Monday, June 29, 2009

Bento #128

bento #128
Left: Grapes & mini apricot. Right: Salami pizza

A simple bento for L after school holiday. We have some left over salami and she didn't mind having pizza for her bento. I felt bad for not making effort to present it nicer for her.... Told her that and she is such a sweet girl telling me that she understands.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is It Yummy?

Is it tasty, my little Beanie?

Apart from putting his drumlets into his mouth, Beanie puts anything he is holding into his mouth! He played with this for a long time today while L & Z were watching TV. It was the remote control for his musical mobile.

I was trying to record it but I think he was distracted by my hp and perhaps tired of it. I was thinking of not posting this 1st video here but I can't resist it when he looked so cute.

It pays off to wait for a little while longer! He started playing with it again. He looked so serious hor?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Their New 'Pets'

Meet LZ new pets, Lili (left)& Goody(right)! I have been 'working hard' to make 'money' to buy stuffs for their pets coz there are so many things they want for them, so I am so 'broke'! Hehehe... They have fun during this school holiday playing with their new pets and other games on facebook too.

Everyday, we talk about our pets and other games too. LZdaddy has no idea what it was all about. Hmmm... Must try to convince daddy to join us.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pic of LZ on 20th Jun

Our favourite hangout place at home is our room! If we ever move house, we definitely need a BIG bed to accommodate everyone!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beanie @ 4 Months

My little Beanie is 4 months old today! He is the little angel in the family, make us laugh and melts everyone's heart.

We went out for a small celebration at a Japanese restaurant, without our helper and we handle our kids well. I love it when I know we can do it without any help and hopefully I can convinced LZdaddy we can live without any helper.. Anyway, I won't talk about this today.

Beanie @ 4 Months

@ 4months:
- He weighs 6.8kg
- able to flip from tummy to back
- when we put a toy in front of him, he will grab it.
- He doesn't like to be alone. As soon as he sees me turn ard and leave the room (after placing him in the cot), he will start crying.
- He smiles and kicks & waves when anyone of us calls his name
- 'bite' his knuckle till red/put thumb or 3 fingers into his mouth. If I am carrying him during these times, my clothes will be wet.
- put whatever in his hands into his mouth
- enjoys sitting on my lap, facing me or the other way round. He can sit these way for a long period
- enjoys bath time. He loves kicking and splashing water.
- enjoys looking out of the car window
- begin to drool few days ago

We call him by many names and he may be confused. Hehehe... We call him Beanie, Bean, Beanie baby, Z baby etc... we just can't make up our mind! Whatever we call him, he smiles and that's fine isn't it? And we 'fight' to see who makes him smiles the most! And I am the winner! Hahaha...

Happy 4 Months my little Beanie!

High School Musical Dance Workshop

This was the last holiday programme that I have arranged for LZ. Nothing much except that they danced throughout fot 1 1/2 hr. L looked forward to this more than Z but it was a disappointment. They said it was quite boring at times so this will be the last time that I will sign them up for this.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day Cards

I was supposed to post this last week so that LZdaddy can see it so that LZdaddy can see it when he is in the office. He didn't get to see his cards till he is back home. Poor daddy... He bought himself a Father's Day bread on Sunday when he was overseas... Hopefully next year he will be in town to celebrate with us.

To Be A Better Cook....

... LZdaddy bought these for me! Did LZdaddy bought these because I'm a very lousy cook? Maybe... Haha.. He knows I enjoys watching their cook shows and I didn't want to spend money buying the books for myself (rather spend on my kids). AND he felt guilty that he didn't buy me anything for his recent trips. He asked me what I want and I told him nothing that I need.

He bought these from overseas and I think it was much cheaper. Thank you my love! I received my very early presents for my birthday!

LZdaddy has been away for 10 days and is finally back home today... We missed him very very much... At least he gets to spend the next few days with the kids before school reopens.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ZJ & L

This pic was taken after L came back from her ice cream treat. She missed her baby brother though she only went out for a short while with Michelle.

LZ @ Ice-Skating

Michelle and I arranged for our kids to go ice skating today! I didn't tell my babies till we were about to go. They were excited when they found out and they talked non-stop with Rachel & Charmaine. It was cold but not to the extend that we need jackets. We mommies wore only t-shirts. As they were putting on their skates, both were giggling all the way. I was so happy to see them like this! I should have taken pics of them at that time.

I was a little worried for Z coz it was his very first time putting on a pair of skates (any kind) and he has injured his both arm before. If I have told LZdaddy earlier, I think he would stop me. But I know my boy wanted to try and I told myself must be extra careful with him.

Michelle and I hold to to Z for the 1st round and subsequently, he was much better though he still need to hold on to the bar. Z was good! He listened to my advice. I told him whenever he thinks that he is going to fall, he should lean forward and slow down. You can see it in the video right below. That's why the number of times he fell was less than L.

Here's another video of Z. Sweet Rachel once a while skate by to check if Z was ok. I was able to record him more but not my princess coz she was skating too fast for me to do that.

I was so worried when I see the way L skate, aiyo.... she was so reckless! I admired her courage, she 's not afraid at all but not the way she skate. Many times I was in cold sweat when I see her fall. At times she didn't want to use the bar but I advise her to use it coz it hurt to see her fall so many times. In the video (below), you can see how she fell and towards the end of the video you will see Z fell too. I love her cheerfulness! Fell down so many times yet so HAPPY!

I was so glad I have a helper! without a helper there to look after ZJ, I won't be able to skate with my 2 older babies. ZJ slept most of the times and my helper didn't have to carry him often. I think he was enjoying the coolness, just like us.

After skating, we went for lunch at the foodcourt. Rachel & Charmaine came over to our house for a short while before Michelle brought the girls out for ice cream treats. What a wonderful day we had!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Holiday Workshop - Fantasy Science Journey

I wanted to enrol LZ for more Science Workshops or cooking classes but I was too late, most of the classes were full or they have attended before. I was glad there was vacancies for this 3 hr workshop and of coz I asked LZ if they want to join in.

Through the journey across 4 'islands', they did experiments (which is their favourites), learned about water pressure etc...

Giant Land
One of the experiment they did:
Using water bottle as submarine, they learned that 'submarine' sinks when water enters and increases air pressure.

Elves Land
One of the experiments they did:
They placed some cut papers on the table, rub the balloons and when thye put it near the table, the cut papers stick to the balloons - static electricity.

Witches Land
One of the experiments they did:
They mixed baking soda and vineger and that caused the solution to turn fizzy (the witches' Brew).

They also learned the Pig Pen Code. I think they may write secret letters to each other using that! Hehehe...

Dragon Land
They were given a small parachute toy, through that, they learned about air resistance. The staffs also set up a Giant Web (to rescue the dragon who was stuck in there) and they kids had fun going into it.

LZ had a good time in the workshop. They were 'fighting' to tell me what experiments they did and L telling me that at times she needed to help Z with the experiments. When I read through the programme, I didn't think it was that interesting. I'm so happy they enjoyed it! Sometimes, no choice is a good choice.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

LZ @ The Beach

After craft time, we rested for a while before heading to the beach for a picnic. We haven't done this for a looong time.... We had a wonderful time! If only LZdaddy was there... It will be few more days before we get to see him...

I love the pic I took of L & Z! My favourites are the B&W ones. They have grown so much!


ZJ was a little grouchy when we were on our way there but he was back to his cheery mood when he felt the sea breeze. It was such a nice weather! He soon fell asleep....

While he was sleeping, we had our dinner by the beach. LZ played a little while more after that before we head back home.

Craft Time

L with her mermaid & Z with his cow 'piggy' bank

Art & Craft was one of the things that LZ wanted to do during this school holiday. They have been drawing alot but that is not enough for them, they want craft works. Glad that I have these boxes of crafts for them, then I don't have to search through internet for ideas.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sibling Bonding Time

LZ took the initiative to read to ZJ while I have my break. They read for a long time till ZJ couldn't lift his head anymore. Hehehe...


*Z took the pic for me*
I was driving when Z asked me to see what happened (of coz I waited till we were at red traffic light). Jiejie was soo tired that it didn't bother her that Beanie put his leg on her or kicked her.

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