Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I Want Eat Veggie!

When Z was younger, he ate whatever I cooked. Then since last year, he told us that he doesn't like veggie and he doesn't want to eat it. I will still put it in his bowl and cut it really fine. Most of the times he will try to remove it. We try not to force him to eat, if he really doesn't want, we will remove it. Then we said "you know, when you eat veggie, you will be strong and healthy."

While having dinner just now, he said "mommy, I want to eat veggie!" Huh? Did he really say that? I asked him again... He said " See mommy? I eat veggie! I want to be strong and tall!" That's a great news! My boy is eating veggie!

A Trip To the Library

It was Z 's trip to the library.... I decided to follow him for the trip. We have been to the library many times but this time we get to see what's going on behind the scene. When we return the books, how they sort it out etc... They arranged a story telling session for the kids too.

When it was time to go, I told Z that he will have to follow the bus back to school. Surprisingly, he didn't cry! He kissed me and said bye to me. He would usually cry when I leave him... I went out happily with my girlfriend for a spa treatment!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fun Filled Sunday Part 3 - Setting Up Xmas Tree

Our First Xmas tree.... L & Z had fun setting up! They chose the decors and decorate it themselves with a little help from us.

Fun Filled Sunday Part 2 - Art Work

After taking their nap, we did art work, a rocket & a mini castle. For the castle,

Castle - Things we used:

  • 4 toilet rolls

  • 1 tissue box

  • paper hand towels

  • construction papers

  • glitters

  • glue

  • scissors

  • scotch tape

  • paints


  • Paint the toilet rolls

  • Glue paper hand towels around the tissue box and paint it ( to create a rough surface). Paint it gently otherwise you will tear the paper.

Make sure both are dry before continue....

  • Make cone with construction papers ( see pic. 1) and use scotch tape to stick it

  • Glue it on top of the 4 toilet rolls

  • Use scissors to make 2 cut on the toilet rolls to slot on top of tissue box. Be careful when slotting, paper hand towel may come off (pic.2)

  • U can decide how you want to decorate the castle. We used green glitters, we made it looks like green plants are growing on the wall.


Things we used:

  • 1 paper hand towel roll

  • construction papers

  • coloured tissue papers

  • scissors

  • glue


  • colour the paper hand towel roll

  • make cone with construction paper ( use the same shape as the castle's but bigger) & stick it on top with glue

  • cut strips for the tissue paper and stick it on the other end

  • u can decide how you want to decorate the rocket, Z likes shapes so we glued different shapes on it.

Fun Sunday Part 1

It was L & Z first time going for a movie! They were very excited and we were too, coz we have not been to a cinema for years!

I think daddy was paranoid with the thought of bringing them to a cinema, so we went to "The Cathay" with godparents to watch "Happy Feet". He worried that they will make a fuss in the cinema and he had to carry one of them out. Gagaga... I knew they will be fine since they have been to a theatre to watch play. We bought popcorn and drinks to keep them occupied too.

They were all right in the cinema except for times when L & Z asked questions and Z went to the toilet. I had to remind them to speak very softly. Good thing is that we watch the 11am show and the cinema was quite empty.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Parent - Teacher Session

We had appointment with Z's teachers this afternoon for the PTS. We had to bring them along as nobody can help us look after them. We didn't have much things to ask or talk to them about since we will be leaving the school by end of this year.

Though we are leaving, I must say Z has improved. He talks alot now, The show & tell session has helped him to build up his confidence and he is telling me what he has been doing in school.

"Z has always shown interest in table activities such as puzzles, scooping, stringing and matching. When it comes to activities like those mentioned, he can sit down and repeat it again and again! Z is a likable child who loves the company of others especially when it is time for block play. He likes building and making things. He enjoys water play very much and still looks forward to it. Having show & tell sessions has definitely helped to make him a confident child. Z is willing to learn and he is an explorer. Keep it up, Z"

For his Chinese, Ms J said he is improving and he try to speak to her in Mandarin. He enjoys the music & movement time and even sing with his friends! Hmmm... My boy seldom sing at home nowadays...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Bob The Builder Show

We went for the show in the afternoon with my friend and her kids. The show was great but too short.

Before we enter the hall, there were these guys from HSBC trying to approach everyone with a picture frame in their hand, asking if anyone like to take pics, people ignored them or said no. I knew my babies would be very happy if they can take pics with Bob so I went forward to ask how much was that. This guy told me it was free! When people around me heard that, they immediately came forward. When we entered the hall, we realised it was a board and not Bob that we will be taking photo with. We then decided to do it after the show and if not crowded. After the show, there was only a handful of people queuing up, so we joined the queue. Probably most of the people think they have to pay for it.

When we got home, my babies knockout as they have missed their afternoon nap. I had to wake them up after half an hour coz L had to get ready for her ballet lesson. Though it was a short nap, both were recharged!

I Don't Need My Diaper Anymore!

I decided to start training Z to go to bed without his diaper since last night. I asked him if he wants to wear his underwear or diaper. He said:" I want underwear! I big boy!" He went to the toilet before bedtime and he didn't wake up during the night. When he woke up this morning, he didn't wet his pants! Let's hope this will continue......

Updated :
Both my kids were diaperless before 3. First I started training them when they are awake, then diaperless during nap time and I let them choose which underwear to buy, to get them interested in trying.

My PD told me to start training them only if their diapers are dry but I didn't wait for that coz I think when I let them wear diapers, they depend on it.

I put the water proof mat (I'm not sure what you call that) under their bedsheets. Before naptime, I encouraged them to use the toilet 1st. I also told them they are big girl/boy and they don't need that. It may take some time but it worked.

At night, I gave them their milk earlier and try not to let them drink too much liqiud before bedtime. They sleep at 8+ and at midnight, I get them to go toilet. Then they will be able to hold it till they wake up the next day.

It was easy for me to train my girl but not my boy. He throw tantrums when I drag him to the toilet but after few days, he got used to it. Now, I don't have to wake him up anymore, he will wake up on his own if he needs to use the toilet. He was so proud of himself, saying I am a big boy!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Daddy Is a Handsome Man!

This evening while we were having a chat, daddy asked Z to repeat after him.

Daddy : Z, say Z is a handsome boy and daddy is a very hand some man.

Z : Z is a handsome boy and daddy is ..... very SUCKS!

Daddy : No.... U cannot say that!

Z : Hahaha......

Errr... Daddy, you know Z doesn't mean it right? Gagaga... I don't know where he pick that from, definitely not from me!

Monday, November 20, 2006

We Bought A Xmas Tree!

Like I said earlier, what the kids ask for, daddy will oblige :) We bought our Xmas tree at Concourse yesterday! Next time, if I want anything, I should get my babies to ask for it. Gagaga...

Since we were buying the tree for L & Z, we asked them for their ideas. Z said yes to everything we asked while L was full of ideas. I thought choosing a tree will be easy, how wrong I was! We took about 2 hours to settle what we want (tree & decors). I was very glad Godma was with me throughout, never trust man to help u with this.

When we went home, both asked if we were going to set up the tree. I told them maybe I'll pick them up early one of the days to help with the setting up and I need to clean the house before we do that.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Orientation Day

Brought my babies to Hans for lunch alone since daddy was at work and will only be able to rush back at 1+pm. The orientation was at 2 and as usual we were late. :(

When we were parking our car, L saw the surrounding and she remembered the place. She was asking if we were late and kept telling us "hurry up everyone! We are late!". The orientation has started when we arrived at the hall. I told them who Ms B (principal) was and L recognised her. Z was a little cranky halfway thru it, coz he woke up very early and daddy had to carry him. While L and me were listening and I was explaining to her things. At the end of the talk, L said she wants to say hello to Ms B, so we went up to her. Surprisingly, she remembered L! The good news was that she will be L's form teacher! How glad I was to hear this! :)

Thereafter, we went downstairs to pay the fees and to buy uniforms. It was a chaos! Parents were rushing to pay the fees and kids were running everywhere! Daddy had to pay for their fees at separate areas (in their respective class/ to teachers) . Good thing was it was done in the classroom so L & Z played with the toys while daddy did the running. While Z was playing with toys, this little girl came and snatched it. I noticed she was snatching toys from the kids. I do hope that this girl will not be in her class but then, her mommy was paying fees in Z's classroom! Haiz...

It was difficult to get into the uniform areas. We waited till there was less people before we enter. By then, Z was very cranky.... I managed to get them to try the uniforms and finally we bought it. As soon as we got into the car, Z fell asleep.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Pic Post

Pic taken after L's ballet lesson. Godparents & us had dinner together since daddy was busy at work and I was lazy to cook. ;) We saw xmas trees everywhere and Z were very excited. Hmmm... perhaps should get him to tell daddy to get one this year. Daddy will say 'yes' to whatever they ask for and that is daddy's weakness! Gagaga...

Singapore Philatelic Museum

L went to the Philatelic Museum for the The World of Stamps Workshop. At the SPM, they learned abt Singapore's rich heritage, transportation, architectural buildings, traditional trades and games, and significant events which are captures on stamps. L also learned how to handle stamps and how to remove them from envelopes to collect them. A very interesting trip for her and of coz, she came home with a stamp, complimentary from the museum.

Officially A SAHM

Yesterday was my last day of work! Hip hip Hurray!

I would like to call myself a 'tai tai' then to call myself a housewife! Gagaga... Errr... How to be a 'tai tai' when I have to do cleaning, laundry, etc etc etc? Never mind... I would still regard myself as a 'tai tai'! :D

Though I have work for a year, my total working days, I think was only 4 months coz I was working part time. My life will still be the same, doing everything except going to work. More free time till next year when my babies go to a kindergarten instead of a childcare, got to crack my brain to think of what to cook for lunch too and doing send & fetch.

I told them mommy will not be working from now on and they seem to understand or perhaps it doesn't make a difference to them. I was still there whenever they needed me, like when they were sick or when Z had a field trip. I don't think it make a difference to DH too. I think the only one that noticed any changes will be myself. I don't have to wake up early to prepare dinner before dawn, dozing off while watching my favourite programmes and less pocket money ;) .

That means I have more than a month to laze around? Not true! I have started planning on their birthday party and then Christmas. I have to start doing some spring cleaning too and that is going to take up most of my time. Oh my! There's tons of things to do! What free time? :D

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Breaking The News

This evening, I sat them in front of me and told them that they will be transfering to another school next year. 'Hurray!' was what I heard instead of 'huh'. They seemed to take it well and I do hope so.....
Below were part of our conversation:

L : U mean xxxx road?
Me : No sweetie... It's the church kidergarten that you used to attend when you were younger. Remember your principal, Ms B?
L : Yes! I like her alot!
Me : Both of you will meet lots of new friends and teachers too.
Z : New friends? Yeah! ( wonder he knows what I mean)
L : You mean my friends will not be there?
Me : No... But you like meeting new friends right? And you get to spend more time with mommy and you will not be in school throughout the day. Don't you like it?
(I said that coz lately both rather spend more time at home than in school)
L : Yes! I like to be with mommy!
Z : I want (to) be with mommy too!
Me : I can enrol you in other courses then since you will be spending less time in school. Myabe you can take up drawing and Z can take up taekwondo. What do you think?
LZ : Yeah! We want go to the new school!

I told them about the orientation this Saturday and they were looking forward to it. Let's hope they truely mean it ;>

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Must Take Turns & Share

L & Z sometimes like to play with toys while showering. They like to put water in the watering can & cups and pour on themselves or each other. So this evening they playing with the toys again and Z told me "mommy must take turn. Jiejie, your turn!". L said "thank you!". Usually he will push L away if she wants to take water but not today.

Sometimes they will fight for things, even like who use the toilet first. L usually would be the one giving in to Z after that. She told me "Didi is my brother and he is still a baby." Sometimes I have to tell her didi is no longer a baby and he must learn to give in too. Gagaga....

After we pick them up from school and while in the car, they like to eat their snacks. If Z has finished his earlier in school, L will share it with him, without me telling her to. Z, on the other hand, will be reluctant to share. L has to say "PLEASE... Jiejie love you and always share with you so u must share with me." Sometimes he will share it or he will simply said "NO!" Lately, he has changed! He share with jiejie without me telling him! Jiejie was very happy and said "mommy! Didi share his snack with me!"

I am very happy that both of them are sharing things and taking turns nowadays. That means less complains from both too! :D

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Birthday To Ah Mah

After attending Joshie's bday party, we went to Ah Mah's house to celebrate her birthday! Almost all our family members were there. We had port luck and there was lots of yummy food! The adults were happily chatting and eating, while the younger ones have fun together including my babies though some of them their age gap were abt 15 years apart from L & Z. Ah Mah was very happy, she was smiling and laughing throughout.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Out On A Rainy Day

It was raining heavily this evening when I picked up my babies from school. Was hoping it will stop raining half hour later so that L can go for ballet lesson, it didn't but it was much better. It was only her 2ND lesson and I really don't want her to miss it. So Z put on his raincoat for the 1st time and L had to carry her umbrella coz she left her raincoat in school. With a haversack, 2 umbrellas and 2 kids with me, we braved the rain!

They were very well behaved while on our way there. Z was walking between L and me, and both of us were holding umbrellas on the other hands. We were chatting, looking and smiling to each other while walking. How I wished there was someone there to take a picture of us!

When we were arrived, L rushed to changed her shoes and went for her lesson and told me :"mommy, you and didi don't need to go in with me OK? U guys wait outside for me." And off we went! I brought Z to the mall for a haircut and I was very glad that they have a new hairstylist in the shop. The previous hairstylist always asked me to cut his hair short and it 's always the same. I told the new hippy hairstylist that I would like to keep the length at the back. I love his new hairstyle! I took lots of pics till he said "mommy, enough!"After L finished her lesson, she excited run towards me and told me she enjoyed her lesson and she said "Miss K gave me 2 stickers because I behaved!" I'm proud of my girl! After changing, we went to Mac for dinner and we had a good time there while waiting for daddy.

Reading Books

Bought the whole set of the "Key to reading" from Popular book store for L & Z last week. L just started on the 1ST book! I planned to buy the other set instead of these but some of the books were not available.

Ya... I may be a kiasu mommy, but I hope to cultivate reading habit in them.

"Key To Reading is a series of readers for children aged between 4 and 7 years.It is written based on whole-word approach to the teaching of early reading. The whole-word approach is based on research findings that 65% of the words that a child encounters in his reading materials consist of some 400 words. If a child can master these 400 words, he/she can read and make sense of most of his/her text.

This series adopts a thematic approach to teaching reading so that children can relate better to the themes introduced in local kindergartens and schools. Children will taught to read texts based on a selection of 500 highfrequency words and sight vocabulary. Each title in the series introduces a selected number of new words in increasing number and level of difficulty. Each new word is repeated an average of 9 to 10 times within the same story to ensure that children learn the meaning and use of the words. There will also be lauguage activities at the end of each book to consolidate and reinforce learning."

What Am I Gonna Do?

Just received letter from the new school abt the orientation on 18 Nov. OK... That shouldn't be any problem. When I read abt the school hrs (1ST 3 days), I was in a dilemma.....

I forgot that both will be starting in a new school & same timing! How am I going to spilt myself into 2? I don't want to miss any of it. Daddy may not be able to take any leave. Scratching my head like a mad woman now..... If I go with L, then what abt Z? And if I go with Z, what abt L? If both of them are in the same school compound, that wouldn't be so bad. But the nursery & kindergarten are at 2 different place, abt 200m (or more) away from each other. Haiz... Wished that I can spilt myself into 2!

After some deliberation, I think I might just go with Z for the 1st hr. "Sweetie, you must know, not that I love your brother more or love you less...." L will be in K2 next year and she is more independent compared to Z. She is also more adaptable than Z. Z, on the other hand, is more clingy and it may take some time for him to adjust to the new environment. Good thing is that there are 3 days that parents are allowed to be with them. I will probably be running up and down the lane and I better get my running shoes ready then. What do you think?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

6 Year Ago...

"Iron Wedding"

6 years ago, on this date, we become husband & wife.....

If I want to thank you for each thing that you have done for me, the list will be endless. Let's make it simple.... Thank you for being such a wonderful husband! :) I love you always & forever!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Careful When Using Escalator!

This evening, DH brought bk a copy of the New Paper. I read that another girl's foot was caught on the escalator. Oh no! Another accident in 3 days?

I decided to tell them about this and so I told my little ones that there will not be any story tonight. They were very disappointed, "huh? Why no story tonight?". Then I said," That's because mommy wants to read you an article from the newspaper!"

L was very attentive while Z was not very interested while I read the newspaper. While reading, L asked me questions and she was very concerned about the little girl. I was very glad that she remembered those previous accidents that we have told her.

I asked them what have they learned from this. Z said "must hold mommy & daddy hand", "cannot run". L added, "must stand within the yellow lines and hold the side!"

We prayed that the 2 little girls will have a speeding recovery!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Cough Cough

Z was coughing since Saturday night and thank God he didn't come down with any fever. He ate lots of the chicken wings and that may be the reason. Our family doctor's clinic was not opened on Sunday so I fed him some medicine. I brought him to the clinic and Doc said it was good that I fed him the medicine first and it seemed to get better. So Doc S decided to not to give him any antibiotics. Phew!

I asked for cream to apply on those mosquito bites and I asked Doc S if it really help with the patch and spray or if there's other way. He said it doesn't help at all and the only way was to cover them up. Haiz.... Think we'll have to live with it then.

My Boy Learning to Speak Mandarin!

Lately Z has been learning to speak mandarin, he will says:"Mama, ....." If he doesn't know how to say it, he will ask me for help. Good to know that he is showing interest in chinese :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Horse Ride @ Pasir Ris Park

Godparents and us went to Pair Ris Park (car park C) for pony rides today! It was supposed to be a pony but it turned out to be a horse. It's a horse right? Nevertheless L & Z enjoyed it except for the 'kisses' from mozzies. We put mosquito patch & spray, it didn't help at all. We changed our mind on bicycle rides after being 'kissed'! The only one that was not attacked was godpa, he was wearing jeans!

Boon & family meet up with us after the rides and we went to Pasir Ris Beach (car park D). The place was great! There was a cafe that was very near to the beach. As it was still early, our men and baby Javier had drinks at the cafe while we ladies went to the beach with my babies. We picked lots of seashells! How I wished I had brought along their beach toys. When it was getting dark, we joined the guys at the cafe for dinner. I must say that the chicken wings and sambal fried rice were yummy!

Friday, November 03, 2006

L's First Ballet Lesson

L went for her 1ST ballet this evening. She was very excited, so am I! We were there 20mins before lesson start. I asked her teacher if it was alright for me to stay with her during the lesson and how glad I was when she said OK. When the lesson just started, L was a little shy but slowly she warmed up and I can see smile on her face.

Then I decided to leave her with her class and waited outside for her. After the lesson, I asked her teacher how was my girl. She said that she was very well behaved and she can foolow instructions very well! Well done Sweetie! When I was changing for her, I asked her if she enjoyed the class. She said she loves it! I think we have made the right choice to sign her up for ballet. :)

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