Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beanie @ 26 Months

Beanie is a happy boy, he often seen with a smile on his face. Everyone says that, including my neighbours.  I'm very blessed... I remembered I was so stressed when I was pregnant with him.  I was so afraid that it will affect him and I end up with a grouchy baby.  I thank GOD for giving me a beautiful & cheerful baby.
♥ Little things make him happy! At the playground, playing with party blower etc....
♥ He loves stacking things.  Recently he's into stacking their piggy banks.

He likes to say "Yeah!" when he found something or managed to do something.  This was taken when he says apple. He likes reading the alphabet books (which used to be Z's nursery books)

♥ He likes puzzle.  Bought him these and he enjoyed it very much and at the same time, he learns about the bugs in English as well as in Chinese.

♥ Iphone apps: He likes playing with this apps, learning numbers & shapes in Chinese.  Her's a video of him repeating after me.  He refused to say it on his own.

♥ Accident prone - hurt himself many times...

♥ Enjoys playing with L's baby Alive! He said baby wants to drink water.

♥ Little one started calling me mommy.


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