Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When He Sees...

When he saw me holding his cup of water, he will be so excited that he wave his hands and legs.

Beanie @ 5 months & Checkup

 Theses pics were taken when was exactly 5 months old on 25 July 2009

We went for his checkup today and I am so proud of my little boy! He didn't cry when he had his injection!  He was happily playing with the toy when the PD poked the needle into his thigh, he paused for abt 2 secs and continued playing.

PD is very satisfied with his growth and told me he has catch up with the weight gain. Phew!  Beanie now is about 60 percentile.  PD said that Beanie is ready for solids but I am still contemplating if I should start that early.  It is so easy to take care of him now, drink-sleep-play. Hehehe...  Besides, I love holding him and breastfeeding him so frequently.

@ 5 Months:
Weight: 7.7kg
Height: 66cm
Head Cir: 43.5cm

- He enjoys sitting with us when we have our meal.
- When I am drinking water and carrying him, he would lean forward to drink too.  In fact whenever we eat, he looks like he wants to eat too!
- He loves to make funny sounds with his mouth and beginning to blow bubbles with his saliva
- able to hold his milk bottle
- He loves to play Peek-a-boo,
- He loves it when I say the rhyme round & round the garden, with my fingers going round on his tummy and tickle him when I count 1 2 3.  He laughs everytime I do that.
- He also loves it when I sing 'Row row your boat', we hold hands and move back & forth(sitting down)
- He loves to 'stand' when we are holding him.
- When I say "you want mommy抱抱?" with my hands stretch out to him, he would lean forward with his hands towards me.
- Nowadays, he would push down the bumper in his cot or raise his head higher to see if anyone of us at the entrance of the room.  As soon as he sees someone and that person doesn't enter the room, he will cry or make noise. So cute! 
- He tries to roll towards me (on the bed) on the bed when I say "come to mommy"
- We can no longer leave him on the bed alone cos he will either moves forward or backward or turn facing other directions.

Little Beanie is a very cheerful baby.  He smiles at everyone! If I feel tired having to go out of the house to run errands (many times a day), all I have to do is to look at him and I feel energetic again.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bonding Time With Daddy

After picking LZ from church, LZdaddy brought them to the beach. He has been bringing them out more frequently than I expected!   They had so much fun together!  A little incident happened when they were at the beach, L fell FLAT into the water!  She was all wet and LZdaddy kept teasing her and tried to record her with her wet clothes.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

LZ @ Chyene Party & Farmart

Chyene is 1 year old! Time passes so fast! She is one adorable baby and a chubby one too. We were so looking forward to the party! Or rather we (adults) looked forward to the chatting session.Hehehe.. It doesn't matter to my kids there's no games, L was busy playing with other kids and having fun with the goodie bag.  Z was busy playing with his gameboy, it has been a long since he played with it and he played with the kids after that.  LZdaddy was busy eating, he loves the food there (it was a peranankan restaurant).

As for me, I was a proud mommy showing off my Beanie who turns 5 months old today to Doreen's parents, uncles & aunties.  Awww..... My boy made me so proud of him!  He smiles to anyone who talks to him or carry him. Of coz I was proud of LZ too!  They were very well behaved.

After the party, we went to farmart, kind of weird coz we were all dressed quite nicely.  It was a reward to LZ for being so well behaved and anyway it was a little too early to go home. The only thing they enjoyed were feeding the animals and we took a slow walk around the area.  The feeding area was a disappointment compared to the last time we were there. There was construction going on and there wasn't many shops.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Feeding Time For Who?

When L was happily 'feeding' Isabel,
Z insisted that jiejie 'feed' bear bear and Goatie too!Yes, jiejie obliged.
After some time, he thinks that Goatie is still hungry. So...

He feed him again...

Look at Goatie...

Do you think he is very well fed?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

His New 'TOY'

It used to be his fist, then fingers...

Now.... He has new 'toys', his feet!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Racial Harmony Day

My boy insisted on wearing Chinese costume for Racial Harmony Day.  Finally managed to get one for him last night, otherwise he will skip school! Hehehe...

Pics of Beanie

I took more than 20 shots of Beanie within that few mins!

Here's another one!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bento #130

In the box: Quail eggs, sausages, heart shaped jam sandwiches, fish biscuits, strawberries & rapsberries and striped cheese bear. 

I think what I prepared today was very simple yet to my girl's liking.

The only thing that took me a long time to do was the cheese and I was glad that I prepared it yesterday.  I have to use 2 kind of cheese to get that effect. This was something that I have learned from the Japanese website some time ago. The bread I used 2 sizes heart shaped mold to do it, it 'sealed' the jam.  I lost all favourite website lists and I have to start searching for it again...

Yummy Fingers

My fist taste YUMMY! My thumb taste YUMMY! And my fingers taste YUMMY too!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Video Of Beanie & Z - #3

Lately Beanie likes to play peek-a-boo. Here a video of him playing with Z. He didn't laugh as much coz I think Z played too much with him and only then I decided to record it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Samseng Boy!

ZJ has 2 prams and he prefers this coz he can put up his legs.
每当我 把他的脚放下来,他又把他放上去。还好他是男孩子

Ballet Update

She got a certificate for her ballet exams! She passed with a Distinction! Yeah! So happy and proud of my girl!

She was supposed to go for Jazz ballet exams next, unfortunately her teacher decided to quit after teaching them jazz for the past few months.  Haiz... What a waste!   Now she will have to continue with her classical ballet.

The teacher told us she joined another center and asked if we would like to join her but the center is quite far from our house and the timing is not right.  The other mommies have also decided to continue with the current one and we hope that our girls will enjoy the class as much with the new teacher.  Phew!  At least I know they will not cancel this class and L will have the same classmates.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


My girl is soooo excited that her class got the Responsibility Award!  She said I must record it in the blog.  They were chosen by a group of teachers because the whole class has been handing their homework on time, completing tasks on time etc..

So now everyone in class will at least get a badge to wear.  Great job to you and your class, girl!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Playtime On The Mat

A video of ZJ playing on the mat.

Video of Beanie & Z #1 & #2

Gorgor played with Beanie till he was so mad that he screamed at gorgor! LZdaddy said I shouldn't stop recording but I was too shocked that he screamed coz he never did that before. He said I should continue so that we can show Beanie how he bullied gorgor. 

I was wondering why my 2 boys so quiet... Then I realised that gorgor was playing with Beanie. He told me didi was about to cry when he went into the room so he played with him. Looks like I can spend more time doing other stuffs.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A little Update On My Girl

Today my girl went to the school dental clinic to pull out another centre incisor, nurse just turned her tooth and it came out!  I think she was in shocked that she didn't have time to react. Hehehe... Anyway, she said it wasn't painful.

My sweet little girl has been very helpful.  Beanie was crying in the cot when I took my shower, so L talked and patted him to sleep.  I was surprised and at the same time feels great that she has the initiative to take care of him.  This happened not once but twice already!

For school, I would say that she is doing very well. She is actively involved in class activities that she is often chosen by teachers (English, Chinese, PE etc) to be group leader.  Sometimes I wonder if she is too kaypoh... She mentioned to me that her PE teacher asked if she want to be a STAR next year, that is to be one of the students on stage to lead Mass PE. Well, that will have to depends on her results.  If she does well of coz I will let her be.

One of the things I like about her school is that during music lessons, they can get to try out different Chinese music instruments. Recently she tried the RUAN (Chinese instrument) and her teacher praised her and asked if she is interested in joining the Chinese Orchestra. She is keen.. Hmmm... That I will have to think about it. I worried she may not have time for her studies as they train 2 times a week.  If they are takes part in competition, they train more often. That's why the school Chinese Orchestra often gets awards. I may let her join if it doesn't effect her studies coz one of the perks is that they get is to travel overseas to perform.  It is a good exposure for her.  Will think about it...

There are times that she makes me so mad with her and times that she makes me laugh and touched.  Whichever it is, she will always be my little princess.  I hope she will continue to be happy and work hard on her studies.  Sweetie, mommy wants you to remember that and I love you always..

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