Monday, March 13, 2006

13 Mar 2006 Monday I Can Read / Mommy Mommy

L was so excited when she came home, and read her book abt dinosaur on her own! Her reading skill has been improving, thanks to her teachers and of coz me too.. Heehee... It really helps if you read to your kids everyday and you need lots of patience. I am very glad she is very interested in reading and will have the initiative to pick up a book to learn to read or look at the pics and come out with own story. Z is trying to pick up this gd habbit from his jie jie, slowly but certainly.
Have been trying to get L to cut her hair short, but her reply is always "princess don't have short hair!". Today she came home and said that she wants her hair short(bob hairstyle) like her gd friend, Lauren. Haiz... nowadays kids....

Z has been calling me mama until today when I pick him up from school. He ran towards me and shouted "Mommy mommy". Hmmm... I still like it when he call me mama.


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