Thursday, August 02, 2012

Will He Be Proud Of Me?

I am a Hainanese, I've seen my Papa cooked chicken rice many times but I have never tried cooking it myself.  I took for granted my dad will cook it whenever I want to eat.

Before he was very ill, I just have to give him a call when my kiddos & I think of his chicken rice and the next day, he delivered it to us.  He's so sweet....  We are so spoilt by him.  I miss him dearly...  His cooking too.  His mutton soup & chicken rice are the BEST!

He often said I should learn this coz I'm a Hainanese but I laughed and said "No need!  You cook for me when I want to eat it."  Sigh... After so many years, my mom knows how to cook this dish too but somehow, it is just different from my dad's.  I dare not ask my mom to cook this for us nowadays, knowing how emotional she is.

I cooked chicken rice today...  As I was cooking it, I teared.... I wonder if he will be proud that I am learning how to cook this dish?


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