Sunday, February 19, 2006

16 FEB 2006 ~~Oops! , 1.... 10~~

Z poo poo afer dinner, didn't want to waste another diaper and also thought of toilet train him, so washed up for him and put on underwear for him. Was telling Z that he'll be wearing "panty" and he need to tell me when he wants to pass urine.L immediately said "Mommy, boys don't wear panty, they wear underwear!" Aiyo, I was corrected by my girl!

Z said 1 yo 10 in english befor bedtime. But he can't say 7 properly, so he just mumble when come to 7.


Fonia said...

*LOL* @ L & mummy... Clever girl!

Z will did it in no time! Kids always surprise their parents. Heehee

jan said...

hahaha, silly mummy you leh.,...make didi wear panties ah....nevermind lar, I get that all the time, corrected by Rayner...

Clever boy, give him a pat on my behalf....job well done!!!

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