Saturday, December 25, 2010

Beanie @ 22 Months

He enjoys satay! And that's his trademark smile for now!
Little Beanie 'talks' alot nowadays.  He picks up new words fast.  That's because whenever we talk, we could see that he listens and tries to say it too. Also, whenever we ask him to say something, he will tries his best to say it.  This evening, LZdaddy wanted Beanie to say "猪妈妈",  instead, he said "猪爸爸" Haha....  I couldn't stop laughing!  Smart boy!  He probably knew he shouldn't call me that! Hehe...

@ 22 Months

♥ he opens the freezer many times a day! Help himself to the ice packs (which I use it for bento), pancakes & ice! Of coz he doesn't eats the frozen pancakes, he shows it to me and I will heat it for him. In fact, he helps himself to any snacks that is within reach. And he loves playing with ice!

♥ When he knows I'm taking snack for him, he will get the bowl without me asking him to.

♥ He is such a sweetie!  Whenever he sees his siblings massaging for me, he tries to do it too.

♥ When we ask him what's his name & age, he is able to give us the correct answer.

♥ little one likes lego.  Here's a pic of him playing with a 'camera' that I did for him.

♥ My little helper tries to help me with the basket whenever we are out marketing.  Not only that, he grabs any items (that catches his eyes) and place it into the basket! Haha...  (Managed to capture a shot of him with the basket from the video clip)


Lydia said...

Nice little update on little Beanie~ :)

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