Friday, March 24, 2006

On Our Own....

Daddy was not in town... :( After work was too tired to cook dinner, decided to bring them out for dinner. I was worried that I may not be able to handle them alone during dinner as I was very tired. We have been alone lots of times but we never eat out(with 2 kids? Have to think twice). We either have takeaways, cook or my mom will be there.

After picking them from school, ask them if they would like to eat out. Obviously, their answers will be "YES". Of coz I told them they will have to behave themselves. We had a wonderful dinner at HANS(besides the mess they made, dun worry, I do clean it up). I ordered pasta w/ chipolatas for them and fried bee hoon for myself. Well, I end up eating half of the pasta and Z & L finished eating mine. :) We even have sugar rolls for deserts coz Z has been saying,"mommy, buy cake"! He's a cake lover! Thereafter, we did marketing...

Before we go to the supermarket, I told L to remind me to buy those few items that I need. Below were our conversation:
L : "Mommy, u need to get....."
Me : "Ok... Hmmmm... Did I forget anything?"
L : "Mommy, dun forget to get the butter."
Me : "Huh? I dun remember telling you that I need butter."
L : "U know, mommy, we have not make anything together for soooo long..., so I think we need butter."

Gagaga..... L is really CUTE! Think I'll have to start our cookie session soon...

I'm so happy that both of them have been behaving themselves and what more can I ask?


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