Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beanie @ 21 Months

Pic taken this evening
My poor baby.... What a way to 'celebrate' his 21 months old! After seeing doc twice and on antibiotics, Beanie is still running a fever... 7 days! We decided to see another doc, which was recommended by my friend (happened to her daughter too).

Little Beanie is so afraid to see doc now... He knows once he sees a doc, he will have to take those 'horrible' medicine. Once we entered the room, he clung on to me and refused to let the doc check on him. After much coaxing, he relented.

While waiting at the clinic, he practices his motor skill, zipping my bag and flipping through magazines.
Doc immediately told me to send him for an Xray. After looking at the xray report, doc told me he is suffering from pheumonia! That's why none of the medicine worked... I felt really really bad... All these while I have been 'forcing' him to take the wrong medication. Doc decided not to admit him to the hospital as he looks quite active. Thank GOD!

@ 21 Months

♥ he likes finger puppets which we bought from Ikea. He often asks for help to put the puppets on his little fingers. Sometimes, LZ would do a 'show' and he enjoys watching what they do.

♥ this video was taken on my birthday. He likes to walk around on his own but he always comes back to me without me asking him to. Of coz I don't take that for granted.

♥ little one latest interest are Elmo & SpongeBob. Here's a video of him 'chatting' with his mo mo (that's what he calls it)

Sometimes we play at the playground while waiting for LZ and when the weather is nice
♥ I have taught him to cover his mouth when he burps. Daddy's phone have this apps that has all sorts of funny sounds and burp is one of them. Managed to record him covering his mouth when he hears the sound. And he loves this apps! (video recorded on 5th Nov 2010)
♥ He likes to take pics with my hp! He says "mile" (smile) when he wants to take pics of us! So cute! And it is easier to take pics of him too!

♥ He calls us Pa & Ma! Lazy Beanie sometimes doesn't want to call us papa & mama.

♥ One funny thing about Beanie is that he doesn't like daddy to sing! Whenever he hears daddy sings, he says "Paaaaaa!" or "Paaaaa! Top (stop)!"

♥ He doesn't know how to say sorry yet so I taught him to hug when he wants to apologise. This video shows he accidentally hit Z and
'apologise' to him. Love this!


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