Friday, October 29, 2010

Back To Swimming

After such a looooong time, I finally found another swim coach for Z and he started his swimming lesson this afternoon. Together with my friends' kids, there are 6 of them and all of them are girls except him and the coach is a woman. I've tried to arranged swimming lessons with his buddy from kindergarten but timing just not right.

Oh my! Don't you think Z puts on lots of weight?

We stopped his lessons with the previous coach (which is L's coach and she is still under his coaching) as he didn't enjoy the lesson with him. To us, most important is that our kids enjoy the lessons with their teachers/coach. We didn't want to force him, even if it means that we have send kids for swimming at a different timing or day.

He wasn't too keen when he found out he was the only boy is the class. I told him at least to try out a few lessons with the new coach and what matters most is that he will be able to learn how to swim.

Z's supporters

The new coach is very nice, so far, for the first lesson. She seems very motherly. Z seemed to enjoy the lesson, it was not as 'boring' as what he thought and let's hope he will continue to enjoy.


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