Monday, October 25, 2010

LZdaddy's Birthday

 We ordered a hedgehog birthday cake for our birthday man (his favourite animal)

A mini celebration for LZdaddy this year again and looks like it's gonna be the same till our babies' are grown up. Hehe..... It was exams period for my 2 older babies.  父爱是那么的伟大! LZdaddy 说他宁愿把时间放在陪孩子读书。

L & Z were very sweet....  They made cards for daddy & a medal!  My girl is full of ideas!  She was the one who came out with the idea of making a medal for daddy.   After our kids presented the medal & cards to him, LZdaddy was beaming! Yes, even without going out for dinner or any celebration we enjoyed very much, especially the birthday man.


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