut

My Embarrassing Moment

After parking the car, I tried to remove the key but it wouldn't come out. I was tired and LZ hands were full of chocolates, all I want to do is to get home fast. I tried and tried.... Look around and thought nothing was wrong. Then I approached one of our neighbours and asked if he could help.

We tried pulling out the key but to no avail! Then he saw that my gear was not at P! What an embarrassing moment! I wished that I was more thorough in checking what was wrong. To make matter worst, LZ started teasing me! "Mommy, so embarrassing! Can't take out the key! Hahaha....." They continued till we reached our doorstep!

When we reached home, daddy called. They happily told daddy what had happen, which I had no plan of telling him at all! Lucky the connection wasn't good so I think he missed it. Hope he will not ask abt it tonight when he call again.

C'mon Babies, you don't have to tell daddy everything you know.... OK... Can tell him everything but not mommy's embarrassing moments ya. Daddy will be worried and he won't be able to concentrate on his work especially now he is so far away.....

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

They Brighten My Day

Pic taken this morning, 25 July 2007.

I always hear both of them laughing. Be it on the way to school, at home or even in the shower. Every morning, I will have 2 smiley babies greeting me and it is definitely a great start for the day.

Babies, Thank You for bringing so much joy and laughter to us :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Daddy took this pic on 14 July 2007 and I can't resist posting it here :) I remembered they were chatting happily while I was mopping the floor.

Tag : Rockin' Girl Blogger Award

Thank you Healy and Jan for giving this award :D I am soooo honoured! Have been feeling stress lately and this has definitely cheer me up! Honestly, don't think I rock leh....

I would like to present this award to many mommies out there but I can only give it to 3 mommies.

Now let me present this award to :

Elaine Visit WokkingMum - She is one amazing mom who cook yummy food for her family. I tried many of her wonderful recipes and you should check out her blogs too. I love the way she present her food to her little ones.

Jean - She is one wonderful mommy who homeschool her girl, Grace. I love to read what she did with Grace and I picked up a few tips from her too :)

MamaTang - When I feel like eating out, I will definitely check out her blog as she has many recommendation.

Tag : Four.....

Thanks to MamaTang for tagging me :)

Four jobs I have had in my life : only 3
- birthday party planner
- working for airline
- teaching kids road safety

Four places I have lived:only 2
- Singapore (since birth till now)
- Denmark (for abt 2 months)

Four Countries I have been to on vacation:
- Nepal, Kathmandu
- Canada
- UK
- Hong Kong

Four of my favorite foods:
- Chicken rice
- Japanese food
- Satay
- prawn noodle

Four places I would rather be right now:
- Visit my Cousin in Italy
- Sleeping in my bed
- holiday with my kids & hubby(anywhere!)
- Follow hubby on his trip

Four mums I’m going to tag:
- Jan
- Idy
- Mamabliss
- Little Darlings

Monday, July 23, 2007

I Love Swimming!

I love Swimming!It has been more than half year (since January) since she started her lessons with 3 of her friends. Before that, she had her lessons for 1+ yr when she was in childcare. It was a big group then with most of her classmates. Now that the group size is smaller, she is picking up very fast.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


L and me attended 1 of her classmates, Erika's party. While she was having fun at the gym, few of the mommies and me went for coffee. We had so much to talk about for that 2 hours and of coz we talked abt P1 stuffs too.

I have to praise my little princess. When we go back to the party to pick up our children, the party was still going on. The host has a pinata and all the kids were given a bag to collect their candies. When she came back to me, she was holding 2 bags of candies. I asked her :" Why are you having 2 bags?" I thought she was greedy..... How wrong I was! She said :" This princess bag for me and Bob the Builder bag for Didi." Ohhhhh.... That was so sweet of her! The other mommies saw and praised her too. They said none of their kids thought of their siblings when they go to a party.

What did daddy and Z did? They went for ice cream! They spend time together till it was time to pick us up. Z dozed off when we got into the car, not knowing that his sweet jiejie had a bag of candies for him :)
When didi woke up from his nap (@ home), L happily handed the bag of candies to her bro and he said thank you. Then she opened her present from the party and was hoping to share it with Z but it was princess stuffs. She looked disappointed and said :" Didi, I can't share the presents with you. See? This is all princess things."

Friday, July 20, 2007

Racial Harmony Day

The school celebrated Racial Harmony Day and most of the children were dressed in their traditional costumes.

L was told to talk about a traditional dish. She asked what kind of traditional dish does Hokkien has. Daddy suggested Hokkien fried noodle and wrote a list of ingredients and method for her to present to the class. She told me she was very nervous while doing the presentation but she managed. Teachers praised her for a job well done. I asked her if anyone else did the presentation and she said she was the only one. Hmmm.... This was not the 1st time she did what the teachers asked her to and she was the only one that follows. I think I better check with the teachers.

Z was very proud to wear his Chinese costume. The weather was hot but he didn't complain! The class celebrated Maxx's birthday too. I asked him if he would share the goodie bag with jiejie and he said yes.

They had pizzas and some other goodies in school. Funny right? I thought they would be having different race traditional food. I'm sure if they asked parents, we would happily come up with it :)

What's the Hot Topic?

As you know the registration for P1 is going on. Mommies that I meet during their enrichment classes or calls that I'm getting are talking about the registration. Even when I go to the supermarket or while walking home, I met some of them. My neighbours asked too!

Someone : So how? Your girl P1 next year right?

Me : Ya...

I know what will the next question be....

Someone: So which school your girl going?

Blah blah blah.....

I hope it will be over soon. I'm so tired! Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining about others asking me that. It is great talking to other mommies, especially those with experience. I know what to expect when it is our turn to register, what to do if we are balloted out of our choice and so on.... It is a torture to wait for your turn....

The other day, L asked

L : Mommy, which school am I going?

Me : I don't know.... We will know by August.

L : But why my classmates know where they are going?

(How to explain to her? I don't want her to know mommy very stress now)
Me : Most of your classmates have older siblings, so they will go to their gorgor and jiejie's school. For you, you are older then didi so you will know later (silly answer right?). We need to take turn to register.

See? Even the kids are talking about it!

Sweetie, mommy don't want to explain to you in details. I just want you to look forward to going to P1. The stress part leave it to mommy ok? :)

Worst of all, DH will be away during this period! I have to handle it myself :(

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I was chatting with L

L : Mommy, you know we have a group in class?

Me : Group? Like Winx Club? Or you talking about the salt and pepper group? (they are divided into group in class)

L: Yes. We have 6 sisters in the group. Amanda, Hongyin, Honghui, Wenwei, Charlene and me. Only me and Charlene have special power, like Winx Club

Me : Oh! Interesting! So all of you are best friends in class?

L : We are the bestest friends! Amanda said I am the older sister. I take care of them.

Me : You the older sister? But you are born in December.

L : I don't know why.
I think I know why. She is the tallest among them.

Me : Do you play or talk with this few girls only? How about the rest?

L : No... I talk to everyone in class and play with them too. (She mentioned the rest and the list was long!)

The 'sisters' don't go around bullying others, it is their way of having fun :) I met all of them and they are fans of Winx Club so they decided to form a group like them.

She may be in the new school for half year but I am glad she get along so well with her new friends. When I told daddy about her having group in school, daddy replied :" Wa! So young form group? Gangster huh?"

Z's Artwork

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tag : SAHM or FTWM?

I was tagged by Jean on this. Thank you for tagging me and sorry it took me so long to post it :)

If you are given a choice, SAHM or FTWM? Give at least 3 reasons.
- Include your name in the thread below.
- Tag 3 person.

Without doubt, I have always want to be a SAHM. I'm glad hubby love it too and he is always proud to tell his friends that I am a SAHM :) My relatives and friends were surprised that I am SAHM.

I want to be a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) because:

  1. I want to be with them every moments of their lives. I don't want to miss out anything abt them. They grow so fast!
  2. I don't trust anyone taking care of them and I can't bear to let someone else take care of them.
  3. I love to cook and bake for them. The joy of seeing them enjoying the food make my day!
  4. I also get to spend more time with my little ones :) Doing silly things or playing games etc... I hope when they grow up, they will treat me like a friend :)

***** List *****
Immomsdaughter prefers to be a SAHM.
Miche prefers to be a SAHM.
Msau prefers to be a PTWM.
Everydayhealy prefers to be a SAHM.
Jazzmint prefers FTWM.
Cheryl prefers to be FTWM but will consider SAHM.
Mom of Cairo prefers to be PTWM.
Jean’s Diary prefers to be a SAHM.
BabiesLZ prefers to be a SAHM.

***** I shall tag the below 3 mommies *****
Mummy Yiau

Monday, July 16, 2007

L asked


L asked: mommy why you hands so rough? (we were holding hands while on my bed)

Me : That is because I do lots of housework.

L : Poor mommy.... My hands are rough too!

Me : Nonsense! How can your hands be rough? I put lotion for you before bedtime and you don't do housework.

L : I do housework. I sweep the floor, pack up the toys and I sometimes wash the cups.

Me : But you don't mop the floor, wash the toilets or the clothes.

L : Ya.... So next time ask daddy to do it. I can help you too.

*_* My dear girl, daddy has to work and I take care of both of you and the house :) When you go to primary school, you help mommy whenever you can ok?

I am so touched that she noticed little things like this (my hands). Thank you my Sweetie, I appreciate you helping me :)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weekend Baking

LZ love cupcakes and I love to bake for them. This weekend, I baked another batch of it :) They looked so plain so I added some frosting and white chocolate chips on top of it.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Snip Snip Snip

This was the 1st time I cut Z's hair. For L, I had only trim her fringe. Since we are not going out this weekend, I thought why not give it a try and when he is older, I'm sure he wouldn't allow me to do that. If it is a failure, nobody would notice or laugh at him and at leasrt I tried.

When I asked him, he happily said ok. So we went to toilet with a stool and then I snip snip snip! He wasn't wearing any T-shirt nor a towel to cover his body. He started complaining hair over his body, his face and on his lap. During the session, L was there giggling and helping to coax the brother.

Z : Mommy, are you done?
Me : Not yet....

1 minute later...

Z : Mommy, are you done? Why take so long? Very itchy!
Me : Soon.... See? Mommy yet to cut this side and it is longer than the other side. You want to look handsome right?
Z : OK.... Can you hurry up please?

Another minute passed

Z : Mommy, are you done? I don't want to be handsome. Very itchy!
Me : Ok ok..... Finishing soon.... Please let me finish it. Let me rinse for you first then you will feel better.

After the rinse, He allowed me to continue for another 5 mins or so. Then we repeated the above conversation ....

After the haircut, he looked at the mirror and he seemed quite satisfied. We then chatted on the bed

Me : Can mommy cut your hair again?
Z : Yes... NO!
Me : Why? Mommy likes to cut your hair. I had fun! (I love to tease him) Can I cut 2 more times please?
Z (he put his hand under his chin and think) : One more time ok mommy? Just 1 time only.
Me : C'mon.... Look at you now, don't you think you are very handsome? And I can't cut jiejie's hair, she wants to keep it long.

Negotiation went on for few more minutes

Z : OK! Just 2 times only. Not 3 or 4 times ok? 2 times only! (showing me 2 fingers)
Me : Thank you! The next time, you will wear your clothes and you will feel more comfortable.

My boy does give in to me too. Hehehe.... I better treasure the 2 chances that he is giving me ;) Maybe this will be the one and only time that I'm cutting his hair.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Paid To Work

I was nagging at them for messing the place while sweeping the floor. LZ decided they want to help too.

Quite some time back, L spoilt her school file and I told her she has to work to pay for her new file. Then she fell ill and I forgot abt it. Today I thought was a good time for her to "pay" me back. Hahaha.... All this time whenever they offered to help me out (sweeping the floor), I told them no. Not that I don't want them to do housework, it just that they have been working hard on their school work and enrichment classes. I would rather they relax when they are at home.

They were very serious while sweeping the floor, telling me to stay clear :) I told them I would pay each $1 for a job well done and LZ were so happy. They probably think that there wasn't enough "dirt" on the floor so they decided to "dirty" it by throwing the beans (from their craftwork) all over the place!

After sweeping the floor, they asked me to 'inspect' the place. Not bad for the first timers :) I paid them and they happily put it into their piggy bank. Would I ask them to do it again? Errr... Let me think about it ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

L's Artwork

Field Trips

LZ went for their field trip yesterday... L went to the Zoo and I went to the Bird Park with Z. This probably will be my last time going on a school field trip as they don't encourage parents to accompany them when they go on to K1. I'm going to miss all these trips :(

I wished I can go with L too, then I can spend some time with her and see how she get along with her friends.... Nevertheless, she told me she enjoyed the trip.

It started raining heavily on the way to the park. It stopped after we arrived for abt 5 mins and it was nice walking around after that :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sorry Sweetie

How careless I am! I misread the timing for her mini concert and I missed it! The concert usually starts 15 mins before class ends and I take it for granted it will be the same.

I walked into the classroom 15 mins late (not knowing that I was late) and was wondering why those parents are sitting down and doing some worksheets with the kids. I thought they will have the concert later. Then I realised through the teacher that we were supposed to arrive half hour before the class ends instead of 15 mins.

L was happy to see me and asked why I did not come in earlier to see her performance. Teacher told me that she was looking at the entrance throughout the performance, hoping to see mommy walk through that door. When I heard that, I felt so bad. How could I missed it? I hated myself for not reading the notice again.

I was glad that I made it to do the worksheets with her. We, parents were told to do the hanyupinyin worksheets with them. Phew! At least I know my HanYuPinYin, not fantastic,passable lah.... Hehehe....

I'm soooo sorry Sweetie.... Mommy will not missed it again.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Tag : Infected by Blogitivis

I just realised that I was tagged by Mummy Yiau on this. Thank you for tagging me :)

I wonder how infected I am... I think I am supposed to list 10 reasons why I'm infected but I don't think I can....

  • I used to spend lots of time searching for recipes/info but now, I spend half the time on blogging
  • When they are in school, I used to spend my time doing chores or shopping or napping but nowadays, I spend more time sitting in front of the computer.
  • We used to have 1 computer at home and I have to share/"fight" with 2 little kids & 1 big kid. Now, my 2 little ones have their own computer and it's free!
  • I can't leave without my camera HP. I take lots of pics with it and will post it on this blog.
  • I am more "hardworking" this year to update the blog as L is reading them
  • LZ is very excited to see what I post on their blog so I take more pics and video clips.
  • I used to write diary for both (individual). Now that they have a blog, I can combine it and I can write more!
  • Think I spent so much time updating/reading it that I sleep at wee hours...

That's all I can think of right now... Does mean I'm not infected? Hehehe....

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Steamboat @ Mushroom Pot

We planned to have dinner @ Oasis at the Stadium (they will closing down soon) but car park was full and we were hungry, so went to Mushroom Pot instead (we had steamboat for 2 days!). Check out their website for the menu & location :)

We made the right choice! They have a wide selection besides mushrooms. The soup base was great and the appetizer, Wild Mushrooms With Thai Spices (sliced wild mushrooms seasoned with Thai spices and served at room temperature) too. You should also try their House Specialty : Monkey Head Mushrooms With House Dressing (lightly fried monkey head mushrooms tossed with walnuts and in-house dressing). We enjoyed the food and the service was excellent AND the LZ eat for free! This promotion (kids eat for free, 1 for 1) ends on 31st August.

I won't be surprised if we have dinner there again next weekend :p

I Don't Laugh

L had a little "pimple" on her chin. Daddy and me pointed it to her. L, being very cautious with her look, stared into the mirror rightaway. Happened that Z who was entering the room heard us........

Z : Jiejie, let me see! Let me see!

L: No! (covering her face)

Z : Please let me see!

L : No! You will laugh at me like daddy and mummy.....

Z : I don't laugh at you ok? Pleaseeeee! Jiejie, let me see!

L : You will laugh at me. NO!

Z : I don't laugh ok? (his facial expression was so convincing that his sister finally gave in)

What happened next? L turned to him, let down her hands - Z looked, paused for a little while and then burst into laughter! It was so very very very funny - both daddy and me could not stopped laughing and L was so "furious"! Naughty naughty :)


Note; L had a eye checkup from Health Promotion Board (in school) on the 5th July and result, normal vision. Phew! How glad I was to know that :)

Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate chips cupcakesAfter dinner with godparents, I baked chocolate cupcakes as I know LZ would be very happy to have it for breakfast tomorrow =)

Fresh from the oven!

Friday, July 06, 2007

I Can Pay

Picture of L making payment for her scarf :) She needed one for her ballet and we found one at the store. She happily went to the counter to make the payment.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

You got Mail

LZ received their 1st letter (card) today, from their dear godpa :)

How it all started.... We went for the show, "Surf Up" and Z saw the Fantastic 4 postcard. He gave it to godma and she promised to send it to him. Godpa was going to Australia for business trip and he sent 2 cards to them from Australia and there were koala stamps on them. They decided that they want to keep the stamps too!
Thank you for making them so happy!

My 7 Vanity Sense Facts

You Are 36% Vain

Okay, so you're slightly vain from time to time, but you're not superficial at all.
You are realistic. You know that looks matter. You just try to make them matter less.

I was tagged on this last month and finally I completed the tag! Healthyfreak Mommy Thanks for tagging me and sorry for the late "homework" :)

  1. I use daily cleanser that you can find it any supermarket /Watson .
  2. Makeup : minimal, Eye brow & Sunblock (I have to put it on everyday since I walk with the kids to school). Unless I have party or function to attend, then I will put on foundation, blusher and lipstick.
  3. I visit the salon twice a year, either to colour or cut
  4. I apply body lotion almost every night
  5. I like to pluck my eyebrow, not that I have lots of it
  6. Jeans & t-shirts - That's what I wear most of the time (ever since I 'lost' my figure)
  7. I am more particular with my toenails than my fingernails. I like to paint them and make them look good

Astee, Jean and Mom to Angels, would you like to do this tag?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

How Many Places Left?

That will be the question I will be pondering after each phase of the P1 registration....

Phase 1 is over and by Monday, I will know the result for the phase 2A(1). Long way to go before it will be our turn. It is an ordeal waiting for the results and to know the outcome. I'm praying hard....

Every year this time, most of the mommies/daddies that are registering their kids will be as stress as I am. I happen to be one of them.... Why? I am not in any way related/connected to the school and I am not a parent volunteer. This is my 1st time registering my child. This is the only school that is nearest to my house and the only one that is within walking distance. Haiz....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

LZ's Favourite Food

Their favourite food :
- my cooking (hehehe...)
- anything that is with chocolate
- char siew rice
- noodles
- char siew pau
- silken tofu
- frosting on the cakes
- clear soups
- fishballs
- snow peas
- Fruits like watermelon, banana, raspberry, apple, orange, rockmelon, grapes, waterapple etc
- cereals
- chicken
- cucumber
- nuggets
- edamame

  • L's favourite food
    - cookies
    - leafy vegetables
    - rice
    - cupcakes
    - strawberry/chocolate/vanilla/coffee ice cream
    - plain noodles

  • Z's favourite food
    - muesli bar
    - french/fine beans
    - corn
    - cold noodles
    - chicken wings
    - ketchup
    - chocolate/coffee ice cream

  • Monday, July 02, 2007

    About LZ

    Things they like to do together, their favourites, their everything....

    • They share the SAME birthdate
    • They sleep in the same room
    • They loves to tickle daddy's feet and daddy will tickle their feet too
    • They like pretend play... Be it power rangers or something else
    • waterplay
    • movies
    • story time
    • Power Rangers, Sazer X, Masked Rider Blade
    • Mickey Mouse & friends
    • Lego blocks
    • beach
    • bubbles
    • Fight to pay at the cashier or taxi fares. I have to assign either one to pay or collect change
    • When one does homework, the other will follows. Jiejie usually spend longer time as she has more homework, then Z will be there playing with his toys and waiting for jiejie to join him.
    • They fight to stay over at godparents place
    • They get excited when they see their grandparents from both sides
    • They love to dance together
    • They fight to sit next to me during meal time
    • They will look out for the toys that comes with the kids meal at MacDonald (through TV advertisement) and ask for it
    • They love baking especially L
    • Puzzles
    • They like to playing hide & seek and catching in the house!
    • They fight to be the first to tell me who is the one that did the naughty stuffs.
    • They play every time when they shower. We have black tiles in the toilet, so they use the foams to "draw"on the walls.
    See? My kids do fight too! Hahaha....

    Sunday, July 01, 2007


    It was couple time for LZparents. Yeah! We spent the afternoon on our own while LZ were with my parents. In the evening we planned to to watch the movie "Transformer" but ticket sold out! Both were very disappointed....

    We managed to get the tickets for "Transformer"! It's a must watch movie! All of us enjoyed the movie

    12th August

    On this day, I will be able to see and hug my little nephew. Yup, they are coming back for 2 months! Yippee! I missed her so much.... She is my cousin but we are more like sisters though :) I have not seen her for more than 1 year or was it 2? We will be at the airport to welcome them :)

    She called me few days and as usual, we talked for more than an hour. Plus, I get to see Justin in action! He is sooo adorable! He loves the VCDs that I sent and to prove it, Cousin played the VCD while we were chatting. I saw how he moved to the music. Sooo cute!

    We are looking forward to meeting up, already planning what to do. Hehehe.... A place that we must visit will be IKEA. Both of us are very addicted to IKEA =)

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