Wednesday, November 17, 2010


On 8th Oct, my girl was elated to receive a letter that said she was shortlisted for GEP selection test (Gifted Education Programme). Which means that she was selected for the 2nd round. That was a great news! Out of 33 from her school that was selected, she was one of them! Wow!

She went for the 1st test on 19th Oct even though she was down with fever and was supposed to go another test the next day. Unfortunately, she didn't feel any better so we called up MOE to defer her test. I told her not to give too much pressure to herself and we are already very proud of her to get in to the 2nd round. She was pretty cool about it and was a little nervous on the test dates.

The result was out and my girl didn't make it for the GEP. Nevertheless, we are very PROUD of her! She was a little disappointed though... After a talk with her, she is fine again.

Out of 33 of them that went for the tests, 3 of them made it to the programme and all of them were from her class. We were very happy that her best friend was one of them who made it! Congrats Elsie!


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