Saturday, August 18, 2012

Simul With U17 ASEAN Chess Champion

Z was invited by Philip to join the Simul session with the U17 ASEAN champion.  He doesn't get to play with players of such high level so he was really excited about it!
There were total 17 players playing against the Champion, Liu Xiangyi.  He is only 11+ and is already a champion in ASEAN! And he's so tall!
It was an rare sight for us, looking at the champion playing against 17 players at one go.
Z was the last boy to survive for the game!  Coach was very happy with his performance even though he lost the game.  Liu Xiangyi praised him too!  I was glad that he didn't rush through the game, this has been his weakness. 
After the simul, he showed the kids how from a losing game, he managed to turn the game around.  It was one of the rounds at the ASEAN Championship.
Before end of the session, we had a group photo taken.
It was truly a great experience for Z!  Thank you Philip!  The champion has inspired him to be a better player! Well done boy!


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