Monday, July 30, 2012

Bento #309 - Pokemon Pansage

In the box:  Seaweed salad, seaweed omelette, chicken with capsicum & grapes

Ever since Z tried out the seaweed at the mall promotion, he has been requesting for it every other day. So he had 2 of the dishes with seaweed for today's bento.  I'm more than happy to prepare that for him coz he doesn't like veggie.

I have a tough time doing this character today..  Just couldn't cut the line properly and I made it quite small so the details were more difficult to cut.  The effort is worth it when my boy told me he likes it very much.

My boy, already in P3, yet at times behaves like his little bro.  He acts like a 3 year old and calls me "Mama..."  and hugs me.  Today he did it again when walking towards the lift.  I asked him,"why are you still so cute?" He said "Because I love you more and more that's why I am still so cute!"  Simply love it!  Even outside school, when he collects his lunchbox from me, he often gives me goodbye kiss, oblivious to the surrounding.   I love moments like this with my 老二.  He may stops doing this next year or anytime, so I better enjoys every time he does that.  Hehe...    I wonder if other P3s do such things too?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Invitational Team Chess Championships 2012

This was supposed to be a Invitational Primary school Competition, just like last year but they changed it to invitational team.  Which means it will be tougher coz strong players would group themselves together, regardless which school they are from.

For my kiddos' team, Philip decided to plan the junior team (Junior A category) as it would be for the national event.  The upper primary (Junior B category) will be combined for the girls and boys as some could not make it and also because of the age.  Z had the privileged to be the captain for the junior team.

 Rd 1 - L's opponent is one of the strongest girl players for U12! and first time she's playing in board 1! 
 Rd 1 - It was a disappointing round for Z.  He had played many games with Amanda in chess club and he lost to her this time!  It was a surprise to us!  He was winning the game.   
 Z with his team mates.
 Northland is well known to have many good chess players and Z played with one of teams in round 3.
 L with her team mates.  Devash is the captain for the event and he is a very strong player.
 Z doing his job as a captain, motivating his team members.  So serious huh?  We appreciate Philip for appointing him as captain for this event.
 Round 5 -  Z played with another Northland team again!  

Rd 5 -  L's opponent was our friend's son, Daryl.  Don't be deceived by his size, he is same age as Z.  Kudos to them for playing in the Junior A. 

L's team was ranked 6th out of 10 teams and Z's team was ranked 6th out of 16 teams.  Both won merit medals for themselves.  Well done babies!  Hope this has warmed you guys up for the upcoming national event!

L's results (rating 1077):

Rd 1 (bd 1) Siew Kai Xin (1350, North Knights) lost
Rd 2 (bd 3) Aidan Lau (1088, Maris Stars)  lost
Rd 3 (bd 4) Elizabeth Chia (NYPS) won
Rd 4 (bd 5) Malhar Kamat (Merlion 4) won
Rd 5 (bd 6) Daryl Tan (1071, JR Snipers) draw

Z's results (rating 1040) :

Rd 1 (bd 6) Amanda Chan (East Coast Angels) lost
Rd 2 (bd 4) Amirul (Dragon Kids) won
Rd 3 (bd 2) Nicholas Chan (1296, Northland Bannerets) lost
Rd 4 (bd 3) Gregory Cong (St. Hilda's) won
Rd 5 (bd 4) Munoz Joel (Northland Knights) won

Saturday, July 28, 2012

National Day Preview 2012 - L

 This was something that L looked forward to, NDP Preview for the P5s!   
 Pic of her with one of her best friends, J.  an awesome girl! 
 She took some pics and videos of the event but I am posting just one of it. 
While jiejie was at the event, I was out with my boys.  

It rained cats and dogs at the end of the event and they were drenched even though a raincoat was provided for each of them in the goodie bag.  Despite the weather, L told me she had a blast.  The whole class was singing and had a great time on the way home, oblivious to the jam and the worrying parents at home. Ha! 

Thank you to the teachers who were there with the kiddos and L told me they took great care of them, especially with such weather and it was chaotic at the venue.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

His New Hairstyle

It was supposed to be a trim but the hairstyle cut his hair too short!  Bohoo...  He will have to take class pic tomorrow with it.  He looked happy doesn't he?  Mommy is the one not so happy!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

PIc of LZ - July 2012

Couldn't resist posting another pic of them for this month.

Beanie @ 41 Months Old

Think I've said it before and I'm going to say it again..  Little one is growing up way too fast!  I missed his baby days...

@ 41 Months

28/06 - FRIST time he went to school without training pants!  Teacher praised him today for participating in class activities and always follow instructions.

He told me one of his classmates hit him while playing, so he complained to his Chinese teacher.  The teacher 'scold' the girl.  That was what he told me!  So happy he can relate incident in school to me!

29/06 - He was timed today on setting on chess board, 2.15mins.  He could have done better if he was not holding the marshmellow.

4/7 - He said he wants to be a doctor.  "I want to save lives!"

His favourite cartoon character for now: Fireman Sam, Thomas, Jake & Handy Manny.

11/7 - Little one didn't go school today and went to the market with me.  As we were walking to the market, "Mommy, hurry up!  Everybody buy it and we have no more fish!" Haha...  He loves to eat fish and so worried there's no more fish for him!

16/7 - Found a strand of white hair on him!
While having dinner, he said he was tired adn put his head down on the table and that's when I saw it.
Gosh!  Didn't know kids have white hair at such a young age!

15/7 - I missed his school open house!  Good thing is that he is still too young to know what it is all about.

♥ little one still sleeps with us and I will usually carry him back to his room after he sleeps.  He likes to face me and cuddle me to sleep.  I teased him one of the nights

Me:  Why can't you face the other side when you sleep?
B: Because I can't see you!

Even if I turn to face the other side, he's ok with it.  As long as he can sees me and hug me.  So sweet, isn't he?

♥ Whenever he speaks, he tries to pronounce the words correctly.  If he's not sure how to say the word, he will ask and learns till he gets it right.  Of coz when he does, he gets lots of praises!  Eg:
computer - puter
weapon - happen

(A week or 2 ago)
me: Did you have snacks in school today?
B:  Yes!  I have porridge and milo
me: Sounds yummy!  Did you feed yourself?
B (guilty look with a smile) : No, 老师 feed me.
me: Why?
B: Because I don't want to feed myself.  I like her to feed me.

I went on to explained to him why he has to feed himself.

Next day, I checked with his teacher.  She was impressed that he is able to relate it to me.  Initially he didn't want to eat, so she asked if she feed will he eat.  He shyly nodded his head.  Teacher fed him and he finished all like what he told me.

Now, he is willing to feed himself and don't have to trouble the teacher.  Well done my boy!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bento #308 - Charmander

In the box: stew pork, golden kiwi, veg & corn. 

Z likes pokemon so I tried to come up with one of the characters using cheese.   Didn't turn out well as I used food marker and it smudged.. At least he knew which character it was! Phew!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Buddy From China

A couple of weeks ago, L was given an option form regarding this buddy programme.  She was very keen to be a buddy.  In fact, the girls from the class were more excited than the boys!  Ha!  She likes the idea of making new friends from other country.

Gifts from her buddy on the first day, 见面礼. 

For the past 2 days, recess snacks & lunch were provided by the school and one of the evenings, buffet dinner was served.  Their China buddies attended lessons with them during school hours and went to Science Centre on the first day after school.  On the second day, they went to Singapore Coins & Notes  Museum.

On the third day, it was our turns to play host to her China buddy, SQ.  We had half a day to show her around.  Due to time constraint, it wasn't easy to plan.  She travelled all the way here so we tried to make it memorable for the her.  Going to the zoo is kind of waste of time and money.  If they go to the zoo, she will probably have 2 hours or so to look around.

Pics taken at the garden

As our car can only accommodate 4 pax, Beanie and I stayed at home.   Daddy brought LZ & her buddy out. First, they went to Jacob Ballas Garden.  Thereafter they went for Angry Bird Cable Car ride.
Angry Bird lunch at the cafe
They had Angry Bird lunch at the cafe before going for the ride.  She is such a well mannered girl.  Daddy said she was shy initially but slowly warm up to them.  From the pics, I could see that she enjoyed herself.
Cable Car ride

Before we say goodbye to her, L gave her the bag of goodies she bought for SQ.   The girls exchanged email and promised to keep in touch with each other.  A good exposure for her and for her to realise that she needs to brush up on her Mandarin. Hehe..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Racial Harmony Day 2012

Little one was so happy to wear this today! Unlike my 2 older ones who are way passed it and they didn't want to wear costumes to school.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Missed It!

Forgetful me!  It totally slipped out of my mind about my little one's open house!  How could I????  It was few days later when I realised it...  Brought home some of his works that were displayed that day.
This is one of the pages from his file about his progress.  I'm happy to know that little one enjoys school so far and doing well too.  Felt so bad about it...  Sorry my little Beanie...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Water Carnival 2012

L had lots of fun for the school water carnival!  Her PE teacher convinced her to take part in one of the events and she relented. A wise choice coz her team won for the relay event!  Well done girl!

I was supposed to help out for the event and was so looking forward to it till I realised I can't coz that means my older boy has no school that day....  Duh! Nevertheless, I'm glad she enjoyed herself and I got to see some of the pics from the event.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sleep #11


Sunday, July 08, 2012

Patrick Tay Chess Challenge 2012

When I signed him up for this competition, I didn't even know how many categories were there and it turned out to be a tough one!  He was in a category where there are teenagers and adults.  I felt bad about it....
Round 1 - he was eager to start the first round
Till he realised his opponent was from Northland.  He was so happy when he beat the girl. (Northland is well known for chess)
Round 2 - *faint* when he found out his opponent was Kevan.  He was 'thrashed', like he said.  
Round 3 -  My boy faced another tough opponent, Pahwa.  Both were looking at the clock.
Round 6 - His opponent is a teenager from Malaysia!  He was so thrilled when he won! 

It was a tough competition and Z did his best. It was a good experience for him today.  He enjoyed playing with strong players.

Result (his rating for now - 1065) 87/131:

Rd 1(bd 63) Xu Jiajun won
Rd 2(bd 20) Keven Chua (1320) lost
Rd 3(bd 20) Pahwa (1439) lost
Rd 4(bd 46) Mok Jia Qi lost
Rd 5(bd 49) Sufian walkover 
Rd 6(bd 43) Lau Ken Gi won
Rd 7(bd 28) Sua Isaac (1300) lost

Friday, July 06, 2012

Trial Chess Lesson - Beanie

Finally Beanie went for a trial lesson.  He looked forward to it actually but it didn't turn out the way he expected it?!  He knows the coach, teacher Christine.  What he didn't expect was the kids were a little too 'noisy'.

We were early so he got some time to warm up before other students arrived. 
He was fine till the lesson starts... I saw from outside the room the kiddos were making lots of noise.  

After the lesson, I was told that he told teacher Christine to "keep quiet"!   I was shocked!  I think he was overwhelmed with it.  I told him earlier that he should be quiet when teacher talks and follows instructions.  Probably there were too many people talking at the same time that he couldn't take it.  I'm sorry Christine.

Teacher told me he may not be ready at the moment and I agreed.  the kids were few years older than him and the teacher may not be able to cope, handling different age.  Well, we'll see how it goes and wait for a group lesson which is suitable for his age. Meantime, he will learn from his brother whenever he wants to.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Bento #307 - Sleepy Rilakkuma

In the boxes:  Rice, beef stew, cherries & corn. 

Some time back my niece tagged me in a pic of Rilakkuma sleeping with a blanket.  I sort of promised her I will try my best to do one similar to it.  So here it is, my niece! For your eyes only!  Hehe... 

Netball - L

L's team was disappointed that her team got the 1st runner-up for Netball.  Nevertheless, they did a good job!  Because of this mini tournament, she tells me she would like to join ball game when she goes to secondary school.  I hope your wish come true, babe.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Picture Of LZ - July 2012

♥ July 2012 ♥

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