Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Swimming Test - L

Now that the National Water Safety Council changed the test system, L had to take the bronze award again! Agggrrrhhh....  She should be going for gold!  She was so upset & angry that she had to go through it again! Some of her swimming friends already got the gold and had to take the test again too.   There are 6 stages now, you can read about it HERE.  

Things that she was supposed to be tested on:
- Enter water using a compact jump (done)
Demonstrate a backward and forward somersault in the water. (done)
Search for and recover an object in 1.5 m of water depth. Demonstrate a feet-first surface dive.
- Swim 100m Continuously, 25m Front Crawl, 25m Breaststroke, 25m Backstroke, 25m Survival Backstroke or Sidestroke (done)    
Dressed in swimwear, shorts and t-shirt, demonstrate 3 minutes swimming slowly using any appropriate swim stroke, changing each minute (done)
- Perform a throw rescue using an unweighted rope over a distance of 6m.  Wade to a person and deliver a flotation aid in deep water. Approach in “Ready” position
- Principles of water craft safety (done)

My princess was only a little nervous but with some of friends chatting & giggling with her, she soon forgot about it.

The tester did not test them on everything that was stated above, he probably knew the group of them were either gold or silver swimmers. Before the test ends, he asked them questions with regards to water safety (which was compulsory).  After that, he told all of them they passed the test.

Yay!  My girl passed her Bronze award (again)! Well done my girl! Mommy is proud of you!


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