Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beanie @ 32 Months

@ 32 Months

Little one loves to 'read'.   We have storybooks in my car, for him and his siblings.  Sometimes I have to bring up those that they read many times and next thing I knew, there's books in my car again.  They don't read when I'm driving, only when the car is stationary.  For Beanie, we spend lots of time in the car coz we often have to wait for LZ (which I mentioned many times).

A pic of him walking with his favourite book for now.
Remember his bucket full of cars?  Well, that's because he has been reading few of Harry's stories.  This is one of them.
He loves bedtime stories. Nowadays, I no longer need to take the book for him, he chooses what he wants for the night.  During daytime, I would often suggest other books for him.  We have plenty of Mickey Mouse series books (which was hand down to us from my sweet SILs & BILs) and I will try to introduce those to him, but more often, he will go back to books that he really likes.

Daddy reading to him tonight.
Not only does he likes Fireman Sam, he likes being one too!  This is what he has been up at home.  Holding Thomas tracks and pretend that is a hose.  Haha...  It was such a funny sight to see him pretending there's a fire and using the 'hose' spraying at the corners.
Hmmm...  I think my this little boy will grow up to be a fireman or policeman.  Hehe...   Look at him, having the policeman's stuffs in his diaper.


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